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  1. Well, it's all opinions isn't it? I have mine, and you have yours. Agree to disagree. I stated my thoughts. and I read the article.(which was great, btw) I dont think Ekeler will last with a large workload. I already stated earlier that this opinion was totally based on my own thoughts from watching film. Fantasy wise, I have Gordon (redraft. Bought cheap (auction $4) and do not depend on him. I'd like for him to come back so maybe I can trade him or play him. It wont matter that much though. Hell be back eventually, and fresh for the playoff hopefully.
  2. Great article. I'm definitely rooting for the guy and he seems very likeable.
  3. You are correct. I do believe that. I had Ekeler last year. I watched. My own vision of the talent is all that I have. I cant predict an injury, but in my eye test, Gordon was definitely a better RB. If I can't trust my own analysis, I dont deserve to win. Most people regurgitate what they read. I might win that way if I get lucky...usually not in my experience. Just my thoughts. I'm just one more opinion on a message board, lol.
  4. Maybe there are a lot of new Ekeler owners in this thread. Sure, he looks good in 1 game. Do you think Ekeler is going to make it through the full season getting that amount of carries? I dont. He is a great change of pace guy, but he is no Gordon. If he isn't hurt, Gordon is much better than either of his backups. Maybe not 10 million better, and that is the issue.
  5. Can't they get someone who runs a similar offense but with more creativity? Schotty sucks, & always has. I am confused as to how people keep hiring him. Does he interview well? Who gives a ####? Look at the product on the field from every place he has ever been. Same with Bill Callahan, Mike Tice, Marty Morningwhig (sp?) How do these people keep getting hired?
  6. I think Wilson will be the talk of the league tomorrow... one way or another. He either goes off, or fumbles again & is done for the year. We'll see.
  7. Vereen needs surgery on wrist. Ridley gonna get another chance ! Oops, should have read whole thread! NevErmind...
  8. IMHO, he's a modern day Mike Sherrard ( Sherrard was a former Cowboys high pick WR who consistently had leg injuries and his talent was tantalizing, even linking into the Cowboys/49ers rivalry in the early 90s when the Superbowl champion was pretty much decided in the NFC Championship game) Sherrard was a human lap dance. You could smell the cookies baking in the kitchen, but you never got to eat any. Sorry but I think Kenny Britt-le will end up the same way. Lots of talent, teams and fans always hoping just a little longer and he'll be everything everyone hoped for and projected, and he will keep disappointing because his body keeps breaking down on him. Just has the sniff of a guy who will always having nagging injuries as part of his game. Without the injuries, you might have heard Sherrard's name getting rung out like Michael Irvins does now. Being healthy sometimes means a lot more than talent. Ricky Proehl had maybe 1/10th of Britt's talent, but he will probably have had the more productive career when it's all said and done. fair points, but Sherrard , when healthy, was NEVER as good as a healthy K. Britt.Britt can dominate opposing defenses like AJ or Fitz or Calvin can..he's that good. Have to agree. Sherrard was never Kenny Britt. They both sustained injuries...the similarities stop there.
  9. Kenny britt yes, after this week. CJ? Idk about that, seems a little hopeful!
  10. If Gates is so bad, who else on SD, TE is worth anything? Rosario?
  11. Reminds me alot of the Cedric Benson situation to be honest. A player with talent shows up with zero desire to perform and eventually gets cut. Once reality slaps them in the face and they get a second chance they actually get their crap together and start to perform. I can see how some might suggest it's a coaching/scheme issue, but IMO it's the player's fault.This.
  12. Rookie running backs are not limited. It is the easiest position to adapt to. Plenty of examples out there. When Bradshaw goes down, Wilson will be gold, Jerry!
  13. Wilson should be drafted@ rb4 lottery ticket status. Got him in an auction cheap as people ran out of $$. Bradshaw goes down, u have a rb1 on your hands.
  14. Or Range Rover, I saw that the other day. I once saw a guy at the store buy about $200 of Chocolate milk, Steaks,Shrimp, and even lobster tails. His EBT/Snap card wouldn't work, so he pulled out a wad of cash, handed over a couple of hundred dollar bills then loaded it all into his Hummer. There are alot of people working the system, its ridiculous, & as a taxpayer, I'm pissed about it.
  15. I like "say my name" (free). I get a lot of calls, and have a baby. If I am feeding the baby or whatever, , I hear them say who is calling, and decide if I need to get up & get it or not. I also use the holster (Droid X) w/ Bluetooth, so I know who is calling w/o taking my phone off of my waist.