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  1. I drafted him with the same expectation. He plays when he's healthy* and when he plays, he plays well. *Not a knock, merely a recognition that when he is ready to play, I'll be ready to start him with confidence.
  2. Very cool and useful. Thanks for the work and would reiterate the desire for YTD info. Have already passed it to some FF diehards. Looking forward to version 2.0
  3. I own McCoy and have no shares of Williams. Have said from the outset that I thought McCoy's upside would be capped at high-end RB2 given that I doubted that even with a Williams injury that McCoy would get sufficient volume. I doubt Reid would want to make a 31 yr old into a workhorse. Expect Thompson or the other Williams to become fantasy relevant if Williams can't go.
  4. starting him over golladay. welcome to my line-up of Kelce, Wakins, Hardman and McCoy (in the flex). Banking on a good day from KC that isn't solely Williams
  5. You may be right, but relying on precedent and historical consistency is NOT something I'd be leaning hard on. As such, I think we have absolutely NO idea how and when this will be handled by, to quote Jesus Quintana, "those f###s in the league office." As always, just my opinion.
  6. Personally, I use Dave Richard. I like to see where he has decided NOT to cheat off of Jamey Eisenberg...and then I do the opposite of whatever Dave Richard's rankings suggest: sell, buy, start, sit, pick up, whatever. Easy money! Thank me later.
  7. Maybe this was discussed in July or was in the original proposal but I don't understand why the NFL needs more games to make more money. Won't they get 80 cents on the dollar just adding more weeks? It is already a 16 game, 17 weeks schedule. Why not a 16 game, 18 week schedule? Or 16 game, 19 week schedule? Doesn't additional bye weeks give ALL sides MORE of what they want? Players get more rest/recover time, networks get more eyeballs, owners/players get more $. What am I missing? Surely the $ the owners are after isn't gate receipts, is it? Surely the networks would pay MORE for an 18 or 19 weeks schedule with the same number total games, right?
  8. "Not in your best interest"??? Nice. Well, here are a few more I'd be looking to buy: Breida at high RB3/low RB2 price: thought he was undervalued before, was inefficient today, but with Coleman out he has a chance to be as high as a mid tier RB2 Ingram: his price went up but I think he could still be had for low RB2 price Justice Hill: did nothing yesterday but good lotto ticket at a cheap price Happy? We good?
  9. I really think some of you guys are doing this wrong. This isn't just sell list of guys who were did well week one but were drafted low; guys drafted high who performed mediocre/poorly. As such, I think Mack is a buy low candidate. He was drafted as a low RB2 and I think could be gotten for mid RB2 price when that is his floor IMO. THAT is how to compile a useful buy low - sell high list. So please, more analysis and understanding of mkt value vs. floor/upside. Thx
  10. It's a timeshare guys. I don't expect McCoy to avg 8 fps next week, nor do I expect Williams to average 2 fps. OTOH, I also expect McCoy to get a few more targets as the weeks go on. As always just my opinion...and fwiw, I own no shares of Williams and some shares of McCoy
  11. Wow. I think 67% of you guys are as crazy as AB.
  12. Somehow I think McCain would have obtained a certificate on first application, but Cruz would have a more difficult process. Just a gut feeling.
  13. I don't think there is a wrong answer there, take: Tyreek if you value upside (highest weekly ceiling) Thomas if you value safety (highest season-long floor) Juju if you value opportunity (will be heavily targetted)
  14. Our league FOR YEARS has employed: 2 QB starters to make the position MUCH more valuable QB scoring is 1 per 25 yards for passing and 1 per 25 yards for rushing so as not to elevate the Tim Tebows of the world For TEs/WRs/RBs we use 1 point per 8 yards rushing/receiving so as to elevate the value of yardage over TD producers The result is that our first round usually consists of 4 Rbs, 3 Wrs, 2-3 QBs, and occasionally 1 TE