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  1. I don't care about the China stuff when it comes to the NBA. I save that for when I am in a care about people mood. As far as NBA, I don't care. Just play. Talk or don't talk, as long as you play I'm fine.
  2. I love the one game Wildcard. Don't like it? Win the division. It's probably my favorite change any sport has made since the 10-point shot in Rock n Jock basketball.
  3. Veep +125 Succession +6600 When they See us -200 Bandersnatch +200 Danson +650 Brosnahan +900 Winkler +300 McKinnon +1000 Bateman +250 Clarke +600 Banks +600 Headey +325 Ali +425 Adams +550
  4. I've never been this excited for a show to let me down. As an 80s horror fan, I can't wait. I thought episode 1 was just fine.
  5. A relative of a relative of mine grew up with a now current NHL player. We went up to my uncles cabin the same weekend and NHL player brought his wife. Insanely hot blonde who would go fishing in her little tiny thong bikini. I still love her to this day.
  6. Quit so he could enjoy being filthy rich with a body and brain that still work, you mean.
  7. You're really not allowed to be this rational.
  8. Football isn't life to everybody. He's Jonathan Moxon, not Moxon's dad.