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  1. Nice. I had a slight edit to Kim's last words.
  2. Yep. I tried. Gave up after a few episodes. The Murdochs should be fascinating subjects but from what I watched the attempt was poorly executed.
  3. I love these as well. They tell a story in a short period of time and seem to give the directors free range on getting creative with various shots, angles, cuts, etc. The most recent one brought back memories of Requiem for a Dream
  4. Yeah, I didn't know what I was getting into. A friend gifted me one. I just thought it was just a blunt dipped in kief
  5. You go hard son. I'd recommend balancing that with one of these Barewoods. They are excellent if you're looking for a loaded pre roll. I normally roll my own but man, these will have you kissing the sky and extremely convenient: ~ packs a full gram of our signature BARE OG with Nug Run Wax rolled in a Backwood, all dipped in Oil & Kief and topped with a BARE glass tip
  6. Unfortunately, we will likely need another 2-11 Kubiakesque start for McNair to take any action. Still a bit miffed on BOB's offseason extension.
  7. Yikes. Taking an L v. Gabbert and seeing the Jags annihilate the Pats
  8. Happens often when a team drafts a K
  9. Bill O'Brien teams will always disappoint. Coaching is too conservative and soft. Terrible L by the Texans playing against a Mariotaless Titans.
  10. Best location for me is the one on 100 Orchard St. I used to live down there and loved it. You're in the Lower East side, just a few blocks from Soho and close to many trains, cafes, bars, etc. The first two are on the UWS which is generally clean and safe but extremely boring. The location isn't as central but you're close to Central Park which is a plus. It really depends what you want and what you're looking to do. Anything in Manhattan will be fairly safe.
  11. Cosign. Uninspiring play. I feel like a broken record the past few years but I think this all comes down to coaching. It's hard for me to believe in this team under O'Brien. So much talent yet so little results. Sure it may be enough to squeak out a 9-7 or 8-8 record in a weak division and clinch a playoff spot but is that the goal? Unfortunately, that division isn't as weak as it once was and teams are improving. I just wish I could say the same about the Texans. Here's to hoping it's just rust at the QB spot and a case of facing Belichick's chess vs. Obrien's checkers.
  12. What portion did you work on? Sounds like a great experience. Love that last shot you took.
  13. Cosign. I wanted to hate him when he initially dropped but couldn't with all the quality he put out. Damn good MC. He definitely had his share of addiction issues. Pretty sure pills got him but who knows. May he rest in peace. He was early to that MAGA steez: Great collab with Sean Price:
  14. I was watching the episode recap and found it interesting that while BCS is normally shot digitally, the first scene is shot on film just like in BB. Kudos to Gilligan and Co. for sparing no expense.
  15. you really only have two choices, Per Se or Masa