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  1. Also - Big fan of Snell and what UK football has done the last year or two. That said they ain't ready for a Florida yet. Gators -2.5
  2. Perine under 76.5 Dormandy over 14.5 Over 197.5 Under 224.5 hornibrook Taylor under 127.5
  3. Not calling lock but from what I've seen so far this year Illinois shouldn't be +600 tonight
  4. I don't disagree with your points but id be shocked if they didn't let him get some experience this season. zero reason to turn this back over the Savage unless it's in a blowout.
  5. It's complicated. My good friend got me the account and is acting as agent. He was giving me rakeback too on down weeks so we have a good working arrangement. As good as my bets are he has some real stinkers. Basically he's going to cover the $190 so he can walk away from his bad bets and I don't want to do that to him esp because he may have some more/new books.
  6. Yeah all on credit. I owe him $180 from last week too and I'm tempted to tell him to GTH.
  7. To the Local Book who took a max bets on Clemson to win the ACC, Kizer to win OROY, Duke at 8-1, Marshall O5, Rice O3.5 and a few other generally +EV bets who shut it down and walked away today because your main customer who you weren't bankrolled for hit a near 6 figure 6 teamer on your ###..... have a merry Christmas.