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  1. It sounds like Allen is a little better right now but he's not really starter material any more than Haskins. The key question to me is whether Haskins has sufficient potential to be the Washington Football Team's starting QB. If he does, then you are taking a serious gamble (Riverboat Ron) benching him now and taking all those reps away from him. If you take Rivera at his word, he's playing Allen now because a.) he sees the opportunity to make waves in the NFC East, and even if Allen is a little bit ahead, he may increase your chances of winning RIGHT NOW and b.) he feels that Haskins is holding back the development of the entire team and Rivera is responsible for the entire team not just Haskins alone. The terrible two point conversion attempt (which I disagreed with) provides further insight into Rivera's mindset. He says that he is trying to instill a winning culture / attitude into WFT football. It appears that building this culture to him is more important than building up Haskins. What the media and many fans have done, essentially, is equate Haskins development to the WFT development. However, it appears that Rivera does not equate the two as many fans do. This is a gamble -- a bigger gamble than the two point conversion, that only cost the team a win in a throwaway development year (no, we're not likely winning the NFC East). The risk is that you've punted on your number 1 pick just 1 season and 4 games into his career. If it turns out Haskins DID have the updside to be a starter -- which he may achieve elsewhere -- adn Rivera had to go for cheap wins now, that will be a pretty serious mistake. The other possibility is that Haskins simply doesn't have it -- that he was a Snyder pick that neither Gruden nor Rivera ever saw serious starting potential in. That not only his accuracy, footwork, and decision making are questionable, but also his maturity and attitude. That the coaches see this so much more than the fans or media do. And that Rivera is doing the dirty work by standing up to Snyder and getting leveled by ungrateful fans and media in the process. I still think the smart move for Rivera was probably to give Haskins the season and then if it didn't work out, move on. But it's too late for that. Allen will start again. I would say yay, we may get Trevor Lawrence but the Jets are gonna beat us to him. Smart money is we have a new starting QB all together next year, that we'll spend another first round pick instead of going OL like we DESPARATELY need. Not feeling hopeful.
  2. Does anyone know what John Brown's health situation is?
  3. Report that Haskins poor work / study habits related to his benching... ETA: more detail in this Post article
  4. It's an interesting discussion. I think you are right that this is a "compete now" or "win now" situation. When I think back to Rivera comments, he's said a few things that point in different directions: 1. Has stated that Haskins can only learn by doing, not sitting on the bench. 2. Said that if we look like we can compete in the division, that may impact his decision making. It appears that # 2 took precedence over # 1. Such short term thinking is a gamble. If you think Haskins might be the guy long term, then it's probably worth losing this season to launch him. Face it, even if we did eek out the NFC East (and that is a MONSTER if, that I am NOT predicting), then we'd just get killed in the playoffs. The other possibility is that Rivera thinks he's seen enough and Haskins is done. If that's the case, then you got to see if Allen can be the guy. If this move is ONLY to win short term, then that may not be the best rationale...
  5. Yeah. Look, his play was not good and I do think he should have been put on notice. That said, it does feel like a fast hook. Last year with Gruden was a waste. This year, he was only 4 games into a new system. He wasn't doing great. But, given that he was the 15 overall pick, I expected them to give him more time. The precipitous drop to third honestly makes me think something else is happening. Like, he did something extremely disrespectful or undisciplined to the coaching staff or something. It does feel like an extreme drop in a short period of time. Rivera and Turner now have "their guy" on the field, so we'll see what happens. Allen knows Turner's system, but he was also backup for a reason. WFT may be drafting QB again next year...
  6. Haskins benched for Allen In Ron Burgandy voice: "That escalated quickly..."
  7. Haskins; I guess he looked better "statistically" and he also didn't throw any interceptions, but he just doesn't seem to be a guy that will make plays to win the game. The fourth and goal pass to the nine is symbolic of something. No, technically you "took what the defense gave you" and you didn't turn it over, but AT THAT POINT in the game we needed you to take a chance and squeeze something in. So while TECHNICALLY you didn't turn it over, REALLY you did turn it over right there. The answer to a game where you turned it over 4 times may be to take what the defense gives and protect the ball, but if that gets taken to the point of "playing scared and never taking chances to win" then it's really just as bad. I don't think Haskins "sucks" but I do get the sense that the game has not slowed down for him and he just can't get out of his own head. I agree we're not winning anything this year. We could start Kyle Allen and make a run at the NFC East but does that really put us in a position to win long term? We may need to start Allen before the end of the year but not until we know DEFINITIVELY we're ready to move on from Haskins, as in: we're looking to draft or sign a FA QB next year...which is still a possibility IMO
  8. Cleveland was the game to win, and it was winnable. I honestly believe that Kyle Allen could have won that game. But he's probably not the long term answer either. In terms of WFT being in first, let's temper our expectations. The next two games are: Baltimore and LA Rams. That means we'll most likely be 1-4 after 5 games. We may have a chance to beat NY (a big maybe), but we can't play the Giants 16 times. Honestly, the point of this season is what it always was: a.) change culture, b.) evaluate whether Haskins can be our QB. I actually think we may make progress on both of these fronts, while losing. I do think Rivera, Turner and Del Rio are massive upgrades on Gruden and Manuski and already our defense is capable of playing well enough to win games. So culture improvement -- guarded check. In terms of Haskins, I really, really, really want to give him a chance but it's not looking good. Not seeing the field, missing open guys, staring a hole through receivers in your second year is not simply a matter of "inexperience" may be who he is. We'll see. Rivera is saying the right things...will give him time but not forever. I agree with that.
  9. Interesting article on Haskins and I have noted this as well. I think Turner has to go up tempo from the beginning. Quick passes, timing plays, etc. Get the ball out of Haskin's hands quickly; less time sitting back there and waiting... "When Washington was struggling offensively in Week 1, offensive coordinator Scott Turner elected to speed up the tempo, allowing quarterback Dwayne Haskins to complete some quick, easy throws and build his confidence. Haskins finished that afternoon completing 13 of his final 18 passes for over 130 yards and a touchdown as his team scored 27 unanswered to defeat Philadelphia. When Washington upped the tempo in the second half on Sunday, results also followed. Although the team was unable to complete the comeback this week, the offense did put together two solid touchdown drives in the second half that can be used to build on entering Week 3 against the Cleveland Browns. Through two weeks, the numbers speak for themselves. When Haskins gets the ball out quickly, he excels. When he has to sit back, force his offensive line to hold its blocks and allow him to go through his reads, he struggles." ETA: I don't think this is ALL the result of teams playing soft with the lead. I think Haskins really is more accurate with the football in up tempo...
  10. Solid analysis; agree with all. This year is going to be what we thought it was going to be: rebuilding, culture change, and roster evaluation. Rivera and Del Rio are obviously the biggest offseason upgrades so no matter what, I am not despairing knowing that the portion of the roster who will be here next year will have a lot more experience within an improved culture/coaching environment. That can only help long term. Short term, there is a lot to overcome with the offensive line and secondary as you reference here. Re: Offensive Line -- this is the big one. Christianson is not the answer at left tackle. More generally, I feel we need multiple replacements on the starting offensive line. I suppose at a certain point Charles gets a chance, if Christonson doesn't grow into the role. I totally get taking Chase # 1 because he was BPA and it looks like he is meeting no judgements there. But I don't see any excuse for not focusing strongly on offensive line next offseason. Otherwise, it's going to stunt the growth of the entire offense. The question that is too early to ask (but I will ask it anyway) is if Haskins proves to be just average all season long and we end up with a high first rounder (still likely I believe), do we take a stud QB if there or do we stay with Haskins and beef up the offensive line. Neither Shanahan or Gruden really had "the guy" they could count on during their entire coaching stints and it ultimately came back to sink both of them. WIll Rivera reflect on this and determine that he has to move on at the end of the season, come hell or highwater? I'd love for him to grow this year so we could seek an OL first round of course. And of course this question is too early to ask. Overall, I'm still somewhat hopeful because the coaching is so much better it's bound to improve the whole. Remember, with limited offseason programs and no preseason, this new staff is building this on the fly. So that buys them some wiggle room in my book. But offseason player aquisitions are looming already...
  11. Wow, and as that's with our patched together secondary, that's all Del Rio and not just "superior talent"..
  12. Wentz was bad, and I agree our defense was a big factor. But upon retrospect, Pederson didn't really help out Wentz too much did he? I mean, isn't the classic response to such a rush to get your QB on the move, roll him out, etc. Or call very quick hitters? They have those two big TEs...why not just roll out and pepper Ertz and Goddert. It's like Pederson turned into Jay Gruden. He would not adjust his offense but just kept dropping Wentz straight back until he got hammered. This was the first game in a long time that I can honestly say Washington's in game adjustments were superior to their opponents...
  13. If Pittsburgh beats Giants tonight we are alone in first place an entire week! What? I am going to enjoy it when I can... 😄