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  1. Why would Riley leave to coach for a loon? Look at Saban he got a taste of that #### sandwich and jumped ship ASAP back to college. Switzer talked to Riley and gave him the low down on coaching in the NFL and for Jones. Hell Jones won a Superbowl in Dallas and still rated the OU job way above the Cowboys .
  2. @KamalaHarris Eight people will die from gun violence during this debate alone. I'm done. It is time to act. Like your campaign?
  3. "I got my haircut by a man whose neighbor was in the National Guard who shot an AR15!" Don't tell me about guns! AMY stop with the jokes please.
  4. The tired and worn out "I met a lady working in a textile factory in BS Town, Iowa and she was worried about her healthcare and putting food on the table" doesn't work with people anymore. Also, these older people have to get better at answering their questions with short answers. Get in and get out. The longer they ramble the more holes in their arguments are opened.
  5. Why so many candidates still on the stage? Come on this needs to be whittled down to about 3 or 4 at this point.
  6. Did Biden throw up in his mouth during his time to speak?
  7. What is wrong with Steyer's color? I mean he looks overall healthy, but his color is off.
  8. Bama fan does not like Tennessee
  9. Jeremy Pruitt Suggests Tennessee May Not Punt And Will Only Onside Kick Against Alabama
  10. MNF just needs to have guest announcers. Katt Williams and Snoop Dogg
  11. "A little behind him" WTF! That statement alone should be enough to be fired. And, when did this "the ball was on the back shoulder and the QB needs to hit the WR or RB better!" start? #### back in the day it used to be "Did you touch it?" "You should catch it!"
  12. These two calling the game. I would rather have Silent Bob and Jay.