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  1. super super available
  2. Reed u 14.5p Adrian o 16.5p+r Carter u 2 made 3s
  3. ss Eduardo Escobar
  4. sp Matt Wisler Could be a Cy Young contender
  5. I really like this trade from a fan perspective. First, he's not a laker. Second, he's not a celtic. But really in a league that's gone small and away from two big guys on the floor at the same time now we have two of the best what, five big men on the same team? Zig when they zag, right? Should be interesting. Plus Davis and Cousins probably ####ed several of the same chicks.
  6. Yahoo had him at 9. They went back and added in a new assist which means sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
  7. Gross finish losing the last four bets, but still finished +2.9 for the day!
  8. Bacon u 18p Young u 20.5p Bridges u 8r Swanigan o 12.5r Briscoe u 13.5p Maten u 19p Ojeyele u 18.5p Gray u 19.5p Jackson u 19.5p Perrantes o 2 made 3s
  9. Mason u 19.5p Motely u 26.5p+r Lecomte o 12.5p Allen u 14p Allen u 2 made 3 Livingstone u 10.5p Livingstone u 2 made 3 Carter o 2 made 3