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  1. So let’s take communication completely out of it and list out all the GREAT things he has DONE. Oh..ya...nevermind....
  2. I can no longer speak about our President due to the profanity filter.
  3. It took me 15 minutes to realize the game wasn't over after full autonomy was attained
  4. I just released the hypnodrones, and am now sad.... HypnoDrone tech now available... . Releasing the HypnoDrones . All of the resources of Earth are now available for clip production . Full autonomy attained in 3 hours 42 minutes 56 seconds
  5. How I spent the last couple hours while multi-tasking at work: . Lifetime investment revenue report: $407,899,349 . Lifetime investment revenue report: $469,445,367 . MINIMAX scored 759 in the tournament. Yomi increased by 759 . Lifetime investment revenue report: $497,980,707 > MINIMAX scored 1062 in the tournament. Yomi increased by 1062|
  6. What is this new computer thing kids these days are learning on? You mean they replaced typewriters?
  7. If the "marshmallow talks" aren't working, escalate to sanctions and threaten to nuke them off the face of the earth.
  8. Tonight...
  9. So proud of my new home town hockey team and the city of Vegas. Amazing opening to the game.
  10. Starts at 1:53:50 and goes to about 1:58:00
  11. On Joe Rogan’s Podcast, Sean Carroll spoke pretty openly about gender bias in scientific academia. Podcast
  12. Opening night fan event with Cinemark on Thursday 12/14 at 6pm. Half the seats (including the two I just bought) are gone at my local theater already.
  13. ....and I enjoy the Byrds much more as well. Where VU succeeded is opening up people’s minds to what music CAN be. Music can be different to each artist, and doesn’t need to be put into a commercially convenient box. Does that make them a great band? Not necessarily. But they were likely in the right place at the right time - when avant-garde went mainstream for about 30 seconds - and they were certainly influential.
  14. When I hear people talk about VU, the first question that comes into my mind is “which one?” Each iteration of the group (and each album) brought a little something different. In my opinion, John Cale was the revolutionary for VU more than Lou Reed. Cale brought the avant-garde sound, which was likely what caught Warhol’s ear (and let’s be honest, without Warhol, nobody outside of New York would have heard of VU). Cale studied under Aaron Copeland, but gravitated to (and worked with) a guy named John Cage who is a fascinating character that started a lot of this in the 30’s and 40’s. If you haven’t heard of him, you owe it to yourself to research for music history. One of those crazy/genius types that deserves his own movie.
  15. I'm numb this morning. This was 15 minutes from my home. I think I slept 30 minutes. I was getting updates from a lady that works for me - her kid is a cop that is stationed on the strip and he was giving her updates. I heard 20 had died when the media was saying it was only 2. And now 50 (probably a little higher). My friend was at that concert, but she made it out ok. I don't know if I am in shock or jaded to these events now. Either way, I don't feel right...