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  1. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/category/rumor-mill/
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/football-insider/wp/2016/03/17/the-redskins-free-agent-moves-and-what-they-mean/ A nice summary of Washington Free Agent moves for any who have not been keeping up day to day. In this summary, you also get a pretty good sense of McCloughan's style. It's a breath of fresh air for Redskins fans to be sure. Take care of your own first...then selectively cherry pick some solid guys at a good price. The only thing they spent big money on is QB, and your just about forced to do that in today's NFL, so that is certainly understandable. It would be great if we could find some defensive guys in the draft who could contribute right away, particularly in the areas of secondary and defensive front...
  3. Wow, sounds like Cooley really unloaded on Griffin in this interview: http://www.si.com/nfl/2016/03/08/robert-griffin-iii-washington-redskins-chris-cooley-teammates-dislike There are probably bits of truth here and there, such as the OLine taking too much blame for sacks, but at the same time, he's really going out of his way to make statements about Robert's character. Not endorsing Cooley's remarks or knocking them either...just thought it was interesting interview to make just in the wake of Griffin's release...
  4. Looks like we may have seen the end of Alf in Washington: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/02/25/jay-gruden-we-drafted-matt-jones-with-intent-of-making-him-featured-back/ This really makes me sad for several reasons: 1. You talk about building a team with "character guys"...I think you can safely count Morris as one of the best "character guys" around. 2. Matt Jones has shown flashes of burst, but he has not shown the ability to grind out tough yards inside like Alf, and we also have questions about holding onto the ball. SImply declaring Jones the "bell cow" makes me nervous. 3. My hopes and dreams: a.) no one offers Morris a huge contract and the team retains him for something reasonable, b.) if a doesn't happen, the Redskins hedge their bets by drafting a RB to compliment Jones; it doesn't have to be early, but we can't just go with Jones and Thompson... 4. I'm not foolish enough to say that Morris is an "elite back" but we just need someone solid that we can count on to get tough yards...
  5. “What did I do wrong, man?” asked Cooley, who again expressed his interest in playing for his former team after the Redskins lost their third different tight end to a season-ending injury in December. “All I wanted to do was play for you. Why didn’t I get to play?” I hope to God this was radio schtick on Cooley's part...because if not, he's delusional. If he was good enough to play right now, he'd be playing. The Redskins are only one of 32 teams. None of them bit. Basically, that's like me saying Jennifer Lawrence is a b--- for not jumping my bones. I mean, come on Jennifer, "ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS JUMP YOUR BONES!" "“One, you’re so valuable in the [Redskins radio broadcast] booth, and Sonny [Jurgensen] really didn’t want you to leave the booth and Larry [Michael] said I can’t go without him,” Allen said. I wish Allen would have said, "You are doing too good of a job helping us win off the field!" “Actually Chris, you’re one of the great Washington Redskins. You can’t get into our [list of the 80 greatest Redskins] yet, because you weren’t retired at the time. But you will be." OK, someone said above that Allen gave a "meaty" answer about grooming young players. But there is also a LOT of fluff in Allen's answers. Here is some more: "“All four of those people, along with the other 100 who work at Redskins Park and the other 80 people working at FedEx Field, all are doing one thing — trying to help the Redskins succeed,” Allen said. “And that is our job. Obviously, Jay’s the head coach — I don’t think I need to explain what the head coach’s duties are.” Cooley interjected to ask if Gruden picks players. “Oh, absolutely he has input,” Allen said. “Anytime we do a personnel decision, of any form, we all get together and we talk about it. Yesterday, Scot and the pro scouts, we were in there and we were watching defensive free agents who are going to come up this year. Every player that we discuss is a group decision on where we’re going to go. Everyone has some input into it. I’m talking about all the pro scouts, all the area scouts, even [for] the pro players, we’ll go back to our college reports and make sure we incorporate some views of the scouts.” Basically, Allen is saying nothing. "We all want to win. We all have input." Thanks Bruce.
  6. Scot M sounds like a man with a vision and with the discipline to pursue it. Nice to hear.
  7. Basically, Denver is winning based on defense alone. Manning is a shell of his former self. That defense is amazing. Carolina's is good too but they have an offense to match it. That may be the difference in the Super Bowl. Yes, we need to build toward this. "Defense wins championships"
  8. Dude I am right there with you. We got 3 feet, my driveway is too long, and I am too old. ?
  9. It would sure as hell upgrade the O-line. I think fans of the Skins (and media guys covering the Skins) consistently overrate Lichtensteiger (relative to centers on other teams). From that artice: On a related note, how is it that the Browns have such excellent offensive lineman but still suck. They have Joe Thomas as well, and that dude is supposed to be excellent! Redskins fans would have loved to have those two guys over the years...
  10. Should Washington sign Alex Mack? http://www.csnmidatlantic.com/redskinsblog/one-free-agent-makes-ton-sense-redskins?p=ya5nbcs&ocid=yahoo
  11. Yeah, he's a Shottenheimer guy and I think he knows defense pretty well. Liked him as a player as well..
  12. Could a a little discussed part of the Redskins emerging success be the hiring of quality position coaches. Greg Manusky hired as linebackers coach -- a position that was vacant this year: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/01/19/greg-manusky-to-join-washington-as-linebackers-coach/ Colt McCoy on the importance of Matt Cavanaugh as QB coach this year -- a position that was vacant last year: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jan/13/colt-mccoy-redskins-kirk-cousins-matt-cavanaugh/ It seems that Manusky and Cavangaugh are quality hires on the position coach level...providing expertise in the trenches and freeing up Gruden and Barry for more high level strategic planning. Hopefully this is part of a larger culture change to infuse quality in every nook and cranny of the organization.
  13. Taco Bell up from my house. I love it. Big box of 10 tacos for $10...how can you beat that? Half the time I almost pass out in the drive through from an over abundance of joy... Enjoy the diarrhea from those 10 tacos Yeah, that's "passing out" part two...
  14. sure, but Oz is their QB of the future. I guess RG3 might see an opportunity but does Elway? I disagree. Brock will likely not be in Denver next year. His play got worse with each game and many people in Denver have lost faith in him. He is going to command a huge contract and there will be some teams out there that will be willing to throw a big number at him. On top of that, I dont think Elway believes he has what it takes to become an elite QB... before this last season the Broncos were shopping Brock for a 6th round pick - that doesnt scream someone they thought could be a top tier QB. Lastly, another strike against Brock returning... you have to consider that Peyton says he wants to pay another season... I doubt PFM is back in Denver next year but crazier things have happened. Who do you see as starting QB of the Broncos next year? I like Manning, but can they really feel he has enough left in the tank?
  15. Was thinking the same thing. The game film and original audio will do just fine. Why ruin a game from 1960 with a bunch of 2016 nonsense? Because the league does not have the original broadcast in which to show http://sports.yahoo.com/news/dispute-prevents-nfl-from-reairing-original-broadcast-of-super-bowl-i-215918750.html This. You are just as well going on YouTube and typing in "Super Bowl 1"...