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  1. 1 hour ago, Rhythmdoctor said:

    Cool story. I’m not really a Rush fan either and I’ve never seen them live but hot damn if Tom Sawyer isn’t one of the best rock songs of all time!

    First video I ever saw on MTV when we first got cable back in '81. Was amazed by the drumming. Rush was huge during High School and while I really liked the music I just wasn't a fan of Geddy's voice. Luckily did see them live..

  2. 5 minutes ago, mcintyre1 said:

    Sen Chris Murphy (D-CT) -- Foreign Relations Cmte on MSNBC -- "Could be the most significant foreign political leader the United States has ever assassinated and we are very careful about these kinds of things because they can end up spilling into a set of consequences that ultimately do much more damage to the US national security interests than what the assassination itself cures. And of course there's a question of what the authorization is for this. If this is indeed an act of war against Iran, unless it was done to prevent an imminent attack against the United States, you can't do this without Congressional authorization." Isn't sure if the Gang of 8 were notified, assumes they were.

    Setting the stage to add another "high crime & misdemeanor."

  3. 23 minutes ago, Stinkin Ref said:

    There are bad calls throughout the season against all 32 yeah it happens.....Raider fan think the ones against them are an NFL agenda...

    kind of an ongoing tuck rule hangover that no amount of Red Bull lets you recover from.....ever

    good teams call them unfortunate and move on and try to put themselves in position to where a call here or there doesn’t cost them a game....bad teams hang on to them and labor over them......Raider fan is always “if it wasn’t for that call, we would have won that one”.....not “we shouldn’t have put ourselves in a position where one call affects us”....

    sometimes you are just a bad team and then “bad calls” are magnified because you are....a bad team....

    Been going on for MANY years before this youngin.

  4. 24 minutes ago, SaintsInDome2006 said:

    Out of curiosity what does it take besides just Oak and HOU winning & Pit losing? 

    Indy also needs to beat Jax and one of these 4 must win (as it impacts strength of schedule tie breaker): NYG, Det, KC, NE.

    Biggest issue (other than Oak winning in Denver) is that Balt doesn't need game & already said key players are sitting.

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  5. Off the cuff (and under the influence), great response by Raiders after last week's let down. Unlike past teams, seems staff used that to drive them this week. No Jacobs so they went pass heavy in 1st half. Came out for 2nd half & seems like O was challenged due to past 2nd half collapses. The drive out of halftime was impressive pounding downfield with a backup RB & injured OL.

    Carr takes a lot of cr*p in here but 215 yds at half & finished at 87% completion rate. Even if every pass were a drop off to a RB that’d still be phenomenal, but he mixed in TEs & WRs.  Renfroe is a nice addition. Give Carr a nice compliment of receivers and let’s see where he takes us!




  6. 3 hours ago, Chaka said:

    I like what Mayock has been doing but I'm still bearish on Gruden.  I was worried when he was hired that the game may have passed him by and I'm not entirely convinced that it hasn't.

    I love how he has improved Carr's game and I like the direction he is moving with a mauling O-line (btw Trent Brown's absence is a very strong indicator of how valuable he really is) and strong run game. And it is difficult to judge completely with all of the injuries.

    However, what the hell is happening in the second half of games? I put the complete collapse of both the offense and defense in 2nd halves for most of the season 100%, completely, wholly, entirely (ad infinitum) on the coaching staff. Injuries aren't an excuse between 1st/2nd half performance. You gotta be able to make in game adjustments and it simply isn't happening. Particularly over the last 5 games or so.

    Looks like Gruden made a point of that coming out of half. Great drive there & ALOT of running! May have been a challenge in locker room.

  7. 1 minute ago, GroveDiesel said:

    That’s just bull crap. The Pats have made all sorts of QBs look terrible. Allen isn’t there yet, but he was raw when he came in and has made a ton of strides since then.

    Agreed. He did a heck of a job driving them down against the #1 D on road. The throw on the run to Beasley is like Rodgers - elite. But also a killer that he can't drop in the TD to Knox. I'm not suggesting KGUN here, but based on way Allen plays in 4th and on late drives that maybe they start including more of that early in game.

  8. 1 hour ago, Eephus said:

    NASCAR legend Junior Johnson died at the age of 88.  He epitomized the growth of the sport from his bootlegger origins to a top driver in the 50s and 60s to a successful team owner of six Cup Series champions.

    Johnson was the subject of Tom Wolfe's colorful 1965 essay The Last American Hero Is Junior Johnson. Yes!.  You wouldn't figure a white suited Yankee dandy could capture the essence of a good ol' boy like Junior but it's a terrific read.


    Started following NASCAR mid to late 70s through Dad. Became a fan of Darrell Waltrip - young, brash upcomer. He moved to a team owned by Junior Johnson & won 3 championships with him. Junior owned team but was also gas man! Anyway, for those not familiar with NASCAR history, this is like the passing of Paul Brown or Jim Thorpe - Junior is that integral to the birth of NASCAR.

  9. 16 minutes ago, adonis said:

    Is the amazingness unique to him though?  Could any other republican have gone in and done the same?  If not, what's special about Trump that caused him to be so amazing, that others just don't have?

    No other Republican could have done what Trump has done. Trump has given the Rs a backbone. Ds attacked Romney for being wealthy & he didn't know how to handle it in the environment of 'you didn't build that'. Trump embraced it, said 'yea I did build it, acknowledged it as the "american dream" and yet spoke to & resonated with Americans.

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  10. 2 minutes ago, adonis said:

    Do you have any idea what was said about Obama, or is it only Republicans who are unfairly attacked?  John Kerry anyone?  HIllary Clinton?

    Hell, John McCain was treated terribly by GWB.

    Politics is a blood sport, and the items you mentioned are softballs.

    So because people can be mean, "Trump". Got it.

    No matter what may have been said about Obama, I do find it amazing that such a 'racist' country elected a black man to 2 terms. And as was stated, Romney should have been able to beat Obama based on how things were heading but once Candy what's her name from CNN deflected the Benghazi question for Obama, Romney was done.

  11. 10 minutes ago, DocHolliday said:

    The elite QBs would be smart to play at a slight discount to have a better supporting cast but money and ego are going to get in the way.   Every year, players want to be the highest paid at their position.  I thought Brady gets paid under the table somehow?   He's not really playing at a discount.   

    Yea there's gotta be a "personal services" deal going on there. Brady is a helluva competitor but I don't see him financially sacrificing for the team in some of the ways it has been portrayed.

  12. 5 hours ago, Chaka said:

    I feel all of the issues I pointed out are clearly true. But I still think a truly elite QB overcomes that and finds a way to get that game winning first down.

    I agree it is a bit unfair but, man what a terrible and entirely preventable loss. 

    I'd be really upset if my 'truly elite QB' didn't come through in that situation. Despite an OL giving him no time, and guys dropping passes in their hands, Carr still had team in position to close out if not for high school refs screwing up. They aren't getting anyone better than Carr next year and I still think he can win. I'd like to see him in another off season with Gruden & a go to WR like Crabtree in 2016. Doesn't need to be an AB, just someone he can rely on and add that to Williams, Renfroe & Waller next yr. He's been a near 70% passer with higher yards per attempt the past 2 yrs.

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  13. STC, no one's taking shots at fans who showed up today. Its yet another non-playoff season but I was totally invested today knowing its last game in Oakland and watching all the history shown during game.

    I think Bruno said 'those fans' as they were the ones in stadium today, but he was referring to all of us Raider fans. We were teased at 6-4 and embarrassed again as we drop to 6-8. Those last 4 losses have been by 88 points . We have the 4th worst pt differential in league.

    Bruno2 and Ed are spot on. Gruden is drawing up a great plan to start game but not adjusting well at all. Today NE struggles to go up at half 13-10 and it finishes 34-13. That's coaching adjustments.

  14. 6 minutes ago, Bruno2 said:

    Fitting ending for those loyal fans. Thanks for nothing Raiders. What a dumpster fire of an organization. As a professional athlete, how do you let a team just drive down the field and score a winning TD at the end of the game. Just boggles the mind. That's the best this organization has to offer? Eff them...

    I'm with you. Pathetic. Closing out a 60 yr history with a 16-3 lead over a team that's been getting rolled for a month & THEY close us out in 2nd half? What else should we expect from a franchise that's given us 7 playoff teams in last 34 yrs?