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  1. The context of George's quote was that he was trying to beat a lie detector test by lying and not being detected. He wasn't making some broad argument about whether truth exists.
  2. Now we’re smoking pot outside in the parking lot and he’s complaining about you guys.:lmao:
  3. I’m at a bar with Zilla right now, he’s getting his laptop out of his car so he can make his pick.
  4. “Cutting back on Turkey”
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/politics/omarosa-claims-donald-trump-hit-on-her/amp/ See he’s totally not racist!
  6. Good thing he didn’t refer to her as some sort of crunchy snack often eaten with cheese.
  7. She’s only a former Commissioner and her views are not necessarily representative of the current FEC Commissioners.
  8. While "happiness" is undoubtedly very difficult to measure, it seems to be a much more relevant metric to use when comparing economic systems than something like GDP.
  9. This possibility is so insane it never occurred to me. "Somebody please prove that these newspapers who have explicitly said they are working together are actually working together." No way that's it.
  10. Can you explain what he means by "PROVE IT!"?
  11. This is helpful, but what does the "PROVE IT!" part mean?
  12. may?