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  1. HEY BLOOM 1PPR Which TE would you start? S.Anderson vs SF or ASJ @ Denver I think you have Anderson a little higher in your rankings. Make me feel better about benching ASJ who has had 3 TD's called back recently and faces a Denver D that is recently suspect. I know Ellington is out for Houston and Anderson looked great last week but can I really trust him over ASJ Wild Card Weekend? Pretty small sample size to go by with Anderson. 2nd Question pick one - 1 PPR Flex D.Lewis @ Miami or Robby Anderson @ Denver or Goodwin @ Houston I'm leaning towards Robby with him getting in a full practice today. Thanks SS
  2. I have been offered Cobb straight up for him in dynasty. Was considering playing it safe & trading for Cobb but Cobb just doesn't have the upside of Gordon so decided to turn it down and gamble - hoping he can get reinstated & keep his #%$ out of trouble.
  3. With the bye week to get more work in the offense & another 2 weeks to get healthier - I think we could see Parker have a semi-break out game this week. 4 catches for 80 yards is my prediction. I don't like Parker for redraft necessarily but this is the time to trade for him in dynasty.
  4. Good chance you could have gotten Abdullah at 5. Passing on A.Cooper at 2 is something you might regret for the next decade.
  5. In looking at these recent dynasty rookie drafts the takeaway is how much drafters are weighing preseason injuries (Yeldon/Parker) in their selections - especially D.Parker. Parker was pick 4 or 5 in most every PPR rookie draft up until 3 weeks ago. If he is falling to picks 9-12 he is a steal there.
  6. It clearly was about Revis getting burned for a TD - he didn't point out any of the other scores. His intent was pretty clearly saying that he is the best CB in the game & wouldn't give up a TD like #24.
  7. Great game! I was pretty indifferent about who would win until Sherman called out Revis - hamming it up for the camera basically saying look at me I'm the best not Revis. When a guy makes it all about himself instead of his team during the Super Bowl it seems pretty classless sportsman wise to me. I started rooting for the Pats to win at that point. Karma rewarded Sherman pretty damn quickly.
  8. I say almost the same thing Lynch does when I'm forced to go to one of my wife's family get togethers......."I'm just here so I don't get divorced."
  9. I don't think Lynch is intelligent enough to form those type of complete sentences. He really should hire Sherman to do interviews. Watching Sherman debate Skip B was priceless. On one hand the NFL is dropping the ball hard core on this rule. Do they really want guys like Lynch running down the league & acting like a 3 year old with the press? Seems like access to the press should be optional. On the other hand Lynch probably would be washing cars if he didn't play football...not there there is anything wrong with that but a guy that makes millions playing football and has a job that most people could only fantasize about having acts like the world owes him and that talking to the media is beneath him because sometimes he is asked hard questions that he struggles answering.
  10. Yeah...that didn't work for Muhammad Ali did it? Sherman realizes that the best corner backs in the league do not get big endorsement deals. The reason people know who Sherman is outside of us fantasy football geeks is because he runs his mouth, has good quips, and makes ESPN over and over. He is pretty smart if you ask me.
  11. The NFL is no different than district courts in the U.S. If you are in trouble for a drunk driving or marijuana possession charge in a state that has not legalized marijuana for recreational purposes you are often put on probation & drug tested randomly while on probation. The NFL substance abuse policy right or wrong is similar but obviously much more intensive in it's monitoring. Gordon strikes me as a person that is always looking for a loophole & feels he is smart enough to get away with drinking/using while on probation in the NFL so to speak. He obviously is not. He is choosing to drink & use vs. playing in the NFL. Nothing wrong with that - it's his personal choice. If he truly wants to play in the NFL again he needs to decide if using substances trumps playing football and if it does not then I hope he looks at playing in the CFL for a year if he is able to do so without interaction with the legal system in Canada - seek reinstatement in the NFL in 2016. However, with his recent drunk driving - it might stop him from living in Canada believe it or not.
  12. Only Gordon knows that answer. I'm a therapist specializing in addiction. I have worked with clients that have been arrested 10-15 times for drunk driving and been to prison but continue to make the same mistakes. For some people it's the belief that they can beat the system. For some it's fear of change. Others the fear to succeed. Most people do not have access to the same access to services & excellent help that Gordon does due to his financial status. His refusal to fully quit and change his lifestyle makes me believe that he still doesn't think he has a problem & can beat the system.
  13. I know there are allot of Amish in Ohio....maybe Josh needs to get circle of Amish friends to hang with. Pretty sure they don't smoke, drink, or even listen to hip hop music.
  14. I'm pretty happy with any reduction in Gordon's suspension. Being able to play 6 games is a small win. If they get it reduced even more.....awesome! Question is...can he actually stay out of trouble for 2-3 months? Odds are he gets busted again in the next few months. Recap the past 6 months......caught riding around with his buddy who received a possession charge, dropped dirty for hanging out with his buddies from 2nd hand smoke, and then drunk driving while he is appealing his year long suspension. I hope he finally gets it but I don't think he will.