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  1. He was 10-1 when I looked last. Problem is he’s got R “I’ve never got a MVP vote” Wilson to contend with. wilson gets hurt he’s probably the favorite.
  2. I have bad news. I think he’s going to win. But if he doesn’t i got X (11-1) and Matsu (20-1) as next best choices. so basically screw Wolff and his 2-16 fairways.
  3. Please do. Didn’t have my on my own personal card (save Marshall, outright!) this week so I tailed. Nice write ups. cant wait for SEC To start next week
  4. President Clinton called Ruth Bader Ginsburg at 11:33 p.m. on June 14, 1993 to offer her Supreme Court seat. Ginsburg waited all night for the call. Reason for late phone call: Clinton was busy watching Suns defeat the Bulls in Game 3 of NBA finals which went to triple OT #RBG
  5. This is legit the worst college football card I’ve ever seen from a gambling sheet perspective.
  6. Fun fact: Tony Finau has finished in the top ten in 7 of 9 majors he has played in. The golf guy I’ve been following (@sundogmonkey) who gave me Kim at 40-1 when he choked on Sunday and followed up with Rham at the BMW and X for low 72 two weeks ago said Rham is the play this week. Also likes Finau and Hatton at the price. C Smith and B Harmon for top 10. Likes first round English and Kaymer due to early tee times. If you have a top Irishman market he likes Lowery to best Rory at 12/5.
  7. My bet would be Dechambeau but it could be any of them. tiger dropped a Ball yesterday and couldn’t find it. One bad hit into this rough and it’s a triple. Could happen to anyone.
  8. Goldman downgraded MGM and the stock dropped near $1 during the open. time to get in if you haven’t already.
  9. There are some locals with Golf props that haven’t caught up yet. winning score over 279.5 number if players under par under 1.5 these have all moved to ~ -150 & -180 Range at some shops but can be found -110/-115. It really sounds like +6 might win they way they talking about this course
  10. DJ > Rory -125 * DJ > JT -105 * Rham > Rory -135 * Finau > Fleetwood -125 ** Finau > Reed +105 * Todd > Speith -130 * Kim > Kaymer -120 * Smith > McKinzie -120 * Hatton > Scott -120 *
  11. For what it’s worth I have 300/7500 on him for the Masters bought a while back and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Think Augusta will be a better fit.