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  1. You are going to have to drink more beer.
  2. It offers no debt cancellation to people with household income above $250,000 (the top 5%). Funny. The top 5% really. You start breaking that down it is shameful. The same top 5% with millionaires, and billionaires. 250K is not a lot of money in certain areas in the US. This is red meat to the Dems just like "build the wall!" is to the RNC.
  3. I am as liberal as they come and I don't want free college for everyone. I don't want loan forgiveness for everyone. Option 1. Go to a community college get a job save some money working ####ty hours so you can save up to get a better education later. Option 2. Join the military and get the G.I. Bill Option 3. Go to a trade school get a job save money and go back to college. Option 4. Go into a profession that requires a degree and is in HIGH demand. Ask your potential future employer to pay your way through college for "x" years and you will work for them "x" years. Option 5. Go to work out high school working suck ### jobs and save for college while still living at home. Save money go to college get job = winning. With no "skin in the game" kids will be choosing degrees that have no future even more than they are today. Medieval and Renaissance Studies College Degrees we don't need. Thanks.
  5. The cathedral contains one of the oldest surviving wood-timber frames in Paris, involving around 52 acres of trees that were cut down in the 12th century. Each beam is made from an individual tree. For this reason, the lattice of historic woodwork is nicknamed "the Forest." wow
  6. Scrubs, Certifications, excess mileage, tolls, licensure, conferences (mandatory for CEU's), mileage, and a ton of others that are not reimbursed per our employer.
  7. Was told by our tax guy that we were not allowed to deduct those expenses this year. For over 20 years we have deducted the expenses that were not reimbursed from our employer.
  8. Anyone still playing? If not I would like your old gear. Thanks.
  10. We got ####ED! 9K owed this year. I guess I will not be buying a simple battery this year for work since nothing is deductible. No mileage, no unreimbursed expenses, no deductions for work items, clothes, expenses, recertifications, licensure, nada. FML