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  1. @hagmania we need you now more than ever. Video game bets please. And also how to watch.
  2. Somehow ended up with tickets for Wolves v. Pelicans in the lower level on Sunday. Will report back with how fat Zion looks.
  3. Pretty exciting stuff. C - Garver/Avila 1B - Sano 2B - Arraez 3B - Donaldson SS - Polanco LF - Rosario CF - Buxton RF - Kepler DH - Cruz SP - Berrios/Odorizzi/Maeda/Pineda/Bailey/Hill RP - Rogers/Clippard/Romo/May/Duffey/Wisler O/U is 91.5. Heavy favorites to win the division. Third favorite to win the pennant, and sixth to win the Series. Should be fun. Or a disaster.
  4. I missed all of tonight because my daughter is an archer and all the tournaments are seek in Trump country Minnesota. It’s far enough out we are spending the night in a hotel after and there was a Wisconsin middle school wrestling team here who were so awfully behaved the cops had to come. Still had a better night than EYLive.
  5. Yeah but Otis is fat (less fat now though!) so we shouldn't care about this.
  6. How dare people celebrate a major life achievement in a way that they want. The nerve.
  7. Also: Best PicParasite Best DirectorParasite Best ActorAdam Driver Best AcressJohannson Supporting ActorHanks Supporting ActressPugh Orig ScreepnlayHollywood Adapt ScreenplayLittle Women AnimatedKlaus CinematographyLighthouse CostumesJojo Rabbit DocCave Film EditingFord v Ferrari Int'lHoneyland MakeupJoker Score1917 SongFrozen Production1917 Sound EditingFord v Errari Sound MIxingFord v Errari Vis EffectwLion King
  8. I checked in on VIP Sports Las Vegas podcast for the first time in a while and man, I"m glad I did. Not only is Money Talks coming back but as a documentary on Steve's life, but they also are planning to make a movie based on his life and they want Mark Wahlberg for the Steve Stevens role. Yes I'm 100% serious.