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  1. Yeah, shoes kill me as well. Need at least 5 pairs for most trips :style:
  2. Yeah, he got in that a** early and often but definitely needs some development. Hopeful this Mocha Joe subplot pays off with the spite store. With Leon in charge, it could be gold.
  3. Yeah, not surprised you disagree although this season is giving me pause. I really like the freedom he has on HBO to discuss more adult themed content not to mention a more modern setting. Seems like half of the Seinfeld plots are solved by cell phones. It also doesn't hurt that George is my favorite character. I feel like we get more of him following Larry.
  4. I'm a huge Seinfeld fan and thought the same thing when I first started watching. Give it time. Curb really starts to find its groove in Season 3. I think its a better show than Seinfeld now.
  5. Yeah, reminded me too much of this. Good thing it's not the playoffs:
  6. at trying to cut off the Koreans even though they won pretty much everything. Have some class Oscars. You gave Zellweger and Phoenix plenty of time for their rambles, give them and their translator ample time.
  7. Finally flipped over from the Breaking Bad marathon in time to see Phoenix win and hear his wonderful speech. Now I'm listening to Zellweger. This is great stuff. Glad I tuned in 🙉
  8. Tonight was the first time I've seen them really play as a team instead of just sitting around watching Harden and Westbrook play hero ball. Good to see some emotion again. Hope they keep this energy. And yeah, Covington was 🔥
  9. While I'm doubtful it'll mint a ring, at least this Rockets small ball is fun to watch. I like Capela's game and will miss the blocks+lobs but it was time for a change. It reminds me of a modern day Run TMC or Nuggets Run N Gun and while that didn't work in the past, maybe it will in the current NBA? Who knows, worth a gamble as they were heading for another early exit from the playoffs.
  10. No doubt. Probably my favorite player in the game even though he's killed my Rockets on many occasions. Would gladly trade Harden for him straight up.
  11. Agreed. I was watching the game thinking they're the best jerseys in the NBA. Reminds me of the old Nuggets uniforms with a Mardi Gras twist. Now if only they could find a better mascot or change their name back to the Jazz.
  12. imagine not having proper camera angles in a game like this
  13. Amazing how far SF has come in a few short years. Kudos to Lynch and Shannahan (even if they don't close this out). Wish my Texans had the ownership willing to take steps toward championships.