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  1. Time will tell as to whether all these moves (adding Turner, Rogers; losing O Connell, Shaffer, etc.) are good but one thing seems likely to me: Rivera is the one directing these moves, not Snyder. Haskins lobbied to keep O Connell, but Rivera wanted his own guy from Carolina. Shaffer a long term Snyder guy, replaced with another Rivera contact from Carolina. In the end, even though I really like O Connell, this is why I'm ok with bringing Turner in. Had Rivera come in and been forced to "keep the old guard" then we're back to Snyder running the show over the football people again. The fact that Snyder is allowing Rivera to bring his own people in to the demise of some of his own people...that's a good sign. Side note: based on one random comment in Rivera's opening press conference, I heard some radio hacks claiming that "Snyder still had all say on personnel" but that does NOT appear to be the case...quite the opposite in fact. This is one of the reasons I listen to less D.C. sports radio nowadays. Like I said, time will tell if these are good moves. In the meantime, I do like that Snyder is allowing Rivera to try it his way first...
  2. I get the BPA argument but I fear if we go Young we're gonna have NOTHING at offensive line. I am not banking on Trent coming back. And if Trent comes back, I'm not banking on him being healthy. Many of the others are breaking down or free agents. This is why I'd advocate looking for a trade down partner. I think one of the top two offensive linemen could be had further down the top 10. Get an anchor on the offensive line + more picks because we have other needs such as CB depth, TE, and RB depth (seriously worried about injuries there). DGreen I know you definitely understand football, so I'm not challenging your thinking but just wondering what you would do in this situation to address offensive line. I feel with a young QB we are trying to develop, there is some level of urgency to provide a running game and QB protection in 2020 or we may ruin the kid. So, I am not saying OL simply to "win now" but even to develop for the future. You know?
  3. I think we should trade down, get picks and go OT first round. Yes Young is good but we need OL, CB, and TE depth more and multiple high picks will be more impactful. Even IF Trent comes back hes on borrowed time. I still say Thomas is the smart first round pick...
  4. Great news on the Rivera hire! Yes, we all have to keep our fingers crossed as little Danny still owns the team but this is a positive start. With Rivera and Wilks replacing Manusky and a core of defensive players on the roster, the defense will almost certainly get better. I am curious as to who OC will be. I am an O Connell fan but this needs to be a Rivera choice and not a mandate from Dan...
  5. Serious question: how are things like contracts or getting a new stadium not “football operations.” It’s ALL related to football. #firebruceENTIRELY
  6. If Bruce is allowed to stay in the building at all — even as janitor — he will undermine the new GM until he is in charge of football operations once more. A change in roles is no good. He needs to be out entirely.
  7. Regarding the draft, it would be great if they could get Andrew Thomas, offensive lineman from Georgia. Plug him in right away as Trent replacement and hopefully trade Williams for a number 2. I don't think you'll need the number one pick to get Thomas, because some of the teams at the very bottom right now will be looking for QBs. But, we may need a top 5 or something. Who knows where we'll end up, but like you say, you just gotta play to win every game and then pick the best player wherever you pick. I'm not sure if there is another offensive linemen that warrants picks early in the first round though. I've looked at some mocks and Thomas appears to be the best available and very highly rated...
  8. I think winning is always better than not winning. Players get used to winning. Players learn how to win. Players you didn't think were "as good as a high draft pick" raise their games and play "better than a high draft pick." In short, you develop a culture of winning. And so on. The draft pick will be what it is. If draft was everything then Pittsburgh wouldn't be winning with a third string QB. There is something else in Pittsburgh's culture, beyond "getting high draft picks." The Bruce Allen situation will be what it is. If Snyder is so dumb that he would spare Allen's job based on a small winning streak, then we're doomed anyway. If he's truly that dumb, he'll either hire the wrong guy, or do something else equally stupid. In short, I don't buy any of the arguments that losing is better. Winning is better. It's always better. A lot of us on this thread probably played sports throughout our lives. We always wanted to win. Whether the game counted or not. And those that didn't care, I'm sorry but if you don't care about winning when you are down, then you also won't have the same level of fight if you are down two scores in the fourth quarter of a championship game. OK, rant off...
  9. Yeah, I see what you are saying. It's funny, in the "old days," a rookie would sit for several years and no one would expect him to set the world on fire from Day One. But today, we expect first rounders to come in and ramp up pretty rapidly. That said, yeah, progress is good. I only wish they would have started him sooner. It feels like the real game experience is definitely helping him. Hopefully, he steadily improves between now and end of year to the point where we feel comfortable starting him game 1 next year. It would be good to go into the draft thinking Left Tackle round one vs. Quarterback round one...
  10. Haskins not progressing as fast as most of us want, BUT at least he is improving somewhat. Vs. Jets he was missing open guys left and right. Yesterday, he looked more accurate between the twenties, particularly when he threw a high velocity ball to a spot. He also had a good long ball to McLaurin which McLaurin is gonna catch 95 times out of a 100 but which he didn't this time. Haskins seems less accurate when he has to throw a little timing route vs. a laser pass. Also, he's got to figure out how to move the team for touchdowns in the Red Zone. Right now it is FG central. So, there are areas where he needs to improve. On the positive side, in a game where you play good defense and run for 250, the MOST important statistic is to have zero turnovers, so checkmark on that. Also, I will say he does seem to have a bit of a winner's attitude that may not be entirely coachable. The throw to Harmon to set up the AP TD run was very timely and he's also come up with some good, timely runs. I do think he has a nose for winning, even when it's not "pretty." I'd give him a B / B- for improvement. He's definitely headed in the right direction. But I think a lot of folks expect #15 overall pick to progress a little faster.
  11. The big question on Guise is health. Yesterday vs. Carolina, he showed a lot of what he can do. Yes, Panther's run defense is abysmal, but he showed both power, breakaway speed, and the ability to get in from the 1 (which Redskins fans should NOT take for granted). In short, he showed that if he can stay healthy, he can indeed be a starting RB. That said, I think in today's NFL, most teams want 2-3 RBs they can throw out there. Gruden's comments about only needing 1 RB unless you are going to run it 50 times a game out of the I is assinine. As for next year, if Peterson is not back, it's imperative that Bryce Love be ready to go. Also, I really liked that RB they had in preseason -- Craig Reynolds -- and would not mind him getting a shot. And yeah, if CT has played out his shelf life, they'll need a change of pace back. You could give Smallwood the opportunity to play that role since he's already "bird in hand" but that type of guy can also be had in mid rounds of draft conceivably. My main question Guise is can he stay healthy? He looks good now, but multiple injuries already into his pro career. Will this be a fluke or a pattern? Bryce Love needs to be ready next year OR we need to have another guy ready. Don't throw all your eggs on one basket. But, when he's healthy, I think it's ok to regard Guise as a # 1 caliber RB. He does have that potential given above average line play. On the subject of Guise, for those who actually watched the game, what did you think of his "beast mode" run? It may have been my favorite offensive play of the year from the Redskins.
  12. I love the grittiness to win two straight. Just don’t save Bruce “Were Close” Allen’s job...
  13. And due to nfl being a monopoly as well as revenue sharing of TV monies incompetant owners are not punished financially like they should be for mismanagement. So Snyder is insulated from his own incompetence. I’m sure he thinks he’s a great businessman and maybe in his other gigs thats so...but If nfl was pure free market he’d be a complete failure who wound have to sell...