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  1. Mack is under contract. Reggie doesn't negotiate with players until they show up. He did the same during the Penn holdout a year ago. Once Penn showed up he got his extension. I am sure once Mack shows up they will get a deal done. In the meantime its just the waiting game. I doubt Mack will want to miss out on actual game checks.
  2. I watched every game...their offensive coaching was abysmal last season and they made no adjustments. Even after putting him in the slot in the KC game when he had 200+ yards they didn't go back to that.
  3. Gruden has said he will be the main vein of their passing offense and will be moving around a lot. I doubt you will find his playbook if that is what you are looking for. But here is the link to his quote about his plans for using Cooper. From the article, a direct quote from Gruden: "He has to get healthy and stay healthy,"Gruden said about Cooper at the NFL's annual meeting last week. "We need him to be the player he was the first two years. I've said it earlier: We're going to make him the main vein of our passing offense and move him around a lot. ... "We're really excited about him. I think he's entering the prime of his career."
  4. I can tell you the players were extremely frustrated with the offensive strategy and play calling last season. Poor play design, conservative playcalling, etc...a volatile locker room between players, coaches were not on the same page, etc...if you want to keep your head in the sand and ignore all that and just point to stats from last season and only half of the prior season, thats your choice. But coaching changes matter, ignoring that seems ludicrous to me. It is pretty common for the FF community to focus more on prior year stats and make their cheatsheets from the prior season, while ignoring how each team has changed with coaching. I have said it repeatedly in this thread, the prime example of this happened last season with Todd Gurley. He had an average to below average season under Jeff Fisher. They made a coaching change and the FF community didnt react to that as Gurley (a 1st round ff pick 2 years ago) was going in the 2nd/3rd round last year. Those that got him there more than likely won their league or at the least made the playoffs. Now this year Gurley is going consistently in the top 3 all because of a coaching/philosophy change. If you don't think Gruden is an upgrade for the Raiders offense then you don't know how bad the Raiders offensive coaching personnel was last season. Raiders offensive players are being undervalued all across the board right now in the ff community because most aren't paying attention to the coaching changes. Carr is one of the best qb's Gruden has had since Gannon and look what he did with Gannon.
  5. Coaching and offensive philosophy changes carry more weight for me than stats under a different regime. Gruden has said repeatedly they are going to move him around and Amari is going to be the main vein of his passing offense. He even called him a young Tim Brown.
  6. Why does everyone that thinks Cooper is a bust using last seasons stats as the main reason? You do realize that team had a first time OC after having Musgrave prior to that. It is pretty common knowledge that the Raiders offensive gameplan last season was very basic, vanilla schemes with an inexperienced coordinator calling the plays. The players lacked confidence in the coaches playcalling abilities and it had a negative impact on the field. No different then the Rams 2 seasons ago under Fisher. Remember all the Goff is a bust talk? Its pretty obvious to me the Raiders have a huge upgrade in coaching philosophy and most Raiders offensive personnel is being undervalued because of last seasons stats.
  7. Eddie Pineiro should win the Oakland job. The Raiders drafted his holder from the same college as well to be their punter.
  8. Way to cherry pick...the point is there has always been a target hog on every Gruden coached team. Even during the Rice/Brown/Porter/Garner era. Cooper is also still very young for a wr going into his 4th season. Plenty of prime years left.
  9. What's being lost in all this is it was more than just injuries that held back Cooper and Carr last season. The coaching staff was downgraded from the previous seasons with Musgrave as the OC. So using last season's stats and only half of the 2016 season's stats to fit a narrative is disingenuous. Cooper under Gruden's system absolutely could be Tim Brown 2.0. Upgrades in coaching and offensive system changes are often overlooked every year in FF. Look at Todd Gurley going into last years FF drafts vs this years FF drafts as an example. Last year he was being drafted in the 2nd/3rd round because noone was taking into account the change from Fisher to McVay. Now this year he is being drafted 1st or 2nd overall. This sort of thing happens every year in fantasy football.
  10. I think the ff community is sleeping on the Raiders offensive personnel similar to how they were sleeping on the Rams offensive personnel last season. Make no mistake, the biggest change in Oakland was the coaching staff. It is eerily similar to when the Rams went from Jeff Fisher to Sean McVay. The Raiders offensive play calling was attrocious going from Musgrave to Downing from 2016 to 2017. System matters and Gruden will have this offense clicking. Gruden took this job because of Carr. This offense could end up being pretty explosive...see the Gannon, Rice, Brown, Porter, Garner years. With that in mind, Gruden has always produced a high end WR in every year he coached. There is no reason to think Cooper can't be the top WR in Gruden's system. I also think Doug Martin could be a nice sleeper. Gruden has been salivating about him in camp so it wouldn't surprise me if he is used similar to how Garner was used for ppr league's.
  11. I am going to take a wild guess and say it's Adrian Peterson.
  12. On another board, the rumor is that Reggie is looking to make 2 big FA splashes out if the gate in addition to the Carr extension. Calais Campbell, Bennett, Hightower, Gilmore are all possibilities.
  13. That McCaffery kid would be nice to have....put him at slot over dropsies Roberts and he could be ur 3rd down back as well. Not to mention the kick/punt return abilities he has. It's a copy cat league and he could the Raiders version of Edelman.
  14. Lol so now a regular season game call is the same as a call in a Conference Playoff game with the Superbowl on the line???
  15. On point 3 it wasn't you as I noticed this as well. I wonder if the rift between the NFL and ESPN has anything to do with it. Meaning maybe ESPN didn't show all the replays to be able to smear the NFL officiating since the NFL hasn't been giving them great matchups on Monday night. Just seems odd because when you see Dean Blandino's video on twitter explaining there were 2 angles that ESPN blatantly ignored that showed Hopkins appearing to be on the line at the 36 yard line.