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  1. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/02/24/add-washington-to-the-list-of-non-talkers-at-the-scouting-combine/ Cue the "Bruce Allen is an evil puppet-master comments."
  2. Nate Sudfield or something like that, right? I wasn't impressed with him going against third stringers in preseason.
  3. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/02/24/josh-doctson-doing-football-drills/
  4. So Colt would be starting the second half of the first game after Romo goes down to injury... By the way, I like Tony...I think he's a super classy player...just think he's at the tail end of his career and gets hurt too much. I want him to transition to coaching or commentating or whatever he wants for his sake...
  5. Did Brewer have any sources for this article? Or is this just kind of what "makes sense" to him based on history, personal opinion, etc?
  6. Amen. Take the Wizards. We're roughly 24 hours from the trade deadline and they need to make a move to shore up their bench scoring and make a run in the East. WIth an improved bench, they can absolutely make a run at Cleveland. That is a HUGE deal but instead we're speculating with ZERO PROOF that Bruce Allen somehow put Chris Cooley up to calling someone a drunk on the airwaves. It's absolutely ridiculous. Ditto with the Caps. I know they are choking dogs but this may be the year they throw the preverbial monkey off their backs...talk about it guys!
  7. Before you go believing every media report, check this out. Remember how Adam Shefter and Mike Florio sent out shock waves that Cousins would be courted by San Francisco? Well, here are some follow up items: http://www.csnmidatlantic.com/washington-redskins/49ers-interest-kirk-cousins-waning-report-links-san-fran-new-qb (Now Shefter says Matt Shaub may follow Shanahan to SF) http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/02/01/jay-cutler-could-be-in-play-for-the-49ers/ (Now Florio says, no wait..Cutler could go to SF) Here is the common thread: Shanahan has "ties" to Cousins via Washington; he has "ties" to Cutler through his dad/Denver. Translation: media members will look for whatever "connections" they can find between players and then speculate wildly about player movements. Here we have three different QBs going to SF, when the reality is, SF may even end up drafting a QB or going with what they have. Take everything with a grain of salt in the offseason. Reporting is dead. Speculation rules.
  8. The bolded is the key point to me. I mean, many of your points are accurate. He has in fact shown periods of time where he can be a very good QB but he's also shown times where he can come up small in the clutch. Make no mistake about it, if he comes through vs. Carolina and NYGiants down the stretch this is a very different conversation. That said, if Cousins is really, truly committed to being here, I would be inclined to sign him to a long term deal, on the strength of him being well above average and also on the reality that we don't have other options currently (I guess I"m in the minority thinking Colt won't step in and easily win 9 games). Those on this board know, I've been a pretty consistent Cousins supporter. That said, I think the most important thing in negotiations, is for the Redskins get get a true sense of whether Cousins wants to be here. The worse scenario is not our letting him go this year. It's retaining him for a one year rental and starting over NEXT year. Bottom line, if you are going to start over, better to do it sooner rather than later, and ideally with additional draft picks. So, if I am Scot or Bruce or whoever, I take Cousins out somewhere and I just look him in the eye, and ask: "Tell us Kirk, do you want to play here or would you rather leave?" If he wants to play here, open up the pocketbook and pay him what market demands and don't look back. But...if you feel like he doesn't want to be here, then you have to tag and trade him this year. This may mean getting a # 1 and a # 3 instead of two # 1's but if the alternative is you pay him 24 M this year just to see him leave next year, then a 1 and a 3 is better than a nothing plus a year wasted. I don't know if they can get him to be honest about it but that's what I would do: ask him straight up if he wants to be here. Because to me the money business can all be worked out...what's more important than that is to know if you even have a SHOT at negotiating or if he and his agent are just playing a game to go to market next year...
  9. "...and beyond WHAT?" is the question.
  10. Wow, if they jettison Scot M this year then that will be major suckage. Let's just bring back Vinnie Cerrato while we're at it. I really do hope that all of this is just dumb speculation by shock jocks and not the smoke that preceeds fire. I'm still very skeptical of all the shock jock media commentary as this is just what they do. According to Cooley, Marvin Lewis was not going to be coaching the Bengals next season. He's not right just because he's Chris Cooley and he's "connected." I dunno...you may be right but I hope you're wrong, if that makes any sense.
  11. If he really, truly doesn't want to be here then they need to tag and trade him THIS OFFSEASON, in order to get something from him. There is no point in signing him to a "one year rental contract." Now, I'm not saying he really doesn't want to be here. But if he doesn't. Tag, trade, see ya, then move on to the future. Try to squeeze SF's # 2 and another decent pick. Go D Line with the # 2 pick and think about QB with # 17. Whether it's signing Cousins, or trading him, either way we need to look to build something for the future, because we are probably not Super Bowl contenders next year.
  12. So on the one hand we have: "former Redskins officials who know Kirk Cousins" On the other hand, you have Cousins himself who has publically said, he'd love to stay with the team and build something here. What is going to happen is this: 1. People will say what Cousins actually said is not credible, it's only negotiation, etc. etc. 2. People will say the unnamed sources are speaking the Gospel Truth. If you want to interpret the sky is falling, then yeah, the sky is falling. Go for it. But the fact is there is competing, contradictory information floating around out there. Folks who say they know for certain what's happening are basically just fooling themselves. They are selectively choosing the rumor to believe that reinforces their own per-conceived view of the situation. Which is fine. It's a free country. We can believe what we want to believe. We should just not confuse opinion and conjecture with solid facts, Go Caps! Go WIzards! (PS...this is why so many people are skeptical of the media nowadays...not just in sports but in everything. )
  13. Was he back today? If so, did he address this at all?
  14. I think you can claim Mark Schlereth possibly. From his Wikipedia page: "Schlereth was selected in the 10th round (#263 overall) of the 1989 NFL Draft by the Washington Redskins. He played 12 NFL seasons—six with Washington (1989–1994) and six with the Denver Broncos (1995–2000). He was a member of three Super Bowl championship teams (one with the Redskins and two with the Broncos) and was selected to the Pro Bowl for his performances in the 1991 and 1998 seasons." Lots of folks see him as a Bronco but he was drafted by Washington, played as many years here as he did with Denver; also won a Super Bowl here, and made a Pro Bowl here. Other than that, yeah Joe T. comes to mind. I've heard Doc Walker call games before, in preseason and college and he's actually pretty good. If he ever got a chance on a bigger stage, I think he'd shine.
  15. I agree. I believe Cooley needs to be fired. And if the Snyder owns the radio station, he needs to make it happen. It's a cop out for Wylie to say "We're too busy to respond." That's like a line my kids would feed me for not doing something.