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  1. Major

    Newport RI recommendations?

    I'm not going to be much help here but I really enjoyed my little three day getaway in Newport. It was a few years back so I forget the names, etc but we had some fancy bed and breakfast which was great. It wasn't on the water but good central location. I don't think it was more than $300/night. I'd recommend chartering a sailboat one day and taking in the coast from a far. Cool little town.
  2. Major


    I was reading its a trend to use Cialis as a pre workout supplement. I guess it gives you a better pump and blood flow. Not sure I'd recommend this in a public gym 💪🍆
  3. Major

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    Thornton Mellon should be in the discussion
  4. Wow, you guys were right. I didn't think it'd be that bad but the finale was garbage. Felt like I was watching Dawson's Creek. The Red Room was a disappointment. Oh well, it was a great ride for the first 9 episodes. Hope to see more from this team.
  5. Major

    Favorite Indian Dishes

    Always good schtick to ask Indian restaurants what type of beef options they have available
  6. Major

    Favorite Indian Dishes

    Chicken Tikka or Tandori Chicken (prefer dry meats without sauce), Naan and Papadum (that fried chip thing restaurants often give you before your meal, like chips and salsa). Kingfisher is a great beer to compliment the meal.
  7. I believe someone mentioned it here but I love all the Easter eggs they give us with various ghosts lurking in the background. Pretty thorough list here. If you guys have any other notables you'd like to add I'd love to see them. One I can think are those white statues in the hallway. Occasionally their faces would change directions and look at the person next to it. I remember doing a double take early on in the series and had to rewind to confirm.
  8. I'm halfway through the series and really enjoying it thus far. Very few horror films/shows do it for me but the story and suspense is well orchestrated. It doesn't come across as cheesy. Love the transitions between time periods. The child actors are great. Looking forward to Episode 6 given the great reviews. Appreciate the recommendation FBGs
  9. Major

    Footballguys powers needed

    49.37 Hope he pulls it out
  10. Major

    The Deuce: New David Simon show

    Really enjoyed the season finale. Easily my favorite episode of the series. After so much not happening, they really tied a lot into one episode. Well played.
  11. Major

    Texans vs Broncos - Week 9

    Haha. He's definitely the luckiest coach in the NFL
  12. Major

    The Deuce: New David Simon show

    Not must see tv but I'm invested in nearly two seasons so I'll keep going. If The Wire gets 5 stars, I'll give The Deuce 2.5.
  13. Major

    The Deuce: New David Simon show

    I share similar sentiments. It's only going to be three seasons long so I'll stick around. Something about the acting and flow of the story bugs me. I really wish one of the twins would take a bullet (ideally Vince).
  14. Cosign. Far cry from the Rick Smith days. I would've liked to see them pursue Dez and keep the 4th but I'm glad they actually made a move.