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  1. Six hours and no one has posted the obvious rejoinder: "Say what you will about the tenets of National Socialism, at least it's an ethos" ??? You guys are losing it!
  2. Lol. Every time I read the thread title I think "what government response?" And for the literalists on the board, that's hyperbole. I know there has been a government response (stimulus, ventilator production, testing, re-opening guidelines...not to mention our cornering the market on hydroxychloroquine), I just don't think it has been as substantive, proactive, coordinated, and consistent as it should have been.
  3. As I recall, it was also partly a rebellion against a few cast members who thought they were cooler and more rebellious than nerdy Costello. Elvis wanted to show them what real rebellion looked like. Thus the sneering line: "I want to bite the hand that feeds me, I want to bite that hand so badly." Fast forward 25 years and the above SNL story is being recounted with the glow of nostalgia on the Today Show (or maybe it was Good Morning America. In either case it was 9am on a weekday morning in August. I was/am a big Costello fan and he was getting a lot of tease for his upcoming live performance on that weekday morning show via a bit of a career retrospective and interview segment. He likely had the same experience I did when the covered that SNL story with the hazy glow of nostalgia and a "we are so cool" we are in on the joke with you vibe. As I sat there with my 85 year old grandfather waiting for the second live song the host announced that Elvis would be playing "Spooky Girlfriend" from his latest release. I smiled and remarked to my grandfather "ha, this'll be interesting." A minute later the band silenced their instruments mid-song so that Elvis could deliver the below lines with absolute clarity to the viewing audience of housewives circling their TVs on that weekday morning: The shutter closes Exposes the shot She says, "Are you looking up my skirt?" When you say "No" She says "Why not?" Never change Elvis
  4. I agree that the stimulus package was impressive. I am also a liberal business leader who thought the wall street bail out was necessary, however distasteful. So, on that we agree...although am not sure how much credit Trump should get for that. Leadership is what I am mainly focused on: empathy, consistency, clarity, inspiration. Those are the elements of leadership I focus on and I just can't give Trump passing grades on any of those elements as they relate to the pandemic. What I see is a guy who planned to run on the economy and saw the pandemic as a false choice between health and economy. He made a bad choice early on and has doubled down on that bad choice every day since.
  5. I have a Kubrickian view of humanity, so you won't find me giving people a pass at all. But we were talking about Trump and what HE could have done better. As a business leader surely you recognize what a leadership lay up this was, right? Unite people behind a common cause that no one* is blaming you for. I bet most national leaders have seen their favorability numbers rise since the pandemic began. Dont know that to be true, but that'd be my guess. Maybe I'll investigate when I'm not wildly speculating on provable facts that I haven't bothered to look into! Fyi, that's a shot entirely at me, so please dont read anything into it other than a self-own *hyperbole obviously - as there are always a small percentage of wackos who would likely claim he invented the pandemic in the basement of a DC pizza parlor.
  6. All due respect, nearly every other first world nation has handled this better than the US. We had significant advantages (time, oceans, tighter borders, opp to learn from their successes and failures, deeper pockets, etc.) and we squandered ALL of those advantages with science denial and wishful thinking. I am glad it has worked out for you, your company and your employees...but to say no one could have done a better job when nearly every other first world country HAS done a better job (and done so with fewer advantages) is silly and worthy of a laughing emoji response. Now, having said that I truly dislike the deployment of the sarcastic laughing emoji and instead wish Joe and team would add a thumbs down emoji instead so the people could express disagreement more productively. But that's a diff issue. Thx for listening and good luck.
  7. Is the bolded not how he "governs" generally? So this is no different, right?
  8. Uh, I think it being Germany was his point. That it isn't just Americans pushing back against these mandates. That said, I see a diff between where Germany is at case-wise vs. America at the time of this protest. Then again I also see a diff between 17k marching in the streets vs. two yahoos wearing swastika masks at wal-mart. I think the larger take-away is that there is a significant population who is very selfish, scientifically under-educated, largely unadaptable, and grossly over-fed. As always, just my opinion.
  9. Am interested. Will DM you once I figure out how to do that.
  10. Good to know. Most of the month-long rentals I am seeing are 15+ minutes from Asheville (i.e. 6 to 20 miles from the center). I'd actually prefer her a bit out of town (fewer distractions). Have seen several that are around $3500/month for 3 bedrooms. Assuming 4-5 of them that's $700-900 each...which seems reasonable to me. Maybe Covid is scaring people away from travelling???
  11. Thanks all. I suggested Asheville to her for all the reasons several of you mentioned (low case rate, seems like the kind of place that would take this seriously, great outdoor options, etc). But I have only been there once and wanted to make sure I wasn't push my (50 year old version) of a great hang. As for the money, it will be a wash for the room and board savings we will get from the school. And anyway, this would have been her abroad year anyway so am saving money there already and also feeling like she has been SO good over past few months that she deserves better than more home schooling from our kitchen. Again, provided she can do it smartly and safely...which is still TBD.
  12. Thanks. I, too think it could be a great experience. I just think that 3-4 friends who are acting responsibly is better for her development than another semester at home. That is, I think she'll be safer in the small group than on campus with 15000 fellow students - while still having the experience of living away and socializing with others. She's a mature near-20 year old, so trying to balance it all.
  13. I hear ya regarding the school resources and have considered that. But ultimately have more concerns about school resources being over run in a town of 10000 and college of 15000 students than in a place like Nashville or Asheville
  14. Great question, there are actually quite a few month-long opps in Asheville, Nasville and Chatanooga. Haven't looked at other cities yet
  15. My daughter is going into her sophomore year at Miami University (outside Cincinatti, OH). The semester start date was pulled forward two weeks in order to get students through the semester prior to Thanksgiving. Today she learned that they will begin the year online for the first month (mid-August to mid-September). This was not a surprise to me, nor will it be a surprise if she doesn't step foot onto campus this Fall. As such, I suggested weeks ago that she rent a house with a few college friends who take Covid as seriously as we do. As most of her friends are: from the Ohio area not wealthy (wrongly, IMO) think they will be back on campus soon I suggested that they find a cool, mid-sized town within driving distance of Ohio, with decent hospitals (Covid, remember), good outdoor recreation activities, and people who take social distancing and mask-wearing seriously as we do a house for a month until they return to campus in mid-September*. The poll contains a few locations I came up with, but I am from the northeast and don't really know the midwest very well. So, am open to ideas beyond what I provided...even crazy ideas. If you were her/us, where would you begin the Fall semester of your sophomore year? Have at it and thanks in advance! *One month rental within driving distance of campus will provide options if they NEVER get back onto campus this Fall: Return home if grades aren't satisfactory Find a new location in a diff town if the group wants a change of scenery Drop the dead weight if one or more roommates (all known to her, but still...) turns out to be a nightmare Etc.