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  1. You don’t have to guess what she was saying, just listen to it. She’s talking about the history of boycotts in the United States. Then she says that includes boycotts of foreign countries engaged in civil rights abuses. And then she listed some examples of such boycotts from our history, including Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa. That was it.
  2. Wait, you said originally that the speech was support for your claim that Tlaib doesn’t “understand the difference between the state of Israel and Jewish people.” Now it seems like you’re saying she just said something that might be perceived as inflammatory even though that wasn’t her point. Which is it? Also, I will tell you that Tlaib’s speech would be perfectly accepted at my (liberal) Maryland synagogue. If anyone is doing something deliberately inflammatory, it’s the people who took a single sentence out of context and decided to tar Tlaib as a Jew hater. In any case, she said her grandmother would be disappointed if she went to visit her under the conditions imposed by the Israeli government. I don’t know if that’s true, but “I hate Israel more than I love my grandmother” seems like a pretty outrageous mischaracterization.
  3. I just watched the speech. She didn’t say Israel was like Nazi Germany. And she definitely didn’t say anything that leads me to believe that she can’t distinguish between the state of Israel and the Jewish people. Here’s the speech: Start at 2:11 or so to hear the quote in context.
  4. JohnnyU described the issues he thought were important in a very different way than the way he described the issues that he claimed that Dems thought were important. I just asked him if he could see that he had done so.
  5. "The economy, secure borders, low taxes, less regulations, jobs" "hating on Trump, Gov't controlled healthcare for all, Green New Deal that is absurdly expensive and unattainable, and don't get me started on the social justice politics" Can you see how your descriptions of what constitutes an issue don't even match?
  6. It's more impressive when he says it out of his butt.
  7. For what it’s worth, I think most people that are in a cult don’t generally believe themselves to be in a cult.
  8. One definition of cult is "a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing."
  9. I don't think you're necessarily wrong that having Warren with the bully pulpit would make some difference for the public and hopefully start moving the needle in the right direction. But Republicans are just locked in on never raising taxes. I just don't see any Republican out there that would vote to raise taxes under pretty much any circumstance.
  10. The only way any of this actually happens is if Dems win the Senate and then eliminate the filibuster. Chances of all that happening seem somewhat unlikely. Also, I'd expect the current Supreme Court to strike down the wealth tax if it ever passed. Maybe we'll get lucky and one of the Republican-appointed justices will leave the bench in 2020 but I wouldn't count on it.
  11. I don't really know that much about Colorado politics but would someone further left have a chance against Gardner? Obviously the most important thing is for Dems to win the seat but I wouldn't want Senator Hickenlooper getting in the way of President Warren's agenda with all his "socialism" crap.
  12. Yes. He can use all of the $150.73 that he raised in his Presidential run.
  13. We don't really know the full story, they may have felt that it would have hurt their relationship with the Trump administration if they had welcomed Omar and Tlaib. They might have viewed this as the less bad of the two options.
  14. Thanks. I was worried that what would happen is that all the other Democrats that were supposed to go would cancel and that would be publicized as Dems being "anti-Israel."
  15. I can't tell from the article -- was it just Omar and Tlaib going there or was it a bigger delegation?