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  1. How important is it to have a working knowledge of Italian, or is English common enough?
  2. How many of them were on the ticket? Heck, how many of them were in the audience? I'll compare diversity amongst Democrats versus Republicans every day of the week. Go check the Republican intern photo with Paul Ryan if your memory is that bad.
  3. Yeah. Unfortunate that she has to pander to closed minded racist white males in order to get enough votes to beat a clear bigot in Trump. Otherwise, I'd love a Clinton-Booker ticket.
  4. Love you guys in here making fun of Democrats for being diverse. Just keep trotting out your white male clones and someday maybe you'll learn that America is bigger than that.
  5. My family never crossed a border, the border crossed us. Good line.
  6. We can't get a bridge over troubled water because Republicans cut infrastructure funding
  7. Thanks. Those look nice, but am pretty set on a pellet grill this go around.
  8. Facts have a liberal bias.
  9. I'm looking at getting a higher end smoker and wondering if any of you cook on a Yoder or a Mak. I've read all kinds of reviews, and probably wouldn't go wrong with either, but looking for impressions.
  10. Are you set on a laptop versus a tablet? I.e. Ipad. Ever since I got my iPad, I rarely touch my laptop - typically just for work.
  11. Drink alcohol around the kids?
  12. Love her, and she'll be a great addition to the star power they already have.
  13. They think Rush Limbaugh has a band.