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  1. is one of the best for this. Its well designed and engaging interface project based with ability to assign and track tasks Its pricey though. I have not used it directly b/c im pretty much a 1 man shop, but as I grow, i've been testing and evaluating project management suites. A few others I looked at were: Freedcamp FunctionFox Dubsado (but this is for more service based business and client communication) Zoho Wrike Assana and Trello are also very popular and mostly free but can really ramp up with some paid add ons.
  2. we did a big extension about 2 years ago and the best thing I put in were the soffit plugs. Makes it so much easier to string everything. Seems like a no-brainer that very few builders do
  3. $2200 to keep my butt off the ladder each year is 100% worth it. Doesn't seem like there are any dealers in the NY area though.
  4. along those lines, you want to be a SOB parent, set the elves up sitting on top of your kid's phones. Sorry, cant touch them to get them off...hopefully they'll move by tomorrow.
  5. big changes in 21 for 10 years I was running a side hustle after my full time job that had me up till 2am every-night. My health and family life slipped because of it. 2 years ago I took it full time and spent the same amount of time in the office now being employee, bookkeeper, salesman and CEO. this year things popped and I got some great, large scale clients that have kept me busier than I could imagined. I've started outsourcing with mixed success but learned a lot. last month I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, mostly related to stagnation, weight gain and no sleep. Heading into 21 I've: bought a peloton, ride it pretty much every day. changed my diet to a more diabetic friendly one, determined to get my numbers lower, not higher hired a coach to organize and streamline my business processes spending more focus in learning, reading and organization for the good of myself and the business building a better team around me that I can trust with the work. raising my rates so that I can afford to outsource more and do less physical work while still maximizing profit.
  6. 2 big nuggets of news today: A Brightline Rail Station will be built at Disney Springs. Famous Imagineer Joe Rhode has announced his retirement from Disney
  7. Park Hopping returns to WDW on 1/1/21, although slightly modified.