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  1. I know Luke Skywalker killed Darth Vader and all, but what was his training really for? Needed more closure.
  2. 1 - it was all her training. she killed the night king. 2 - ok 3 - who cares? 4 - who cares? 5 - no idea what this is 6 - what? 7 - he doesn't have one 8 - why wouldn't it be? 9 - who cares? He played his part.
  3. I think that dude played it right. He wagered enough to put himself a good amount ahead but if he got it wrong he was still in the game. Maybe i'm the idiot.
  4. K-E-T-O. 14.6 lbs in 4 weeks, man. Do it. You can drink as much vodka and soda as you want!
  5. Been Keto for about 4 weeks and down 14.6 lbs. Going to be a normal person for memorial day weekend and then will reasses what exactly I want to do. I never thought I would get sick of cheese.
  6. Getting pretty nervous that I'm going to start believing in this time. Really trying not to.
  7. I can easily sleep until noon if my children let me.
  8. Well maybe you can live on $40mm, but not everyone can. Ask Sprewell. He could barely feed his kids.
  9. Screw you guys I was at the Twins game today on the comapny dime sitting 7 rows behind home plate so I'm a little drunk and chatty.
  10. My son decided he now loves Kawhi Leonard because he's a ninja turtle. Not sure he's wrong.