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  1. 14tm 0.5 PPR Stock lineups OJ Howard for Jared Cook, Rashaad Penny
  2. Fuller and Engram pretty easily. Surprised Engram side got a pick and didn't have to give one.
  3. Not the biggest Williams or Howard fan so seems fine to me Love these type of deals to get potential high future picks
  4. Saw this in one of my leagues (PPR) today: Joe Mixon for Alshon Jeffery, Duke Johnson
  5. Surprised this isn't Henry alone for the package. Cobb seems to have minimal (certainly not 1.10 or close to it) market value
  6. I view Tennessee in general as a buy low offense. They have been simmering for a couple years now and they are one of the few obvious 'rising tide' bets for 2018.
  7. Did not expect to see so much kick back on Kamara/Henry deal, thought it was fair myself. Henry could easily be worth more than Kamara by midseason
  8. Superflex, IDP, Devy (combine day draft) 2.12, 3.12 for Drew Brees
  9. Stock PPR, deeper lineups Alvin Kamara for Derrick Henry, Pierre Garçon, 1.07, 2.07