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  1. I think Grier after the first round would be a good pick, particularly if we went WR (like Metcalf) in first. If Haskins drops to 15, then I'd be happy to take him there. If we wait til later, I've heard good things about NC State QB Ryan Finley...could be a mid-round steal and would enable us to load up at other positions early on. ETA: I am AGAINST trading up; we have too many needs. But, I'm not opposed to trading down and targeting Grier or Finley...
  2. We're just lucky Ernie Grunfeld didn't trade the Wizards number one pick for a 35 year old vet on an expiring contract on his way out...
  3. Last night the Capitals choke at home in a Game 7. Today there are rumors about Dan Snyder mortgaging our future for a flashy pick. Feels like old times...
  4. "Report: Jay Gruden not being consulted on Redskins’ roster moves..." Oh boy...
  5. I’ll give Richardson another chance but Doctson straight up sucks
  6. I agree Quinn is an unknown to some degree. I will admit I may just be being hopeful. Yeah if we don’t add a WR 1 it’s all a moot point anyways
  7. They spent a lot of $$ for that dude but at least they are making some moves to shore up that secondary I’ll give them that. But this signals they’ll be letting some other dudes go to free up cap room...
  8. They must have faith that Quinn can perform in the slot. I’m actually ok with them trying out Quinn as starter but we definitely need to add a WR 1. Starting to warm up to Metcalf talk and maybe picking up a QB in second...
  9. I like the DK Metcalf idea if he fell to 15...we need playmakers, period. If we could fill some defensive slots in free agency then a one-two punch taking Metcalf then Grier would at least start putting us on the right path offensively, with Guise set to play this year. I know we need safety and players on both sides of the line but you have to start somewhere and can only pick one player per round...I also think we need to start looking at TE with Reed unable to stay health and Davis getting old and expensive... M
  10. Evidently the Skins trying to meet with Gregg Williams. While I would love to see Williams come to the Redskins (hell, I would like to have him be HC rather than Gruden), I can't for the life of me understand why he'd come back to D.C. after Snyder f-d him over previously. He should have been given a HC opportunity after Gibbs left...the only thing Snyder can do is throw huge sums of money at him, so he thinks, "hell, I'll do this for one year then take a real job." I'm also thinking it's likely that no one is gonna want to be DC for Gruden right now, as Gruden is a lame duck very likely to be canned next year. You might say that WIlliams would take it thinking he could go for the HC job but he's already been f-d on that deal twice now, once with Skins, once with I can't see reason for him to come here, though I think he's a very good DC and would be an upgrade over Manusky. ETA: When all DC candidates reject the Skins, we'll then be left with Manusky who knows that the team doesn't want him, doesn't believe in him, and tried to replace him. So even if he does do well, he won't be motivated to stay with the team. Brilliant "management" as usual...
  11. Of course I'm not surprised. I just don't like it. 😞 ETA: Yes, Murray will be the pick, so he can promptly say, "nah, I changed my mind I wanna play baseball, leaving the SKins with a wasted pick (not sarcasm...the Skins would DEFINITELY be the team to do this)
  12. Well, if you weren’t feeling hopeless enough, Bruce Allen actually got a promotion — overseeing both football and nonfootball operations. This appears to be a typical Dan Snyder response to fan feedback to fire Bruce. Give him a promotion.
  13. not a shock, but Gruden to be retained...
  14. Probably the worst aspect of this story is that if Gruden was able to release DJ Swearinger, it probably means Gruden and Allen will be here next year. 😩