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  1. Gotta think this is the cheapest you'll get Bell all year if she show tomorrow
  2. I just offered Royce Freeman in 1 league and Lynch in another. Oh, and yeah I have Conner in both too
  3. Who is the play? Any insight on who will have more opportunities?
  4. Didn't read the whole post but Charles Clay (who I'm starting) will get 5-8 catches and at least 45 yards. Top 10 ppr deep sleeper at TE look at the targets from pre-season. Your welcome
  5. there is a 0% chance i can tell anyone. i saw it with 14 other people at a small theatre in nyc and we all had to sign paperwork basically saying if we are responsible for leaking the finale to the media or any other form of mass media (posting on blogs, message boards, radio shows etc..) they can legally sue us for $450,000
  6. it's good to have an uncle as a higher up at hbo. i won't ruin the end for anyone but let me just tell you, you will be floored at how it ends. i NEVER thought that the producers would have that go down on the show (the way it ends--very un-sopranos and instead 24 like). i was also happy that the big bang happened only halfway through the finale and they still had about 20 minutes of followup following the plot ending. let me say i think this season has been up and down but i can guarantee nobody who has been a fan of the sopranos will be let all. it's a very "holy sh%t" ending.