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  1. 1. BC -1 2. Texas Tech -6.5 3. Ore St +33.5 4. Utah St -28 (-120 buy .5) 5. Cinci +7 6. Pitt -6 7. Save for whatever drunk bet I make tonight
  2. The Ref

    Wealthiest Fictional Character

    Yeah Scrooge McDuck is obviously top of the list. I mean look at the company he keeps. Mickey Mouse is getting $150 a head per day to come to his place and just bought Iron Man and Darth vader the past few years.
  3. What are the chances you already put it there
  4. What are the chanceswe can get the link in the first post?
  5. Truth of the matter is after the best weekend of my life last week I had a mediocre day Saturday that found myself down a small chunk at the end of the day. Nothing disasterous but enough to notice. I eyeballed that Patriot line as being too good all week. After the first two drives by the pats that feature one play that was a Hail Mary type pass I fired a big bet on The titans 1h and game ML. By 4PM rolled around I was back to even and napped out the rest of the day. looks like we would have had a huge middle opertunity but they scored one too many to cash em both. It is crazy how often that happens with these prime time NFC East games.
  6. Can one of you guys update me on how it’s going?
  7. I had 3.5 so it didn’t matter but that was a nice Little FU.
  8. Been a lon time since I looked at a full 7pm board of college football and said “pass”
  9. Can’t get comfortable laying the 11.5 with WVU even though it’s a good spot and I don’t think highly of TCU. Yes I’m posting a non play. Like Arizona St -11.5, probably play of the day Pitt -3 - expecting a repeat of BC vs Va Tech Kentucky -3.5 (now 5) I posted previously. Tennessee quit. Not Louisville level quit but quit enough. Kentucky can still go to places the program has never been before. Going to look foolish when Tenn wins outright but I think Kentucky may win by 3 TD. Missou has looked good the past few weeks and I think they got enough firepower to take care of business -16 vs Vandy That Gooroo guy likes the Ducks and he seems like he knows what he’s doing. Utah with the starting QB and NFL caliber RB out and I’m not sure where the O is going to come from. if I can’t get comfortable with West virgina I may take SMU -19 vs uCONN.
  10. 5. Oregon +3.5 6. Arizona St -11.5 7. Pitt U -3
  11. The umass Under is the only bet I lost last weeekend, literally.
  12. @TheGooRoo. dez under 3.5 receptions dez Under 49.5 yards dez no TD -275
  13. I really wish we could take a bottle of white out and brush over that Arizona game. Road game though so semi-forgiveable sin.