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  1. Yeah sorry I’m just a messenger I’m not spending any more time on this than I already have. He’s smart enough to have considered these options but he said he was out. Maybe he just doesn’t like you people. Anyway, just go into the giant soccer thread and ask one of those guys to do it.
  2. Yeah it's a drawback but it's impossible to tell how significant a drawback. If the Senate is split 50-50 then yeah, that's terrible. If Dems have a seat or two to spare, or are a seat or two short, it's not as big a deal to lose that vote temporarily. I think I'm willing to take the risk because I view her as far superior to the alternatives that appear to be under serious consideration.
  3. Greetings draft nerds. The poster formerly known as scoobygang has texted me to let me know he has been banned for saying naughty things about our beloved President. You will have to find a new soccer judge. I still think he should rate higher than Woz on the list of best judges though.
  4. Katie Porter!! But I've heard nothing to suggest she's even being considered.
  5. I voted for Warren in the MD primary this coming Tuesday specifically to try to influence Biden's choice. I'm hoping other people are thinking the same way.
  6. My thinking has changed on the filibuster over time. I can understand the contrary view.
  7. It only takes a simple majority to change the filibuster rules. That’s why Harry Reid was able to get rid of the filibuster requirement for lower court judges and Mitch McConnell did it for Supreme Court justices.
  8. Heterosexual male conservatives sometimes date heterosexual female liberals. Because of numbers. Heterosexual male liberals rarely date heterosexual female conservatives. Because they don't have to.
  9. I think it would be a pretty cool act of civil disobedience for trans guys with beards to hang out in ladies rooms. Somebody must have done that.
  10. I think those kids are more likely than anyone to cheat honestly.
  11. For both me 30+ years ago and my kid today, this is pretty much the sole reason for taking the APs.
  12. Hmmm, yeah I guess I got my stories mixed up. I guess the google spikes were just funny - because tons of kids were googling really basic terms during the exams. Like during the calculus exam there was a huge spike of people searching “derivative.” Seems like maybe you shouldn’t be taking the test if you’re googling that. There also was apparently rampant cheating but that was a different story.
  13. According to my kid cheating on the APs was so rampant you can actually see big spikes in google searches for the subject matter of each question while the exam was administered.