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  1. He's quietly a very nice option this season. You can get him for almost nothing and he should still be the lead dog in Carolina. They'll use McCaffrey imaginatively and as a third down back, but not as the bell cow.
  2. So does anyone have any suggestions for enlarging the font? It is designed for eagle-eyed adolescents, not weak-eyed middle-aged gentlemen.
  3. There is no fonts set up page. Here is what there is under Apparance Setup: Home Page Modules and Tabs Setup Select A Skin Menu Setup Edit League Links Icons Setup Images and Other URLs Scrolling Text Twitter Setup Youtube Video Setup Reports and Security Settings
  4. The font is too small for me to read easily. Anyone know how to increase the size of it?
  5. If you play in leagues with 53 man rosters that include offensive linemen and a punter as well as skill players and IDPs then you would have a point. That would be somewhat of an approximation of "real" football, but the reality is most of fantasy bears no resemblance to "real" football. Fantasy is not real football, it's an amusing diversion which features stats from the NFL.
  6. See, I think that's great fun. The sweetest championships are those when you start off with a terrible team but pick up some diamonds in the rough off waivers, strike it lucky, suddenly get on a roll, and end up winning it all.
  7. Tim Hightower 2016 might have the best chance to emulate Tim Hightower 2015.
  8. I think if two teams are tied it's best use H2H. More than two teams, move to points scored. H2H gets very fiddly when you have multiple teams.
  9. Janis is exactly what the slow, ponderous Packers offense needs right now. They need someone with size and speed to go downfield and Janis is sitting there rotting on the bench. I don't buy all this stuff about him not being talented, he has looked great in camp, pre-season, and whenever given the opportunity in the regular season too. Let's hope the numbskull Packers coaches finally wake up to it, whether this season or the off-season, I have stashed Janis in ALL my dynasty leagues!
  10. Just think, if Philly had kept Tebow as their #3 QB, we'd be facing Tebowmania now and calls for #TebowTime!