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  1. My prediction? Pain. - Clubber Lang
  2. I also hear the latter dresses in black and gold on Sunday's and walks around saying, "Who dat".
  3. I am about 4 hours behind you Otis, so don't feel bad. Also thought she was hot in the Nationwide commercial, and had no idea she was the fight song chick.
  4. Didn't care for the "everyone else enjoyed the anthem" commentary. You can like the anthem AND demonstrate. It doesn't have be either/or.
  5. I'll also add this one: Tl;dr - buy index funds with low costs.
  6. This. Admiral shares of the Vanguard 500 index fund.
  7. The hippies had it right. Peace, love, music, sex, LSD.
  8. Great googly moogly
  9. So they donated $3 million to have the opportunity for a $150k salary. Well played.
  10. I haven't seen this quality of stream of consciousness writing since James Joyce.
  11. Dude - this is like Firefly or Freaks and Geeks getting cancelled after the first season. Don't be a vision-less network suit - keep the show going!
  12. Is a Memorial Day sale much different?
  13. Marisa really needs a hug.
  14. Jeffrey Osborne:
  15. Nymphos are hot, bro...