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  1. Special item #3 coming up tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed.
  2. Bought some bulls 8.5 at the end of the 1q. 70% of money on Celtics and .5 RLM..... kind of feel like we will see a come back.
  3. And to think I was seething mad at myself for getting involved with Toronto again. I was constructing my post about how Toronto STINKS..... needless to say when I pulled in the driveway and checked the final I was surprised.
  4. Race officialaly moved to Monday @hooter311 my guess is anything placed will be canceled.
  5. I have rules about betting on finishes in chick fights, but in Hooter I trust.
  6. Well all I could get was under, so your perspective was good in my book. Always apreciate your insight Hoots.
  7. Per @TheMirageLV Scott Shelton on LAC-UTAH: "We're gonna get annihilated if Clippers win by more than 1.5." @Covers 2/ More on LAC-UTAH per @TheMirageLV Scott Shelton: "We got hit by 2 players, both on Clippers, both 6-figure bets." Line LAC -2. @Covers
  8. That apple one looks great......
  9. Thinking about what my next creation is going to be. love the concept. The breadcrumb Munster mushroom was he best thing I'd ever smoked other than a primo Brisket
  10. Help me. I've gone off the stuffed pork loin deep end.
  11. Geography fail: Miami @ FSU on 9/17 Cool.... I'll drive the ~2 hours and see NE @ NO on 9/18. Dolk to the super dome 6.5 hours one way. @got_nugs
  12. Made some $$ with him but it seems like the hot streak is over.