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  1. 0.5 PPR - Gotta get back to 500, after the Aarons disappointed last week... QB - pick one between Rodgers and Stafford RB - pick two of Aaron Jones; Lev Bell; Samuels; Ronald JOnes; McKissic WR/TE - starting Kupp and Tyfreak. Need one more from: Gordon, Slayton, Reynolds, Gesicki or Everett (currently leaning Slayton...) Thanks Bloomage!
  2. Bloom answers questions in the order they are posted. He is still working on page 1. Hopefully he will get to yours. I am also choosing between Browns DST and Jets DST. Am leaning Browns DST FWIW... Like the rookie QB situation.
  3. 0.5 PPR Mr. Bloom. Starting Aaron Jones. Need another RB between LeVeon Bell or Jaylen Samuels. What say Ye? Also who do you like between DeMaryius Thomas and Darius Slayton? Lastly, Browns DST or Jets DST? cheers! Rick
  4. Good day, Mr. Bloom, 0.5 PPR, otherwise standard. 12 team league. Rodgers or Stafford for QB this week? Hard to not start Rodgers after last week, but big love for Stafford this week... One of Dorsett, Everett or Alison for flex? Was leaning Dorsett, but there is bad weather in NE... thanks again!
  5. Bragging, albeit is difficult to do when entering this week with a 2-4 record...: Needed to do something drastic, so with my D. Freeman coming off his Week 6 big game and the league leader’s Aaron Jones looking like he had just lost his job to Williams, I pulled off a trade in my main salary cap league, giving up Freeman, Michel and Alshon Jeffrey for Jones, L’Veon Bell (who hasn’t been lighting it up, at least not yet) and Antonio Brown (who I immediately dropped due to cap space issues). Then my QB, Aaron Rodgers wakes up, at least for this week and my TE (Waller) learns where the end zone is, I look like a world beater.... This hobby is a fool’s errand, but fun nonetheless.
  6. Hey Sig, 0.5 PPR, otherwise standard, 12 team league. Need your sage wisdom (again!): RB - one of Aaron Jones or L’Veon Bell WR - one of Kupp, Dorsett, J. Gordon, DeMaryius Thomas TE - one of Waller, Everett, Witten Flex - any two of the above not already chosen. thanks! Loomba ETA - would you trade whichever TE that doesn’t start today for Chris Herndon?
  7. 0.5 PPR, otherwise fairly standard scoring: 1. Pick two RBs from: Sony Michel; D. Freeman; and R. Jones; 2. Pick two WRs from: A. Jeffrey; J. Gordon; D. Robinson; Dorsett (Kupp already played from me on Thursday, Yay!). 3. Pick anyone of the above players for Flex. cheers SigBlo.
  8. It’s another thin waiver wire week for DST help in most leagues. What do you all think about the Saints at home to the Bucs? They are ranked relatively high but the Bucs seem to have the offence rolling now. Other potentially viable options this week if you are desperate might include Steelers (coming off a big game against the Bungles) but play Baltimore at home; there are the Chiefs at home to Indy; 49ers at home to Cleveland as well. Chiefs might be interesting.
  9. I am sure I am not the only, but Will Dissly's untimed down TD would be the primary reason for a very narrow defeat yesterday and an 0-3 start. Ouch...
  10. I have also been wondering about Ajayi. He is supposed to be fully recovered from the latest knee injury, or so the reports go... certainly younger and would seem more relevant than Martin/Anderson at this stage...
  11. Hi Bloom, 0-2 so need to turn this ship around... 0.5 PPR, 6 pt TD's. Everything else is fairly standard. Pick 1 RB: Michel, Freeman, Barber, Wilkins, Mostert Pick 3 WRs: Cupp, Agholor, Demarcus Robinson, Josh Gordon, Devin Smith Flex: Any one of the above. Owe you a beer next time you are in Calgary...
  12. What Britney Taylor said.
  13. Mostert looks like he could be the lead back in San Fran soon. Worth a stash if he isn’t already picked up in your league.