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  1. I am not against moving Reiff to save money. My understanding is the free agent guards are not very good. Josh Kline might be one of the better ones available right now.. Maybe I am missing someone though. The Vikings have signed Rashod Hill and Udoh seems like a promising player maybe. Most of the journalists and so on I have listened to are against getting rid of Reiff, because of stability concerns, they did cut Kline and I think everyone wants Elf on the bench, so if they only return two starters, that is a shake up of continuity. I would agree that the offensive line play could be worse without Rieff. Maybe it won't be though. Hill has played near as well as Reiff in my view when called on. Maybe that won't hold up over a full season? It doesn't seem like a huge drop off to me. Another reason I think folks don't want to move on from Reiff is because of all the turnover on defense. They want some consistency some where. This team is going to look a lot different once they are done. We been talking about this for years. I think its time to rebuild the lines. They do not seem to think so. They are trying to reload instead of build a foundation. I know they are aware of the talent at tackle in the draft though and I think there are 5 tackles worth taking in the 1st round. So one of them has a good chance to be available at pick 22. The question then would be if that player will last to pick 25 or not.
  2. Not sure if you saw the Mock I did with Andy or not, but I went with Josh Jones OT from Houston at pick 22 then Gross Matos at pick 25. As you can see from the mock this makes it challenging to address WR and CB with strong players who might be able to make a difference right away.
  3. There's another idea. What does Washington have to give back in that case? Im still hoping they keep Harris, but maybe this would be a good move. No gatuntee Reiff plays well at guard, but he would likely be better than Elf. That's not hard.
  4. Yeah I dont know if that is the case. Seems reasonable to be upset about doctors being negligent. Is there other stuff as well? Anyhow that's for the Vikings to decide. They likely are okay with whatever risks if their interested in trading for him.
  5. That I'm not sure about. If Butler was a cut candidate then it would make sense for them to stash him instead. If he was healthy enough to activate at some point later on, he was still behind the rest of the team in reps, so no need to activate him.
  6. I think this gets baked into trade value calculators that do intrinsically give the veteran players their ADP values on average over history, because it only counts the hits while ignoring the misses. It is a scientific way of approaching the question of how much is rookie pick X worth relative to the value of all players, but it is flawed without accounting for the fragility of the veteran players maintaining their ADP value.
  7. He would be considered at the age apex right now. It took him a long time to fire (Baldwin was getting the most opportunity) for fantasy although he has always been a very efficient WR.
  8. Yeah Momz was drafted in there too. Not sure how I missed him.
  9. Butler was injured so we don't know if he would have cracked the line up or played over these guys or not. He does bring something different to the team than those guys do. Byrd is a player I am still unfamiliar with but Cooper has been in the league for awhile now and due to that experience, it doesn't surprise me that he was more ready to play than the rookies were.Looking it up Byrd was in his 4th season in the league last year. So that edge in experience applies to him as well. They were starting a rookie QB. You want to make things as easy as possible for a rookie QB and that means playing experienced WR who know what they are doing over rookies who are still trying to figure out what it takes to compete at this level. eta - To give an example of why experience matters, you are trying to get the QB to understand leverages and timing against defenses. You may have some quick throws with anticipation where the QB has to be able to trust that the WR is going to be to the right spot at the right time. The WR needs to have plans and contingency plans for how to get to that spot against whatever disruption the defender is going to throw at them. A more experienced WR has had more time and coaching in the NFL to execute those plans than a rookie does. You can't teach the QB as well when the WR are doing it wrong. As far as practice reps Isabella is a year ahead of Butler who wasn't even able to practice due to being injured.
  10. Well the main idea presented here would be to trade Reiff for Williams. So the savings from Reiffs contract would account for most of what Williams wants, and Wulford speculates that number may be something like $14 million per year type of deal. Which is still a lot but maybe more managable than the $18 million or more that has mostly been floated around. They are in the second wave of free agents now, so that is when other player contracts get some more perspective and prices come down. According to this Reiffs contract will cost $13.2 million this season if they keep him. So if Williams would play for $14 million it wouldn't be much more. The Vikings still owe Reiff a bonus of $4.4 million so that would count as dead cap for this year,. So that would be the price, plus whatever else the Vikings might give Washington to do the deal.
  11. Vikings Interested in LT Trent Williams According to this article the contract Williams is seeking is less than what has been reported. The artcle also floats the possibility of the Vikings trading Riley Reiff for Trent Williams. I assume the Vikings would need to add something a bit more to get that done than just Reiff, but maybe not that much more?
  12. The Vikings signed Dakota Dozier and Ameer Abfullah to one year contracts. Also they may be interested in trading for Trent Williams LT of Washington. Here is an article discussing the ins and outs of that possibility.
  13. TajaƩ Sharpe Explains Why Vikings Are 'Best Spot
  14. The Vikings signed Brett Jones to a 1 year contract.
  15. Its not an easy road for any WR trying to do enough to be relevant for fantasy. That includes the rookies coming in, who realistically will have one or two really good ones, and the rest will be fighting for WR 3 status just like 100 other WR will. I am curious who you think those 15 to 20 guys are? From my perspective there are maybe 12. It dries up pretty quickly after those WR. Here is the order that the WR were drafted in recent SP collaborative mock: CeeDee Lamb WR Oklahoma Jerry Jeudy WR Alabama Henry Ruggs WR Alabama Tee Higgins WR Clemson Justin Jefferson WR LSU Laviska Shenault Jr, WR, Colorado Michael Pittman, Jr. - WR - USC Jalen Reagor WR TCU Brandon Aiyuk - WR, Arizona State KJ Hamler - WR - Penn State Chase Claypool, wr ND Bryan Edwards WR South Carolina Tyler Johnson WR Minnesota Van Jefferson WR Florida I count 12 here who might be good enough to do something. The WR after these that I have watched do not look like they know what they are doing. I'm not saying Butler or Isabella will become fantasy useful players. That seems less likely to happen with Hopkins in tow than it was before, and that was still a long shot without Hopkins being in the way to opportunity. What I am saying is calling them busts after one season could be wrong and more importantly I think is a bad process. I always give players 3 years to prove they suck before closing the book on them.
  16. Lots of love for CeeDee Lamb although he is only 2 votes ahead of Judy in the PPR poll right now.
  17. Butler and Isabella were rookies last year right? Based on all the talk in here both of their careers are over already. Seems premature.
  18. When Witten is done with the Raiders he will come back like Jason in a hockey mask for an expansion team and have 7 catches for 6 yards and TDs.
  19. Vikings have agreed to terms with defensive end Anthony Zettel
  20. You don't want Rhodes, he is washed up. Too slow now. He is as good tackler. I wonder if he would fit at safety? He has never been much of a ball hawk. Physical corner bad hands. Griffen can still play. I think he is looking for more than $8 million per season type of deal though. The Vikings would keep him if they could, both sides wanted to do that, but Griffen and his agent wanted more money than the Vikings can spend on him right now. I think the margin there was about $8 million. Griffen is likely seeking $10 or something like that. Griffen is about as good as a tackle as he is as an end. He is a relatively shorter guy for a Dlinemen which helps with leverage inside. The Vikings should have used him in that way more instead of playing bums like Shamar Stephen instead. Seemed like ZImmer saved that package for the playoffs and the Saints.
  21. Maybe Gruden wants him around to make commentating from the booth jokes with? Witten just won't go away. He is like this guy in the NFL. I hope you guys sign Cam. That could be fun to watch.
  22. The purpose of these polls is to get an idea of who the majority of voters prefer at a specific pick in a rookie draft. These drafts assume that all 2020 rookie players are available. For the 2QB poll there may be some variance in scoring. Some may be standard, others PPR. I think a lot of 2QB leagues may involve IDP as well so these differences are not accounted for here. Only looking at the offensive skill players in the two most common formats and also 2QB leagues, to get a sense of where the QB are valued relative to other positions, when there is actually scarcity at the QB position. For the TE premium poll this assumes the scoring format is PPR because that is what these leagues almost always are. The polls assume 12 teams and likely 24-26 roster spots as the most common format for dynasty. Short bench dynasty leagues should only care about the top 6-12 rookie players. If a player isn't listed that you would vote for please vote other and then post the name of the player that you voted for so that player can be added to the next poll. Also please suggest players not listed that you would vote for soon, even if not on the particular poll that is active. I populated the lists based on miqws lists Thanks everyone for voting. Discussion welcome. Results so far Standard 1.01 Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin 1.02 D'Andre Swift RB Georgia 1.03 J.K. Dobbins RB Ohio State PPR 1.01 D'Andre Swift RB Georgia 1.02 Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin 1.03 J.K. Dobbins RB Ohio State 2 QB leagues 1.01 Joe Burrow QB LSU 1.02 Tua Tagovailoa QB Alabama 1.03 Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin TE Premium 1.01 Jonathan Taylor RB Wisconsin 1.02 D'Andre Swift RB Georgia 1.03 J.K. Dobbins RB Ohio State Links to previous polls 1.01 1.02 1.03