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  1. Some people dream, while others live that dream 2x “That Guy” at Monsters Laugh Floor
  2. We use ours often. Even a few times when we were away and my father needed to grab some tools out of the garage. He just called us and we opened it remotely.
  3. People who do not move all the way to the end of a row at a Disney show should suffer a lifetime of itchy anal warts.
  4. Why? Cash has actual value Vs ‘credits’. And yea it’s not 100% trackable which isn’t a bad thing sometimes.
  5. Kids today can't give change bc chances are they rarely ever touched cash. I look at my kids andeverything is on a card ....lunch card, gift card, even video games and the tickets you win are all on some form of card or digital currency. Kids today do not use cash, there is nothing to "get back"
  6. Awesome @unckeyherb glad Stephen was able to help you out!
  7. We use gift cards. We specifically buy them just for this purpose. But yes, you can charge it to your room. no matter which way, disney will take your money
  8. Chillin at the pool at Bay Lake tower Hot AF here now (expected) but also busy AF here too (not completely expected). I was reading reports that park attendance was way down....IDFK what they consider 'Busy' but man there were parts of the MK you couldn't walk without bumping into someone the other night. After a few days at Universal and using their express pass, it casts such a spotlight on the downfalls of FastPass. Yes, logistically I know there are major differences that the 2 resorts have, but the I basically did everything at universal, multiple times in 1.5 days. One real wart on FP popped up the other day as we hit a major mid-afternoon rainstorm—which is common for central FL—but it closed a whole bunch of rides and lasted about 45-50 mins. This mucked up a lot of people's FP times and converted a bunch to "anytime FPs" After the rain ended and the rides opened, we went to use our BTMRR FP and i swear, the FP line went down the path and back over the walkway by the Tom Sawyer Island launch! We actually got in line for it during our window, but by the time we reached the tap point, it was outside it (they obv let us in). After that, we had a Splash Mtn (we normally stack those) and that line ended on the other side of the splash bridge, basically right by Pecos Bills!!! Basically, all the people who got kicked off, or had FPs convert, all descended on those attractions at once, so we just skipped it, which sucks. Did AK last night for a DVC event. It was nice, but Everest was down with mechanical issues for most of the night. We had FP's for FOP before the event, and planned on doing EE until we dropped but that plan got screwed. When a major E-ticket is down, and they dont have shows like Lion King and Nemo running, it really highlights how little there is to do at AK. As much as I love that park overall, it still needs more. The nigh time safari is a bust, couldnt see anything. I thought they were having some mid-level lighting, but it was overall very dark. Because EE was down, FOP was at a constant 60-75 min wait even at a private event.
  9. Representing the WartHog section at the festive of the lion king show was little old me today. At AK for a special DVC member event from 9-12
  10. Pulling all my positive vibes in your direction kee.
  11. I set aside a portion of every job I do for a donation to my local Make-A-Wish Foundation. I would love to do more direct charity, but I unfortunately let my intentions slip by the wayside. However, my daughter was recently inducted into the National Jr honor Society and part of her membership requires a fair amount of community service. I am looking forward to helping her with that and doing some volunteer work along with her.
  12. I live in Long Island and I’d be off here in a second if it wasn’t for my wife. She’s a NYS teacher and has amazing benefits. She’s tenured and can’t retire for another 13 or so years. Between the high taxes, govt corruption, insane traffic and crappy weather I am sick of this place. I’m watching my friends move out of state to much better quality of life elsewhere.
  13. This just in..... Hagrid’s coaster is freaking awesome. That is all.