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  1. Need a handful of TDs from Lamar tonight...that’s possible right? Right? Damn it.
  2. As an owner of some T.Y. Shares, I’d sell him in a minute...he is killing teams that are starting him. I do think he will produce at some point in the coming weeks, but have no idea at what level. Treat as a WR3/Flex going forward.
  3. The injuries are stacking up, the leaders of the division each already have a 3 game lead on your team and your squad should be contending, but is not. As an owner who has never willingly conceded defeat to anyone, tanking has never been an actionable thought for a number of reasons First being, have no idea how to even do it and feel good about it all Second, do not want to upset the competitive balance of the league by losing games I could win Is tanking a season worth the picks you may get the next year?
  4. 12 Team Dynasty CMC, Golladay, A.J. Brown, Samuel, Lindsay Have had better starts.
  5. CMC Update: multiple weeks per source
  6. oh boy...
  7. Dropped to 0-2 in a league I can’t afford any dumb losses in...mostly because I don’t have a ‘set’ lineup and I am dumb. Injuries to Golladay, A.J. Brown, Deebo Samuel has me starting players I eIther don’t trust or would only start on bye weeks...and it’s killing me if I choose wrong. For instance, yesterday ... Scotty Miller and Preston Williams made the lineup.
  8. 10 Team PPR Needed help at TE (took offer #2): Offer 1: Gave: Devonta Freeman + 2020 Rd 3 Got: Evan Engram + 2020 Rd 5 Offer 2: Gave: Philip Lindsay Got: David Njoku Took offer 2, but am wondering if should have taken Offer 1?
  9. 12 Team PPR Gave: CJ Uzomah and 2019 Rd 1 (Team is in Win Now Mode) Received: Jimmy Graham and 2019 Rd 4 (Team is in year 2 of rebuild)
  10. Dear picked a bad week to disappear. I know its not all your fault, but I am going to blame you anyway. No TDs?
  11. 12 Team PPR Team A gives: Devonta Freeman, Cooper Kupp and Anthony Miller Team B gives: Kenyan Drake, Corey Davis and George Kittle Who wins this season? Would the team that wins this deal this season also be the deal winner 2 - 4 years from now?
  12. Deal revised: Team 1 gives: D. Freeman, Cooper Kupp and 2019 2.05 For Team 2 gives: K. Drake, Corey Davis and 2019 3.04 What does Team 1 need to do to make this worthwhile?
  13. I agree that there is something missing from the Team 2 offer. Re: Draft Order—purely speculation on my part, and could be different at year end, but likely not by more than a pick.
  14. 10 Team PPR Team 1 gives: D. Freeman, C. Kupp and 2019 1.05 For Team 2 gives: K. Drake, C. Davis and 2019 2.04 The RB would be paired with McCaffrey and the WR would be a WR3 on Team 1 squad. I think Team 1 is assuming more of the risk here (despite better unproven talent); am I delusional here?