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  1. Be a nice week for the Phillies to get win 77. Then next week they can nab 78.
  2. It didn’t come through on my e-mail. Im the Bill Parcells of this league. I put the right people in a position to win and I let the team run it’s self. im a genius.
  3. Hey SunBelt - we can’t get a early season Tuesday night game one time?
  4. Pat Mahomes mvp at 18-1 feels like a good bet right now if you have a local that’s hanging his odds that high. Only +800 at BOL
  5. Someone in Vegas has a $5/$52,140 13 team parlay open with the bears ML as the final leg. it was a 14 teamer for $80k but the packers ml pushed
  6. Second week in a row I’ve had a QB who needed 60 passing yards start on the other teams 49 and get there through sacks and penalties
  7. Already mentioned but it is NFC east in prime time..... get a under bet in
  8. Weather is going to stabilize in the 2h. do with it what you can
  9. Utah 1h Under 23 its a tricky weather play
  10. Who has two thumbs and touted BC all summer?
  11. If they got swept by the fish I was going to start to bet against them. Need them to go at least 3-13 the rest of the way
  12. I think a lot of us jumped on the day they signed Arrietta. I got them at 77.5 for a small car so I need them to go 4-12 the rest of the way but at one point two weeks ago it was like 6-25..... they have looked dreadfull