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  1. They could have offered him an extension before now as they surely knew he wanted more money after such a great season. Some teams have done that IIRC. They didn't so this is the only real leverage he has to try to get them to change their mind. I would expect that Hopkins is part of their long term plans and so they will reach a compromise. I don't follow the Texans very closely however. Is there a strained relationship between Hopkins and the coaches or front office in the past? I was just thinking about when Percy Harvin was threatening hold out before the Vikings traded him to Seattle. Harvin did some other stuff besides that which caused the Vikings to want to part ways with him. Lots of new receivers with the team now who need the reps.
  2. Transcript: Turner Addressed the Media Saturday
  3. Have you watched him play? Good luck with whoever you got for him.
  4. Leaner C.J. Anderson ready to bulk up Broncos' run game
  5. Arif Hasan @ArifHasanNFL Johnson rotates into first team before Treadwell again 10:48 AM - 30 Jul 2016
  6. Yeah. I think it is a good thing that Charles Johnson is playing well. It is only one day of practice though. Many more to go. Patterson participated in the morning walk through. So hopefully he is going to be ok. He fell on his shoulder in a bad way yesterday that I was concerned might set him back.
  7. According to these reports both Johnson and Treadwell were making plays against Xaviier Rhodes. I wouldn't necessary agree with the rotoworld take that shows some clear bias juxtaposing spring OTAs against the first day of training camp, while at the same ignoring that Treadwell is doing good things in training camp as well.
  8. Your guess is as good as mine. There is no details about the part of his body that he may have tweaked. He did conditioning tests for the trainer and passed all of them, so whatever it is, isn't debilitating in any way, sounds more like pain management than any long term concern. Vikings' Mike Zimmer not concerned with injuries to Adrian Peterson, Cordarrelle Patterson
  9. Please read the third line of this chart.
  10. Really bad interview for the most part. Norv talks about Gordon at the 5 minute mark. He says Gordon had 2 or 3 games that were as good as anyone (WR) he has been around.
  11. Injuries to Cordarrelle Patterson, Adrian Peterson don't worry Zimmer
  12. Vikings Training Camp Live 2016: Day 1 Practice CP84 hurts his shoulder or wrist after making a catch downfield. Wide receivers reportedly having a better day than the defensive backs. Charles Johnson and Laquon Treadwell beating Rhodes in a variety of ways. 2nd team offensive line has TJ Clemmings playing RT again. Mike Harris is out with undiscloved non football related injury. I did not hear any mention of Shepherd practicing at tackle which makes me wonder why? He was the Vikings swing tackle last season. According to this Shepherd was playing with the 3rd team at RT.
  13. Twenty Minutes Of Harrison Smith Being Awesome
  14. Of course. The league of champions and league six unless you want to move me from that one. Oh and also the busterd league.