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  1. Not what I wanted to hear on my day off when I'm looking for something to Degen on.
  2. 9. The Boathouse in Disney Springs. Another one moving up our list. Awesome menu. Great setup. 100% agreement here. We do resident weekend trips so we spend Friday nights or Monday long weekend afternoons at Disney Springs and we always end up at the boathouse. 4. Hoop Dee Do Review - listen, if you get solid food, unlimited in amount, that consists of beer, fried chicken, ribs and all the fixins'.... well, that's just America right there. Haven't been in a few trips because of scheduling and it's been closed for updates. Hopefully the menu hasn't changed. It will be on the list in our fall trip. huge nostalgia place for me because I remember going with my grandparents ~33 years ago. Same show and everything. The only thing here is for a family of four for decent seats it's BIG money.
  3. Sorry Kurt. No envelope for you this month my freind!
  4. For years, one of the best dining specials in Las Vegas has been the steak dinner at Ellis Island. For $4.95, you got a 10-ounce filet-cut steak, served with salad, vegetable, potato, garlic bread, and rolls. It was available 24 hours a day, but it wasn’t on the menu, so you had to know to ask for it. After many years, Ellis Island has decided to raise the price to $6.95. I know, a whole $2, right? But it’s still a great deal, since it’s now served with your choice of an Ellis Island microbrew beer or rootbeer.
  5. Kid at toys r us said they had 4-5 in stock yesterday at retail but "he knows somebody" who was selling one for $125 cash.
  6. Aria gave me 5 drink tickets for letting me bet on a Prop for $500. Martini are $15 there so I felt like I got away with murder.
  7. Looks like Steve Stevens actually published a play and it was almost before the game started... I'm in a giving mood today. Just put $25K on the OVER for the @RhodyMBB vs. @LaSalleMBB game. Consider this a gift pick from #SteveStevens
  8. I Stand by his quote/bump. One of my favorite internet discussions of all time.
  9. STRAIGHT BET Risk 110.00 to win 100.00 Feb 20 07:05 PM [703] MIAMI FLORIDA +7½-110 (ESPN) Ticket#:30784299 Feb 20 06:03 PMSTRAIGHT BET Risk 110.00 to win 100.00 Feb 20 07:05 PM [704] TOTAL u117-110 (MIAMI FLORIDA vrs VIRGINIA) (ESPN) Ticket#:30784303 Feb 20 06:03 PMPARLAY (2 TEAMS) Risk 100.00 to win 260.00 Feb 20 07:05 PM [703] MIAMI FLORIDA +7½-110 (ESPN) Feb 20 07:05 PM [704] TOTAL u117-110 (MIAMI FLORIDA vrs VIRGINIA) not a big call there or anything.
  10. Who knows. Maybe they add another part before the deadline. If they make the dance I think 120-1 is just fine.
  11. Ticket#:30781125 Feb 20 12:19 AMNBA WESTERN CONFERENCE - ODDS TO WINRisk 100.00 to win 12000.00 Feb 23 07:00 PM [88929] NEW ORLEANS PELICANS +12000
  12. They knew it in New Orleans apparently. he was just traded to the pelicans.