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  1. So your saying I can get Super Bowl tickets now? I’m in!
  2. I was so excited when the IRS started allowing large denomination iTunes Gift Cards as acceptable methods of payment for my unknowingly fraudulent activities over the last 7 years
  3. I have not done it in awhile, but yes, I would. Studios is attracting a lot of people now anyway b/c of the SWLand, so I would assume some of them will be going to the Jedi Academy too.
  4. @Dan Lambskin CaptainEo: No, that theater is now for Pixar Shorts which are really well done. Worth getting off your feet for 20 min. Studios:Jedi Academy, Yes
  5. “you’ve seen the backside of water, now see...the underside of water!”
  6. Does anyone use a portable video camera anymore? Thinking about it while watching my daughters basketball game and trying to record some action on my phone...which the quality sucks. are there any portable sized video cameras made for video that don’t make you look like an everyday tourist in your own town?
  7. ironically, we have a subscription to a meat supplier. He is due to drop off the next 6 mo order in a few days. I may try and move it up. So i'll have plenty stocked to ride though most anything, assuming the power stays on (I am sure it will, just know its been mentioned upthread), but I have a generator too.
  8. yes, I mean for the most part people go to WDW for the rides. I too enjoy really quiet parts and things to do there, but overall guests are paying and staying for the rides. Epcot has always had amazing character and charm, but discussions aside about if it should be more education focused or not, classic Epcot had a ton more to do than current Epcot. It is really highlighted when the brought in tiered FastPasses and you can only pick a Tier1 attraction like TT or Soarin, and then you are left with SSE, Turtle Talk, Living with the land, Mission space or Imagination....thats really it. Unless you have kids, TTalk is useless, and if you have even minor motion sickness the Mission Space is out too. So what are you left with? Looking back, classic Epcot had SSE (much better version of it, and I dont just mean narration) Universe of Energy, World of motion, Horizons, (the best version of) Imagination + the imagination lab, Living with the land (this pavilion is one of the few that you could say is better now), Seas with sea base alpha ride and the hydrolators. PLUS you had 2 fully stocked Communicore pavilions (and not with character meet and greets or Starbucks) where you could learn all sorts of futuristic things. You could literally give a full day just to future world back then. As for World showcase, I always looked at those as almost a second park. The vide was/is always different and you are there to get away from the craziness of attractions (as you mentioned) . Currently, people with families were turning away from Epcot b/c ride-for-ride there just wasn't enough to even justify the trek over, let along spend a full day/non-hopper ticket on. So that caused a ripple effect where the other parks are having to absorb that capacity, and one reason we have the wait times and crowds we see now. Me personally, while i'm not 100% on board with all the Epcot improvements, I knew something HAD to be done. If you read back through my recommendations for the last few years (don't its not worth it lol), I was very down on Studios b/c there was just as little to do there even though its one of my fav parks. Today, I cant recommend studios enough, it has gone from bust to boom in a very short time, and we still have 1 more attraction left to open next week.
  9. Reading this reminded me of 9/11. We live on Long Island, and that day I got sick of the coverage and decided to just go for a drive. It was an otherwise beautiful day here. I hoped on the LIE (main road that runs from both ends of LI) only to god out it was cut off by the police at a certain point westbound. That’s it, we were cut off from NYC. And if anyone knows LI, there is only 1 way out of here by car...through NYC. It was a real eye opener and pretty scary. if this thing gets to Ny, i could see something similar happening. Nothing in or out of LI, it’s just cut off. I need to make some friends who have boats.
  10. Sorry. Honestly imo this current version was my least favorite. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come out with in the new version. epcot has now become the new studios. For the last few years studios has been a shell of itself and under massive construction. Now it seems within a few short months, the park has exploded and is super popular.
  11. Space ship earth will be closing on May 26th for a 2 year long refurbishment. We knew this was coming as part of the overall Epcot reimagining but now we officially have a date
  12. Can you set up a quarantine in your house? I know most of us FBG have some spare wing or guest mansion we could close off and put an infected person, but is there anything a regular plebe could to to minimize Spreading it through the house if a family member has it?
  13. This scares the #### out of me. Both my wife and daughter have weak immune systems. And my wife is a 1st grade teacher in a huge elementary school wife has a white blood cell issue and daughter is on a medicine for her juvenile arthritis that surprises some of her immune system.
  14. It was a rumor started when frozen was lighting hot and they were looking to turn any surface in something Anna and Elsa. Of course it pissed off the frozen haters. But no it was never actually in the plans as far as I know.
  15. IDK....still seems odd. People are already leaving the DDP b/c the price may not make sense for you. I cant see how offering QS meals at TS prices (when you break it down pp) is a win? Unless they are going the other way and making the TS meals cheaper, or maybe reducing your selection down to a handful of selections and not the whole menu? I dig the flexibility option, but lets not forget, people book dining 180 days out....long gone are the days where you would be sitting in Epcot going, "hmmmm where do we want to eat today?" People pretty much have their meals set before they get there, so giving me the choice between a QS or TS is not really a choice we are making day-of. IDK, we will see.