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  1. Stay positive! Best of luck kicking ### in chemo!

  2. What's the % match/friend/enemy on okc? Don't wink.Ignore out of state.Best site varies by area. Makes sense to start with the free ones though. I liked okcupid best. IMO if you answer enough of the questions, the "percentage match" thing is more accurate than anything I've seen on any other site. YMMV.
  3. Just for kicks, I did a search my competition (men looking for women) on POF. I was shocked to see the number of tardballs. Not only that, but do they really think cheap sunglasses in their main profile make them look good? Things just got that much easier...
  4. Little background: Was married for 19+ and recently separated, but we are done. I've been on idating sites for about a week and need help from the collective with a few things while I sift through 4+ years and 159 pages of threads and postings. First, is winking worth a damn? Second, on match, I keep getting these IM's from women out of is that? lonely or scam of some sort? Last, are the best sites match, okcupid, and eharmony or are there others?
  5. Any way to get the cliffs version of this thread to save 159 pages of reading?
  6. If anything is going in the river, tie a heavy weight to it and string it around this wackos neck... The shower comment was all I needed.
  7. I like the composition a lot. (additional comments added to Flickr)Thanks man, I wish I could shoot it another week or so, I agree with you that when its full foliage its going to look a lot better. Unfortunately I don't get up that way too often.Appreciate the comments! I feel ya. This sunday is the only day in October that I don't have anything going on. Its going to be hit or miss. I'm hoping for the best.I was supposed to be at a retreat center this weekend up near Franklin/Oil City this weekend and was hoping to get some nice shots. Unfortunately my plans got changed. Looks like my only fall shots will come on the 25th at 7 Springs when me and the Mrs. head up for Autumnfest. Hopefully it won't be too late.Some of the best shots I've ever seen are wet colored leaves on the ground. Good luck and I look forward to seeing them.Here are some fall pics I took a few years back.Leaves Brilliant Fall Day Nature's Red Carpet Walk in the Woods sweet...nice work
  8. I asked the same things a few weeks ago, F&L is just not a big fan of his talent. He has moved him up over the last couple of weeks though.Watched the Titans game...he ran HARD. Bowled over Griffin, who's a tough S.
  9. Just curious why not more love for Slaton on the rankings? Seems like he's a great fit for the system...perfect timing and situation.
  10. A lot of f'n money?It's all relative. I don't think they're expecting to sell these to $50K a year guy.Tesla does have plans for a $50-60k sedan: LINK