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  1. Certainly an impressive effort, but let's see them do it year after year like the Sabres!
  2. When was the last time you laughed so hard at a 'decent joke' you needed to wipe tears...or couldn't hear what people around you were saying?
  3. An Army copter crash was reported yesterday & I said to my wife 'if you can't trust military copters, can you really trust any?
  4. Joe had longtime affiliation with Rochester Red Wings (O's former Triple A team) & is known as "Mr Baseball" here. Couldn't find anything on local news sites but would seem quite coincidental if no relation.
  5. First video I ever saw on MTV when we first got cable back in '81. Was amazed by the drumming. Rush was huge during High School and while I really liked the music I just wasn't a fan of Geddy's voice. Luckily did see them live..
  6. Official position and title in the government overrides being a terrorist?
  7. Been going on for MANY years before this youngin.
  8. Indy also needs to beat Jax and one of these 4 must win (as it impacts strength of schedule tie breaker): NYG, Det, KC, NE. Biggest issue (other than Oak winning in Denver) is that Balt doesn't need game & already said key players are sitting.
  9. Still have 12.5% chance at making playoffs!! (Boy that loss last week hurts).
  10. Off the cuff (and under the influence), great response by Raiders after last week's let down. Unlike past teams, seems staff used that to drive them this week. No Jacobs so they went pass heavy in 1st half. Came out for 2nd half & seems like O was challenged due to past 2nd half collapses. The drive out of halftime was impressive pounding downfield with a backup RB & injured OL. Carr takes a lot of cr*p in here but 215 yds at half & finished at 87% completion rate. Even if every pass were a drop off to a RB that’d still be phenomenal, but he mixed in TEs & WRs. Renfroe is a nice addition. Give Carr a nice compliment of receivers and let’s see where he takes us!
  11. Looks like Gruden made a point of that coming out of half. Great drive there & ALOT of running! May have been a challenge in locker room.
  12. Agreed. He did a heck of a job driving them down against the #1 D on road. The throw on the run to Beasley is like Rodgers - elite. But also a killer that he can't drop in the TD to Knox. I'm not suggesting KGUN here, but based on way Allen plays in 4th and on late drives that maybe they start including more of that early in game.