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  1. Can't answer second question as you failed to provide a response category for a non-tinfoil hat wearer. Suggestion: start a new poll asking if there is such a thing as Brennan Derangement Syndrome
  2. I voted for term limits, because I think that coming first gives us the best chance at overturning Citizens United...but am open to arguments to the contrary
  3. I don't think "love is the only qualifier." Indeed, I'd suggest love isn't in the mix at all. I believe free will and the agency to make an informed choice are the key criteria. As such, I don't see how animals, children, or coma patients will be ever be able to get married.
  4. "If he decries the election is rigged the day after"???? This is a guarantee win or lose. And am guessing that Ian Bremer is correct that the Dems will also question the outcome if they lose a close one (gerrymandering, voter supression, voting security, Russian trolling, etc.). So, barring a landslide Trump win, I think we are in for more divisiveness and "get over it, elections of consequences childishness" I don't think Trump will refuse to leave, but I do think that IF he loses that he'll continue to question the legitimacy of the results. And am pretty sure he will NOT participate in a peaceful exchange of power...he'll move out a few weeks before so that he can claim that the election and whitehouse was stolen from him. How the GOP responds to this depends upon the lessons they take away from the election.
  5. Agreed. Am dumbfounded that this isn't EVERYONE's favorite Stones song, both because of how awesome it is AND how much better it is than the other Stones songs - and that's NOT a knock on their other songs. FWIW, Sympathy loses a lot points by giving the mystery away in the title. It's like Mick wrote the song and then someone decided they'd get SO much publicity by naming a song "Sympathy for the Devil" but no one recalled that the ENTIRE song was asking people to "guess my name!" WTF!
  6. Sheik- Both glad and sorry to hear you are removing Acadia from the itinerary. Glad because it is TOO far out of the way, sorry because it is really worthwhile. I know you have your heart set on Burlington as your starting location, but I'd possibly think about exchanging that for Acadia. You could still knock off Vermont by going up 91 and hitting Brattleboro and Quechee/Woodstock without going TOO far out of your way. Burlington is a great city, but Ben & Jerry's tour is not worth the 5 minute drive IMO....can's speak to the sandwich you saw on TV. If you are committed to Burlington then I'd suggest a quick stop in either Saratoga NY (Rte 87) or Quechee/Woodstock (Rte 91). The on to Mt Washington with a drive via the Kancamangus (hiking as desired off the Kancamangus). Then across NH/ME via Rte 302 stopping in North Conway (hike to Diana's bath for cold swim on a hot day...15 minute hike each way) or Bridgton (hike Bald Pate if clear day - EZ hike...20 minutes each way) ending in Portland (great "little" city) Travel from Portland to Newport with possible stops at Cape Elizabeth (lighthouse), Kennebunkport (beach) and/or Portsmouth NH (cool town with some good restaurants and shopping) Caveats: the drive across VT, NH, and ME is time consuming but will take you through a bunch of small towns - some scenic, some decidedly NOT). The drive from Portland ME to Newport in the summer will be mostly interstate highway BUT will require thoughtful planning as you could run into CONSIDERABLE traffic from YORK ME to Boston if you try to do it on Sunday afternoon OR 4th of July. Also, avoid driving through MA during rush hour as Boston traffic will be BRUTAL. When is rush "hour"? In the summer it's weekdays from 6am to 9:30am and 1pm to 7pm! Lastly, considerable a unifying theme(s) for your trip: Colleges and college towns might be interesting if your daughter is up for quick drives through: Middlebury, Dartmouth, UVM, etc. Covered bridges: there are many of them in NH and ME that won't be too far off your x-Northern NE path Lighthouses: will be 3-4 you could hit from Portland ME to Portsmouth NH Good luck!
  7. But...but...but...both sides used the same tactics of ignoring the attack! So that makes them both the same! Don't ya see? If you complain about ignoring a conspiracy theory because it isn't worth shining a light on the crazy that's EXACTLY the same as you and all your lackeys ignoring congressional subpoenas! This is why if you believe the Central Park Five are innocent you must believe OJ is innocent as well...because they ALL denied it. Conversely, if you think OJ is guilty you MUST believe the Central Park Five are guilty because they ALL denied it. It's called logical consistency! *sarcasm alert for those not adept **and ftr, I fully understand what Matsuki is arguing, which is why obstruction of congress should be enforced regardless of one's political affiliation. Otherwise, you can insulate yourself from any oversight and THAT brings us back to the dictatorship question.
  8. Am very jealous of people like you. Living with my mild form of face blindness means that I have inadvertently insulted dozens of people by not remembering them...deadly for networking. Worse, I walk past close acquantances at the grocery store ALL THE TIME. Over the last decade (am 51) I have made a point to share my disability more openly in the hopes of making people understand that my future behavior is both predictable and NOT personal.
  9. Yeah, I think I read that if you have one (i.e. no internal monologue) you are much more likely to have another (Prosopagnosia or Aphantasia) than the general public. EVERYONE I meet I lead with "great to see you" as far, far too many of my previous "nice to meet you"s have been returned with "we met xx weeks/months ago." Makes networking a task fraught with difficulty as I spend far too much time trying to piece together if and how I know someone and NOT enough time listening to what they are saying.
  10. Me as well. Saw a youtube video this weekend in which a woman said that she had no internal monologue and that she couldn't visualize her apartment either. Her boyfriend and roomate was the opposite on both counts. I also have a moderate for of face blindness (as does my father), so the lack of visualization is not a surprise to me. The fact that some have an internal monologue still surprises me. I also have ALOT of self-confidence and thought that was due to being a successful student as a child and then businessman as an adult...but maybe the latter at least is as much chicken as it is egg. My wife has an internal voice that beats her up all day long. Me...nothing.
  11. And deservedly so. Costello apologized at the time and admitted that he was drunk and attempting to live up to his bad boy image when he said that to Stephen Stills one night that they found themselves in the same bar while touring America separately. To my knowledge Stephen Stills has NEVER apologized for writing and disseminating is catchy paean to marital infidelity - Love the One You're With
  12. I, too, see the obvious dangers of the technology BUT we need to recognize that: 1. It's coming, so unless you want to be Amish, you'd best get your head around the inevitable march of technological progress 2. How we legislate around it is the critical aspect since: see #1 above 3. There is a difference between the "right to privacy" and the "right to anonymity." Obviously the latter affords the former, but if you think about it, it's really probably only in the last few hundred years that there's been much expectation of anonymity. Prior to that, most people lived in small communities where EVERYONE knew EVERYTHING PUBLIC about EVERYBODY. Seems to me that technology is taking us BACK to the way most people lived for millenia. Is that good or bad? Not sure, but I do think it's worth noting that our expectation of "the right to anonymity" is a fairly recent construct in our species' history. 4. I think what most people are reacting to is not the ability to assemble this info - anyone can do it today - but rather the EASE of assembling it. As such, that seems a pretty week argument for legislative protection. That is, "yes, I put out on social media my birthday and my girlfriends picture and my recent trip to Cabo but I expected that if the police wanted that info that it'd take them a LONG time to assemble it." 5. So, is it REALLY private if the police could get an accurate picture of you by scraping the web and talking to a few of your friends? Anyway, just some initial thoughts.
  13. Different time AND it wasn't HIS sentiment. see Bob Dylan's Hurricane recorded a few years earlier for similar usage, intent, and lack of blowback
  14. I am with Otis, belljr, and bostonfred in the 15% "freak" category. Just stumbled across this concept yesterday and asked a woman who works for me and she said she had the inner monologue. I told her that I don't and her reaction was "that explains alot" Had a similar convo with my wife yesterday. I brought it up at dinner and she said she had heard about it earlier in the week. Said she has a running monologue and upon hearing some dont immediately thought of me. This is kinda freaking me out as I have been very consciously inspecting my thoughts and actions and while my head is "quiet" it is definitely filled with thoughts, concepts and ideas. The diff between me and the 85% seems to be the lack of complete sentences. My thoughts are much more conceptual and harder to articulate. As such I seem to have less agency than the 85% describe and yet no one would call me impulsive. Quite the opposite, they'd say I am overly planful and deliberate. I am also well above average in intelligence, yet I do not think I am very good at speaking extemporaneously.