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  1. glvsav37

    First Lego League- Kids need help

    +1 watched ...good luck
  2. glvsav37

    China Social Score

    question: would pr0n viewing positively or negatively affect a score. asking for a friend...
  3. on trash day, i'll take the 1/2 full one and go around emptying all the other small trash cans into rooms, bathrooms, etc. Usually fills it up enough to take out then.
  4. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    FYI No surprise as it typically goes down b/c of cooler temps this time of year.
  5. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    more bad transportation news...2 busses collided at the Epcot entrance plaza this am. 51 people were on board between the 2 buses and 15 were sent to the hospital with non-emergency injuries.
  6. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    hmmmm it worked for me...but i relinked it in my orig post. Drawing Jimmy sounds fun!
  7. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    why you gotta pick at scabs bro! 🤣 we had a blast there. only did it once (well 2x) before they got rid of it. I remember it well, we had the Frozen VIP package (it was right as Frozen was making its way into Studios)—FP's for the show, parade viewing section, dessert party and VIP section for the fireworks. Too bad it was a really rainy day and by the time FW were starting, my wife and youngest had had enough and called it quits. So me and my daughter stuck around for the fireworks (package was really for her anyway, she was prime Frozen age). After FW, I told her about the studio and she lit up and said 'Lets go!" Waited about 25 min to get in, but it was better then being outside and wet. We drew Goofy, then as we exited, we asked and the CM said the next (and last) class was not full, so we ducked in for round 2 where we drew Olaf. You can tell she loved it, ......I did just ok.
  8. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation kids are just entering that age, and with the frequency we have gone, having to do everything is less important. We each have our handful of rides that are must-do's but overall we can downshift gears now. For out next trip, my wife wants to not make any FP's until after 5pm. This gives us time to wake up, enjoy breakfast, relax by the pool, resort hop a bit, and just do things we don't normally do b/c we 'have to make it to that FP!!!!" My daughter will be 13 by next trip and is pretty artistic (like myself, I'm a graphic designer), and we enjoy talking about the finer creative aspects of the parks. I'm getting her to appreciate the creative details, backstories and history of the parks.
  9. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    is it wrong that I'm the one listening to it and my kids are crying to make it stop? lol
  10. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    I've read that article, good read, it truly was a disruptive innovation for this area. I think though that they found themselves down a path they couldn't turn around in and the overall cost got very bloated to the demise of other areas of the parks—budgets cut and things killed b/c of them. I cant remember specifics, but I do remember the strife around them when they first came to be. With any new way of doing things, you are going to have your groups: Love it, hate it and don't know any better. I'll admit that I was in the Hate It group for a long time, but that was more because they changed the logistics of booking a successful vacation and took a bunch of the spontaneous ability out of it. As a whole I do like them, hate carrying wallets and money on things like rides where i could lose it. The ability to have everything in one device is great. And I really think they are just scratching the surface of what NFC can accomplish....everything from monitoring crowds to Geofencing offers and special opportunities. I'd love to see what actual data they have on guests, I'm sure it would be mind blowing in terms movement patterns and such. Unfortunityl the whole system has taken a big bite out of the WDW wifi system and if they want expand and have people using their phones for in park experiences. they really need to upgrade that ASAP.
  11. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    yes...its just a much more expensive option. They recently changed the pricing structure to from a flat $20 fee to $15 for initial pickup and then per mile charge. I had to do a short hop from Brach club to studios (taking the boat or walking wasn't an option) that only cost me $9 by taxi vs what would have been a $20 ride (at the time, before price change) w/ a Minnie Van. MVs are great, nice CM drivers and overall very Disney way to get around...but pricey. I used it 2x for the experience, but couldn't justify it for every trip, given the amount of taxi/uber trips we normally take on a given vacation.
  12. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    IDK about über, but there are also taxis that you can use and I think they have car seats. Minnie Vans (disney’s own private ride system booked though Lyft) is another option—it is more expensive but does indeed have 2 car seats in each car. backpedal...I just found this about uber. CAn't vouch for it though.
  13. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    speaking of transportation fails: Last night monorail yellow's doors wouldn't open I guess failing to open is better than just falling out...right?
  14. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    Hope you got a fist full of "Any ride" FPs for that. and yea...saw some video...its Noah's Arc raining there today...sorry