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  1. I dont believe in closing a poll that has fewer than 40 votes. It used to be 50 votes. As you can see this poll has been open for two weeks now. 33 votes, Sick of bumping a thread where no one votes so I moved on.
  2. They have Ameer Abdullah who was ahead of Thomas and Boone on the depth chart anyways. Obviously Mattison is expected to take on the CoP role that Murray had and pass Ameer and Boone on the depth chart and I think he will, Ameer is the veteran back up you mention though and a favorite for winning the kick return job as well.
  3. While I agree having a second season with the team should lead to greater familiarity with team mates and coaches should lead to some improvement, the same thing could be said for a lot of QB who had new coaches last season. As far as the offense being new, I am sure there will be new wrinkles and I do think they have Jackson throw more and run a bit less, I do not think the offense is going to really be new though. Marty Morhenweg has been replaced by Greg Roman as the offensive coordinator. Roman is going into his 3rd season with the Ravens now and certainly had a hand in developing the offense and game plan to suit Lamar Jackson once they pulled the plug on Falcco, however they were very prepared to do this, in fact they had been talking about it and planning for a scenario where if they did draft Jackson, what they would do with him. So I think they have a long term plan for Jackson and we have seen the early iterations of it. Really it is the skill set of the personnel that is driving the scheme more than the other way around. A lot of parts of the offense are and were the same for Jackson as they are for Flacco. The difference being that Jackson can run the ball, and how! Jackson was in a Erhardt Perkins system in college. Martys roots are in the WCO. So that was a transition for Jackson. He shouldn't be having to learn a whole new offense this season though despite the change in offensive coordinator.
  4. While I agree that Goff likely would not have improved nearly as much if he were being coached by FIsher and WIlliams I don't think it is a good comparison. RB are very different than QB. Most RB if they are good will at least show some sort of spark when given the opportunity. There have been plenty of RB who do not shine in their rookie seasons, in fact the rookie season is statistically the lowest performing season of a RBs first six seasons on average. However all of them at least showed something when they got a chance. Some of these RB have been buried by incumbants holding them back. A lot of them need to improve their pass protection to earn the coaches trust with their QB and thereby earn more playing time. Jones barely got on the field and when he did he didn't show any reason why he should be out there. Rashaad Penny couldn't take over the starting job for the Seahawks last year either, but at least he showed he can make plays.
  5. I can see a scenario where the Falcons dont run the ball that much and pass attempts are well over 600 attempts to go around.
  6. Trubisky isn't the only QB who missed games last year you know? Jamies WInston and Carson Wentz for example only played in 11 games. As far as end of year stats go your top 15 is 13 QB who played 16 games then Cam and Trubisky. Reasonable to think that several of the QB who finished later than Trubisky did would have surpassed him if they had played as many games. A 60 point difference is almost 4 points per game, it is a pretty large margin. I do like Trubisky and he may be undervalued as far as ADP right now. He would make a great QB 2 for a fantasy team.
  7. I do not see top 5 upside for Trubisky unless the Bears defense completely falls apart. I do not think it will.
  8. It wasn't his rookie year so why should anyone argue that it was? Trubisky made significant improvement from his rookie season. He still only threw the ball 31 times per game which over 16 games is less than 500 for the season. As far as him playing with a new head coach thats true and Nagy was a vast improvement over Fox, so I do not see why that should be considered a negative when clearly it was a positive (and continues to be). The Bears are a tough team to project for right now. I have made a few attempts at it. I do expect Trubisky to improve but you are a lot more optimistic of Trubisky in fantasy than I am.
  9. While I get the point you are making and I agree with your overall point. The more instances we have of something occurring the more likely it is that same action bearing similar results becomes. However technically if you flip a coin your chance of it landing on either side is always 50% no matter how many occurrences you have in your sample size. If you had heads 2000 times out of 2500 flips your chance of the next 2500 flips being heads is still 50% Because of this I think we have to be very careful about how we use data to inform our decisions. Yards per carry is a good statistic for measuring a RB relative ability compared to all of the other RB. It isn't perfect though, and it is something that I think you want to use 3 or more seasons worth of data for trying to predict what this number may be in the future. A smaller sample that this will likely be inaccurate more often than a larger one.
  10. They were at least wise enough to know that if they do not win football games their jobs were in jeopardy. If they thought playing Jones would help them win they would have done so. The coaches got fired and now Arians is in charge. All the players get a clean slate and fresh opportunity to prove themselves. Arians like any other coach will play the players who he thinks gives him the best chance to win. I do think Jones has a chance to establish himself and earn more playing time during training camp if plays well. If he doesn't and the same thing happens with him as last season, then we will have two coaching staffs making the same decision, which will be confirmation enough for me to accept that Jones is a bust. In my charting of Jones in college I saw some very good things he was able to do. I made excuses for him not catching more passes than he did though, blaming that on Darnold. Now after Jones struggled his first season as a pro I have realized that Darnold and the USC coaches had reasons to not use Jones more as a receiver and that is completely on Jones. Although I didn't say it, the more I watched of Jones as a rookie prospect the less I liked him. I was second guessing my evaluation of him and I felt conflicted about it. I do not normally have that kind of experience when watching RB. Most of the time they grow on me the more I watch them. With Jones my experience was the opposite. The more I watched the more I wondered about his burst and things I considered to be strengths. I am pretty sure Jones is a bust and that I ranked him too high as a prospect. It happens.
  11. It depends on your league obviously as far as if another team would pick him up if you drop him and how valuable TE are in your league. For this season it looks like Walker will be back and Smith will be his back up once he is healthy. This looks like very low value for Smith this season unless Walker is hurt again or Smith somehow surpasses him. Smith certainly showed flashes of what he could do as the starter. He had 3 games in a row which were good for fantasy purposes. Then of course immediately following that he got injured. Personally I really like Smith and I would try to find a way to keep him on my roster, but I wouldn't really plan on him entering my line up this season. If you can use the roster spot for something better then that is a decision you have to make.
  12. And better vision, understanding of the defense blocking schene.
  13. I dont think he was very good but he did play on 97% of the Bengals offensive plays last year.
  14. I don't have an opinion of Sharp. Never read or listened to anything from him that is why I googled. Total unknown to me. The link I provided was a prominent hit in the search. While there may be some pettiness there, it seemed like a warning that he may be misrepresenting himself to potential customers. Maybe he does some good things. People seem to like his SoS stuff based on the responses in this thread.
  15. There is no way NFL teams should care what Warren Sharp thinks