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  1. This is my main question I guess, is if Haley gets to make this call or if Hue still wants to split between 2 Rb? If its Haleys call then Chubb should see a lot more opportunity.
  2. Biabreakable

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2018

    Only time will tell. They have played better the last two games.
  3. Biabreakable

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2018

    The Vikings’ Third Down Defense Is Back
  4. Green Bay keeps throwing. Cold or not, but sure I could see Jones doing well down the stretch. I'm expecting the RBBC to continue though.
  5. I wasn't saying Mosert isn't a good RB to pick up. I was merely saying that he is the least known of the RB he listed. That is all.
  6. Dude, which thread are you talking about who has every RB born under the sun listed? I don't know if any of these players you listed will be the WW pick up of the year players. It is possible one of them is, or maybe its someone else. Or maybe more than one of the RB you list will be neck and neck for the honors of move valuable WW pick up. If a player is actually WW or not really depends on the league. A lot of the players you listed were drafted in deep leagues before the season began. Mosert might be the most obscure of the RB you listed. I think I like Nick Chubb the most out the guys you listed to have a monster second half, although because of Hue Jackson I kind of doubt it will happen. Jackson has been doing a 60/40 split at RB for 4 or more years in a row now. He makes plays with few opportunities though. I think he is definitely a RB who could change Hues mind. I already have the feeling that Ronald Jones is going to be bust. Which is disappointing because I do like the way he runs. His game has not translated to the next level, he is worse as a receiver than I realized (I thought he could catch just didn't get opportunity because of bad QB) I guess I am wishing someone would have pointed out that there was a reason Darnold was not targeting him when he was wide open. While I would love to be surprised, I am guessing it is not going to be him (although he might be useful at some point this season, I am not expecting him to be great anymore). Like any RB if he gets enough volume of opportunities he will be valuable for FF. Penny is doing some good things and maybe he will be their main RB later on in the season. I could see that happening. I really like Ito Smith. I ran into him when watching some team mates a couple years back and he is already scoring. I wish Forman the best but I don't expect him to be able to take over right away once he comes back to play. They will likely ease him in for awhile. I am not really interested or confident about any of the other RB you listed being a difference maker in the way you describe.
  7. Murray is good enough that he should be on someones roster. You never know what may happen with Cook. I hope Cook gets healthy and goes gang busters, but even if he does, doesn't mean he won't get hurt again at some point. Murray has value obviously if Cook is out. Mike Boone had a 20 yard run as well. The offensive line did a good job of blocking for the run game for a change.
  8. While the Cardinals defense certainly a big part of how the Vikings ran the ball yesterday, I think it is also a good sign of the offensive line starting to gel now. The offensive line did not have Pat Elflien at Center for the first 3 games. I think he has been getting better now with experience, and the guards are starting to get used to him now as well. This takes a few games for that to come together. They are still below average at guard, especially left guard, but Remmers has been pretty bad as well. Remmers did have some good blocks for Murray on the right side in the most recent game though. This is with a new QB and a new offensive coordinator as well. I would not consider the first 4 weeks to be indicative of how the teams will play the rest of the season. The teams do so little in practice and preseason that those first few weeks are kind of an extended preseason. Lots of teams finding themselves and working things out during these early games. I don't expect the players on the offensive line individually to play better as the season goes on, except for Elflien and O'Niel who are both still very young players and still developing. The other linemen are older and they are who they are at this point. If Danny Ididora could push to start at guard that would be a sign of him improving a lot. He hasn't yet though. But even if the players are not getting better, they are getting better in terms of chemistry and working together. A bad run defense certainly helps that get on track. If the Vikings didn't do that in this game, there would be a lot more reason to worry.
  9. Biabreakable

    The Tazmanian Devil, Phillip Lindsay

    The main thing is that there are so few examples of a "smaller" RB getting the opportunity to be a featured RB. The logic, or science is that there are very few instances of a player being that light having a large enough workload to be consistently relevant for the purposes of fantasy football. So one can draw two conclusions from this. With a glass half empty perspective the odds are against them becoming a feature RB who is relevant for fantasy, because so few of them have done that. Along with some moving of the chains as far as where the arbitrary cut off will be. The more you lower the weight, the smaller the sample of players becomes. So with the logic of what players have been successful they are not the lighter players. Well except for a few hall of fame types. Or you can look at it from a glass half full perspective and realize that there have been some great players from this smaller sample group and the frequency of successful players is actually higher than the other sample sizes success rate. With a dynasty perspective in mind, it has also been found that heavier players at RB have shorter careers than RB who do not rely on size and power as much as some of these players do. Which leads to more violent contact than a player who isn't running that way as their bread and butter will. All of those hits add up over time and there is a higher injury risk, which leads to shorter careers. Good RB come in all shapes and sizes.
  10. Biabreakable

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2018

    I don't think even the Vikings know yet. He was close to playing in the last game, so I would expect that he is close to playing in the next one. I am glad they didn't play him though and if he isn't ready next week they won't play him then either.
  11. Biabreakable

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2018

    There were a few plays where I wondered what Cook could have done with those if he were in there. One of them there was a massive hole on the left side of the play. Murray sees it too and he was trying to get out there, he just can't cut as quickly as Cook can and wasn't able to get outside of the defender. Peterson would have nailed that too. As far as why Cook didn't play I think others have already explained. He felt something in pre game warm ups, so they decided to make him inactive. This is all about the big picture. They want Cook fully healthy before they play him. He will play a lot better that way. The good thing about the game is we saw the offensive line come together a bit. Also O'Neil is playing well which is great, because a lot of people doubted he would be able to contribute this year. The group as a whole is starting to gel now though, which makes sense this being Elfliens 3rd game back now. Tom Compton had the false start and made several other mistakes, him and Remmers are still going to be problems, thats likely part of why Cousins isn't stepping up when he could, he isn't used to being able to do that with the lack of inside protection he has been getting. Elflien didn't have a bad snap this game that I noticed, so thats an improvement. I read PFF gave O'Neil the hgihest grade of the offensive linemen this week, and they were one of the groups who thought he wouldn't be able to play this year.
  12. Biabreakable

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2018

    A few mistakes along the way but he has been improving I agree. Yep the defense was playing some prevent for awhile there only bringing the heat on 3rd down. Let them hang around a bit because of that. Yeah the defense seems to have fixed some things. Part of that is Barr has been playing well the last two games. Part of that is the Vikings playing 3 safeties more with Iloka and Kearse and not putting Barr is situations where his coverage can get exposed. I saw one play where Barr seemed to be calling for someone else to cover the slot receiver leaking out, perhaps a miscommunication. Rosen didn't see the guy though so no problems. Barr was indecisive, between covering the guy and following the flow of the play to the other side of the field. Murray had some very nice holes to work with on a few of his runs. The offensive line doing a good job and he took advantage of that for some long runs. I think there were a couple of those that I would like to see Cousins step up in the pocket more. He already has his feet set, which is a good thing, but if he is going to hold the ball, then why not take a step forward (when he can) and set again since he knows he is waiting that tick before getting rid of the ball anyways. I hear you though, some quicker developing play calls or just more of them could help. Arizona was playing zone and because of that the shorter stuff is not as open. So I think that is part of it. I wish Cousins wouldn't throw the ball right into jumping defenders as much as he did in the game. 6 passes were batted down. He got lucky none of them took a favorable bounce for the defense. Again part of the problem is Cousins is holding the ball a bit too long. The great thing about Cousins is that he hasn't had a major injury in his career yet. (knocks on a massive chunk of wood) That is part of the reason why the Vikings pursued him as their starter, because Cousins has played all 16 regular season games for the last 3 seasons. Plus he is good, but the toughness and availability is important too. I agree with you though that I would like to see more of Morgan, Ham ect being used in protection instead of releasing so many receivers into routes. I didn't see this, I stepped away a bit before half time. It is good to see players improving and the Vikings playing together a bit better each game. Mackenzie Alexander had a pretty good game. He made some plays against Fitzgerald. He made the mistake of the pass interference in the end zone because he didn't turn around, but it wasn't that bad. I believe it is legal to try to shield off the receiver like that as long as you don't make contact with them (the hard part of trying to defend it that way). If he turns around first knowing that Fitzgerald doesn't really have space left for another move, he would have been fine. Barr has been playing better. Joseph has been playing better. I think Weatherly is improving also. A couple weeks back I was listening to Pete Bercich talk about if Weatherly learns an inside move, he will be dangerous, then pointing out on film that he was using an inside move to great effect. Hunter has been getting a sack every game. Part of why the Cardinals had a successful drive was when the Vikings were rotating back up defensive linemen in. They had both Johnsons on the field at the same time and Jaylyn Holmes had 15 snaps, he was playing some left end, I am not sure he played inside or not. Iloka played on 74% of the snaps with Sendejo out. Anthony Harris made two big plays even though he only played 15 snaps. Kearse only played five.
  13. Biabreakable

    Bears vs Dolphins - Week 6

    Huge mistake by Drake.
  14. Biabreakable

    Bears vs Dolphins - Week 6

    Gore very close to scoring there. He almost beat Fuller and the rest of the defense to the pylon.