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  1. Yeah, I hadn't even factored in the possibility that Waller may be doing more blocking this week than usual now...
  2. Might be doing it again this week. Like the matchup Hockenson has against Atlanta and Waller's seems tough vs. TBay. Not married to the idea yet, but leaning towards TJ...
  3. Wifey was just telling me that the Twitter is down at the moment. She would know...
  4. Maybe the Edmonton "Football Team" can get in on the action... Is anyone trying to trade for Bell in anticipation that he ends up in one of these better spots (Miami or KC)? His value would obviously be much greater, assuming he hasn't lost more than one (or two) steps while in NYC... He has never looked particularly good (or interested?) since he's been there. I admit I am intrigued with what he would do elsewhere but fear he is a shadow of his former Pitt self. Thoughts on what he is worth giving up for?
  5. Hello All, Just wondering if others are experiencing issues with CBSSports' fantasy football website the last few days (at least more than usual...)? I have noticed that messages posted to the message board are not being sent out to my league (I have double checked league alert settings). Last night's FAAB report (which usually comes out around midnight Mountain Standard time) was several hours late and in a weird format. Now additional free agents are all on waivers until next week when they should not be (we allow additional pickups for free until Sunday kickoff). I am sure there are other gremlins I have not yet discovered... Would be relieved(?) to know if we are not alone and this is more of 2020 silliness. Thanks. ETA: Yes, I am THE COMMISH... I checked the settings to see if anything was inadvertently changed but it all looks good. I guess we will let them sort out the bugs.
  6. Time to speculate on Lamical Perine?
  7. The question now is how do folks feel about the Jets DST now as a streamer (in reasonably deep leagues) now with the rookie in at QB? Gotta give them a bit of a bump I would think with this development to the point where there are marginally startable...
  8. Waller also has this odd pattern of never putting two big games together in a row. Going back to the beginning of last season, he has not had two games of more than 10 fantasy points back to back (at least in my 0.5 PPR league). He’s a yo-yo, EKG, tight end, like a lot of them are. Love him, but coming off of last week’s big game, a bit nicked up, facing BB’s defence that has a proclivity of taking away a team’s best offensive player, on the road, can’t say today’s result comes as a surprise. Next week who could/should be back with a much stronger performance.
  9. Yes disappointing after last week. Glad I benched him for TJ Hock, but was second guessing that call all morning...
  10. If Michel does anything today, it’s only because Damien Harris is returning next week...
  11. Hi Sig, Tried to sign up for Opiner but had no luck (I didn’t receive the confirmation email...). In any event, 0.5 PPR and need to catch up after facing both Chubb and Hunt on Thursday. Ouch. Need 2 RBs from: Aaron Jones, RoJo, Sanders, Swift, Malcolm Brown, Hines, Snell. Need 2 WRs from: JuJu, Lockett, Slayton, DeSean, Lazard. Need one of Waller or Hockenson? Need a flex from the left over WRs and TE. Saints or Packers DST? thanks!
  12. Welcome back Sig! 0.5 PPR. Need one of the following to replace Sanders in my lineup: RoJo, Fournette, Swift, TJ Hock, C Kirk, Slaynton, Lazard, or Pettis. Surprisingly, am leaning TJ Hockenson with Golloday likely out. Crazy?
  13. Bloomin' Onion! I can still sneak in the back door for a Wild Card spot in my main league. Too bad I started the rebuild for 2020 already...LOL. 0.5 PPR otherwise standard, 12 teamer. Pick a QB: Darnold or Deshaun Watson (I am leaning Darnold). Pick 2 RBs: Ronald Jones or Aaron Jones or Miles Sanders (This is a tough one given the matchups and with Aaron not being an autostart lately...) My (not so great) receivers are: C. Kirk; Slayton; Waller and Hollister. Any reason to bench one for Lazard? (I would doubt it). Mucho Gracias Senor! We do not believe in no triskaidekaphobia...