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  1. Another draft pick trade: Team R: gets 1.03 & Emanuel Sanders Team M: gets Ekeler, Justin Jackson & Herndon
  2. 27 player, 1/2 point League: Team A: traded 1.03 2020 pick Team B: received Austin Ekeler
  3. Team A has Chubb, Ekeler & Singletary so Connor would be his RB4
  4. Just made: Team A gave up 1.04 Team B gave up Connor, RB and Gallup, WR
  5. I like Team A in the second trade, but that first trade is not favorable to him IMHO
  6. Never ever be in one of those drafts/leagues is the correct answer.
  7. I agree with this comment. Roughly a 1.04 and the 1.07 for Kamara.....dunno.
  8. Recent trade, 27 roster, 15 keepers: team A: DJ Chalk & James Connor Team B: Ekeler & Justin Jackson Who won?
  9. So, by premium, are you saying for a 2020 2nd rounder people would pay a 2021 1st?
  10. Please pardon my forgetfulness, but generally, what is a future draft pick worth in regards to a current year draft pick? i.e. Is a 2021 2nd round pick worth a 2020 1st rounder or a 3rd rounder, all things being equal?
  11. Team A: trades two 2021 #1s ( both est. 1.01-1.03) Team B: receives 2020 1.04 Dynasty, draft in August still to come.
  12. This is. But, the GB discussion has taken up the space.
  13. Would you have traded, Dynasty?:: 1.04 (2020) for Two 2021 #1s (1.02-1.04 expected)