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  1. I'm being attacked by a beetle n
  2. I don't get the Lebron hate. At all. I grew up watching Jordan. If you want to make a case for Lebron as better it's legitimate at this point. If you think Jordan was better that's fine but dismissing Lebron is ridiculous.
  3. Shawn Kemp was better than Gary Payton and I will fight you about this.
  4. Lebron now outranks Jordan in career playoff points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.
  5. And there it is. Lebron now the greatest NBA playoff player in history as he passes Jordan in playoff points.
  6. Same guy, imo.
  7. Steve Stevens is over 70% in every sport.
  8. Ervin Santana's BABIP is .136 with a strand rate of 91%. K and BB per nine are worse than his career numbers. This regression is gonna hurt.
  9. I would bet everything I own that he doesn't read this thread. I mean, most of the players are black.