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  1. Funny thing about being on a cruise in Jamaica on Thanksgiving is you got all these middle aged straight laced folks who are walking around as high as a kite wearing Bob Marley shirts who are going to vote GOP when they get home to protect the real estate portfolios. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you beautiful b@stards.
  2. Between the arrest and how he handled himself today...... might be some value in the Hiesman again....
  3. Nick Fitzgerald over 225.5 P&R at AB is something I really like
  4. Check out the... "The Ref Moves to Florida" thread from about 6.5 years ago. Ended up in Palm Beach county Florida from Boston. Absolutely zero regrets.
  5. I didn't bet a game yesterday. I had a feeling that it was going to be a bloodbath and as it turns out I was right. I would have gone 2-6-1
  6. I didn't bet anything at noon because I liked all public played favorites mostly on the road..... I'd be 0-4 right now. i like public favorites mostly on the road at 3 and 7. I was going to sit it out but now my buddy calls and we got 9th row 40 yard line seats for criminals vs Catholics. I'm planing to lose some $$ on ND tonight.
  7. I'm long 1000 at $10.... needless to say I'm not happy. that said I went long 2000 GEO a few weeks back so it's not all bad
  8. I only give hard hitting analytics
  9. Thing is I know it's a horrible bet. I'll come out and say it upfront. Away team on the road vs what's probably an under rated team. I dont think 3.5 is enough tomorrow night. Give me Toledo.
  10. I fully expect it will all take care of its self but if Wisconsin runs the table and somehow doesn't get in the top 4 they should scrap the whole thing. i get the grandstanding making them 9 for the moment. But if a power 5 team runs the table and wins a conference championship game it's an "auto bid".
  11. So much for a late Wong surprise from seattle
  12. Anything I can parlay that with today?
  13. I never expected the foo too come to south Florida anytime soon and when they did I wasn't expecting them to play the west palm beach amphitheater. i was able to get lawn seats via the presage but i see a stubhub purchase in my future.