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  1. Hapended to me about a week ago. Call and they will give you a side rollover to clear
  2. Tell we are getting old. Used to be $60 in pizza first draft day for lunch..... instead $375 of sushi and Thai.
  3. So it seems like they made the special evolve items available by having a 7 day poke stop streak every time now. I think most folks were reporting getting them at spin 7 but it didn't always happen.
  4. Over 18.7 million brackets were entered in ESPN Tournament Challenge. Only 18 picked all 16 Sweet 16 teams correctly.
  5. Sorry, forgot to update here. so got there at 2:50 and told the young lady at the door that we were early but we want to order from the secret menu. She leans over in my ear and whispers "and you mean........... the NACHOS". Ok.... she runs off and tells the manager and he looks over and give us the thumbs up. She comes back over and says they need a few min to set up but if we wanted too we can stand by the door and catch the afternoon parade. The parade wraps up and she takes us over to one of the register. The cashier didn't even know how to ring it in but the manager helped her and I plunk down the $90. Then a bunch of writers scurry over and everyone behind the counter picks up cowbells, horns and other noise makers and this one guy starts screaming at the top of his lungs that the ref family is here for the nacho challenge.... and the whole staff goes nuts. We then get escorted over to our own corner table and get two unlimited pitchers of soft drinks. About 10 min later a covered wagon comes around the corner and behind it is a dude carrying the NACHOS in what looks like a king size Wok with two handles. Off the wagon comes all the sides (jalapeƱo, bannana peppers, salsa, queso, green salsa). On the NACHOS was all sorts of meats. Chicken, beef, pork..... this thing is an absolute monster. tried as we did we only got about 3/4 of it. At the end they take your family name and give you a certificate that states that you have been deputized and everyone gets a badge and a cowboy hat. it was a real neat time. I don't think I'd do it again but I'm very happy we tried it once. I'd recommend doing it if you have a late reservation somewhere and need something to tie you over.
  6. I just dropped off my wife daughter and mother in law off at a cruise ship for a week. Over the next 2.5 days 10 of my college buddies are flying down to Florida from the north to hold our 21'st annual baseball drafts over the weeekend. If my posts read like Swirv's in Vegas over the next few days it's not a stroke and I'll probably be ok after a few days. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  7. A Wisconsin vs Virgina total would be set at 83.5
  8. This is a wise man. That said when I go out I try to stay four nights I never stay a fifth though
  9. Biggest need at this point for @LVSuperBook -- Saint Mary's, per @golfodds. Still early, though.
  10. Beat me to it. Not sure I can actually put down on them vs zona but that should probably tell me something
  11. They should just fold all of these sideshows into daredevil/punisher and be done with it.