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  1. My recollection is that he was backing another candidate in the primary, but then got behind trump in the general. If I have this right, then expect them to paint him as an opportunist
  2. I believe this approach was also good enough for the Dems when needing to get answers from Trump. So, there's that too!
  3. So what's the deal here? Have held him this long, so what's another week, right? But am confused by the day-to-day status. That sounds like the team is trying to put pressure on him, but what leverage do they have given that they are 0-8? It's not like the public is gonna turn on Green because he's costing the team a playoff spot? Alternatively, could it really be day-to-day at this point? Are there no beat reporters in Cinci that can tell us what's REALLY going on?
  4. I'll take Devin Numbskull <2 minutes into his opening statement. Let me know where I can pick up my prize.
  5. Grigs- Apologies, I misunderstood your comment and as such it sounds like we are arguing for the same thing (i.e. same number of games over more weeks resulting in an additional bye week). Indeed, like anyone spending a minute thinking about this comes to this as the obvious win-win solution.
  6. That's an interesting perspective, but one that is completely contrary to my POV. First because I think more games INCREASES the risks of injury and second because I don't believe that moving to 17 games will cause players/coaches/GMs/owners to take an NBA-like approach in which players are "rested" or given "extra time" to recuperate. That is, 17 games won't have a meaningful impact on the value/cost of a single game. As I've said before, I don't really understand why an 18 week season with 2 byes isn't the answer to ALL the problems. The additional TV revenue would be FAR more valuable than the extra gate revenue. And how does a 17 game schedule work exactly? It isn't divisible by two so you'd have some teams with 9 home games and others with 8! The article mentions more international we're talking about moving from a handful on international games to 17 international/neutral site games! If that's the case then the extra game doesn't result in additional gate receipts for current owners. So what's the point? What am I missing because the more I think about the more this solves NOTHING
  7. Is this the thread where we all name WRs on our bench? If so, then I'll go with TY Hilton! Other WRs can't be trusted, Brissett will be returning soon, with the exception of week 16 (Carolina) the schedule is far more pass favorable than run favorable, could be able to snag him from a needy owner this week while he is still sidelined (and just before your league trade deadline).
  8. Lol, I feel like I'm looking into a mirror while holding a mirror! Where does it endddddddddddddddddddddddd?
  9. So will Lindsey read this one? Because I will. And if there are criminal acts uncovered I will be happy to see those individuals prosecuted. We are a nation of laws after all. BUT, if THIS report is merely a smear campaign and further abuse of power, then I will double my already sizable donations that will be targetted at removing Lindsey Graham and his ilk from all positions of power. Sound fair?
  10. I agree that the schedule doesn't matter with him. They WILL find ways to get him the ball, that D and Reid will keep them throwing the ball, and Mahomes is playing fantastic. Also, he had TWO ez drops yesterday, plus another opp that could have been a spectacular TD. I know it's probably blasphemous to say it, but he/they left alot of points on the board yesterday.
  11. Gotta be the #1 WR ROS, right? I mean, on a ppg basis that is as i know he has an upcoming bye. Can you make a case for a WR you'd rather have?
  12. He sux. As others have said, he needs perfect conditions to operate effectively and that isn't happening this year. I am forced to start him next week in my superflex league due to Daniel Jones being on a bye. After that, I see only the AZ game as a likely start for him for the remainder of this year (including playoff weeks). The dude just isn't any good.
  13. It's their o-line partly. But goff is not helping. Everything is happening too fast for him
  14. Goff is really bad. Was protected by a great running game and innovative playcalling. Now being exposed due to a weak running game and a league that has caught up with McVay.