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  1. My wife complains every time that damn thing comes on...
  2. Hillary was investigated by the FBI and while they concluded it was careless, it wasn't criminal. Donald said bad things - that isn't criminal, it is stupid. However - if he actually physically assaulted any of these women, then that IS criminal. So unless there is proof of Donald's assault (a la Cosby), then legally neither one of them should be in jail.
  3. So glad I chose not to have kids. Use that cash on a vasectomy.
  4. Diverse diet, pro-biotics, yogurt and fiber (fiber is the plant food of bacteria)
  5. The internet - which makes us waste time on boards like this. On the other hand....pron. I'll give you that one 75" 4k TV's - to watch the Kardashians. Although Sunday Ticket on my big screen is awesome. OK - you can have that one too. every song/video/game/book/etc. available at our fingertips - Not going to the record store or renting videos at blockbuster at least got me out of the house. cars that are safer - Meh - I liked by '68 Mustang just fine get 5x the MPG - but gas is 3X the price and will drive themselves soon - I thought the same thing about the flying car virtual reality - I'm not sold until it becomes a Star Trek holodeck drones - is that supposed to be a good thing? mapping of the entire DNA, cures for diseases - are we really curing diseases? All I see is a bunch of "promising studies in mice" NOW - get off my lawn...
  6. Born in 70 - At the time, Reagan seemed conservative, but would probably be moderate today. Both sides of the aisle were filled with long time elder statesmen that knew how to work across party lines to get things done. As a kid, I remembered being afraid of the Soviet Union and all their nukes. They felt like our equal. But there were so many other things going on in the 80's that people probably paid less attention - we felt like we were on the cusp of an all-new future. Computers were just hitting, experimental music and music videos, cable television (100 channels! that is crazy!!!), the space shuttle, compact discs, digital everything, clothing, amazing movies. I think that drove optimism just as much (or more) than Reagan did himself. Dreams of flying cars and floating skateboards felt like they would be real just a few years away. And all we ended up with was a juke box on our phone. That is why we are so grumpy today.
  7. I think he meant to say he drank a Bloody Mary.
  8. Patriotism is overrated. Caring for other human beings is where it's at. The game is always bigger than cheerleading for your team.
  9. Not associated with a single sport, but as a kid in the Los Angeles area in the early 80's, the Jim Healy show got me into sports about the same time Chick Hearn and Magic Johnson got me into basketball. Healy had a great shtick by adding sound effects into his sports broadcast. It was funny at the time..
  10. Off topic, but there is a new TV show called Speechless on ABC about a special needs kid and the family hiring an aid. It stars Minnie Driver and it is pretty funny. That's it...carry on.
  11. While Warren is a Senator, I think it's a little unfair to lump her in with the other "politicians". She only took elected office 3 years ago. Her background is in consumer protection and commercial law so unlike most of the others, she actually knows what she is talking about.
  12. He's all growns up and he's all growns up.
  13. Finally got around to watching episode 1 tonight. One of the best pilots I've seen in a while. Twist was pretty incredible. I'm in.
  14. I'm a bleeding heart hippie liberal, and I totally agree with this. Trigger warnings are one of the silliest things I have ever heard of and it's ridiculous that we are so hyper-sensitive these days. The fact that colleges even need to do this is shameful. You can't cater to everyone's fear. If someone had a bad experience with a bee - do they put a trigger warning on flowers too?