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  1. No different than calling Skyline "chili"
  2. This thread is once again proof that the FFA is the absolute worst place to come for advice on almost anything.
  3. Next door? Easy. Buy walkie talkies and give her one. Things should progress from there.
  4. ####
  5. Too late!
  6. My wife did for a while. I'm not sure she's still in the game, but I'll ask.
  7. In on Paxton. Let's do this.
  8. I figured it out. User error. I'd tell you what i was doing, but it was really really stupid.
  9. Your site hates me. I created a new account. Clicked on your futures post, and got booted out to the main screen, where it won't let me login, even with the new account.
  10. Drop off kids for a free weekend: oh my god so happy first night: this is so great. i remember now wjhy i married you second night: this is so great. i love this. i kinda miss the kids drive home: i so miss the kids pick up kids: yes i'm so happy 5 minutes later: i wish we were still on vacation
  11. And you're like oh my god we are just talking about the kids lets stop. and then you stop for about 2 minutes.
  12. There's nothing quite like the elation you feel when you leave them for a weekend combined with how excited you are to see them when you get back.