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  1. I heard Jake Layman turned them down. And I expect this movie to do pretty well. The young fans out there will drive it while old guys like all of you whine about it.
  2. Shams Charaniaā€¸Verified account @ShamsCharania 21m21 minutes ago More Sources: New Orleans has waived forward Christian Wood.
  3. The Cleveland Cavaliers will waive guard JR Smith on Monday, before his contract for next season becomes guaranteed, and he will become a free agent, sources confirmed to ESPN.
  4. -22 lbs in 3 months doing keto with a break week every six weeks or so. From 266 to 244. Feel so much better. I can run out a triple at softball without dying. Gonna keep this train going.
  5. @Capella hates baseball because he needs action all the time and can't appreciate a slower game which is why he only watches Michael Bay movies and monster truck rallies.