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  1. I wasn't a supporter in 2016 at all. Indeed, in 2000 I looked forward to the day I could vote against Hillary Clinton (I had never voted for Bill Clinton). Anyway, I eagerly cast my ballot FOR Hillary in 2016 as I felt he was wholely unfit for the office. When he won I comforted my nearly inconsolable 15 year old daughter with "well, let's look on the bright side. He's an outsider who isn't beholden to anyone politically. He's a former democrat turned populist, so....I am fairly certain that he'll either be one of the 5 best or 5 worst presidents we have ever had...I just can't see how he's in the middle of the bell curve. My problem is that I think his chances of being in the top 5 is about 5% and his chances of being in the bottom 5 are about 95%...but there is a chance, so let's lean into that."
  2. All great points. Thanks for the perspective.
  3. Yeah, agree. I think what I intended/hoped would be that he'd inquire with his wife and perhaps share my wife's POV if she came clean with how it went down. I was sincere about it being unproductive to call my wife in the near-term. Anyway, my hope is that we can all cool down and rekindle this at a later date. As I said, I'm sure they have their side of the story too.
  4. Thanks. We let alot roll off of us, but this one seemed like it needed to be addressed. Not solved, not blown up...just noted and remarked upon. Thx for the thoughtful POV
  5. Lovely sentiment and not at all what I am doing, but you be you and good luck with your life with that attitude.
  6. Lateral quickness, but no great burst, no power, questionable route running and hands. At worst Bell is gonna be 1b to CEH's 1a. 25% chance Bell relegated CEH to COP back within the next few weeks. As always. Just my opinion.
  7. Interesting. I finally found something that Lou Dobbs and I agree on!
  8. Agree. Besides "meet you at 8pm at XYZ" when is it EVER the ideal communication method?
  9. your reaction matches my own: disappointed and a bit surprised. gonna give it some space
  10. Yes, he is definitely the more sensible and considerate one. And he's also not one to get super-serious/deep about things (he's a guy's guy), so am not surprised that he would want to be casual and chill. But still, the lack of acknowledgment of upset caused is both surprising and leaves me wanting. Still, could be lots of reasons and as such am happy to just let it lie and see if it ever comes up again. If they start texting us soon with "hey let's hang out again, last time was fun" at least I'll know that I tried to grease the skids for our forthcoming tepid responses and soft excuse-making (i.e. "sorry, can't. maybe next time" rinse. repeat.) it's all good. just weird and a little sad.
  11. Thanks and sorry to hear about your situation with your Mom and her sister. That's awful. And hanks for the thoughtful perspective. The fear angle/interpretation makes a lot of sense. I have no doubt that my wife's side of the story is colored by her own fears and trepidations (i.e. the back story I just noted PLUS politics PLUS Covid PLUS alcohol PLUS normal day-to-day misinterpretations). It's a lot.
  12. Thanks Joe. Really appreciate the novella, sincerely. FWIW, I noted previously that we live in a wealthy Boston suburbs not to brag, but because these suburbs lean republican. So while we aren't deep red, they are redder than you'd likely imagine. Indeed, I joked post-2016 that I knew enough Gary Johnson voters personally that I wasn't sure how he didn't take Massachusetts. Anyway, NONE of that takes away from my complete agreement that I, too, am sure they are feeling isolated by media, friends, family, etc. And that they had a different view of the events of the evening. As you'll see in the text exchange I posted I also agree that trying to resolve things via text isn't ideal. My approach was to give him some understanding of why we'd likely be pulling away. Back story that I didn't share is that this is the second time my wife has felt disrespected by his wife. That incident isn't worth going into here but we backed away (turned down social opps, refrained from extending them invitations to connect) and that left them a bitt confused and, I think, understandably hurt. So we just haven't seen very much of them over the past 2 years (save for a couple of large scale gatherings like 50th birthday parties) and this was our attempt to try to rekindle something. In retrospect, I should have seen that our choice of timing was poor. Anyway, thanks so much for your thoughtful reply @Joe Bryant. I really appreciate it as I think you have a few more important things to be doing on this Sunday morning
  13. he did. and as it wasn't anything that I expected i am simply going to let it lie at this point as I see no point in belaboring the issue. anyway, here is my text to him (names changed): [My friend Bob] Thanks for tonight. It was fun and I'm sorry I/we dominated the conversation (a too common occurrence that I always feel badly about in retrospect, but seem unable to self-manage in the moment). Unfortunately, I need to let you know that [my wife Susan] didn't have as good a time as I had. She felt cornered by [your wife Diane] on the Covid topic - something Susan didn't appreciate, but at least understood (everyone has different opinions and unfortunately those opinions have been high politicized). Most disappointing is that Susan felt disrespected by the ensuing conversation between [other wife Kelly] and Diane that occurred immediately afterward in the kitchen that Susan overheard while sitting on the deck. We don't expect people to agree with our politics and as you know we have many dear friends and family members who are both left and right of us on the political spectrum. So please understand, this isn't about politics. This is about disrespect and impoliteness. Susan felt that our opinions (however others may disagree with our approach) were not respected and indeed were mocked behind our back...and that is extremely disappointing. Am texting you so you understand, but would ask that you not share with Diane as I think any attempt by Diane to connect with Susan at this time would not be well received. As such, am sorry to be writing this with an ask of you to "please do nothing," but honestly feel that is the best course of action at this time. And please understand that I debated whether to send this text at all as I wondered what the point was of requesting inaction. But I decided that I thought you should know Susan and my feelings even as I suggest that doing nothing is best. Stress levels are high and we have an upcoming election that is about the 5th in my lifetime being touted as "the election to save America." Everyone is tired of this friggin' covid and the resulting behavioral changes, everyone is tired of the political divisiveness from both sides (and fueled by our foreign adversaries who seek to take advantage of this divided moment)...and yet here we are: friends torn apart by the strain and politics of it all. Ok, that's enough poltical postulating for now. Am open to finding time for the two of us to connect if any of the above is I'm sure much of it may be. Am truly sorry to be writing this text expressing our feelings of extreme disappointment. And yet I feel you will understand and accept it in the spirit in which I intend it. Again, I had a lovely evening...UNTIL I got into the car and Susan burst into tears. And I hate ending this text on that note as it reads so melodramatic and that isn't my intent. My intent is to sincerely express that Susan and I had two different experiences tonight. Anyway, sorry to unload on you like this, but I pride myself on being direct and so that's what you have here. Just my attempt to give it to you straight, which is how I think you'd prefer it. Be well. Jim This morning I received a text message from him this morning, the entirety of which is: No worries, we love story time with you guys. Great to see you, been way too long. That's it. That's all he wrote. Not what I was expecting, but as I wrote previously perhaps I was to indirect (I don't think so), perhaps he didn't read my text thoroughly, or perhaps he didn't receive my entire text (that can happen, right?) In any case, am going to let it lie. I sincerely contemplated not sending the text originally so following up seems more likely to be unproductive or worse counter-productive. Thanks all for your support. Really appreciate having a place to share and receiving so many thoughtful replies from (nearly) total strangers is strangely helpful. Love to you all.
  14. well, not sure about the bolded because the response i received was not at all what I expected and I fear my text wasn't direct enough...either that or he didn't read it all...or maybe there was some tech snafu and he only received part of it...I don't know. will post momentarily once I edit the names to protect all parties
  15. he didn't. indeed he was very much respecting our approach from the very beginning. I think you'll see my approach i the text exchange I will post shortly