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  1. Lanai, HI Eureka Springs, AR Portsmouth, NH Taos, NM Marfa, TX
  2. Dario turned that around with the quickness
  3. NYC SF Denver LA Austin *Not taking things like finances/taxes into consideration
  4. I don't know but I really hate his guts.
  5. Couldn't ask for a better match on this stage. Icing on the cake is a Federer victory. Come on bruh
  6. I actually think women's tennis is the one sport that has an argument for equal pay. Soccer, basketball, etc not so much. But lets focus and get back to the match.
  7. Yikes. Just when you think one of these guys is in control, he blows it. Come on Fed
  8. Is there anyone outside of Djokovic's family and friends rooting for him? Amazing match
  9. So much content. Cash me outside 5.0
  10. What Flop said. I think it used to be a thing many years ago, the place you go to engaged, etc but honestly I forgot it was still in business. More atmosphere than anything. That being said, you could do a lot worse and if you're wife really wants to go there, you'll still be satisfied.
  11. I was thinking the same thing. And not one utterance of "World Staaaar".
  12. I understand that. The folks that push others in the aisle to get an inch closer to the exit don't make a lot of sense to me. If I'm in front of them, I'll intentionally take my time and make sure everyone in my aisle goes first.
  13. Airplane behavior is always perplexing to me. Why do people jump up immediately when an airplane stations only to stand for another 10-20 minutes? Relax big guy, no need to push the old lady next to you. You aren't going anywhere. On another note, there's a special place in hell for anyone that claps after landing.