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  1. Sweet Love

    Browns - Jets game thread

    Not comparing them productively...just saying both do not look built for the game. Anderson is fast and can catch...but against men built stockier than him, fumbles will/do happen. I was at the Jets/Cle game two years ago and remember texting my friend saying what a beast Pryor looked like (he was a Brown then)...out trotted Robby and physically, it looked like they play different sport, let alone the same position.
  2. Sweet Love

    Browns - Jets game thread

    The guy is literally a human pipecleaner, what could/should we expect...he makes todd Pinkston look "yoked".
  3. Sweet Love

    ***8-Team Draft Strategy***

    Lessons Learned: So last night was the draft, and I had the sixth pick (.5 PPR). I chose to take Antonio Brown, feeling very confident I could get Gordon or Fournette on the swing (and I got Fournette), so all going to plan thus far. As we discussed, it is important to get the best at each position since all benches will be deep. At the 22nd pick, I selected Gronk. After three rounds, I now have the best WR, TE and a top 6-7 RB...great! Until it isn't. In the next four picks, Freeman and Howard both go. I select TY Hilton thinking this run of RBs (which is resembling a run like a 12 teamer) will cool off. It doesn't, and I pass on Drake in favor of Hilton. McKinnon and Collins go next and I am stuck with Henry (have Miller in all my leagues), and think I will get Miller as a backup on the swing (and he is gone, so I reach and go Freeman (I get Ingram in the 8th)). In the end, I would have played it more like a 12 teamer. I could have gone Kamara and Fournette (likely) at 1/2, then followed that with Diggs and Hilton or Diggs/Hilton and Kelce or both Diggs and Hilton. I made a bad choice in Henry, but also felt there was just not a ton left there.
  4. Sweet Love

    ***8-Team Draft Strategy***

    At first blush, I would think so too, but I am really starting to believe the approach for an 8 teamer is really different than a 12 teamer (which is the minimum I normally play).
  5. Sweet Love

    ***8-Team Draft Strategy***

    Possibly? It depends on whether people hold two QBs or not. If so, then you are streaming guys who may produce 70% of the numbers as the top guys (which the top 6 will be on 3/4 of the teams) while you may have RB12 languishing away on the bench because you are so loaded there.
  6. Sweet Love

    ***8-Team Draft Strategy***

    Basically the exact opposite of what we would normally do in a 12-14 teamer.
  7. Sweet Love

    ***8-Team Draft Strategy***

    I think this is sage advice...because I would always pass on a Rodgers or Gronk for D Freeman in a normal sized draft.
  8. Sweet Love

    ***8-Team Draft Strategy***

    Yeah, I did the math, and as long as no one rosters a second DEF or Kicker, I am looking at just 112 players rostered. Guys like Cousins, ADP and Agholor may not be rostered...
  9. Sweet Love

    ***8-Team Draft Strategy***

    Pretty standard. 1/2 PPR, start 1 QB, 1 TE, 2 RB, 2 Wr, 1 Flex (RB/WR), kicker Def and 7 bench roles.
  10. I've been invited to participate in an 8-team, pretty high-dollar draft. Honestly, I have not played in an 8 teamer in 19 years, so I thought I would start a thread just in case someone else out there could use the input. If not, then help me out . To take this seriously, would someone go BPA in something like this, or is there really no strategy to it? Do bench spots play into it? I looked at the FBG pay content and did not see anything there but am curious what the strategy is on something like this? Again, trying to keep the initial post general in case someone else is in the same boat, but will answer some more specific questions about the league...and yes, feel free to call me a noob for being in an 8 teamer.
  11. Sweet Love

    Get off my F&*%ing playground!

    I'd go out on a limb and say it IS CTE. You can't just take a guy and treat him like a lab rat, but man, the stuff they could learn about detecting it in living individuals from him would be incredible...because in my mind at least, there is no doubt he has it.
  12. Sweet Love

    2017 IBL

    My gosh...I am royalty now!
  13. Sweet Love

    2017 IBL

    Where is it located?
  14. Sweet Love

    2017 IBL

    @Aaron Rudnicki Access to the private forum, or access to Fantasy Sharks?
  15. Sweet Love

    2017 IBL

    Do we know when this thing is kicking off?