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  1. This checks out. It’s hard for me to imagine voting for a Republican and I’m really lazy.
  2. I like how the Buttigieg supporter draws the line at 6.
  3. I’m gonna need a ruling from @Mr. Pickles on whether Dodds is elite upper tier.
  4. ETA:
  5. OK, but I'd say the things you're describing aren't really fighting disinformation. I don't mean to hide the ball here. I think, in hindsight, this forum and basically everywhere else on the internet gave way too much oxygen to Hillary Clinton's email and other stories that were blown way out of proportion such that a person who wasn't paying much attention could throw up his hands and say both sides are equally corrupt. I feel like we need to learn our lessons from 2016. So I worry about stuff like the (now locked) thread, started by a Trump supporter, that was created for the purpose of smearing Elizabeth Warren as a liar. It was clearly an attempt to replicate the success of 2016 in muddying the waters such that Trump supporters can say both sides are liars, both sides are corrupt, etc. I don't see an easy answer though.
  6. No, in another thread Maurile indicated that FBGs won't do anything to fight disinformation. I'm sympathetic, it may be just too big a task for the few moderators at FBGs to take on. But that leaves a greater responsibility for posters to try to call it out and particularly to distinguish between things that are actually scandalous and things that are just designed to appear scandalous.
  7. I think Obama solicited money from American citizens overseas but I don’t know if he had any campaign events.
  8. Does FBGs have any sort of policy to diminish disinformation here? It seems like it might be needed if a moderator is openly acknowledging that this is disinformation and that’s a serious problem.
  9. Zuckerberg is much more famous than the founders of Twitter or YouTube.
  10. The fact that most in this forum are pushing back against this crap gives me some optimism that 2020 won’t be a repeat of the Hillary emails stuff.
  11. Well I guess we know how FOX is going to cover the impeachment.