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  1. NBA ROY: Hunter +2500. It'll be tough to beat Zion and Morant, but he's going to get a lot of minutes. Worth a shot.
  2. I don't care about the China stuff when it comes to the NBA. I save that for when I am in a care about people mood. As far as NBA, I don't care. Just play. Talk or don't talk, as long as you play I'm fine.
  3. I love the one game Wildcard. Don't like it? Win the division. It's probably my favorite change any sport has made since the 10-point shot in Rock n Jock basketball.
  4. Veep +125 Succession +6600 When they See us -200 Bandersnatch +200 Danson +650 Brosnahan +900 Winkler +300 McKinnon +1000 Bateman +250 Clarke +600 Banks +600 Headey +325 Ali +425 Adams +550
  5. I've never been this excited for a show to let me down. As an 80s horror fan, I can't wait. I thought episode 1 was just fine.