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  1. You have done 2 real good depth, so I think even if it is a little too much, it is work it to get Gronk.
  2. Please delete
  3. I get Abdullah and R. Mathews I give Charles 1 PPR Dynasty league
  4. I seem to be having issues with the IDP rankings on MyFBG portion of the site. Every other catagory (QB,RB,WR etc etc) syncs just fine, but the synced portion of IDP rankings for both my Yahoo and MFL leagues are jacked up.
  5. Bush, Wright, Vereen or Decker at flex. ppr
  6. 12 team dynasty start up with IDP. 6PT for TDs, sacks, and INTs. . 5 ppr Start 1qb,2wr, 2rb, 1te,1 flex, 2 DL, 2 lb, 2 db, 1 flex QB: Cam, Tannehill, Osweiler RB: Ball, TRich, McFadden, Miller, Pierce,Davis, Michael, Hillman, Ryan Williams, Wilson WR:D. Thomas, Julio, Fitz, Hopkins, Woods, Evans, Latimer, Broyles, Allen Robinson, Paul Richardson, Jarvis Landry TE: Gates, Kelce, Adrien Robinson DL: Ansah, Hardy, Jordan, Hunt LB: Wagner, Moore, Arthur Brown, Zach Brown, Mingo, Collins DB: Haden, Swearinger, Elam My running backs are pretty questionable hopefully I can move some wrs and upgrade there. TEs are pretty week too. Thoughts are appreciated
  7. Up 20. He has T. Smith and Tucker. I have Stafford and Rice or Bush. Feeling good but you never know...
  8. Who would you start tonight , R. Bush or Rice? 1 ppr.