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  1. I agree with most of your post but am less bullish on Doctson than you. I think the ship has sailed on that dude. I have heard about his awesome potential showed in camp for years now only to see him: a.) injure himself or b.) disappear in games. And yeah, I agree we need to keep Davis. But we also need to keep McLauren, Cam Sims, Richardson, Harmon, and Quinn. That's already 6 wide outs. I wouldn't keep Doctson over any of those guys. And if we try to stash Harmon or Davis on Practice Squad, someone is gonna take them like what happened with Cobb going to the Saints. If -- and it's a MONSTER if -- Doctson has a decent year, he will leave in Free Agency and not sign with the Skins -- I promise you that. There is no upside in my mind to taking reps away from McLauren and the rest to continue to develop Doctson for another team -- or worse yet, to lose us more games. Sorry, I guess I'm coming on pretty strong here. That's really the only point I disagree with you on, lol. The PI call was ridiculous. I borderline wonder if the NFL uses calls to fix games. I'm not normally a tin foil hat guy but how you do you miss that one on replay as well? And why would you fix a preseason game between the Bengals and Skins. So, eh...maybe it is just old fashioned incompetance. Welcome to the 2019-20 Redskins season everyone.
  2. Yeah, why did they do that? I really liked listening to Al Galdi in the morning commute slot. He is that rare sports radio guy who really knows his stuff and is both informative and entertaining. His Monday segments with Smoot after Sunday games was epic. Not sure why they gave that plum spot to he really that popular?
  3. Very quick thoughts after the first two games on some of the "high profile" issues, both positive and negative. Please share yours: 1. Starting defense looks good -- other than the ungodly penalties on that first series, the first team defense looks decent, and if they can stay healthy, they will continue to be the strength of the team, and something to lean on, as they did the first half of last season. I'm cautiously optimistic about our front. We know guys like Allen and Kerrigan are solid, but Payne really has the potential to be a beast as well. Lets hope these guys can stay healthy and give us a chance to stay in games. Backup defense doesn't look as good, but there are some gems back there like McKinsey, Holcomb and Moreland. And at least tackling looks to be solid and you should never discount that. 2. Offense -- Keenum looks like he's decent enough to start, not much flash past that. Haskins looks like he has potential to be very good, but is inconsistent rookie who needs time to develop. Colt may not ever return at this point. Who you start somewhat depends on your philosophy (win down or develop for later) but as I'm assuming Skins always want to "win now", I don't see any way you can start anyone other than Keenum for the first several games at the very least. Try to play really stingy defense and get something out of the running game. Peterson looks ready but he needs some help. WIthout WIlliams at LT and with Guise still not cleared for contact, not sure what they'll get out of the running game but they are gonna have to try it. Perrine stinks. I'd rather roll the dice with Reynolds as emergency back instead of Perrine. IF Guise can actually get into form, then Guise, Peterson, and Thompson is a very solid platoon, but I get the wierd sense that it'll take Guise all year to really find his way back, which is why it's good they brought Peterson back. After the mid-point, if they are well behind in the playoff race, maybe bring in Haskins to learn the ropes. Once we're out of contention, I really don't see any upside in not letting him get out there and learn by doing. Lots of first year QBs have rough first years and he may have to go through some ups and downs...just maybe not from Game 1. I'm not sure what to think about the WR situation. On paper, we have talent, but we really have to see guys step up. IF we start Doctson, instead of giving chances to guys like McLauren, then I think that's a "firing offense." Let's see what we have with some of these younger guys. 3. Penalties -- good god, I know it's preseason and you are not scheming or playing all your best guys, but whatever guys you do have out there, they need to play disciplined and execute. When I see untimely penalties year after year I just have to wonder about what discipline is being instilled by the coaching staff. I think this may be one of Gruden's big weaknesses and may what ultimately doom him as a head coach. 4. Coaching -- why is it that I consider Gruden to be a lame duck coach already. His team's rarely seem fully prepared and make a lot of dumb mistakes. He doesn't make adjustments if "his system" is not working right off the bat so he's always out coached. I just look at it this way. With a questionable QB situation, I don't see any way we make the playoffs, and it's more likely we win 4-5 games. If so, how can you keep him? And if not, then what is really the point of this season, beyond player evaluation? I just hope when they fire Jay they try to keep the good defensive personnel in tact so new coach has something to build on for next year. In summary, there is definitely a reason to watch this year: the defense looks like it could be decent and on offense we have some potential weapons. But without WIlliams to anchor a run attack and with so-so QB play that will stop us from being pass happy, think winning a lot is going to be rough. LONG TERM, the hope has to be to draft a good Left Tackle next year, get Guise healthy, and give Haskins enough reps by season end to take over for real. So next year there may be some hope...maybe. THis year, just very uncertain...
  4. I wasn't surprised and I wasn't disappointed either. In fact, even though we have been sorely lacking in WRs and also lost Jamison Crowder, I'm not sure it's the best thing to even start Josh Doctson this year. As a thought experiment, who would your 3 starting WRs be on the Redskins be this year. I'm going to assume that they are thinking: Richardson, Doctson, Quinn are the top three, with McLauren, Harmon and Sims the next three (not in that order necessarily but situationally depending on what they are looking for...e.g. McLauren is a burner, Harmon is a big body who can muscle for an end zone ball...) While I agree that Richardson and Quinn are worth starting, I'm not sold on Doctson over one of the rookies or Sims, who flashed potential last preseason before getting injured. Why not start the season with Richardson, Quinn and one of the young guys? Here is an article where some are touting Harmon as a guy who could start sooner rather than later: What do you guys think? I just can't stomach the idea of Josh Doctson taking all those snaps this year, just to see 3 catches for 40 yards per game along with 2-3 drops at crucial points to kill drives...
  5. Much of today has been so so but grabbing Kevin Harmon in the 6th could end up being a nice move
  6. Not sure I totally understand the RB pick...guess there is not much faith in Perrine and Kelly backups to Guise long term?
  7. I agree ... take 2-3 and if one becomes a real contributor it’s all to the positive
  8. Don’t know a ton about McLauren but several things go in his favor as meeting current needs on Skins: Hes fast...4.35 40. We need speed at WR to make defenses play honest and not crowd everything close. Hes a special teams standout, meaning he’ll probably contribute right away. He already has chemistry with Haskins, which nice for rookies looking to get used to NFL in first year. he is known to have a great work ethic and attention to detail running routes. Works hard. A lot of WRs flew off the board before him so I wasn’t assuming we’d get the best WR of the bunch but with any luck he can contribute. The points above all provide something positive that are not in abundance among our current group of WRs
  9. So after a solid first round draft, who are realistic targets for the two third round picks we have this evening. Acknowledging of course that Best Player Available always must be considered, it would be great to secure a wide receiver who can contribute right away. We lack both speed and size in our receiving core, so it would be good to get a guy with some real physical skills. I'd even be ok if we grabbed two WRs or packaged our two number threes to move up and get a better player. Beyond WR, we still need help along the offensive line, could use another corner back, and I tight end continues to be a need with Reed's ongoing health issues and Davis' age. What does everyone else think?
  10. Yeah you know Bruce and Dan has a pretty good day one. Both picks were good values at the point the player was drafted. Giving up a 2nd rounder next year not ideal but if Sweat turns out to be a difference maker it’ll be worth it...
  11. Right I agree...doesn’t need to be Lamar. Just some one who can get out on a bootleg or something snd make quick throws. But point well taken...Haskins may have the mobility to run Grudens offense and of course I hope he does!
  12. Only wrinkle here now is we have no 2nd round pick but two 3rd rounders. We still need wide receivers; I guess we feel we can get some guys mid rounds...