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  1. Unless the rules have changed under Trump then you need a passport for flying but driving across border only a license ( no enhanced license here). A few years back, I was flying to Montreal and didn't realize my passport was expired. Checked the rules and ended up taking a bus over from NYC.
  2. If you want proper commentating, here's a BBC link for the FBLads:
  3. This. The Champions League knockout rounds are must watch football. Think NFL playoffs/Super Bowl. The problem with World Cup is a lot of these players don't have as much time to gel with each other as they do with their club sides.
  4. I've been following club soccer for 20+ years and it's easily my favorite. I'd suggest it for beginners. Much easier being televised weekly on NBC. You'll recognize a lot of the players you've mentioned and soon understand the beauty of relegation.
  5. I've been streaming quite often from the BBC to avoid the US commentators. Just awful.
  6. Damn good posting. Easily my favorite match thus far (which I never expected) in the most exciting WC of my lifetime.
  7. Such a boring sport. Don't understand how people can watch these low scoring matches.
  8. Great story for sure. I don't want Brasil winning it all and think Belgium would make for a tougher match-up in the next round.
  9. Never saw this coming. Brilliant execution from JPN. Had Belgium winning it all
  10. This thread had me wondering when the new season of BCS is finally dropping. August 6th needs to get here:
  11. I remember when I was studying abroad in Copenhagen and tried 'Schnapps' for the first time. In America, our version of Schnapps is a sweet, fruity liqueur. In Denmark, there's nothing girly about it. Almost spit it out during a post dinner toast. Stuck to Tuborg for the rest of the night.
  12. And If you see a subway car that is empty, avoid at all costs and walk toward the ones with people in them. It's not even worth thinking you've found peace and quiet. The A/C is not working.
  13. Fairly certain he wasn't shot b/c 1. He's white 2. They're in Canada
  14. I know nothing about the NYC schools but a friend of mine helped start this Charter and supposedly it's pretty solid if you're looking for that Montessori vibe in BK: