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  1. It's no secret that Trump is into nepotism. I sincerely believe that DeVos was hired as a nod to her brother, Erik Price, whom has been behind the scenes for his administration. I doubt she would have been chosen if not for that relationship.
  2. Like his dad, he's a great example of someone who has had to jump into the Republican Party, because he most likely wouldn't have been elected if he was on a small party (Libertarian) ticket. People don't understand nuance anymore. You are Republican or Democrat....period. And I think those assumptions are partially what lead to the banter you are referring to...
  3. This is a great distinction, as I think many (including myself) would leap to the assumption that someone with conservative beliefs = Republican. Unfortunately, with an essentially two party system, it's more often true than not. Which of all the candidates most closely aligned with your views?
  4. With the news coming out about establishing a back channel to Russia, this April story is more interesting. Erik Prince is an intriguing character in all this: - Founder of Blackwater - Brother to Betty DeVos - Mentor and benefactor of VP Mike Pence
  5. Not all Republicans are created equal. I would expect the attitudes of moderate, well-informed Republicans to be different than the Free Republic / only Fox News is real news variety of Republican. Unfortunately, it feels like the latter is the majority these days. I also think it could go the other way from what MT described - Republicans who see things wrong in this administration can also feel shaming from their Conservative friends - calling them RINO's, etc. Either way, an anti-Trump Republican may feel like a man without a home these days.
  6. For some reason the whole "she looked at me funny" reminds me of this Pablo Francisco routine...
  7. She was pretty good in Paper Towns. I don't know if her new Valerian movie will be the next Fifth Element or Battlefield Earth. Solid 8 for me....
  8. She was great in Clerks - always wondered what happened to her....sad news - sorry to hear...
  9. Hannity is not a news anchor, he is a commentator.
  10. If you change your mind on Vegas, here is a site I use to find concerts and shows... If you haven't explored San Diego much, the Seaport Village area is very nice. I like the Grand Hyatt there as a place to stay for a couple nights, and they have a spa. Beautiful area in the summer time.
  11. You know things have gone downhill when you can't tell reality from comedy...
  12. Reverse sear (what you did) is perfect for tri-tip. Try red oak as your wood sometime for a Santa Maria flavor. I have used a Jaccard on these very successfully as well for extra tenderness. Looks like you did great! Congrats!
  13. I'll be honest - I'm not sure I understood it when I posted it, but Willie quoting nrec34 on page 7 without comment led me to believe it had to be something like that. I can hardly wait for the fame and glory coming my way, however....