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  1. Original content will be the key to longevity in the streaming business. Lets face it, Cable TV as we know it will be the 1st one killed off. There are just too many streaming services holding the content and with anytime/anywhere access, the need to 'lets see whats on TV" is gone. Even subscribing to multiple streaming services, its still cheaper than my cable bill each month. Netflix and Amazon are ahead of the curve when it comes to original content IMO. As much as I love Disney, outside of their movies, and kids programing, they aint so good at original programing. The new stuff on D+ looks great, but can it sustain? I think Hulu will have to fight D+ more than Netflix b/c Disney owns ABC and can easily shift their shows over to the D+ platform.
  2. I use an app called Calm that has (it sounds silly) bedtime stories with narrators who talk in really...slow....calming...restful voices that put me out in minutes. I have small, cheap wireless ear buds, that I pop one in and fire up the app to fall asleep.
  3. that and 20K leagues is on my watch list for when no one is around to bother me and ask stupid questions.
  4. the whole disney library, from snow white, and original live action on, from all the old TV specials and movies, plus a group of original programing documentaries about the parks, environment and disney company.
  5. Does anyone know if the original SW trilogy is the original versions or the crappy 'enhanced' versions. I could live a lifetime without needing to see Jabba's tail getting stepped on again.
  6. I checked this AM on my kids Samsung STVs and could not find it. I'll have to check you remember where it was?
  7. Problem is that most nudists are people you really want to keep their clothes layers of them.
  8. visualizing and stretching. pretty popular with NHL goalies too
  9. quite possible there are contracts in place with other streaming services or premium channels and once those expire, they will move over to D+
  10. Official launch time is 9 amEST Tuesday.
  11. Apparently a deal was reached with amazon to have D+ on the fire devices.
  12. does your machine have a ramp-up mode? min is set for very little assistance for the first 1/2 hour of so and then it kicks on after that. So it lets me breathe normally until I fall asleep before taking over.
  13. A new magic band style is coming to WDW on Nov 12. New Slap-style bracelets will be an option to the classic bracelets. These slap-style ones are just like the ones we had as kids, but with the puck on the outside in a special stylized slider type holder.
  14. I already get Hulu trough Spotify package and I have no use for ESPN. i subscribed to D+ though a Disney visa cardholder deal for 3 years. im stoked about the original programming they are previewing like an imagineering story and some behind the scenes stuff.