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  1. “'Remember when is the lowest form of conversation.” ~ Tony Soprano
  2. Nice win. Bob finally showed some stones. I really thought he was going to let Fairbairn blow it to ice the game. On that note, I'll be very disappointed if Fairbairn still has a job next week.
  3. We had fat Jesse and Todd. Not sure how a 65 year old Gus playing a teenager would be any different
  4. I suppose so. I was talking more Chile and Mexico stuff.
  5. Was a bit underwhelmed but still enjoyable as a BB fan. Would love to see a Gus movie documenting his rise to power. Better story IMO.
  6. Still trying to figure out how the Chiefs were only -4. I guess I'll thank the Colts for that. Texans fan here by the way.
  7. Who would've thought Rob Deer would have had such a lasting impact on the game. A true visionary.
  8. That accent was everything. I got a junkie for a wife. Her womb is so polluted, I can't even have a f'n little baby wit hur.
  9. Actually a pretty good summary of the show by Aaron Paul:
  10. Great series. Nothing but respect for the Rays. Now just hoping the Stros find a way to win without Cole or Verlander.