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  1. Pretty exciting stuff. C - Garver/Avila 1B - Sano 2B - Arraez 3B - Donaldson SS - Polanco LF - Rosario CF - Buxton RF - Kepler DH - Cruz SP - Berrios/Odorizzi/Maeda/Pineda/Bailey/Hill RP - Rogers/Clippard/Romo/May/Duffey/Wisler O/U is 91.5. Heavy favorites to win the division. Third favorite to win the pennant, and sixth to win the Series. Should be fun. Or a disaster.
  2. I missed all of tonight because my daughter is an archer and all the tournaments are seek in Trump country Minnesota. It’s far enough out we are spending the night in a hotel after and there was a Wisconsin middle school wrestling team here who were so awfully behaved the cops had to come. Still had a better night than EYLive.
  3. Yeah but Otis is fat (less fat now though!) so we shouldn't care about this.
  4. How dare people celebrate a major life achievement in a way that they want. The nerve.
  5. Also: Best PicParasite Best DirectorParasite Best ActorAdam Driver Best AcressJohannson Supporting ActorHanks Supporting ActressPugh Orig ScreepnlayHollywood Adapt ScreenplayLittle Women AnimatedKlaus CinematographyLighthouse CostumesJojo Rabbit DocCave Film EditingFord v Ferrari Int'lHoneyland MakeupJoker Score1917 SongFrozen Production1917 Sound EditingFord v Errari Sound MIxingFord v Errari Vis EffectwLion King
  6. I checked in on VIP Sports Las Vegas podcast for the first time in a while and man, I"m glad I did. Not only is Money Talks coming back but as a documentary on Steve's life, but they also are planning to make a movie based on his life and they want Mark Wahlberg for the Steve Stevens role. Yes I'm 100% serious.