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  1. For what it’s worth I just booked a hotel in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome based on feedback from this thread. I’ll check back.
  2. I’ll be in the 7th row behind the Miami bench tonight heavy rain all night -999
  3. I’d be really really suprised if come the mid 4th quarter Saturday Kent State wasn’t up on Akron by more than 14. In fact I think it will be a blowout.
  4. Wins 9 losses 2 Ties 1 but..... there was the makings of two more unders but things went a little nutty in the 2Q. I’m going to keep playing them.
  5. Pats 1h and game under tracker (based on opening line) Wins 9 Losses 0 Ties 1
  6. Minnesota is 5-0 and unranked. Since 2004, there have been 5 other P5/BCS conference teams start 5-0 without being ranked. All 5 lost their sixth game.
  7. @swirvenirvin time to take down the Eli avatar. We have a new OROY in town.
  8. Chickened out and bought back 80% on Utah st +28.5. Much larger bet than I usually make and now it’s turned into a risk free shot at 8 Units
  9. College, Pros.... it was a great start to the season. then this week happened
  10. No guarantees in life and all of that...... that said I’d be genuinely shocked if that LSU -24 lime holds for this Saturday. I Make it -34.5 vs Utah St and I’d still take LSU.
  11. Zion has to win ROY yes? its -200 but it feels like it should be -500