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  1. On The Rocks

    Visiting Nashville - Things to do?

    Spectacular! Thank you very much!
  2. On The Rocks

    Ozark on Netflix

    My biggest criticism of the show. Not just the house either, but nearly every scene. Really frustrating, and I notice it more and more with a lot of programs and movies. Somebody needs to start paying the power bill.
  3. On The Rocks

    Visiting Nashville - Things to do?

    That's a great clip Joe! Can you save me the hassle of starting a new thread and give me a suggestion on how to spend the day in Knoxville? I'll be passing through on a road trip in two weeks and want to give it at least one full day. Possibly two.
  4. On The Rocks

    Recently viewed movie thread - Rental Edition

    Beirut If I were to go back and watch this a time of two more, I'd probably find some holes in the story that would make me not like it as much, but having watched it once and not really having any expectations, I liked the movie a lot. As I was watching it, it felt like a movie Harrison Ford would have made in the 90's....playing that guy next door type that gets thrown into an out of the ordinary insane situation. Although I thought Ford would have played the role better than Jon Hamm. Chappaquiddick The movie was slow and at times tedious, but I enjoyed it. I didn't read much about it's historical accuracy, but I suspect it was accurate to a certain level. Jason Clarke was good as Teddy. Hostiles I could see how someone would watch this and not like it, but I really loved it. I didn't buy that the Bale character would have some great change of heart in how he viewed the Chief by the end of the movie, but it didn't have an impact on my enjoyment of the movie. Without having looked at Rosamund Pike's IMDB page, I wouldn't have known who she was, but she was great in this movie. Well done movie. Ozark (Season 2) I liked it. Not nearly as much as I liked season 1, but it was good. One major complaint; what's with these movies and television series being shot where every scene is so poorly lit, you can hardly see who is who, or where they are. Buck up and pay the light bill people!
  5. Send McCoy and Clay for Goddert and a 4th. And then send Goddert and Benjamin to the Cowboys for a 2nd and a 5th. Yes, I know I'm thinking this through like it's pseudo Fantasy Football. But, whatever.
  6. Pulling this thread up out of the ashes. I was itching to pick up Spencer Ware on draft night, and passed. Now I'm getting the hankering to pull the trigger on him again but I can't even tell if he's the RB2 on his own roster. I know what the FBG depth chart says about his spot, but I need to know if he will remain the RB2 with a Kareem Hunt injury behind someone else? Or on the flip side, is it possible that he will get an increased work load even with a healthy Hunt?
  7. Do the Bills have any cap space to speak of to sign any vets that get cut this week? They've got some holes to fill. (OL, CB, WR) Some thoughts from Preseason: I won't be surprised if they finish the season 0-16. I also won't be surprised if they make the playoffs because I don't think anyone really knows what they've got. Other than the performance of the OL in preseason week 3, the team didn't look awful. Peterman looked good to me when he played and I'd be surprised if he isn't the starter week 1. I like Allen, but I just think he needs to not be rushed into action. Whoever was responsible for signing Vontae Davis should re-evaluate their career. He looked awful on the field. I like that Edmunds is getting thrown in there but he's going to struggle at times. Poyer and Hyde are going to have monster tackle numbers. If this team soils the sheets I don't pin it on the current administration but the fact the prior regime screwed up a dozen consecutive drafts and put them in a bad cap situation. I'm really not giving this season a lot of hope but I'm really excited to see what they do with the roster this year to prepare for next season. I'm wondering what kind of trade value LeSean McCoy will have considering his current situation. Don't get me wrong, I think he's been great in Buffalo, but he's the perfect candidate to be traded to accumulate more pick(s) if this team spins it's wheels this year.
  8. I'm a little surprised the Bills don't have a fourth QB in camp primarily for that 4th preseason game. As much as I liked what I saw from the three headed monster last week, I wouldn't be surprised if I'm feeling the exact opposite of that good feeling come Saturday morning. If one of these guys rises to the top of the heap over the next two weeks, I'd rather not see one of the others left out there to play mop up time against guys literally fighting for their NFL lives and willing to rough up a QB just to catch the attention of the coaches that will end up working as furniture movers by the day after Labor Day.
  9. On The Rocks

    Recently viewed movie thread - Rental Edition

    Just saw yesterday there is a new follow up documentary coming out about his family: "Return to the Wild"
  10. On The Rocks

    How 'bout them Reds!

    Trade deadline today. Clock is ticking on Matt Harvey. I wonder if they don't get a deal, if they'd try to extend him. Without him they'll still need two starters in order to compete next year and make a serious run. With him, I suspect they would still need to acquire two starters but the rotation would look that much better. I have no idea what kind of salary he would command.
  11. On The Rocks

    How 'bout them Reds!

    Winker done for the year. Season ending shoulder surgery. So frustrating.
  12. On The Rocks

    How 'bout them Reds!

    No doubt. Unfortunately his last outing doesn’t help the Reds get anything in return.
  13. On The Rocks

    How 'bout them Reds!

    I was thinking after that Pirate series, I hope to heck they don't start selling all the good pieces off.
  14. On The Rocks

    Recently viewed movie thread - Rental Edition