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  1. Are you guys still playing this? I read that they finally pissed the players off enough that there's a boycott.
  2. Yep soccer fan, great notebook TFC. May be leaving too early to be able to catch the game but will keep that in mind. Yes to breweries etc and live music. Art and history. Not much for clubs. We are considering taking the Clipper over to Victoria for a day trip, realize it would be a long day but may be easier that having to deal with checking in/out of hotels etc.
  3. Bumping this thread, wife and I will be visiting Seattle from somewhere around June 30-July 5th. Trying to decide what the best area to stay in would be, hoping to stay close to downtown but also be close to food, sights, etc that are not too touristy. All we really have down for certain so far is to visit Pikes Place Market. We like good coffee, good beer, and good food, TIA.
  4. Yeah I wrote that wrong, it's debuffs on your opponent only. With the way things change from AQ, AW, what we are focusing on etc, and the cost to fix it if you don't like it, I'm hesitant to add any of the suicide masteries too. If we knew we were only going to do AQ Map 3 (no heal blocks) and focus on AW and other things, I would probably go for it. But Kabam changes things like a woman changes clothes, which makes it tough to make any definite choices.
  5. Also Inequity would be a great one for AW Defense. There's some debuffs built into the map as well as any debuff the attacker is putting on you.
  6. I'm considering unlocking Inequity. If I'm reading it correctly in Roninnupes guide, Inequity does not proc any debuffs, therefore should not trigger willpower. Resonate DOES proc weakness. Would be a PITA in both arena and AW. Inequity: At 3/3 gives you 6% damage reduction per debuff on your opponent. Note: it’s worded AWFULLY(AQ positive, Arena neutral) The damage reduction can add up insane with champs like Ant Man, and make them EXTREMELY effective in AQ Works very well in conjunction with resonate Works great in Arena if you face opponents with liquid courage and double edge, to take the edge off. Not very useful if your heroes don’t add debuffs, but the double edge sword is heroes that do add debuffs suck against willpower Resonate: Randomly causes all your champs to add weakness that last 7 seconds and reduced the damage you take when hit by 7-13% based on the level (AQ positive, Arena negative) The damage reduction is very nice This triggers inequity for champs that don’t already have debuffs. So at a basic inequity level of 1 and resonate of 1, you’ll be seeing a 9% damage reduction when weakened, and at a max you’ll see 19%! It’s the most EXPENSIVE mastery to unlock at 2 Carbonium Cores PER Level for a total of 6 to Max. Seriously WTF! This plain SUCKS ### against anyone with willpower and makes arena battles painful It’s RANDOM. Sometimes when you want it it doesn’t come, and when you don’t want it, it does!
  8. I like that team. Good blocking is getting to be crucial on these tougher AQ maps. Sucks when you get wrecked just blocking special attacks. The nice thing about DD is he's pretty good in both lanes (crits.stun) and against bosses (perfect block). His dupe isn't crucial (unless youre fighting Map 5 Cyclops) That said I would likely stick with Dr/Dr/SW if you have that team, for the block prof if nothing else.
  9. Basically this: 4* Guil (could be 3* if adventurous), 4* MoonKnight, 4* Widow, 3* Widow, Any Hulk Fight everyone except Wolverine with MoonKnight. Fight Wolverine with Guil. Have 3 in the Stupefy mastery. Have 5 in Precision. Do the Realm during a full moon. Basically, MoonKnight's passive gives him a TON of crits during the full moon + bleed on those + a 15% chance of a 3 second stun. 4* and 3* Widow have synergy with Hulk that add 45% chance to stun. So, in theory (this hasn't been tested yet), MoonKnight will be throwing stuns like a madman. Enough that your opponent is stunned for the entire fight. MoonKnight has a 6 hit combo... should be criting about 65% of the time, and 60% of those will stack a stun. If this works, the realm should be a breeze. Just mash the attack button and win. Sounds pretty legit. Are either of your BWs level 99? If so it looks like you could use her against Wolverine as well. No, my 4* is 62 and I'm not sure about the 3*. If it was, I'd dump Guil and add someone who was increase crit chance. But, as is, I'll have to keep her. If your 3* BW is L99, you could ditch Guilly and do something like Abom (crit rate with Hulk) and awakened SW (she stuns quite a bit, especially if you get her crit rate up). Then you wouldn't be limited by Full Moon