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  1. I missed some riveting conversation last night
  2. $95 a night as a tester rate might be worth a look.
  3. Every time someone mentions Mon Ami Gabi my heart gets warm. i didn't know thy were taking down the Monte Carlo either. Used to be my value location on the north side of the strip. One time a sandwich trick there got me a top floor huge ### suite. Poker room was small but quaint.
  4. I'm going to be honest. If you asked me what the Saint Louis University mascot was I wouldn't get there in a billion guesses.
  5. I disagree with one part of this - Wifey should be having the talk with her daughter. It will resonate with bother her and the daughter about what a mistake this was.
  6. Lighten up francis. its not cool. Nobody is going to say that. If this is the worst she's done you in 20 years you were way overdue for a letdown. She pulls another stunt like this in the next 365 days it's a different story.
  7. Both. But those who jerk off in glass houses and all of that....
  8. Going to make my first ever visit to New Orleans on Friday April 13th. Don't work yourself to death before I get there.
  9. But to be fair this was a very good decision
  10. Wow. I loved AOE. Lost days of my life playing that game.
  11. Jesus. Almost like you put some thought into this. Well done.
  12. i faced the same question and went 4 day weekend. Taking an extra day here and there is a good thing but having multiple days off in a row really helps.
  13. I feel like I should know this but who is he fighting? probably throw him a tomato can but maybe not at that price
  14. Everybody likes Brazil just ask the 2016 US men's swimming team....... nah they will just make that #### up.
  15. Wow - you guys are still going huh?