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  1. I haven’t been keeping up with all of the threads lately — have any of them had a discussion about the gut reactions that different people have to the looting and rioting? I think everyone largely sees these things as bad, but it seems like certain people are much more incensed about it than others. And just so I’m not hiding the ball, I’d say I’m one of the people that isn’t especially concerned about people stealing some TVs from Target. Personally, I get much more outraged when I watch stuff like “Dirty Money” on Netflix — to me those are the really evil criminals. ETA: This was not intended as another Trump-bashing post. I just realized that there are Dirty Money episodes about Trump and Jared Kushner but those aren’t the ones I was thinking about when I posted.
  2. In my view this has pretty much always been true, they just used to be better at faking it.
  3. Did Kavanaugh talk about businesses like theaters and sports venues that seem most akin to religious services?
  4. Isn’t the best analogy here really his debate with Palin?
  5. I’ve seen videos of people getting pepper sprayed and it looks pretty awful.
  6. At the time he committed it was still a competitive Democratic primary and he probably thought it could help him get the nomination.
  7. @bostonfred - Peter says he will do your homework assignment when he has a chance. @CurlyNight - I don't think we should assume anything about anyone's reaction and I was probably wrong to express some concern about the way my former in-laws might react. In any case, Peter is a strong kid, I'm not worried about him failing to stand his ground, I just think it would be very sad if this somehow ruined the relationship between Peter and his grandparents. They live only a few miles away from us and in pre-pandemic times Peter saw them on a pretty regular basis. @Mrs. Rannous - No final decisions about anything have been made, but banking eggs is hugely different than banking sperm for a lot of reasons: Sperm - "Hey, go masturbate in this cup. Then pay us $300 a year to keep your sperm frozen. When you want a baby if you have a female partner with a working reproductive system we'll just shove those bad boys up there when the time is right and she'll deliver a baby that is biologically both of yours." Eggs - "First get hormones shot into your butt every day for a month, then come into the doctors office for an invasive procedure where we harvest you. Oh yeah, treatment and storage will cost you about $30,000. When you want a baby if you have a female partner with a working reproductive system we'll just, ummm, wait, how does this work again? I guess you need to get somebody else's sperm, fertilize your frozen eggs, give your partner a bunch of drugs, stick the embryos in her, and have her carry your child that she isn't even biologically related to." So yeah, everything is worth discussing. But there are some significant financial and emotional costs that would be associated with freezing eggs that need to be weighed against the (seemingly unlikely) scenario that those eggs are someday used to make a baby. Given the fact that Peter has never expressed any interest in having biological children, I'm just doubtful that it's a course of action that makes sense for him.
  8. Update: Peter came out to my parents earlier today (by phone). They were pretty awesome about it, listened to everything he and I had to say, asked a few questions, told him they loved him. I thought they would be OK but I wasn't sure. My brother is next on the family coming out list, he should be easy. I'm a little worried about how my ex-wife's parents will handle it but that's out of my hands, I won't be involved in that process at all. Hopefully they will surprise me and be really cool. I have no idea when that will happen but presumably it has to happen either before or early on in Peter's hormone treatment because there's no way to hide it after that. Peter also came out to a few more friends from school. I think in a week or two he'll be out to his entire friend group at school.
  9. I'll ask him but I'm almost sure his answer will be that he would prefer to be in a traditional male dorm. I just asked Peter about this. As I expected he said he wouldn't be interested in living somewhere that was specifically for trans people. He did some college touring with his mom last summer without me, though, and he said that some of the schools had coed housing situations. He said he thought that would probably be his ideal choice at least freshman year. I'm not sure how it works as far as being assigned roommates and stuff though.
  10. These numbers are incredible if they can hold up. In 1984 Reagan won 49 states with only 58% of the popular vote.
  11. I'll ask him but I'm almost sure his answer will be that he would prefer to be in a traditional male dorm.
  12. Oh, and this thread was supposed to also be a chronicle of the transition journey so I should probably update on where things stand right now. Last week we met (virtually) with the gender therapist for the third time. Based on those three discussions with Peter (and me and my ex-wife), the gender therapist says he is comfortable writing the letter that is required by a mental health professional to begin any sort of medical treatment. My ex-wife and I have both indicated that we are willing to consent to hormone replacement therapy. So all of those logistical hurdles are done. Peter has an appointment this week where they do a complete physical on him to make sure he's healthy enough to take testosterone. Two weeks after that we have a meeting with the doctors to discuss the results and steps forward.
  13. Yeah, my Peter has slightly expanded the number of friends he's come out to, and everyone seems to be really supportive and cool so far. There are definitely exceptions, but I think kids now are WAY more tolerant about gender differences than even 10 or 20 years ago. As for teachers, Peter told me that the trans kid he knows in the grade below him generally had teachers that were cool and used his chosen name and pronouns, except for one teacher that gave her a hard time and kept using the old name. Next year Peter will have a few teachers that he has had before for other classes so those teachers may need to adjust somewhat. I think any teachers that don't already know him will just know him as Peter.
  14. Yeah, those are good but what I was envisioning was something more akin to what I would call "civil obedience." There are a lot of really stupid things about those bathroom bills, but one especially stupid part is that trans people that can pass as their non-assigned gender have been using those bathrooms forever without any cis people even noticing. I think it could be eye-opening for people if a bunch of hairy bearded trans guys started very openly using women's bathrooms. I'm not sure if it would be effective as a persuasive technique but I'd love to see the reaction.
  15. That’s because all Democrats are also racist.
  16. Yeah sorry I’m just a messenger I’m not spending any more time on this than I already have. He’s smart enough to have considered these options but he said he was out. Maybe he just doesn’t like you people. Anyway, just go into the giant soccer thread and ask one of those guys to do it.
  17. Yeah it's a drawback but it's impossible to tell how significant a drawback. If the Senate is split 50-50 then yeah, that's terrible. If Dems have a seat or two to spare, or are a seat or two short, it's not as big a deal to lose that vote temporarily. I think I'm willing to take the risk because I view her as far superior to the alternatives that appear to be under serious consideration.
  18. Greetings draft nerds. The poster formerly known as scoobygang has texted me to let me know he has been banned for saying naughty things about our beloved President. You will have to find a new soccer judge. I still think he should rate higher than Woz on the list of best judges though.
  19. Katie Porter!! But I've heard nothing to suggest she's even being considered.