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  1. Well if money matters it's Murray by a landslide. Keaton could make $50M a film for the next 10 films and still have less money than Murray. One of those lesser known facts of Hollywood is Murray got into all the right Hedge Funds back in the 80's and is one of if not the richest people in Hollywood.
  2. Oh ok. I thought you might have been saying they were not going to pay you outright on bets you had placed and won. its frustrating for sure Em. You can more or less go back through the last 8 years of wagering thread history and find all of us complaining about books in general. It's not not the good old days at all.
  3. Only early line I bet that hasn't moved for me is Texas -17. I did see it as high as -20 at one point but i have seen it as low as -16.5, mostly listed at -17 though so not a big blow up.
  4. Interesting.... I had listened to a podcast that had said it was a madhouse when they released lines. They said you could only bet 3 totals for $300-$500 max and then you had to go to the back of the line of you wanted to rebet. i had a local offer lines for the power 5 early on. Northwestern @7 jumped off the page on me. I think 8.5 is the right number. i didn't know you were into these *that* much. We should compare notes next June.
  5. What's going on that they are not going to pay you?
  6. To be fair I've been pounding the table in here on Northwestern and Marshall for a while. Im also a big fan of that NC state over 7 but it's up to -150 now. Think I'm ok with over 7.5. That Colorado under is growing on me. To your point a lot of these have moved considerably over the past 2 weeks so if you were able to get some of these as listed you should be thrilled.
  7. Wow! Jets under 5? Under 4 is -180! that Cuse schedule is tough. Like the Colorado bet. kicking myself for not betting more on NC State over 7.... it's -150 at some shops now
  8. I wish I had a few too much hung up on marshal over 5 and northwestern over 7
  9. That McIllroy no major bets looking goodish now @swirvenirvin
  10. This is more or less the problem of all shows. This is why Breaking Bad had to conjure the Nazis after they killed Gus.
  11. 100% Tormund all day long. I only laughed once at the episode and that's when he said Podrick was lucky when she beat him up. He's funny as hell.
  12. "Please no Alias" you know you will lose well over half of the posters in the FFA right?