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  1. Real gusty today. Buddies almost lost their EZ Up in parking lot. Problem is also that it swirls inside that stadium.
  2. Was in trial period of making my own salsa with wife as taste tester & we finally hit on cilantro as missing ingredient. Is now part of our herb garden with basil, parsley & mint. Not sure how olives got into thread but I would straight cilantro leaves over olives any day.
  3. 'Journalists' went on strike shortly before Jan 2009. Writers have taken over since....
  4. Right?! Still a good amount that should have been filtered out of here. Strong 1st 10 minutes tho.....
  5. Exactly, otherwise you start looking clueless like the NHL. As Micah Hyde said, there's no way anyone on Buffalo would still be in the game if same hit happened to Brady.
  6. Love this opening by Jake E Lee - Shot in the Dark
  7. Same age. We had it good - almost annual Championship games. One of my earliest memories was Sea of Hands game. I was Raider fan because Dad was. When it was ruled Clarence Davis caught ball I asked my Dad if I could go in hallway & spike my Nerf football, Spiked the hell outta that green Nerf, Those days are long gone, but I think that's why we pull so hard for Gruden - he has a true appreciation for Raider history.
  8. Wife & I did the combo last night after a very extended happy hr. I like the combo because it adds more to the meal, including celery, than just the pizza. Did combo regularly when younger - now very rare. Prefer my wing fix, by themselves, at local places known for being top notch. Years of combos has changed me tho - I almost always have a side of bleu cheese to dip my pizza.
  9. Agree with this. Aerosmith made their comeback during this time but not a hair band. Crue started out way-glam but they were more punk-based. Skid Row is tough because they have the pretty looking singer and couple hit ballads, but became progressively much heavier. Similarly, no one would call Pantera hair metal but 'hair' they were early on:
  10. Thanks! Been meaning to sign up but my natural procrastination caught up with me. I'm in now.
  11. No, Webster, NY, birthplace & home til ran away at 16. Funny, woulda thought Auriemma most searched in Storrs.