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  1. And there's this: He returned to the Raiders in 2013, playing three more seasons and once more being voted to the Pro Bowl. Woodson is one of the few players in NFL history to play in a Pro Bowl in three different decades (1990s, 2000s, 2010s). He is currently tied for fifth on the all time interceptions list with 65,[5] and is tied with Rod Woodson and Darren Sharper for most career defensive touchdowns with 13.[6] He also is second all time in interceptions returned for touchdowns, with 11.
  2. Quite simply, Woodson was a football player. Boy what might have been without that ridiculous Screw The Raiders, err, Tuck Rule. Dude fought through so many injuries. Was fantastic in GB. I hated seeing him get injured during GB Super Bowl win, but so glad he got a ring. And later came back to Oakland to finish out. He's an all time Raider to me.
  3. Yea, take a moment to think about it & you realize guys you missed. Ben Davidson was an iconic early Raider. And Henry Lawrence needs to be on that starting OL - 12 yrs, 3 SBs.
  4. Sticking to the Greta/Time thing here: Absolutely no reason for Trump to weigh in on this How did this kid come out of nowhere to be the leading voice of climate change? Has she demanded that every magazine go digital (apologizes if i missed that) Democrats need to decide if 16 year olds are children, as claimed in this situation, or should they be allowed to vote as Pelosi recently suggested?,
  5. So you believe she only married him as her goal to be 'First Lady'? And what is your stance on why Hilary has remained married to Bill?
  6. Since you believe Melania is not a real wife, can you share your knowledge of how she does not fully participate in her marriage & doesn't talk to her husband on a serious level? And, while you are defining 'real wives' please let us know where Hilary stands in your rankings - just so we can level set going forward.
  7. Was kinda just going top 11 so I'd have Allen & Bo in same backfield (of course Marcus wouldn't like that). Millen would definitely get an honorable mention at LB. Secondary definitely the toughest group to cut down, but I'd have Haynes & Hayes, and CWood over Asomugha. Have to elevate Seabass as you would need a PK 😉
  8. It must be for people who aren't able to use the same hashtag multiple times during the year, such as #USstockssurgedtonewrecords
  9. Unfortunately most any 'all-time' team at this point would be old timers - especially on O, which I think is pretty easy: Stabler, Allen, Bo, Casper, Biletnikoff, Branch, Brown, Upshaw, Shell, Otto, Wisnewski
  10. Female co-worker suggested I try after our discussions of sore joints due to running. Went twice & did enjoy as I was looking for more core work vs typical gym/weights workout. Wife not comfortable with it, even though co-worker married, and that ended my experience. I would continue but its expensive compared to gym membership. (Co-worker eventually divorced so maybe wife had some kinda woman-sense).
  11. Timely to be thankful for positive news. Keep strong & prayers continue from here.
  12. Real gusty today. Buddies almost lost their EZ Up in parking lot. Problem is also that it swirls inside that stadium.
  13. Was in trial period of making my own salsa with wife as taste tester & we finally hit on cilantro as missing ingredient. Is now part of our herb garden with basil, parsley & mint. Not sure how olives got into thread but I would straight cilantro leaves over olives any day.
  14. 'Journalists' went on strike shortly before Jan 2009. Writers have taken over since....
  15. Right?! Still a good amount that should have been filtered out of here. Strong 1st 10 minutes tho.....
  16. Exactly, otherwise you start looking clueless like the NHL. As Micah Hyde said, there's no way anyone on Buffalo would still be in the game if same hit happened to Brady.
  17. Same age. We had it good - almost annual Championship games. One of my earliest memories was Sea of Hands game. I was Raider fan because Dad was. When it was ruled Clarence Davis caught ball I asked my Dad if I could go in hallway & spike my Nerf football, Spiked the hell outta that green Nerf, Those days are long gone, but I think that's why we pull so hard for Gruden - he has a true appreciation for Raider history.
  18. Wife & I did the combo last night after a very extended happy hr. I like the combo because it adds more to the meal, including celery, than just the pizza. Did combo regularly when younger - now very rare. Prefer my wing fix, by themselves, at local places known for being top notch. Years of combos has changed me tho - I almost always have a side of bleu cheese to dip my pizza.
  19. Agree with this. Aerosmith made their comeback during this time but not a hair band. Crue started out way-glam but they were more punk-based. Skid Row is tough because they have the pretty looking singer and couple hit ballads, but became progressively much heavier. Similarly, no one would call Pantera hair metal but 'hair' they were early on: