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  1. Do the Bills have any cap space to speak of to sign any vets that get cut this week? They've got some holes to fill. (OL, CB, WR) Some thoughts from Preseason: I won't be surprised if they finish the season 0-16. I also won't be surprised if they make the playoffs because I don't think anyone really knows what they've got. Other than the performance of the OL in preseason week 3, the team didn't look awful. Peterman looked good to me when he played and I'd be surprised if he isn't the starter week 1. I like Allen, but I just think he needs to not be rushed into action. Whoever was responsible for signing Vontae Davis should re-evaluate their career. He looked awful on the field. I like that Edmunds is getting thrown in there but he's going to struggle at times. Poyer and Hyde are going to have monster tackle numbers. If this team soils the sheets I don't pin it on the current administration but the fact the prior regime screwed up a dozen consecutive drafts and put them in a bad cap situation. I'm really not giving this season a lot of hope but I'm really excited to see what they do with the roster this year to prepare for next season. I'm wondering what kind of trade value LeSean McCoy will have considering his current situation. Don't get me wrong, I think he's been great in Buffalo, but he's the perfect candidate to be traded to accumulate more pick(s) if this team spins it's wheels this year.
  2. I'm a little surprised the Bills don't have a fourth QB in camp primarily for that 4th preseason game. As much as I liked what I saw from the three headed monster last week, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm feeling the exact opposite of that good feeling come Saturday morning. If one of these guys rises to the top of the heap over the next two weeks, I'd rather not see one of the others left out there to play mop up time against guys literally fighting for their NFL lives and willing to rough up a QB just to catch the attention of the coaches that will end up working as furniture movers by the day after Labor Day.
  3. Just saw yesterday there is a new follow up documentary coming out about his family: "Return to the Wild" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceareV2sOx0
  4. Trade deadline today. Clock is ticking on Matt Harvey. I wonder if they don't get a deal, if they'd try to extend him. Without him they'll still need two starters in order to compete next year and make a serious run. With him, I suspect they would still need to acquire two starters but the rotation would look that much better. I have no idea what kind of salary he would command.
  5. Winker done for the year. Season ending shoulder surgery. So frustrating.
  6. No doubt. Unfortunately his last outing doesn’t help the Reds get anything in return.
  7. I was thinking after that Pirate series, I hope to heck they don't start selling all the good pieces off.
  8. Affirmative
  9. Alien: Covenant What the hell was that?
  10. That 7-20 start in April.
  11. Joey Freakin’ Votto!
  12. Patriots Day The Boston Marathon Bombing. I put off watching this movie for a while because a few people had commented that it wasn't very well done. I'm glad I took the time to sit through it. I think it as very good. Not great, but really well done. My only standard complaint would be that movies based in Boston always have a list actors doing really bad New England accents, and sometimes it becomes distracting. Goodman & Simmons were extraordinarily guilty of that in this film. There wasn't any gratuitous blood and gore, in my opinion, scenes of the bombing and the aftermath of the victims was done in extremely good taste. The final scenes showing the actual people portrayed in the film was also really well done.
  13. "Won't You Be My Neighbor" The documentary on Fred Rogers and the development of "Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood" was very well produced. He really expressed an angry temperament when discussing the evolution of children's programming, but other than that he came across as being the exact man he was on that program. Very kind, loving man. The movie touches on a couple of current hot political topics that will likely make people on both sides of the aisle bristle a little bit, but the story didn't focus on any of that. It was interesting to me that they even danced around touching on the subject as to whether he was a homosexual. It was handled with tact and also not a focus.
  14. I'm a big fan of this movie. A friends daughter and husband overdosed recently. (they lived the homeless/vagrant life style with 6 children) and this movie hit home while watching it. I thought Defoe, the woman and the daughter were all really great in this movie.
  15. I'm not sure why so many people loved "Staircase". It was a 13 episode program that should have been edited down to 4 or 5 episodes. And if it weren't for the bat #### crazy sister in law, I would have been ok with the narcissistic loser husband going to jail for life just for being such a narcissistic loser. As it was however, I was happy to see him go free just to see the bat #### crazy sister in law's reaction. And yeah, the legal/justice system is a mess. God forbid my wife happens to have an accident at home; I'm a goner for sure if they find all the indiscretion skeletons on my hard drive. I'm kidding about that last part. (but now it's on my hard drive so......)