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  1. History will look fondly on Romney. Trump and his cucks will be looked upon poorly once the entire story is told.
  2. Pelosi tearing up those papers probably just swung a million voters towards Trump. She does so much damage
  3. Like a little child throwing a tantrum she tore up the speech. Pelosi. Please retire.
  4. Dementia. That was the left over Impeachment Papers.
  5. Mitch McConnell looks so much like a turtle and such a punchable face. DNC looks petty.
  6. RUsh looks like ####. No disrespect but he looks bad. Very sick.
  7. Makes Nancy look petty. Kinda of like when she used 20 pens to sign the impeachment papers.
  8. That was strong! "If you attack our citizens you forfeit your life!"
  9. WTF is Nancy doing? If she is reading the speech why not just read the teleprompter along with Donnie?
  10. DNC stepped in poop by not replacing her when they had the chance.