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  1. Elway says the 5 is now for sale. Wonder if that's his way of telling the world he thinks the Browns stay put at 4
  2. If the Mayfield to the Jets talk is to be believed Cleveland can take Chubb or they can trade 4 to Miami/Buf/Zona or anyone else's for a kings ransom
  3. Genuinely f-ing stupid. browns are going to win the draft if this is the case
  4. Congratulations Shohei Ohtani Cy Young Backers
  5. Going to have to give you that one
  6. I'm trying to picture a scenario where Barkley doesn't get taken #4 by the Browns. It's a near lock that 1-2-3 is QB-QB-QB Barkley under 4.5 -150 Chubb over 4.5 -135
  7. Ahh - that makes sense. I found it a bit hard to believe that she would have to pay 30% within the trust and then another 30% personally.
  8. So it's taxed twice? The trust pays taxes and then she pays taxes on the distribution?
  9. I believe it's a irrevocable trust. If thats the case the trust ships off ~$100K to Uncle Sam and my MIL gets 70% of $400k? No tax liability on her part?
  10. In before the "you should definitely ask a football message board and not a tax professional" Long story short My Mother In Law has one "real" asset left in her name. There is a building near Boston that is in a trust and she owns 70% of said trust. She and the business partner have agreed to sell the building. The building was put into the trust with a value of $250k. They are going to sell the building after all broker fees for $750k. so now my question is who and how are the taxes paid on the $500k capital gain?
  11. No man I was with the family in the corner - I was going to come over and say what's up but you had employees or what seemed to be a vendor with you the whole time. Loved the place man - food wasn't bad either. Give a full review when I get back to FLA.... the ribs were absolutely killer.
  12. I find myself playing this game when I'm away with family..... anyone else play this that way
  13. Only thing is most have already tried - Prius and Volt....