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  1. I don't understand the people who say the Eagles need to add CB depth. And there are many of them.
  2. I'm hoping those rumblings about trade discussions with the 49ers are for real. McKinnon would be acceptable, but I would much prefer Breida. Niners will have to make some kind of move, their RB depth chart is overloaded at this point.
  3. Apparently the "restructuring" merely consisted of Long agreeing to push back the date on which his roster bonus is paid, because he has yet to decide if he's playing this season. It's sometime after the draft now. Classy move by Long, no surprise there. So the cap space Howie created was solely due to manipulating Bradham's contract.
  4. In my scenario I was thinking that the upstart AAF had different eligibility rules than the NFL. A quick search shows this not to be the case. Probably part of their plan to position themselves as a true NFL minor league. The XFL however...
  5. Lot of buzz about LeVeon Bell potentially going to SF. Would love to make a play for Breida if it actually goes down.
  6. What's stopping a stud college freshman from dropping out of school and signing with the AAF for one season, then jumping to the NFL as a marquee free agent? Can't see how he'd be draft eligible, since he's clearly not an amateur anymore.
  7. I had the Mahomes/McCaffrey/Conner/Hill core (plus Gronk), and I got bounced this week. Unfortunately, Dalton and Garoppolo proved to be inadequate backups. Next year, four QBs for me. Love this contest.