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  1. At this point, if has to make you wonder whether ghettleman was right in that others were interested before their second pick...
  2. That was where the risk is - not just one, but both. I personally think the best strategy in these things is to go high floor, low ceiling, as you don't need to be first every week, you just can't be last. What this has likely created for me is a low floor, middle ceiling, and that is just not good. I don't see where this team wins a week (which again is fine), but I think I will be bottom 50% about 80% of the time.
  3. Agree on the part about protecting the roster spot - you have to be careful. For every flier you take, you have to expect at least two injuries (so that is three spots if the guy can't get on the field). I am not saying not to take a flier, but to take more than one is risky - I like the group posted above of Enunwau, Sanu and Lee. Each will find their way on the field, and I actually like enunwa's upside. He was recovering from injury last year, and it is too early to write him off as a potential 1k guy.
  4. I went with the fact that they spent a first rounder on Hurst last year, and he started the year injured. I think that is the point with Jackson; his inaccuracies will force him to throw shorter distances. I realize Andrews had the better year, but Hurst will get his question. According to FBGs, Boyle is third on the depth chart...with 652 plays last year, he was on the field almost as much as Hurst and Andrews, yest had 40 less targets than the two combined. They definitely spread the ball, but I really believe it is a two-man race between Andrews and Hurst, with literally nothing to worry about from the WRs in 2019.
  5. QB: Brissett, Jacoby IND QB Luck, Andrew IND QB RB: Edmonds, Chase ARI RB Jones, Aaron GBP RB Montgomery, David CHI RB (R) Penny, Rashaad SEA RB Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB WR: Jones, Julio ATL WR Jones, Zay BUF WR Richardson, Paul WAS WR Sutton, Courtland DEN WR Westbrook, Dede JAC WR Williams, Tyrell OAK WR TE: Hurst, Hayden BAL TE Kittle, George SFO TE K: Lutz, Wil NOS PK Tucker, Justin BAL PK DEF: Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def Well, here it is, in all it's glory - the worst team in the draft (likely big point getters in bold). I have been doing these for years and my first six picks are always the same - 2/3 RBs, 3/4 WRs - I never have strayed from the "formula" and it has always served me well (I believe I won the SSL4 and SSL1 in successive years (many moons ago). For giggles, I decided to mix it up and go QB and TE early. I've seen people do this in drafts like this and in regular drafts, and I have no idea why they do it. You are constantly playing catch-up, and there are slim pickings after you use two early picks on QB/TE. Outside of that, here are my general thoughts: QB - As part of this strategy, I went with Luck early. Not early for him, per se, but early on QB. While it is nice to know you have strong production at the position, I passed on guys like Lindsay, Freeman and Ingram to get him. Rivers and Cam went in the mid-7th. Stinkin' Ref took a third QB, which messed with my strategy of waiting on that third one, and there was no guaranteed starter after that. So I doubled down on the Cots QB position. If Luck does go down, Brisset is a more than capable back up, so I don't lose on the position, but I miss out on QB during week 6, and I have to hope Luck is consistent. RB - Just awful. I have Aaron jones, who I actually expect to be good, and then a rookie, and a few backups - not PT guys, but back ups. I have to hope Penny pushes Carson out. WR - Not much better. Julio is a #1, Courtland could rise to be a #2, but Williams is a bit of a wildcard, and I don't like anything after that - I bascially went with guys who can produce big games on the back end there. TE - Probably my best spot. Kittle is a beast, and Hurst should flourish in his second year (like most TEs). Def - Just chose to go with one since I lack good depth elsewhere. Def is a position to pun on in these leagues, as the delta for scoring is not as great as it is with kicker. Kicker - Here is where I chose to shoot my shot. We are picking in Spring, and a lot can happen between now and the season. You cannot afford to go into this league without a kicker due to injury or loss of just can't. An entire Def cannot be cut, nor injured, so even if they suck, you will get point. I took the first and third kickers, and started a run. I will get the top score of two top scoring kickers. I am great with that. Curious if people agree with my assessments.
  6. @Stinkin Ref - Seriously? You grabbed a third QB?? Thanks to @BassNBrew getting in your head, my plan to scoop the last QB has been dashed...well, time for me to do what great people do. Think outside of the box. And Bass, you are now on my crap list too (why is there no poop emoji?)...
  7. And the elephant in the room has been drafted - I thought hard about it a couple of rounds ago and "swore" to myself if Br1oncos did not take him, I would at the second part of my turn. He did, I did not. If it is a 2-4 game suspension, it is a game changer. If he is out for the year, the draft capital at this point is really low.
  8. In all the years I have done these, this is the first time I have gone with a "balanced squad" - four picks in and I have a QB, RB, WR, and TE. Pleased thus far, but I think I like the value I could of had with a RB pick instead of Luck where I took him. Considering he was coming back from a year off, last year was amazing, and I would expect that to continue. Kittle will rack up points, and Aaron Jones should take off with a new coach/system. I always load up on WR and RB early, so it will be interesting to see what is left for me.
  9. Just about 4 hours until we find out what Mac does. Personally, I don't see a way they trade down (that makes sense), and am almost a bit worried they get to a spot where the value of the 1st rounder they get drops lower than what they get in return. Williams, Bosa or Allen. Just sit back and pick one.
  10. Thanks, this is helpful - most of the schools she is looking at are on this list. We're checking with her guidance counselor and ACT tutor regarding the fourth test. The good news is, she has not bombed a subject while trying to concentrate on another subject, so even outside of super scoring, she is showing improvement.
  11. I work in HR for a quality and compliance (and engineering) consulting firm. There is a lot of good advice on here - outside of the typical recommendations, I would say that you should look into consulting/professional services. I am sure there are consulting firms in your area, and I have found that engineers that have that outgoing personality tend to like the change of going from client to client, versus sitting in the same role for a long period of time. I will mention that they often require travel, so that is something you should begin discussing with your family (i.e. is that an option, how much, etc.). Best of luck to you!
  12. Question: My daughter just received the results of her third ACT - very good and quite proud of her - however, when it comes to superscores, if she just improves by two points total over two categories, she gets to a level that my wife and I kind of view as the "top tier" - I "think" she could do it (and she really wants to take it again), but at what point does taking it too much start to hurt from an image perspective? At some point I would think it begins to hurt (even if you do improve), but I really don't know. TIA.