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  1. I think a lot of teams use some form of this. They certainly have someone of staff that evaluates these things. Probabilities and whatnot just like their analytics staff will evaluate other aspects of football, just as the draft, player data and so on. Maybe no one who has the specific title of game theorist, but they have someone looking at these things. Ultimately it is the head coaches decision how much they implement that information and when. Some of you seem to have the notion that running a 1000 simulations of an event, that is a controlled experiment, and not specific to the decision the coach is making at any given time, would be reflective of the probability of the actions success, for this specific team, for their healthy players at that time and 1000 other variables that have some affect on the probability of that outcome as well, that were not considered in the straight probability of something in the controlled experiment. You can cite some math as the end all be all to decision making, removing the actual decision making process but it won't necessarily be the right decision in every situation. When the Vikings pinned the Bears inside their 20 with 4 punts in week 17 I don't think Zimmer cares that those punts may have led to a +3 expected points if he had gone for it instead of punting it. Not with the Vikings defense and not with the Bears offense in that game. Some of you are acting like the decision based on the simulation is full proof and the decision of the coaches is always wrong to not follow that information. Which to me seems arrogant and willfully ignorant of what probability actually is, and what the best ways to apply it might be.
  2. I was just listening to player interviews with Rhodes and Thielen from today. Both of them when asked about Sendejo sounded positive. He got knocked out though and sometimes these concussions take awhile for the player to clear protocol. Seems pretty clear the defense is better with him in the line up. I was a bit surprised with PFF grade on Harris actually being pretty good, but Sendejo the more experienced and better player when healthy right now.
  3. Crazy stuff in regards to Fowler and to some extent Woods. Who is the Moustache you are referring to? Grim?
  4. No kidding. Although Munchak is not bad in my opinion. I think he helped the Steelers offensive line turn a corner in some ways. They already fired him though, so those reasons still exist. Fisher just should not coach at all ever again.
  5. Zimmer: Can't Make Critical Errors Sunday or We'll Go Home
  6. The 2017 Pro Football Focus Grades of Every Minnesota Viking Talking about the low grades for Reiff and Elflien: The Eagles have a very good defensive tackle and defensive line in general. Not going to get any easier. Interesting the move of Remmers to left guard now. Perhaps something they decided to do after studying the remaining 3 teams. That they needed to get better inside against these Tackles, Cox, Donald or the Panthers defensive tackles. Rankins was able to get pressure beating Hill on stunts and Cameron Jordan had a couple drives where he was causing too much pressure against Hill and Berger. The cornerbacks- Looks like PFF has a similar view of Alexanders play as Andy has. He played 323 snaps on defense, 32.5% of the defensive snaps, so one out of every 3 and mostly passing downs. Newman played 555 defensive snaps, 55.7% of the defensive snaps. He played a lot more than Alexander and played much better than him. This does show that Waynes has played close to as good as Newman and Rhodes this year also though. FWIW they grade Anthony Harris as a 81.5 Sendejo is graded 86.4 so significantly better than Harris, but Harris still on a similar level as the 3 starting corners. Not sure he has played that well, but he did have some good plays when Sendejo was out before.
  7. They should but I have gotten the sense that they won't. Also funny.
  8. You mean that big tackle that he blew up the swing pass in the backfield a few weeks ago? Maybe, just maybe your seeing things a bit glass half full. The Vikings let Munnerlyn walk in free agency and there haven't been many plays where I was wishing they kept him. Something I was not sure about at all going into the season. If Alexanders plays has been atrocious as you say, I think I would have been pining for Munnerlyn a bit more than not at all. Waynes wasn't playing all that well last year, his second season in the league. He had some growing pains at the beginning of this year as well. He really improved though and I expect Alexander to take another step forward in his development next year similar to Waynes the second half of this year. This is likely Newmans last season so Alexander will play more next year because of that and we will get to see him more. His tackling (which was a weakness of his with Clemson) has really improved from what he was doing as a rookie to his second season for sure.
  9. He didn't have a very good game. He has played better than that in previous games this year. Newman got beat for a TD. Brees is good. Still think the Vikings secondary is a strength and deeper than what most other teams have. We have seen Waynes continue to get better over time as well. He got beat several times in this game as did Rhodes. Did I mention Brees is good? The coverage and overall defense did seem to slip after Sendejo was injured. Brees went right after Harris with their TE Hill after that. Its relative to other teams in my view and the Vikings secondary depth is better than most NFL teams in my opinion, so I wouldn't call that the weakest link really.
  10. Brandin Cooks finished WR 9 in standard scoring leagues and WR 15 in PPR scoring leagues with his 114 targets 65 receptions 1082 yards 7 TD 9 rushing attempts 40 yards. He averaged 16.6 ypr and 57% catch rate. The YPR is well above average for a WR while the catch rate was the lowest of his career so far. Some drops and not as good a connection with Brady for catch rate as what he had with Brees. Something that might balance itself out a bit next season. He was a low end WR 1 to a high end WR 2 which is pretty much what projections pointed to him being with NE. Not a disappointment in my view and worth the price I paid for him in redrafts. I like this thread though, as it is showing me some players who may be values going into next year as people are avoiding them. About 80% of the players being discussed in this thread are players I would like to have, especially if I can get a bit of a discount on them.
  11. I'm just joking. Seriously though he needs to keep this going.
  12. Ha!! Teddy Bridgewater! I think Case needs to win it all to earn that trust. He did do some nice work with extending plays and it was also critical to get rid of that ball instead of taking the sack. The Vikings offense was playing from the ground too much though and the offensive line had issues with Cameron Jordan and Rankins on the right side of this game. I thought Hill might get more help than that. But hey they found a way.
  13. Not really. I think the Vikings definitely have a home advantage. Having to travel to the cold and Eagles field sucks. Just glad they actually get the opportunity. But no doubt in my mind it would be an easier game vs the Falcons at home compared to the Eagles away.