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  1. For all intensive purposes, this is a nice collection. Malapropisms, Malaphors and other stuff:
  2. Yeah, thats my move as well. I got so tired of his crew of Comedy Store buddies where they wax poetic about the glories of the art form, etc. Most have followed his route of starting their own podcasts and oversaturated the market. They often come on without anything really new to say unless its to plug something and aren't that funny. Tom Papa is the one guy who seems to follow current events and brings new topics to the show.
  3. Think they'll have clips to drive traffic but that's about it. I'm definitely going to miss the comments section. Hopefully Spotify doesn't ruin the long form interviews with a bunch of commercials throughout the shows. That could definitely kill the vibe.
  4. I probably hate this show more than you do Westworld. So much potential yet so much suck. Great cast, piss poor writing. I gave up early in S2. It's a shame because the story of an infamous hedge fund like SAC and the life Steven Cohen could be a fascinating watch.
  5. Pretty mixed bag here. Some hated it, others enjoyed it. Even though I was often confused, I enjoyed the new setting and season overall.
  6. Just started watching it. Loved the pilot. A few days later loaded up episode 2 not realizing I selected Season 2. Was lost the entire episode. Definite fail on my part. Anyways, enjoying the first season thus far even with the spoilers. Great chemistry between two of my childhood crushes.
  7. Kudi was in another HBO show called How to Make It America a while back. Sort of a Entourage knockoff but he had a major role there. Decent acting chops.
  8. Pretty sure at least half of this thread have no idea who you're referring to
  9. Just hope you guys watched past the credits. Awesome finale. Also T&Ps to Beast Mode. Let's hope he makes a quick recovery.
  10. Doesn't get as much recognition being on FX but easily one of my favorite TV shows. Seasons 1 and 2 are epic, 3 is pretty good. Being that its an anthology, you don't have to invest yourself and can watch a season at a time.
  11. Yeah, I watched a long form interview with him. Really interesting guy. Expected a meathead from Italy and got some depth and a heavy NY/NJ accent. Didn't realize he was also a successful painter before the show:
  12. That discussion between Tony and Sil about the Joey's gravestone still cracks me up.
  13. After many repeat views, I tend to think of The Sopranos as a sitcom of sorts. So many LOL moments and part of the reason I keep coming back. Doesn't get much better than this: Paulie: You're not gonna believe this. He killed sixteen Czechoslovakians. The guy was an interior decorator! Christopher Moltisanti: His house looked like #####.
  14. Baby steps. We've been sticking to the basics and laying the foundation. No more Cool Jays or Ice Teas. Imax has grasped the concept of Lil and Yung so I think that covers 95% of Soundcloud culture.