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  1. My Facebook is out of control with the “is so and so coming”..... I've seen Thrawn, Revan, Luke, Malak Just to name a few
  2. Interesting stat but it was only recently that Bama went to a pseudo pass first score 100 if they can philosophy
  3. The one blown spot, which really didn’t matter was when she was aging good by and said “may the force be with you” he should have responded “this is the way”.
  4. Same. We are going to end up with a crash of Mandolorian, Clone wars and Rebels. Life action awesomeness.
  5. My wife allocated $475 to a particular family friends via Venmo for “Christmas present business”. Which I strongly suspect she’s either Porking My buddy or he is assisting in procuring a ceramic smoker. hope she/they don’t blow it.
  6. Look I’m happy with the results so far but you can 100% tell this season was deeply impacted by Covid. ”OK so we need to make 10 episodes. We got a stage for Mandos ship and the main town..... let’s Make a wintery stage and have him fight through *checks notes* A bunch of spiders in that one.... aaaaand let’s have him take a side trip to another stage we will make up and *checks notes * and fight a bunch of stormtroopers like he was playing goldeneye”. Id be willing to bet they put a lot into 4-5 of the episodes and the others are going to be closed set camera creative “goldeneye” Episodes as filler. The fighting the dragon episode and the Mandalorian ship heist episode was great and expansive. I expect this next episode if/when he meets Asoka will be equally as great. My point is I’m expecting Mado and Asoka to storm a empire base the following episode with similar looming room after similar looking room. absolutely zero wrong with this - my point is if it wasn’t for Covid I bet we would have more expansive episodes and sets.
  7. Where did it go? Westgate Wednesday afternoon (for Thur night) and sat afternoon (for Sunday and Monday night) they make a prop card. All .10 lines, all 1K limits. All together they had 13 player props listed and had a mix of comps/yards/rec/TD's. They offered mostly "stars" no totals on the Steelers 3'd string TE. Very impressive but if you're in town and the two games offered stink for props it could be a headache. Lines were fairly soft IMHO. William Hill "William Hill" sportsbooks cover mostly low end casinos around town. 4 queens, the D, Binions downtown on the strip you are looking at the Casino Royal. They had a robust Sunday/Monday night card. What made this place stand out was 2 things. They will book $50,000 so long as you register for a player card (my guess is that would only last a few plays). Even still they will book $1K without one. They had a "full" card for Sunday afternoon. Def wasn't a robust card all yardage props for major QB and RB, 14 in total. It should be noted that the lines were a little better than I would have thought. I sent them to Swirv and he agreed but we did manage to pick out a nice Andy Luck over that cashed (by 4 yards, but a winner is a winner). The Sunday night card was more like the Westgate and others maybe with a little more depth as they had reception lines on Witten. Ceasers told me to F off. No player props outside of the super bowl. Palms & Station Palms and the Station casino families were Sunday/Monday only. The Station book manager kept trying to point me towards the adjusted lines sheet as his "props". When I asked specifically about players he said they would have a few but they don't get posted until 2.5 hours before kickoff. Of all the properties that I asked around about player props this was the only place where I got the feeling they didn't want me around nor did they care for the line of questioning. Most other places were very candid and open. El Cortez (Stations) didn't have any of their props until Sunday morning (well, I guess it could've been Saturday night..but I didn't check) - they had 6 for the London game, then 12 total for the "regular" day games, then another 6 or so for the SNF/MNF games each M Life/MGM the "m life" or MGM properties had a nice prop card for Sunday night before I left. Maybe even a little better than Westgate/Hill in fact because it was less yards and more Comps/Receptions. Swirv saw the card here and there were a few leans but Dak under comps came in big for me. $1000 limits, no questions asked. Lines were .15 and they had some lines shaded so it seemed like they were on top of things.
  8. Ship me a canned ham when you're down in Haiti.

  9. Yeah - I'm the one im the one on the left.......

  10. Putting a picture of yourself in your avatar is not only bold, but it's also enlightening.