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  1. With Diggs out, Vikings’ rookie WR Coley likely to see more action
  2. 2017 NFL Draft Player Profiles: Miami WR Stacy Coley Stacy Coley college stats Stacy Coley combine metrics
  3. Thats tough. Long term I don't see Diggs or Theilen going away so that may continue to prevent Treadwell to make enough an impact for fantasy. At least I need to see Treadwell do more to give him the definite nod over these other two WR who I like and have promise. In my rookie evaluations I had Treadwell rated as a tier one WR prospect. While Jones was a tier two prospect in my view. I did not evaluate Golladay but he has shown some good things in preseason. As far as this goes I want to see the players for 3 years in the NFL before turning the page on them. But from that perspective I would have Treadwell ahead of Jones or Golladay. Based on Treadwell not doing much in his first season I would consider the 3 players a lot closer now than when I ranked them as college prospects, but its still very very early in all of these players careers. As far as opportunity goes, Treadwell seems more blocked for playing time than Jones is. Golladay somewhat depends on how well Marvin Jones plays for the Lions. Both players are somewhat blocked for opportunity as long as Tate/Jones or Diggs/Theilen are ahead of them on the depth chart.
  4. Film Room: A Three-Phase Breakdown of the Ravens
  5. I think he showed some good things in the last game. Not sure what more he has to do under the circumstances? No he isn't playing up to the expectations of a 1st round pick, but he also hasn't had much of an opportunity to do so either with Diggs and Theilen ahead of him. He is still a very young player after all. I don't see this game or any one game as he must break out and have over 100 yards or something. He just needs to keep making incremental progress. Thats all I care about. Wright will be active and also Stacy Coley who showed some good route running ability during the preseason. He has some similar traits to DIggs and they might use him on some of the plays they would use Diggs for normally. Treadwell, Floyd and Wright still ahead of him as far as that goes though. Wright is a bit more pure speed and less wiggle than Diggs and Coley in my opinion.
  6. I answered in the Diggs thread here. Good questions though and I would be curious to hear other peoples thoughts on them.
  7. No you are correct the Vikings offense is much better with a healthy Diggs in the line up. A injured Diggs playing decoy doesn't really help though. The defense figures that out fairly quickly and adjusts their coverage that otherwise would be more focused on stopping Diggs. There have definitely been some throws that could have led to interceptions by Keenum that didn't. He has been somewhat lucky so far in that regard. The Ravens defense is good and Weddle is a ball hawk who won't miss such opportunities when presented to him the way other defensive backs have. Yes I believe he can. McKinnon is a big part of the passing game and will be relevant throughout. Personally I wish the Vikings would scale back the opportunities they have given to Murray. Those are mostly wasted plays in my opinion that they could be getting the ball to someone else. No last season was an anomoly due to Bradford getting the ball out so quickly and opting to check down to Rudolph so often, which defenses were allowing, because most of the time it was not moving the chains. The last two weeks Keenum has done a better job of getting the ball to Rudolph, but they haven't had the same chemistry and timing as Bradford had with Rudolph. Bradford is just more accurate than Keenum is overall, has better ball placement. Keenum throws behind Rudolph and his throws to him have been a bit worse than some of the throws to other players. Maybe that is just random, but part of it is Rudolph doesn't make those difficult catches the way Theilen has and even Treadwell has. Yes. Theilen has been the Vikings best WR with DIggs out and should continue to be. There have been some plays where Theilen was wide open but Case Keenum doesn't see it, even though Theilen should be his first read on most plays without DIggs. They are a good defense and Keenum could turn the ball over. McKinnon has put the ball on the ground as well. The Vikings are at home though and have the crowd at their side. I am seeing this game as likely a defensive battle where neither offense does that much.
  8. Agreed. The Vikings have been a bit quicker with announcing players will be out or not recently instead of the Jedi mind tricks of Zimmer that I have gotten used to. Zimmer really doesn't like talking to the media about anything useful.
  9. Diggs has been ruled out and Floyd is questionable, so big opportunity for Treadwell ahead.
  10. Thats hilarious Bri! Thanks!
  11. Who is Sandwich? I am not surprised at all to hear they are playing Davis at TE. Doesn't everyone have to play there for Mularkey? Thanks for the info about Walkers status. Hard to trust what players say at the same time. They always say they are ready to play.
  12. Stefon Diggs, Sam Bradford, Nick Easton Ruled Out Against Ravens
  13. Oh my bad. Should have realized you were trying to slip Jonnu under the radar here. Good luck with picking him up. Oops
  14. Thanks. I was wondering if they were having him run a lot of go routes and if so perhaps a big chunk of those targets were off or just throw away balls in his general direction. From what you are saying, that doesn't sound like its the case. I like Jones a lot from what I watched of him in college. More interested in him for the long term than right now. He is getting enough opportunity though that maybe that starts turning into production at some point this season. Could be a good buy really low target or maybe even a pick up in dynasty due to his lack of productivity so far.
  15. I was amazed with how well Cook played last night. He converted a critical 4th and long play to keep the Raiders alive. He also made the reception which was initially ruled a TD but after review was ruled a half yard short down by contact (defender maybe had a finger on him when he went down). He did have one drop in the game that reminded me of what I have seen from him in the past, but overall he was much more consistent and made important plays for the Raiders. I didn't see some of the dumb moves from him either, for example with Green Bay last year he was very close to having a first down but he tried to run around a defender and went backwards on the play costing them yards. Carr showed some trust in him going his way on critical downs.