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  1. Shame to see Reed off to such a tough start.
  2. Well he is certifiably the anti chalk vs all the top 20 guys. How much you like him?
  3. USD index seems bullish?
  4. Time for kickoff now? happy worst day of the year eveyone
  5. Time for him to take a week off though. Don’t want to see him get burnt out for the playoffs.
  6. Tony Finau will forever make me think twice about PGA fades
  7. It’s my fault - I bought 40 at 3:55
  8. Ouch.... sorry
  9. $NFLX - thoughts?
  10. Two weeks later. Still “only” down ~25 lbs.
  11. Like the ACA for example. Elections had a consequence. The Dems overplayed their hand. Ted Bleeping Kennedy lost “his” seat in that bastion of conservative politics the people’s republic of Massachusetts in a mid-mid-term election and the following full mid term the GOP took back the house for good. When these mid terms happen the pendulum will likely shift and new consequences will take place.
  12. My take: don’t bet the game because you are going to need as much cash as possible to pay the $75 to park, $5.75 a hot dog and $12 for a craft beer.