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  1. That’s the point. We have spent 7 years with these characters. They’ve lived. A lot of them are going to die. We got a last send off. Why in the world is that weak writing? That’s great writing.
  2. I thought it was an awesome episode because of that. Everyone got their good bye moment. Hopefully some of them live. Also if Dany stabbed Jon to death at the end that would have have been awesome.
  3. First time I've ever heard someone accuse NBA front offices of doing the common sense thing
  4. I think I don't much like Embiid, but that could just be the Butler halo effect.
  5. Also Jimmy Butler is insane and a generally horrible person. @DJackson10 can back me up with stories he's heard.
  6. Topbet just gave me $100 for not having logged in within some long period of time. Nice.