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  1. For those of you that don't believe in climate change, I'm curious what part of the argument you dispute? Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere creates a Greenhouse effect, impacting the temperature of the planet Some Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere is good for humans, as it actually keeps the planet comfortably habitable Too much Carbon Dioxide is bad for humans, as it heats up the planet Scientists are able to determine historical Carbon Dioxide levels by probing ice cores For the last 800,000 years, Carbon Dioxide levels were below 300 parts per million Since 1880 (the start of the industrial revolution), we have seen an increase in Carbon Dioxide levels Since 1950 (the last 70 years), Carbon Dioxide levels have increased by over 30% - to over 400ppm The levels of Carbon Dioxide are expected to increase in the coming decades Automobiles, airplanes and factories, which weren't around just 100 years ago, emit Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere
  2. Maybe if we surround the White House with homeless, the current tenant will want to leave too. Dear DNC, I have an idea.....
  3. I can’t even... I mean...I don’t understand how... Nevermind. {sigh}
  4. They are obviously looking for some WR depth/help. From the news blog: Free-agent QB Mike White (Cowboys), WR Deontay Burnett (Jets), WR Amara Darboh (Seahawks), WR Spencer Schnell (Buccaneers) and WR Anthony Johnson (Buccaneers) worked out for the New England Patriots Friday, Sept. 6.
  5. Or, as in my case, the vas deferens was not readily accessible via the incision they made so they dug around in my scrotum to pull the cord out - creating unbearable pain. They completed the procedure only to find out via testing that it didn't take, so they had to perform the procedure again - thankfully the 2nd time was under general anesthesia - slept like a baby. But hey - I'm sure you'll be fine. #nocondoms
  6. Maybe a nuclear winter will offset global warming. Climate change solved!
  7. I’ve now seen several interviews and read enough about him. Love this guy. I’m in. Pete 2020.
  8. I wouldn’t say I don’t drink at all, because I love a good Lava Flow or Pina Colada when on a cruise ship or in Hawaii (yeah, I know they are girly drinks), but most people are surprised I don’t drink when I go out. Its not that I don’t enjoy the feeling because I can pound cannabis edibles like nobody’s business (legal where I am), and I’m the furthest thing from religious you can get. Beer simply doesn’t taste good to me, and given the choice I’d frankly prefer a coke or tea. Whether I psycho-analyze that it was because my dad drank beer and wasn’t a nice drunk, maybe that has something to do with it, but when it comes down to it, I just don’t like the taste. And after many people offering me drinks of theirs (“you’ll like THIS one”), I haven’t found anything. Wine is a little better, but the taste of the tannins make it very metallic for me. Even the weak Rieslings are just kind of meh. Again, simply prefer the taste of a soda. Hard liquor is probably the best of the three for me, but it is a little medicine tasting. I like the dessert type taste of most things with Baileys (I.e. White Russians) but the calories in those add up quickly. If I’m sick, I’ll take a shot of Tequila. But the mixed smell of Tequila and chicken Marsala is stained in my memory after my wife had a few too many and coated the upholstery of my car with that regurgitated blend. But if I have the choice of a tea, soda or alcohol - I probably won’t take the alcohol.
  9. To do everyone’s homework:
  10. I got to shake hands with Obama, so it would pale in comparison.
  11. Agree with this 100%. Fiscal responsibility is conditional. Your project - no money. My project - get out the Visa card.
  12. Here it is
  13. I’m in India this week for work. I don’t feel at any danger, but I sure can’t wait to get back to the US. Huge news here, But I keep checking out CNN and it is way down the page.
  14. I haven't read the thread, but if abortion is a topic, then apparently election season has officially started.