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  1. Your point on bonus is industry specific. Plus there are obviously games played with bonus where it makes up for people who have less base. My company the people who have bee there a long time have a hard time getting merit increases because it becomes perminant run Rate expense. New people come in and make more because of improved market conditions. What mangers typically do in my company is award the first chunk of bonus pool to level off the plying field and then allocate from there.
  2. This. dont count on anything from Big Boss he has obviously checked out. When the new boss gets there print the paper work of last year vs this year and lay it out for him. Then hit him with the “how would you feel if...” and see how it goes. Imply as though the only reason why you haven’t left was because you like it here and you were optimistic that as new boss something can be worked out. pivot off this. If he gives the “I’m new and the past is the past” it’s time to leave. If it’s “I’m new but this seems like BS, let me work on it” then you need to decide how much time he gets. for what it’s worth I was in a similar situation last year and I just got my review this morning and I Made VP with a 38.5% raise. I’m happy I stayed but it was a bit of a slap to have to wait the year.
  3. Kancamagus is automatic. When you get to the end of it go to Clark’s trading post. Then stay in lake winne for a day or three.
  4. Looking like XFL will be 6-0 to the Under in games without Houston and 2-0 to the over (probably) with Houston in them.
  5. Anyone have any thoughts on the masters? i already have Finau and Fleetwood at 30-1.
  6. Also - long pick 6 and a defensive TD and Under still held.....
  7. Yeah I was probably going to dabble with the first game under but really just try and keep an eye on gameflow and see if a total in the 50’s makes sense. The otherleague the first three weeks was all unders, the D way more ready than O. I can see the same happening other than the rules
  8. Ok - I’m interested. why should I vote for this guy?