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  1. Adams (nd) u 95.5 r+r yds
  2. One story, which may or may not be true I can't find anything on it right now because drunk, is that KG entered the draft because he couldn't qualify for college. He took the test again, SAT I assume, and ended up with a qualifying score high enough to get into school but was far enough along in the process and looking like a lottery pick so he stayed in the draft, even though he could have pulled out and gone to Kentucky (I think was his preference?). The high schoolers in the draft would have happened eventually, but I wonder how much longer it would have taken if he didn't decide to stay in the draft.
  3. Well after how every long (way too long) i've been here, I just reported my first ever post.
  4. I feel KG has been part of my whole life (I was a junior in high school when he was drafted) yet I can't come up with anything like Ferris has here. Keep going good buddy. I know my parents have a framed picture from the newspaper of KG after he was drafted that he signed at a Target signing event my mom went to. It's been hanging on their wall for 21 years, autographed To: "our last name". Pretty cool. I remember my buddy and I started out "how could you draft a high school player" and eventually got to "man they have to draft this guy" and we watched the draft and were ecstatic.
  5. JuJu! I bet @TheGooRoo had the under. You can prove me wrong by posting several of your best plays tomorrow.
  6. Putting down small longshot futures bets on NC State (+6600), Texas (+6600), and Ohio State (+15000) to win basketball.
  7. Playing Patrick under 5 rec and Smith-Schuster over 5.
  8. My mother was an astronaut.
  9. This thread is amazing.
  10. Well one time I went there and the hotel was super creepy and deserted. So #### your face.
  11. Seriously, how do you call a QB over on completions, his two best receivers under on receptions, and win all three?