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  1. Do we know when this thing is kicking off?
  2. Note to self: Do not cross Ref...lol. Seriously though, if ANYONE is swamped, we can jump in and help out (especially now that we have the private forum). Please ask, there is always someone out of 11 with a little downtime to help you out...or find someone to partner with.
  3. Totally feel you regarding the English-speaking...I moved to North Carolina from CT and it took me a year or so to figure out what everyone was saying. I can just imagine what it is like when you go further south into GA.
  4. He is really branding the team as a player-friendly organization. If they can get the coaching up-to-snuff, they may become a destination team for FAs.
  5. Thanks, Aaron. I definitely think it will make the team more collaborative, without having to worry about who is reading what.
  6. That is what I would guess, but even if they can't, is there any kind of service where you can build your own, small forum?
  7. Sorry to hear that...hopefully next year.
  8. Hey all. I believe this starts in early July, and I just wanted to let everyone know I would like to participate again, but will be out of the loop for the next 4 weeks. It should not have an impact on the draft, etc., but when putting the team together, please count me in. ETA: We should also see about getting a private forum so our opponents do not know exactly what we are doing, get a contact list going, etc.
  9. Totally agree. I also think it depends on your personnel. If you are CLE and decide to go with two RBs (say Hyde/Chubb and Duke), well unless you bump Landry out, you have lost the option to jam Duke in the slot. I guess you go then go 4 wide, but I am not really sure what you have gained.
  10. Interesting thought given where we are in the age of "air it out". In the 90s and before, it was not that strange to see two RBs in the backfield. However, let's play Devil's Advocate and assume you have two viable RBs that are in the game together a majority of the time (think Coleman and Freeman). Now I have Julio on one side and Sanu on the other with Hooper in too. Now I also have a burner in Hardy and a promising rookie in Ridley on the bench. Sanu and Hooper are going to be covered in one-on-one by a CB and LB, respectively...and likely stay within 15 yards of the LOS. I am going to bracket Julio with a CB and Safety. If I am in Nickel, I can now push a fast safety-type up with my MLB and now I have two eyes on the RBs. But most importantly, I just have one guy (Julio) who likely will stretch my D. Sure, you can send both long, but I still have an extra guy who will be low, and the risk of the WRs doing damage (even with a Julio-type) are severely minimized with that second RB. In my opinion, this limitation on the offense is really why teams moved away from having a RB. I get that the pass catching RB, or two guys in the backfield that can legitimately do damage with the ball in their hands, but the second you move Coleman to the slot, then really, isn't he just a slot receiver? When I think of two RB sets, I think of two RBs in the backfield. I just don't think the audible would have the effect you are looking for, especially if I am already in Nickel.
  11. Maybe...but with him on a 1 year, and a top 3 pick this year waiting in the wings, us Jets fans will likely never find out. Even if he throws for 27/10, get the Jets to the AFC championship team, I am not sure they keep him. Think about it, Case Keenum was shown the door, and the heir apparent was not even on the team.
  12. Curious. With Robbie seeming to skate away from big trouble (maybe he picks up two games), Enunwa back, and Pryor in the mix (along with Kearse), is anyone concerned about the lack of opportunities for Stewart and Hansen (our picks in 2017)? Now, there is no way (in my mind), that Robbie/Pryor/Enunwa all play 16 games (for various reasons), but if they did (or Kearse fills in if only one is out), there is a chance we go into year 3 on these two without either hitting the field regularly. The one good thing I can see is that if they are buried and Darnold is 2nd or 3rd QB on the chart for the majority of the year, they will have an opportunity to build a rapport with him.
  13. Also, if I want to buy the All-Pro, can I purchase the Insider Pro through Draft, and then somehow have the difference apply to what the All-Pro would cost?
  14. So, in summary, it seems like people enjoy certain tools (especially the DD, 10 second primer), think there is too much content in the way of articles, and will even subscribe to support the boards. Staff interaction is a big "want", and it has been suggested that maybe some of that staff time could be spent in the Pool versus churning such a high quantity of articles. Personally, I have been a subscriber every year since 2003 (except for one when I lost my job, and was cutting back everything). I personally do it for the contests, the Daily stuff, cheatsheets, and the Boards (both the Pool and the Mock Drafts). I have been representing FBG in the IBL for the past 4(?) years and will continue to do so, as I enjoy the camaraderie (P.S. @Joe Bryant can we get a private forum just for that contest...it gets a little embarrassing when the other Boards come into our public, strategy thread and tell us we are on the clock). Frankly, I really enjoy this place and I will do whatever I can to support it. I do have a couple of suggestions. (1) As someone who has seen the evolution of the board and offering, I have never been taught about what is being offered. I have never used the DD...never. I am not going to "try-it" when I am in a $150 entry league and $1k is on the line. I have no idea what this 10 second primer is (sounds great for someone really busy), and I still don't think FBGs analytics is up to snuff (and for all I know it is somewhere...I just don't know where). I'd almost suggest you advise the customer in bundling tools for them like, "20 minutes this week, use the cheatsheets, and primer; 2 hours use those plus the lineup dominator, XYZ articles, etc..." The other point is the analytics. This is a spoon-feed world and I think there needs to be a little shift from the crackling newspaper (abundant articles) to the social media (stats at a glance). I stated it in another thread re: the pool, but I would like to know more about QB/CB, WR/CB, RB/DL or LB matchups, not by the team, but by the individual. I'd love someone that says Robbie Anderson is a ranked WR21 for the week in PPR. Robbie is WR12 for the season in PPR, and he is going against (and expected to be shadowed by) Xavier Rhodes who is ranked CB1 this week and CB2 for the year in yielding just 4.2 PPR points to WR he is covering for the season thus far. Quincy Enunwa is expected to draw...". I believe this type of info is out there if you cannot create it yourselves, but I'd like to see a marrying of indepth analytics and "your take". I hope this is taken as constructive feedback, because I really believe this is just tweaking a great service...thanks!
  15. @Joe Bryant, are there "best practices" we can follow to better get the results we are looking for. Maybe a couple of simple tips/tricks and pin it?