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  1. Today is the anniversary of the beginning of the #TulsaRaceMassacre of 1921. Some have rightfully referred to this as the single worst incident of racial violence in American history, but also one most don't know much or anything about. The incident began, as most did at the time, after a young white woman accused a black man of assaulting her in an elevator. He was arrested, even though many police officers did not think he was guilty, and the 17-year old girl did not press charges. Editorials and articles in the Tulsa newspaper sensationalized the incident, incited violence, and made references to a potential lynching of Dick Rowland. That night, 50-60 armed black men arrived at the courthouse to protect Rowland. Seeing this, whites took up arms.After a shot was fired at the courthouse, a white mob responded, and within seconds, 2 black men and 10 whites were dead or dying on the street. As news spread, the white mob grew and targeted the African American Greenwood neighborhood.Joining the riot was the local KKK, who tarred any blacks they encountered. The fighting continued throughout the night and into June 1, when whites set Greenwood ablaze. The fire department, responding to the scene was turned away at gunpoint.On June 1, aircraft, whom the police claimed were merely providing reconnaissance to protect the city from a "Negro uprising," began to fire on black crowds and homes, and even dropped bombs and homemade incendiary devices into the neighborhood. By the time the National Guard arrived, more than 6,000 blacks had been arrested, thousands had fled the city, while the number of dead was disputed. The Tulsa newspaper reported 68 black and 9 white dead in their June 2 edition. The NAACP estimated between 150-200 black dead. A 2001 commission estimated between 75-300 dead with more than 800 injured. 10,000 black people were left homeless, and property damage amounted to more than $2.25 million, equivalent to more than $32 million today.
  5. Bigly on China. China has been ripping us off forever well not during my Presidency but other presidents. WHO didnt agree with me so I am taking away their funding. I am the master of the deal but couldn't get a deal with China so ...
  6. very pricey machines still. I guess next laptop I need to buy needs more than 2 places that do service in the USA. One in Tenn. and the other in Penn.
  7. For system reason, this process cannot be continued. As a result your order has been cancelled. AliExpress did not accept any payment for this order. However, please note that some banks may hold onto payments for up to 3-15 business days. everytime I try to use AliExpress.
  8. Need replacement fans for a ASUS ROG GL702VM - BHI7N09 CN 0865 FCN Brushless Motor FJ9T DC 5V 0.5A DFS551205MLOT FCN Brushless Motor FJ9U DC 5V 0.5A DFS2000054Q0T Making horrible grinding noise. Problem is that everywhere I look online they are sold out. Anyone have a reliable source for computer parts? Most of the sites are from China which is ok I would rather by locally so I don't have to wait two weeks for shipment. Wish these were generic and could just pick up at local store. Anyway thanks in advance.
  9. I chopped first place with someone after I sucked out a winning hand with A5 against AA.
  10. Did Trump accuse Scarborough of murder on twitter?