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  1. See, here's the thing: while Watkins was a "win now" move, it wasn't financially reckless. Watkins contract will cost the Bills' salary cap $19,935,603 over four years. Meanwhile, the Bills divested themselves of the Stevie Johnson contract which broke out like this: (2014) 3,925,000, (2015) 6,025,000, and (2016) 6,125,000. So, bottom line, the annual expense of 4 years of Sammy Watkins was slightly less than three years of Stevie Johnson. Now, in the scenario proposed above, the Bills would have hamstrung their future finances by paying Jimmy Graham, what? $104 million over 8 years with 40 million guaranteed? If the big knock on the Sammy Watkins trade up was "You still have EJ Manuel as your QB" then lavishing money on Jimmy Graham would have added the element of "You still have EJ Manuel as your QB and you owe 160 million to Jimmy Graham and Mario Williams and you have no wiggle room to resign your young talented players - CJ Spiller, Stephon Gilmore, Dareus, Glenn, etc." No thanks. Edit to add: I completedly made up the contract terms the Bills would need to land Graham. It sounds like the Bucs offered him 5 years, 58 million with ~17 million guaranteed. I still say I'd rather not go that route.
  2. I keep seeing Mike Evans being mocked to the Bills. I just don't see the Bills spending a pick on a WR this year. They've drafted Robert Woods in the second last year and Goodwin in the 3rd. And T.J. Graham the year before that. Plus they still have Stevie Johnson. I would be happy with Taylor Lewan or Jake Matthews if he fell that far. I would be thrilled with Kahlil Mack, too. The Bills may not have the best team, but they don't have a bunch of dire needs either. Anyone in particular you guys would like to see the Bills target at #9?
  3. Yeah, so anyway. . . Nick Foles' sneaky contribution is that he is a competent runner with the ball. He's run for 171 yards and 2 TDs over the past 5 games. Effective running coupled with not turning the ball over has amplified his production. Nick Foles!
  4. Yes, the Bills should definitely consider it. No, the Bills definitely will not consider it. My biggest problem with Manuel all along is that he has never shown that he has sufficient accuracy to play at this level. This was the knock on him going back to Florida State. Has there ever been a quarterback whose seen his accuracy materially increase from college to the pros? (or at least with a QB who had suspect accuracy to begin with) The only one that comes to mind is Donovan McNabb. He had a 58.1% completion percentage at Syracuse and it took him six years in the pros before he completed 60% or better of his throws. That said, he did more with his legs than EJ. Here's the problem I have with EJ as the Bills QB going forward: the offense seems to revolve around short throws. EJ's average yards per attempt is only 6.4 (32nd among qualifying QBs in the NFL). He is not very accurate, so short dink and dunk seems to be the wrong approach. With Goodwin and Graham, I would air it out a lot more than we've seen so far from the Bills offense.
  5. Funny, I have the complete opposite opinion of Choice. He simply lacks explosiveness and the ability to make tacklers miss. His stats in his two and a half years in Buffalo? 105 carries for 389 yards (3.7 YPC). His longest run as a Bill was 22 yards and only 2 of his 105 carries were longer than 20 yards. It seems to me that if guys like Bobby Rainey can be third on the depth chart and step in and shine after being cut by several other teams, the Bills can find a better RB3 than Choice.
  6. Seems half logic and half emotion. My logic sees a coach doesn't let up at all when he notices what's working. We were up 30 still speeding up the game. This is the next fast pace offense in the NFL like NE or NO. Even if you don't think much of Foles you have to consider how much the schemes will drive his production. Foles gets to throw relentlessly compared to say Andrew Luck in IND offense. I don't see how you can't be excited about the possibilities when almost every QB not named Peyton, Rodgers, Brees are not separating themselves this year.I agree about scheme, which is why I picked up Foles early this season, before Vick was even hurt. The Eagles offense is simply going to provide more opportunity to put up numbers.
  7. I think this is true, but it feels different this year for some reason. The Bills have managed to stay competitive in each game, despite the injuries. The young players seem to be getting better week to week, especially Alonso. Woods looks like he could be a ProBowl receiver some day. Even Dareus is showing signs of being worthy of his high draft pick. I guess that different feeling is called "optimism".
  8. You're reading the quote wrong. The three options were: Start Tuel Start a free agent (off the street) who hasn't picked up the Bill playbook Elevate LewisThat said, Tuel looked like a disaster.
  9. Also fun: at any given time the Bills can have an E.J., T.J., and C.J. on the field. I told my wife that a B.J. would go well with that while Im watching the game.
  10. This excites me because it appears that the past two draft classes have been "hits": 2012 Gilmore Glenn Graham - the jury is still out here 2013 Manuel Woods Alonso That's a solid foundation.
  11. What frustrated me the most was on any crucial play when the Bills needed a first down, like 3rd and 7 in the Jets end of the field, the Jets would send everyone on a blitz. Manuel seemingly had no receivers running intermediate routes and every throw seemed to be a vertical route that EJ had to throw too soon.
  12. Zebrie Sanders, last year's 4th round pick from Florida State, should be back from hip surgery, correct? At 6'6", 330 he might be ready to step in at LG.
  13. Definitely the highlight of this year's SI Swimsuit Edition, IMO. Elle MacPherson 2.0. could not get enough of this Nina chick. Every pic she basically showed a Nip, she will be next years cover girl, bank on itFunny thing though is that I checked out the pics last week and she didn't really stand out all that much to me compared to the rest. But actually seeing the live-action video of her put it over the top...cute/adorable, sexy, gorgeous...she's got it all. She looks super fine in those SI pics, and they don't even do her justice, IMO. Don't think I've been this in with a supermodel in years.While the wife and I were leafing through the SI Swimsuit mag, my wife would say "Oh, that chick is hot!" every time we came to a page with Nina on it (not realizing it was the same girl every time). I think maybe I could hook up a threesome there. . .
  14. Definitely the highlight of this year's SI Swimsuit Edition, IMO. Elle MacPherson 2.0. Link?Enjoy!