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  1. I missed season 3 so Im watching it now. I’m halfway through and man all I can think is what a horrible coach this guy is. maybe a good motivator but an absolute horrible game day coach.
  2. Nice call on this one. tailed you on UFC this past weekend. Couldn’t believe the card ended up close to even after that start.
  3. Lowry left the door open for him, Tommy took the first step through and then fell stright on his face. I really like the player but he didn’t do anything to get the “can’t finish” tag off his back today. Thought it might have been different after his play yesterday.
  4. Yeah hole one was the end of the tournament. amazing how well Lowry has run the last 36 hours. Could have doubled either shot off the fairway yesterday and he saved them both. Would have changed it all.
  5. Someone somewhere put $100 on Duval somewhere at 100-1 And was feeling good when he started off -2 through 4 holes.......I’m just surprised it wasn’t me. "I didn’t check it close enough,” Duval said. “I mark my balls with a yellow dot because everyone uses red and black. I don’t see red well.” He played almost the entire hole with the incorrect ball before realizing what had happened. He had to return to the tee and play the hole over again. After playing his first two holes in 2 under, he was 12 over when he arrived at the eighth tee.
  6. Thoughts on IAG? went long .30 ago but it looks like a breakout going to happen.
  7. Obviously not a super duper sharp play, but I know the guy and he’s one hell of a player. #World Series of Poker #To win outright #Odds to win World Series of Poker 2019 #Zhen Cai +600
  8. Keep an eye on Zhen Cai at the final table (third in chips). I’ve played with him a bunch at the Palm Beach Kennel Club and I swear I’ve never seen the guy have a losing session. He’s also a real solid dude - never ever had a problem with the guy and he’s very well liked.
  9. Keep an eye on Zhen Cai at the Main event final table. I play PLO with him from time to time and I swear the guy is in the top three players I’ve ever sat with. I legit don’t ever recall him having a losing night. Hes also a real nice guy.
  10. I live in Florida - I’ll be back in a week or so.
  11. Just an awful awful beat
  12. Kid I play with locally won that tournament.
  13. I’ve got two me mimes if someone desperately wants one (caught at the louvre, oddly enough) I’ve been out of this game so long I didn’t even know you can trade
  14. -300 is a lot of lumber but it would be shocking if they didn’t make it. week 1 CFB is just weeks away Utah -6 FSU -4 UCLA +4 USC -13.5 Ok St -16.5