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  1. I thought this was a pretty interesting comparison between the Vikings current defense and defenses run by Jim Johnson RIP. Eagle Eye: Memories Of Jim Johnson
  2. Seems like Jedi mind tricks and playing games with Miami about who to prepare for.
  3. Listening to Zimmer he talks about Diggs getting extra attention in the Giants game where Diggs played hampered. He didn't do as much but he still caught 5 of 7 targets for 47 yards. The Vikings did use him more as a decoy however and Bradford got the ball to other receivers such as Charles Johnson, Patterson, Rudolph. Diggs did play on 69 (93%) of those snaps. I don't think this will be the same scenario as when he played through the injury, as he has had two full weeks of rest and practiced 3 days in a row.
  4. Stefon Diggs expected to play against Eagles after practicing again today
  5. I was impressed with how well the Bears were covering for the first half. However the offense didn't sustain any drives and the zone won't hold up when you keep giving the other team so many chances. I think there was a lack of adjustment to what Green Bay was doing in the second half as well, but it was mainly just giving them too many opportunities. Howard was going no where. Green Bays run defense is one of the better groups I have seen aside from the game against the Cowboys.
  6. I agree with this approach. It is too bad. He has been one of the more promising receiving TE to come out recently. For me to change this perspective on him would require at least two seasons without any further concussion issues, which is always possible, but has not happened yet.
  7. I think it is bad when Jimmy Johnson is telling everyone during pregame broadcast that Cutler is out of favor with the HC and wouldn't be challenging for the job even once he is healthy because of Hoyer. Not a very good job of keeping the dirty laundry in house. Then Matt Barkley happened and guess what? I bet Cutlers hand is feeling a whole lot better now.
  8. Zimmer on Long Potentially Starting Sunday, More Stefon Diggs is questionable. He says Jake Long could play in this game and he could start if they need him to, he doesn't commit to a change at left tackle, he just seems to think Long is ready to play.
  9. Gase Breaks Down The Bills Most of this is discussing some things on the defense. He says that he has seen the running game take off the last 3 weeks, as far as assignment and players doing the right thing. At the end of the PC he says he has seen the same approach from Jay Ajayi in practice, every day we have had meetings, walkthrough, practice, I am seeing the same effort, the same intensity, during install he is taking notes,everything is the same, it is the same to me as it has been the last 3 weeks. I think he has that mindset that, whatever we did last Sunday is irrelevant. He is going to build off that, as far as confidence goes, understanding the scheme we're doing, playing against a good team, and having success. Sunday it starts over for him, that whole group knows, we have something to prove Sunday. No one is going to care what we did the last week.
  10. Ask Taylor Heinicke how well this works in real life.
  11. Impressive start by Barkley. Needs to throw an interception now.
  12. Matt Barkley.
  13. Whoo hoo!!