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  1. I have been checking out the football magazines since those have been coming out recently. I noted that FF index has Collins as a top 12 RB for redraft.
  2. Some rough grades of the Vikings offensive linemen mostly below 50 but surprisingly Remmers being the highest graded one even though he is playing a new position. They have the Vikings in the bottom 5 for offensive lines overall, just after the Cardinals who I have recently been hearing will be terrible. PFF mentions that Keenum was the 3rd most pressured QB last season. Kirk Cousins throws more interceptions when pressured. Too bad the Vikings don't have a highly graded rookie to make those graphs look a bit better. At least they are all low so no one stands out. No wonder why ZImmer hates these guys.
  3. Probably. If McAdoo is hitting the bottle a lot though maybe he will keep mouthing off. That is sort of my hope.
  4. Where are you seeing him go? According to this ADP Kittle is being drafted at 128 or round 11 in a 12 team league. He is the 10th TE selected. Now Hunter Henry is still being drafted in this sample at 107 so you likely should anticipate that Kittle might be drafted as high as that, in the 9th round as the 10th TE selected. According to this ADP Kittle is being drafted 121 or round 11 in a 12 team league. He is the 12th TE selected. This ADP seems more recent to me. Makes a bit more sense than the MFL ADP. The TE being selected after Kittle are Njoku and OJ Howard who I would likely take before him because I think they are better players, but any of these 3 are players who I would like to have on my team. As a rookie Kittle was TE 19 last season. In 15 games with 7 starts he had 63 targets 43 receptions 515 yards 12 ypr 2 TD 68% catch rate. These are not bad numbers for a rookie TE and if he can improve slightly with a better catch rate for example, as well as gets more targets, he could finish higher than TE 19 which is perhaps what to consider as his floor numbers or worth. In the 5 games with Garoppolo KIttle had 19 targets 15 receptions 324 yards in those last 5 games. The last 3 games being pretty solid, so showing him growing in the offense. He generated 62% of his yards with Garapolo in these last 5 games, although he did break out in game 5 of the season against the Colts with 9 targets 7 receptions 83 yards and a TD. That game was followed by 8 targets 4 receptions 46 yards against Washington. This was 88% of Kittles total yards from these two games and the last 5 weeks of the season. He missed game 10 and he pretty much disappeared (was hurt) from games 7-12 the 49ers did play a difficult stretch of defenses over this time frame as well perhaps contributing to that also. If I extrapolate the 5 games of Kittles production with Garoppolo to a 16 game season it would be 61 targets 48 receptions (79% catch rate) 1037 yards 3 TD The yards are so high because Kittle averaged 21.6 yards per reception from Garoppolo. Now that is not likely sustainable, but the big play ability is there and Garoppolo knows how to find him. This is a terrific number showing Kittles speed is translating and that he has big play ability. The catch rate is well above average as well, showing that there is going to be some consistency of these two connecting. I think Kittle could have 80 targets this season, which would be a slight increase to 5 targets per game instead of the 4.2 targets per game he had as a rookie. The upside would be 100 targets and downside 60 targets (about what he did last year). 80 targets at 73% catch rate would be 58 receptions at 12 ypr is 701 yards 3 TD 88 points in standard scoring leagues or 146 in PPR leagues. These points would have finished as TE 12 using the average points scored of the last 3 years So I think he is worth the price at around pick 120 where current ADP shows him to be. I don't think I would take him over Njoku though. Howard is a tougher call for me as Brate is still there in his way. Kittle is in a better situation to be their most targeted TE as he was last season.
  5. Yeah I can't say I really agree with how players have won in that poll, which should be mirroring the PPR poll for the most part. The TE are more valuable in this format, but I don't think I would be voting for them before the top tier of WR were gone. Interesting none the less.
  6. ooh 2 more votes
  7. Yeah having the flex option gives the owners the most options as far as lineups and roster construction, which I think is a good thing, and somewhat prevents taking a zero in extreme circumstance where a team may not have a viable QB to start, they could still start a different player at one of the spots. I like the value of the QB position being increased and requiring owners to deal with that reality. Some will adjust better than others. It makes the rookie draft a lot more interesting when QB is a valuable position.
  8. Yes. As a college prospect David Johnson demonstrated wide receiver like ability as a route runner. Carson Palmers highest targets to a RB in his career prior to David Johnson was 75 for Chris Henry in 2006. I think David Johnson has a lot to do with how he was used in 2016 and something that McCoy should be able to replicate considering how he used Woodhead and Gordon as receivers in SD. McCoy should be able to take advantage of David Johnsons abilities as a receiver which are diverse as he wants them to be. Sam Bradford a very accurate QB who makes good pre snap reads which allow him to get the ball out quickly. Johnson being a player who can get open early in the play. He has a career average 11.5 ypr all with Palmer and extraordinarily high for a RB. I projected him for 9 ypr 2.5 less but I could see 3. His catch percentage should improve however because Bradford is an accurate passer. Johnson is a 65% catcher which is good for a WR but below average for a RB. I can see this improving to 73% at least with Bradford. I hadn't really thought about this. McCoy could do something like split with another RB to keep David Johnson fresh. If he plays fewer snaps, they likely get him the ball more frequently when he does. See the catch rate comments above. Johnson could have more receptions on fewer targets as Bradford is more accurate passer than Palmer, along with a reduction on yards per reception. 8 ypr would be 3.5 yards less than his career average of 11.5 ypr on 122 receptions. That is enough volume for me to think that might be what he does for his career. I guess we will see.
  9. Yes the Cardinals have been pretty high in pass attempts. As I showed in 2016 when DJ became the starter they threw the ball a lot more. Looking at the history of the offensive coordinator, also throws the ball a lot, and throws to the RB a lot. The overall volume might come down if Bradford gets injured early on as rookie QB tends to scale things back, but I expect that DJ will still get his under this scenario as well.
  10. I will think of some new names to call you this year. Promise.
  11. Well it is a lot of work for you that you likely wouldn't miss. I am interested in participating. I enjoy the banter of the league of champions and I like the tradition of it.
  12. Sanquon Barkley had 21 rushing attempts for 44 yards (2.1 ypc) 1 TD 4 receptions 23 yards against Ohio State in 2017. Barkley has some fantastic plays in this game. He also has a lot of carries for loss with the defense beating the offensive line right away and meeting him in the backfield over and over again. From my charting Barkley gjsf a 61 overall score, so slightly above average even though he didn't create many yards, a lot of them are on his TD run which is beautiful. Ronald Jones had 19 rushing attempts 64 yards (3.4 ypc 0 receptions against Ohio State in 2017. Jones has some excellent plays in this game, but like Barkley is meeting defenders in the backfield on a frequent basis.Jones shows his speed and burst on a few of these plays as well as some good footwork and shake ability when met by the first defender. The QB isn't fairing much better as the defense is playing in the backfield most of the game. From my charting Jones had s 36 which is below average even though he didn't create many yards, his TD was in short yardage, got just a good enough block from the TE on the LB to give him the edge on the left side. Jones shows his burst by being able to run by a defender who has penetrated on his left and finds a lane up the middle to his right largely because of that burst and timing. He doesn't get much room to run like this often and takes advantage of it. Some other gritty plays where he uses his hand to keep from going down and is able to further advance the ball, good balance to not go down from the previous contact.
  13. At 25 votes Kalen Ballage has a lead in the standard poll. Mason Rudolph has a pretty strong lead right now in the 2 QB poll, which is pretty interesting, perhaps signaling the end of a tier. Nyheim Hines currently has a 2 vote lead on Baker Mayfield and Mark Andrews in the TE Premium poll.
  14. 24 votes in now. Getting there.
  15. Yes it does concern me because a lot of players have retired early at least in part due to their risk of concussion as part of the reason for their decision. Such as Calvin Johnson and a lot of other players. Other notable players who recently quit the NFL at age 30 or younger When the player has had multiple concussions I think there is a higher risk of a future concussion being more serious in nature and possibly more likely to happen to that player, such as Jordan Reed who has had 6 concussions now as well as many other injuries. I love Jordan Reed but that is a lot of concussions and other injuries.