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  1. yea..can we not? THis has noing to do with the question. so rub and tug joints didnt exist 4 years ago? interesting.
  2. apparently its 'just a misdemeanor' to most in here and that isnt that bad
  3. so saying something that hurts some else's feelings on a secret tape is bad enough to make the world revolt enough to make you sell your franchise. having a (possibly) underaged sex worker diddle your old geezer pickle for $50 that she won't even get bc she is here against her will and otherwise locked in a basement is cool b/c its a just a misdemeanor. gotcha...just seeing how the playing field is leveled there.
  4. and what was Sterling charged with? Besides being an old bigot. Last time I checked being a bigot doesn't involve law enforcement.
  5. so lets see where you draw the line..... Another major league sports owner was forced to sell his team for using the N word on tape. Where does Kaft's transgression fall? Is he keeping his team, yea or nay and why?
  6. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    @jb1020 and @The Commish its actually a great topic and discussion. Disney is a very inclusive theme park which is why it was so shocking when FOP came out and they could not accommodate larger guests. I'm pretty sure they have fixed it because of the blowback. However, because of them being much more inclusive, there are people who think that many of the rides lack in thrill or whathaveyou because of it. Now Universal on the other hand is a much thrill ride heavy park and FWIH they don't GAF about you or your size, if you don't fit, then hit the bricks. It's tough to say who's right and whos wrong, but that's one reason why WDW tends to be a more of a sentimental favorite overall b/c while their rides may be tamer, it is a more inclusive environment.
  7. glvsav37

    Switzerland herion solution

    I'm a sex addict...please supply me with free playmates to help my addiction. TY
  8. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    actually when it first opened, because of the harness design, they did have to turn larger people away on FOP, but they were not doing it until they got to the ride room. It caused a whole ####storm and lots of people complained.
  9. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    little bits of info are getting released as SWLand begins to get finalized. So before you wait 6 hours to ride it, know that the "Rise of the Resistance" ride will carry a 40-inch min height.
  10. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    lol...just doin' my job around here.
  11. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    some new, but vague information on the transformation of Epcot came out today. Wonders of life building will become a "First of its kind Play Pavilion" (whatever that means) Also, more info about the entrance plaza reimagining. The leave a legacy tiles will be moved off to the side of the entrance, a new fountain will be added as well as bringing back some of the lush greenery. see the images in the link
  12. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    @doowain PO also has prob the best-kept entertainment secret on property. YeHaa Bob does his FREE family-friendly show a few nights a week at the River Roost Lounge there and its a hysterical time for a non-park, down time night. You'll want to get there slightly early, bc the tables fill up fast, enjoy some drinks and nachos. Bob is a phenom b/c he will walk around the lounge and introduce himself to everyone and will work people into the show, remembering every name and detail. His show is a lot of fun and he's won the very distinguished Legacy Award, which is the highest honor cast members, crew members, and Imagineers can achieve at Walt Disney Resorts.
  13. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation

    the minnie vans are great, but pricey. If I remember correctly, they are a $15 initial fee and then a certain amount per mile. Uber and taxies are significantly cheaper. You can request a taxi right from your bell hop and they have vans, so you can just toss the stroller in the back w/o closing it. the one thing Minnie Vans do have is car seats, where not all taxies or regular uber will....but I'm a really bad parent and just strap my kids into the seatbelt, you really are not going that far. Yes, you do get a cute car and a friendly Cast Member driver, but weigh your trips based on distance. We did a taxi from Beach Club to Studios and it was $9, almost 12/ the cost and no mileage fee.
  14. glvsav37

    Disney Vacation