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  1. they were a big benefit when traveling with my son's hockey team. Easy access for a bunch of 10 year old kids to grab something quick before running off to the rink instead of having to go and sit down somewhere.
  2. I'll be working on them over the weekend, I'll send you what I do.
  3. What do you need? I'm designing some for my Chamber of Commerce and I can send them to you too. ....I'm not a 5th grader, just a graphic design studio owner with a 5th grade sense of humor.
  4. NP...the mat is great b/c it is like a strong memory foam material, so just squishy enough to be comfortable but not enough that you feel like you are on a trampoline. Plus (as you may have read) the sides are slanted so you can stretch your calves out and a ball in the middle to kinda massage the bottom of your foot. When i'm not using it standing, I just slide it under the desk and use it as a foot rest/cushion when sitting. I am so spoiled that I cant work with shoes on anymore. I can't take full credit, another FBG recommended it to me but I don't remember who. The best thing about Wayfair is that they have awesome customer service and rarely make you send anything back if you dont like it. I've never tested it, but my MIL is insanely picky and can be a bit of a PIA to customer service people (she's kind of made a career out of it) and she swears by how helpful they are. GL
  5. As sad as it sounds, this is the best way to get action. No one there cares about it until you start broadcasting their dirty laundry on social media. Also tag your local mayor, town supervisor, etc as well.
  6. I hear you and yes, in analyzing the response/outcome to Covid, Asian countries had quicker success. But that does not discount that prevailing evidence that it began and grew there. I am not trying to make it a racial issue, more of a location/proximity and percentage of guest origin concern for me. I know I've been pretty pro-theme park overall, but there you are dealing with a wider group of people from all over, a good majority from areas not as heavily affected. Aulani seems to be more targeted because of its location. IDK? Trust me its not a dead issue, Im just keeping a wider tab on the overall global reaction to Covid long term. We were not planning on traveling until next summer, by then we will have another "flu season" cycle to see if Covid will flare up again or not. But I would also need to start making those plans in the late fall so the timing is a bit conflicting. As for travel, we would break it up. Fly from NY to CA, spend a few days at DL and then on to HI. The reverse would be the same, with a day or so layover in CA to see friends, then on to NY.
  7. Funny you bring this up GB but Aulani was on our radar for summer 2021. Its our 20th anniversary and since we became DVC we had that summer picked out. Its also the reason why we were not planning a WDW trip this summer as we were saving points and we normally would get annual passes and get 2 summer trips out of them, our AP's expired last summer. We were going to do a mixed CA/Disneyland and Aulani trip. Now that is kind of hanging by a string for 1 reason. Aulani is very heavily visited by people from Asian countries. With the idea that Covid 19 and covid like viruses appear to have originated in Asia, I am second guessing how close I want to be to international mixing right now. Please don't take this and anything other than a fear of Covid for me and family. I live in NY and very close to NYC so the threat is very real to me domestically. If it was to say I want to go on vacation right now, it would be toward areas that were less affected by Covid, not closer toward areas where you would have people from other hot zones also vacationing. Its a shame, b/c I was the driving force behind the trip. I'm no ruling it out but also taking a very cautious wait and see approach for instances like other international flare up or not. Unfortunately my kids are getting to the age where we prob won't have many full family summer trips left (oldest is a few years from college) and the thought of NOT going next year is heart breaking to me given how much I was looking forward to it. That said, I hear it is beautiful, but expensive. There is a good amount to keep you in the resort but not enough for a full average stay. There is limited "Disney" theming, but the Polynesian theme and overall details are uniquely "Disney". The pool area is apparently amazing and there is a large cove carved into the beach area with breakers so you can enjoy ocean swimming with less "ocean" waves and such
  8. WE all have a lot to learn about a lot of things in life. Is their career the collateral that they have to pony up to learn those lessons? What lessons are worth that tuition and which are not? You know, asking for a friend. And for the record: Twitter is a dumpster fire and why any semi-famous person would use it is beyond me.
  9. I work from home full time, my office is 2 rooms in the finished basement. 1 room is my office and the other is set up more of a lounge with a comfortable chair and reading light so I can escape my "office" when I want to read or think. It helps because I dont have to technically leave my office without actually leaving it and running into the family or some other distraction. The rooms are separated by a 1/2 wall so it makes the space feel large. I have this standing desk and love it. I got the top for a few bucks from Ikea. If you get a standing desk be sure and get a mat like this, it helps so much. For good cheaper chairs, check out Wayfair or Overstock. Yes we would all love the Herman Miller, but if you are outfitting the whole office now, I'd say get a cheaper chair with your eyes set of the nicer one down the road. The other thing I would suggest is good files storage and places where you can "put work away" Esp if you are taking over main living space for this, the last thing you want to do is see a pile of papers or work laying around on your off time. You need to draw a hard line between "home" and "office" and seeing a lot of that stuff out will blur that line.
  10. I am still 99% self isolating because of situations at home, so I'm not out protesting. But from afar, I'm curiously watching this. If we do not see a spike in 2 weeks then that will really go a long way for me to start possibly relaxing some of my self imposed habits surrounding CV19. And I live in an area where peaceful protesting is happening, so I can use it as an accurate measuring stick. Let's just hope that the reported numbers in 2 weeks are really truthful.
  11. In other news: Virgin train line is close to laying tracks for high speed rail that will connect Miami and MCO-Orlando airport When complete, the route will take riders from Miami to Orlando in three hours. The service will soon connect MCO to WDW
  12. I live out in suburban Long Island NY and I've heard rumors of rioting being planned for some of our local town centers. This is no bueno.
  13. yes, same here. Our local newspaper ran a story saying "pools were the new toilet paper" We actually had this in the works before the virus hit. We pushed pause to see where it and our jobs were trending, but eventually signed a few weeks before the lock down ended and were able to get on the schedule early. Its not ideal b/c I'm in NY and they just opened phase 1 so the pool company can start digging as of late last week. We are set for June 22 so it will be mid summer before its 100% finished and they say we can swim while they do the patio work. It also worked as bit in our favor b/c they included a few free upgrades into the package when things were really slow, like a free robot and free automation package.
  14. I expect sports to open up in some capacity, so my son's (10) ice hockey team will have summer training We didn't have a vacation planned this summer instead we were planning on putting a pool in. Seems like the best summer to be planning a lot of staycation time.