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  1. First video I ever saw on MTV when we first got cable back in '81. Was amazed by the drumming. Rush was huge during High School and while I really liked the music I just wasn't a fan of Geddy's voice. Luckily did see them live..
  2. Official position and title in the government overrides being a terrorist?
  3. Been going on for MANY years before this youngin.
  4. Indy also needs to beat Jax and one of these 4 must win (as it impacts strength of schedule tie breaker): NYG, Det, KC, NE. Biggest issue (other than Oak winning in Denver) is that Balt doesn't need game & already said key players are sitting.
  5. Still have 12.5% chance at making playoffs!! (Boy that loss last week hurts).
  6. Off the cuff (and under the influence), great response by Raiders after last week's let down. Unlike past teams, seems staff used that to drive them this week. No Jacobs so they went pass heavy in 1st half. Came out for 2nd half & seems like O was challenged due to past 2nd half collapses. The drive out of halftime was impressive pounding downfield with a backup RB & injured OL. Carr takes a lot of cr*p in here but 215 yds at half & finished at 87% completion rate. Even if every pass were a drop off to a RB that’d still be phenomenal, but he mixed in TEs & WRs. Renfroe is a nice addition. Give Carr a nice compliment of receivers and let’s see where he takes us!
  7. Looks like Gruden made a point of that coming out of half. Great drive there & ALOT of running! May have been a challenge in locker room.
  8. Agreed. He did a heck of a job driving them down against the #1 D on road. The throw on the run to Beasley is like Rodgers - elite. But also a killer that he can't drop in the TD to Knox. I'm not suggesting KGUN here, but based on way Allen plays in 4th and on late drives that maybe they start including more of that early in game.
  9. Horrible play call on first down with the momentum. Then knowing they are going to blitz there's no slant into middle which was probably wide open?
  10. So Edelman can spike ball at the defensive player w/o a penalty?
  11. They have 1 WR & no deep threat yet Brady hitting everything underneath, easy screens & then just getting killed against run.
  12. Started following NASCAR mid to late 70s through Dad. Became a fan of Darrell Waltrip - young, brash upcomer. He moved to a team owned by Junior Johnson & won 3 championships with him. Junior owned team but was also gas man! Anyway, for those not familiar with NASCAR history, this is like the passing of Paul Brown or Jim Thorpe - Junior is that integral to the birth of NASCAR.
  13. No other Republican could have done what Trump has done. Trump has given the Rs a backbone. Ds attacked Romney for being wealthy & he didn't know how to handle it in the environment of 'you didn't build that'. Trump embraced it, said 'yea I did build it, acknowledged it as the "american dream" and yet spoke to & resonated with Americans.
  14. No matter what may have been said about Obama, I do find it amazing that such a 'racist' country elected a black man to 2 terms. And as was stated, Romney should have been able to beat Obama based on how things were heading but once Candy what's her name from CNN deflected the Benghazi question for Obama, Romney was done.
  15. Yea there's gotta be a "personal services" deal going on there. Brady is a helluva competitor but I don't see him financially sacrificing for the team in some of the ways it has been portrayed.
  16. I'd be really upset if my 'truly elite QB' didn't come through in that situation. Despite an OL giving him no time, and guys dropping passes in their hands, Carr still had team in position to close out if not for high school refs screwing up. They aren't getting anyone better than Carr next year and I still think he can win. I'd like to see him in another off season with Gruden & a go to WR like Crabtree in 2016. Doesn't need to be an AB, just someone he can rely on and add that to Williams, Renfroe & Waller next yr. He's been a near 70% passer with higher yards per attempt the past 2 yrs.
  17. STC, no one's taking shots at fans who showed up today. Its yet another non-playoff season but I was totally invested today knowing its last game in Oakland and watching all the history shown during game. I think Bruno said 'those fans' as they were the ones in stadium today, but he was referring to all of us Raider fans. We were teased at 6-4 and embarrassed again as we drop to 6-8. Those last 4 losses have been by 88 points . We have the 4th worst pt differential in league. Bruno2 and Ed are spot on. Gruden is drawing up a great plan to start game but not adjusting well at all. Today NE struggles to go up at half 13-10 and it finishes 34-13. That's coaching adjustments.
  18. I'm with you. Pathetic. Closing out a 60 yr history with a 16-3 lead over a team that's been getting rolled for a month & THEY close us out in 2nd half? What else should we expect from a franchise that's given us 7 playoff teams in last 34 yrs?
  19. Old school Raider move. Except they had the talent to overcome that BS
  20. Loved watching him with the cut up sleeves over the huge 80s shoulder pads. He was so clutch. Guess I picked Casper as he's the more prototypical TE. Like the 80s, in today's game you'd want Christiansen.