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  1. And due to nfl being a monopoly as well as revenue sharing of TV monies incompetant owners are not punished financially like they should be for mismanagement. So Snyder is insulated from his own incompetence. I’m sure he thinks he’s a great businessman and maybe in his other gigs thats so...but If nfl was pure free market he’d be a complete failure who wound have to sell...
  2. Followed the team since the George Allen era. For me, this is the worst that it’s been. Worse than Spurrier Gator Teams. Worse than Zorn Swinging Gate teams. Some guys flash potential like Guise and McLaurin but overall it’s ####e. We all know that even replacing Bruce will do no good because the fishes head is Snyder and he’ll never sell. Not sure what to say. I don’t want to say it’s hopeless but it sure FEELS like it...
  3. What rationale could they possibly have for not trading him at this point. They are actively working to ensure that the team not only stinks now, but in the future as well. Truly incredible.
  4. Man, SVP went scorched earth on Danny and Brucie. "Treadmill to Nowhere" could be embedded in the title of this entire thread!
  5. I totally agree with BOTH Pimp and Green -- I am very hesitant to spend any money on that rat bastard Snyder BUT I think it's really cool that Green has that football connection with his family...very cool. My kids are younger and they have grown up with Skins as makes such a difference. Someone mentioned all the kids going to the Nats games if you were a kid and you watched them pull off that late game win vs. Milwaulkee you might be a fan for life. Snyder's Skins have been so bad so long he has literally turned off an entire GENERATION of football fans...
  6. Eagles sign Robert Davis.
  7. I wonder if it was like "Office Space Lumburg"...ummm, Jay, yeah...I'm gonna need you to go ahead and come in at 5 am...that would be terrific...
  8. Don't forget: 3. "We're really close to being a playoff team..." 🤢
  9. Callahan has ties to Bruce Allen and that is 100% the reason that this move was made.
  10. Galdi's take is that they should use this time to innovate: promote Kevin O'Connell to interim head coach and see if they have something there. Points to the fact that they had McVay on staff at one time and let him go. While it's not a lock that Connell will turn out to be one of the next young offensive minds to transition to HC, you will never know unless you try. And what is the alternative -- promoting Callahan or Tomsula? -- two retreads who you KNOW are not the future. So Galdi's take is promote O'Connell and start Haskins from here on out. You need to see if you have something with these two. " An interesting take that is worth considering...
  11. After he gets injured in the first quarter, Haskins will have to go in with no first team reps. Unless Haskins gets the Peterson treatment and doesn’t dress
  12. Just curious, what team did you pick and how did you make the decision?
  13. Best. Headline. Ever. 😂