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  1. The stank from BOB will last a while - he wanted his shiny toys and gutted a once promising franchise in the process .
  2. Patience. I think he's about to go batsh*t crazy. Could be an interesting ride.
  3. If they're not in great shape, save your money especially if you're not looking to sell. If you're curious, send in a test run of your gems and you'll likely see how tough it is to get anything above a 7 or 8 with older cards. You could also do a search on Ebay to get a handle on what properly graded cards of Franco, Swann, etc look like and then search completed deals to see what the market price is for a given grade. Sometimes, it'll cost more to get the card graded than the actual value.
  4. Only buy sealed wax boxes. Even if they're foil you can still manipulate the packs by figuring out the sequencing. I think I had about 30 Griffeys doing this with Upper Deck in 89.
  5. The older stuff still has value and if it grades highly is always in demand. Getting those high PSA marks is another story. Often times, you'll just end up breaking even after all the fees and low scores.
  6. Not much different than video game/tox boxes and instructions being worth a pretty penny after most folks discarded that stuff. Also great for unscrupulous dealers resealing packs.
  7. Folks that are surprised or think they should've let BOB see out this season haven't been following the Texans closely over the years. Sure on paper, all those division titles and playoff appearances look good but when you can only muster out a 500 record in that once god awful division and collapse once the real playoffs start, you'll realize why the Texans faithful have been calling for his head. And then you add all the roster mismanagement - to think that they gave up Duane Brown, Clowney, Honey Badger, Hopkins and so many top draft picks for this roster really makes you question everything BOB is about. It wasn't too long ago that we were giving up on Fitzpatrick and Keenum for Osweiller and Mallett. Watson really helped mask BOB's problems and often bailed out his horrendous play calling. BOB needs to thank Rick Smith for that move or Tom Savage would likely still be QBing.
  8. I would have applauded them doing this a few years ago. I suppose its a step in the right direction but BOB's GMing is really going to hurt the Texans going forward.
  9. Not really answering your question but Ugly Duckling is a group I routinely play with kids in the car. Early 2000s west coast vibe so probably not the style you're looking for but they don't curse and kids often vibe to it:
  10. On the non annoying spectrum, I highly recommend googling the actress playing Swanee Caps. I knew they were trying their best to ugly up an attractive woman but damn:
  11. I disagree. If we can somehow figure a way out of Watson's contract and trade him for a 2nd + another RB, we'll be well on our way.
  12. Texans ownership is clueless. It'll take a lot for the GM to fire O'Brien.
  13. Unlikely. BOB is really just that bad of a play caller and far from a QB whisperer.