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  1. The Man - I can't profess to know a ton about the school, but if you have any questions, please feel free to PM me.
  2. Thank you all very much for the advice - I have two more in the chute, so I will be sure to pop in before the 11th hour in the future!
  3. My daughter got into her first choice, American University (ED2), and got a pretty decent chunk of change for a merit scholarship, so I am quite proud (and happy for her). She still has some anxiety about going away, but hopefully that will begin to dissipate. She did receive $2k more from another college (early action), and I am wondering whether we can negotiate with American to see whether they would match, and if so, who would you contact, and would it be me (the guy paying the bills) or my daughter (the student)?
  4. The odd part is, she is pretty independent - she was excited to get a car, likes going out to meet up with friends, etc. We have three and joke that our youngest will be the one to go to school locally so he can check up on mom. But my older two (my daughter is the oldest), just seem more like the profile of kids ready to leave. She does her laundry, dishes, etc., so I don't think she doesn't feel she can survive in the real world (she has flown to Europe to meet my MIL by herself, and has flown by herself since she was 6-7). However, she did have a rough time in HS, and really just made her group of friends last semester of junior year. All of her friends are going to school out of state (and we reiterated that), so there is an aspect that she is scared she won't make friends (but she won't have them here if she stays). She periodically sees a psychologist to deal with stress (she is a wicked introvert, but a loud personality so people always think she is fine), and we are doing a group session next week, so maybe something else will come out of it. After all of this, I noticed something my daughter has done all of the time - constantly talking to my wife. Not that it is bad for them to have a good relationship, but I am wondering if she views my wife as a best friend versus a mom.
  5. Also wanted to add (though don't have much time now), but my daughter is starting to get cold feet about going away. We toured some schools that were a flight away, and she crossed them off her list. She screwed something up with her application (long story) and if we did not jump in and save her, she would not have been considered for ED. What was odd, was that it was her favorite school and she was on point with the ones she did not care about as much. I kind of had a feeling and asked her why she did not follow up with the school on her application and she said she did not know why. I probed some more, and yes, she was worried about leaving home. This is totally strange to my wife and I, since we could not wait to leave (my wife was from Portland, OR and only applied to East Coast schools). I totally get it is a general thing, but now she is talking about taking a gap year. I really think it is just nerves, because when I asked what she would do during a gap, she really had no idea. Have any of you run into this? I can't think it is anything but nerves, since she enjoys the school part of HS, and it is coming up now when this stuff is finally getting real.
  6. Daughter got notice that her first choice that she applied ED2 to will be releasing early and wife is on a work trip for three days. We feel pretty confident she will get into the school, but I already got the text not to ask about money in my first ten questions if she gets in 🤣. If she doesn't get in, oh boy. It will be harder me to not for me be like, "hey, don't worry about them, let's start to prioritize your other choices..." than to not talk about money.
  7. So sorry to hear this - this May sound crazy, but I have been following this story on pins and needles. At worst, he’ll always have the memories of a personal comeback and crushing it down the stretch. I was a D3 hockey player in the 90s, and blew out my knee getting one last skate in before I went to college. Missed the whole year, and when I went to try out as a sophomore, I was beyond rusty and got passed up by the incoming freshmen and cut. As the coach let me know, I asked “Which school has the worst team in the division”? He was a little caught off guard, let me know and I thanked him. Next day I got an application, applied and enrolled the next semester. During that time I reached out to the coach, he happened to need more players and I made the team. I did not play much after that first semester, but I got to fulfill my dream. Where I am going with this is, and I don’t know if you all have done this already, but if not, I would have him start banging the phones. I am sure most scholarships are taken at this point (unless he wants to go D3, and then he can get in touch with coaches and gauge their interest), but there is a shuffle in the summer of kids who get cold feet, fail to graduate, etc., and coaches are left with little to no time to fill a scholarship slot. If he establishes himself on a few few emergency lists , he May still have a shot. Best of luck to you all! I hope the ankle heals faster than expected.
  8. I was a walk-on athlete in my sports (cross country and ice hockey), so I would take tours, and then drop by the coach's office to see if he was around. Usually it was not a big deal at all to meet them and they would give me 5-10 minutes and look at my times and tell me where they thought I could slot in on the team. But yeah, I even did a couple of sleepovers, and one was an awesome experience and the other was so bad, I knocked the #1 school off my list. We did tours with my daughter, but they really do not have high schoolers stay over any more (maybe they for sports) due to liability issues.
  9. Seriously? I would literally have a program where they are screened for school knowledge and personality and then pay them $20/hr or something to give the tours, so they are incentivized to give as many tours as possible.
  10. This. Probably the greatest, untapped ROI a school could take advantage of. U of Richmond had a really charismatic kid giving the tour (and all the students on campus seemed to know him). It created an ultra-friendly atmosphere, and my daughter loved the school, even though it did not fit a ton of her needs.
  11. That. Is. Nuts. But if that level of demand does not tell you that school prices are way too high, I am not sure what does.
  12. That is great - and you can throw my prior advice out the door - great program, and I bet she could find some good opportunities up and down the coast.
  13. I am on the eastern side of the state, so more familiar with UNC-W. I can say as someone in HR, the few people I know from the workplace that attended there are very locked in. It has a good general business admin program, and of course, can't hurt going to school by the beach. Also, and excellent film studies school. I will say there are very few professional jobs in Wilmington (considering the amount of kids graduating each year), so if she falls in love with the area, she is likely going to have to move for work. However the Raleigh-durham area is ripe for employment, and is only about 2:15 away from the beach.
  14. No kidding - I probably should of clarified that we live in NC.