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  1. You know, Jones has run hard this year and has actually impressed me. Coming into this year, I was very skeptical of him, because 1.) he fumbled WAY too much and 2.) he just had to many "no yardage" runs vs. a back who could make something out of nothing. Starting with the end of the Giants game, when he started running hard, he was impressing me again. But if his fumble problem comes back again, that's going to be huge. This is a big test for Kelley. If he runs well vs. Cincy, Jones will become more expendible if he can't hold on to the football. Those who picked Kelley up may get more than a one game bump from him, but we'll see, so shouldn't take a roster spot if you really need it for something else...this team still may use 3 RBs all year...
  2. Yeah, I do agree with this. I think it really is about establishing the correct "value" for your various players, based on how much they can help you get to a championship vs. the next best alternative you have at that position. When you think about doing this for a full 53 man roster, it shows what a difficult job an NFL GM has...
  3. 1. We know Jones may still start. We are just making the predictions *if* Kelley gets the nod. 2. We all want free Hot Sauce.
  4. Whoah, I just realized that I predicted almost the same statline as Bolts fan, except that we differ in receiving yards by 10. If Kelly nabs a second reception, you know I'm gonna be screaming for the defense to get him down. LOL
  5. I see what you are saying but the problem is, if you let Cousins go, because you don't think "he provides that kind of value" and as a result, you don't even have a shot at making the playoffs, you've basically "outsmarted yourself." The goal of football is to win a championship, not to make sure you don't "overpay" someone. So, say you don't sign your QB for $21 million per year because you think he's worth $19 million per year and let him walk. And yet, let's say that even with an extra $2 million per year for other players, you are not good enough with a below average Quarterback to make the playoffs. Because make no mistake about it, QB still is the most important position on the field...you look at the teams that win, and they generally have that in common IMO. You see, you say "You have to overpay for QB" is an "arbitrary adage" but I think it's becoming equally arbitrary to assign some made up "value" for a QB and then say, "let him walk" if he doesn't take it. Football is about winning championships. If you feel you need a certain level of QB to compete for a championship, and the one you have is your only option to get you there, then spending more than what you intended intially intended is not necessarily "overpaying." There's no value in going 7-9 vs. 10-6 and a shot at the playoffs if 7-9 allowed you to spread out money to more people. Winning a championship is the objective, that's it. So that's what should establish value, not looking at Brock Osweiller and Sam Bradford and then just "guessing" what you think Cousins "ought to make." I see what you are saying and I think "overpaid" is a confusing term...just another take I guess. Maybe what I'm really saying is you need to assess what is establising your sense of "value." Is it real, or arbitrary?
  6. I gotta get in on this Hot Sauce action! 17 carries for 85 yards, 1 TD. Also 2 receptions for 11 yards. But who knows. :-)
  7. Gruden said they are taking everyone with them to London. However, I believe was not on the practice field on Thursday. Take all that for what you will. Jones doesn't look like a "go" but they haven't "ruled him out" either...
  8. It's a real problem. I think we all agree he's not "worth" 25 M. But if someone else offers him a fat offer, we'll have a decision to make. Hopefully Cousins will catch fire the second half of the year and get us in the playoffs, making a big contract easier to swallow. But a lot of football to play vs. a tough schedule between now and then...
  9. I think this is true. We are still an improving team. If our defense can continue to tighten up, I actually like our offense against even good defenses. "Any given Sunday" but the key will be continued defensive improvement... Just get in as a wild card and see what happens. First see if we can steal a win in the U.K. If we somehow end up 5-3 at the half way point, that's definitely meeting my expectations for this year and then some...
  10. Thoughts on Cousins approaching the mid-way point of the season: 1. He's off to a better start this year than last year, Completing 66.8 % of his passes, 285 yards per game, 10 TDs, 6 INTs. He's also played pretty well toward the end of games, "in crunch time", and almost pulled out the win vs. Detroit. Not playing "elite" necessarily but looking like a legitimate NFL starter that you can win with and even go to the playoffs with as long as he has a team around him. However, he's not a guy who will "carry you on his back" -- he clearly needs a team around him. 2. He seems to have turned the corner on the "let me implode and throw 3 INTs in a row" stuff. Last two games he's had really bone-headed turnovers (pick six vs. Eagles and fumble exchange vs. Lions) that really hurt the team but for his part in both games he kept steady and put the team in position to win by the end of the game. This is improvement. At the same time, the nature of his turnovers are still somewhat disturbing to me. The pick six vs. the Eagles was when he was under pressure he just slung the ball out a little recklessly (he almost had an INT like that vs. the Lions to when he was under pressure and lobbed one up to the sidelines). Then, vs. the Lions, when he tripped over the lineman's foot, I really think he just needed to fall down and eat the ball there, let Hopkins kick a field goal, and come back to fight again. We were only down 7 at that point and field goal really would have changed the complexion of the game. Bottom line what I'm noticing is he still does the "freak out" a little bit. He seems like a guy who is great when everything is planned out, but improvisation is not his strong suit. It is what it is I guess. 3. This leads me to thoughts on what the Redskins must do next year, in light of the fact that they franchised Cousins who bet on himself for the huge contract. And this is in a way the most difficult scenario: he is playing well enough to win and be in the playoff hunt but not clearly a top 5 QB or anything. The problem is, while it's easy for every fan to scream: "He's not worth 20+ million!" it's equally not an option to just let Cousins go if you are a team that can contend for the playoffs. You can let him go if you suck and are rebuilding anyway. But if we basically say, "Well, we're going to go back to 4-5 wins instead of trying for the playoff to save $5 million/year on the QB position" then that's just stupid. I see guys online talking about how this guy is worth it and this guys not worth it, but honestly, to me, it's not that complicated. If Cousins can get you to the playoffs, where anything can happen, and the next guy likely has you staying at home, then you have to hold your nose and overpay him. This is a league where QBs get overpaid unfortunately -- I'm not sure what we can do about it. The fact that some "talking head" says he's not worth it really doesn't mean anything at all -- it's just jibber jabber. You don't always get to set the price of something based on your "common sense"... If I were Snyder I would approach him now when he's not playing at pro bowl level and try to work some sort of reasonable deal. The alternative is to go back in "rebuilding mode" from the start and it just doesn't seem like the team is that bad. What do you guys think?
  11. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/10/25/jay-gruden-faults-prevent-defense-for-washingtons-loss/ I agree with Gruden on this. I know it's easy to say after the fact, but it just does not seem that rushing 3 and dropping 8 works in today's NFL. WRs just have such an advantage vs. defenders due to rules you cannot give QBs that much time. In fact, I don't really look back at this game and say, "those fumbles and missed FG lost us the game." No, despite EVERYTHING that happened, we had a four point lead with one minute to go and with the opponent on their own 25. Your defense just has to close it out at that point.
  12. Oh yeah sorry for the confusion. I wasn't trying to say that we were talking about the same things. It's just your post made me think of this other, related, issue. Sorry for the confusion.
  13. First of all, I don't really care about this Redskins vs. Stephen A. Smith feud. IMO, Smith is just a clown who says extreme things to get a reaction, and that's really all it is. On the Redskins side, they are not complacent, just happy over a win...and reading in too much is just stupid. That said, this audio of Stephen A. Smith vs. Brian Mitchell on ESPN 980 is kind of funny, in the way that Mitchell can talk smack. The part I"m referring to is at around: 7:00 minutes into the audio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQdIZAzjOU8
  14. Reed was the guy to own to get consistent FFL production week in and week out. The other guys are solid but from an ffl perspective will give you different stats one week to the next. just my take
  15. Wait...take it *IN* the esophagus or take it *DOWN* the esophagus. There is quite a difference between these two, it seems to me.