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  1. Thanks! Been meaning to sign up but my natural procrastination caught up with me. I'm in now.
  2. No, Webster, NY, birthplace & home til ran away at 16. Funny, woulda thought Auriemma most searched in Storrs.
  3. Most every Sat & Sun. I sleep 6-7 hrs weekday. Stay up later with couple drinks after wife goes to sleep on wknd. Still get up early on wknd to work out or do yard work. I like to catch a shower, have a sandwich then hit bed for some reading & then nap. About 45 min then I'm good to go for another 3-4 hrs yard work (in Western NY so gotta cram in spring/summer).
  4. Man loses 44 lbs only drinking beer for Lent This might make for an interesting follow up to Sober February - cleanse the liver, then go on a beer cleanse. Of course if you don't work at a brewery it might be a little harder to pull off.
  5. We've been to the area at least 1x per yr for the past 20 yrs. Used to be stunning at the beach - sad how seaweed continues to worsen. I have a pool at home so when I go away I hang at the ocean (wife likes pool). Last August was the worst - not 1 day of clear water. At Grand Palladium (bit north of Tulum) my son & I would snorkel right off beach. Couldn't in August & first time the seaweed impacted the trip. Poor workers do what they can but its a losing battle & it stinks like hell where they attempt to bury it.
  6. Gillette gonna put their shaver where their mouth is & pull sponsorship of Patriot's since Bob Kraft clearly not influenced by the message in their commercial?
  7. Family very happy with regular & sweet potato fries. Breaded shrimp. Have done Chick Fil A copy sandwiches that we love. Pickle juice soak is the key: Air Fry Chick Fil A
  8. I may be one of the very few with playoff hopes resting on Ben Watson (ugh)! Finished last but everyone makes playoffs. Only championship finalists paid (the pot is more weighted toward weekly & end of season pts). Toward end of season decided I wasn't wasting anymore waiver $ on this team. Then won 2 in row to face #1 team. Now need 8 out of Watson to advance. If Lamar Miller hadn't gone out early I'd have already banked the upset. 😡
  9. One of more bizarre (and frustrating) days I have had in fantasy. Will lose 3 semis where both us us way under average. If I came in close to my avg week I'd have rolled in each one.
  10. Sucks that this season has gone so haywire that I can't even enjoy beating the Steelers. As the organization has shown us, future draft picks more important than what happens this year. So, we win to take ourselves out of lead for #1 pick, AND Cooper continues to flourish like Mack. Real bad look for Gruden & McKenzie.
  11. I grew up on VH & still my favorite band. I was 16 & at my cousin's house on New Year's Eve waiting for Jump video to premiere on MTV. Was so pumped for new album & then the video came on and I didn't know what to make of it. I didn't overplay this CD like their others since I would skip the radio songs and I'll Wait & mostly just listen to the other 4. Top Jimmy is a fun song. Drop Dead Legs has a grittier sound - and that outro by Eddie! Very strong finish with Girl & House of Pain (B side to Jump). House by far my fave as it is heaviest which makes sense since it was one of their early demo songs.
  12. Unbelievable that a top 3-5 pick is unplayable less than halfway through the season without injury.
  13. Needed time to follow up on all his alleged gang rapes the committee didn't get a chance to ask about.
  14. Perhaps the FBI will conclude that there's no evidence Kavanaugh intended to violate any laws, but he did act extremely carelessly and their judgement is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring a case....or no reasonable person would think he assaulted this woman. From what I'm reading here everyone is trying to get into the nitty gritty of whether he was forthcoming with his drinking. No one is talking about sexual assault anymore.
  15. How the F have we gone in 2 yrs from looking like a challenge to NE to losing to Cleveland at home to go to 0-4???
  16. Right. Supposedly this happened at 'many parties', but was never reported (or I assume there would be documentation) AND girls continued to show up for these parties?
  17. Thank God Dr Ford's letter came out at the last minute to trigger these other women's memories about Harvey Kavanaugh.
  18. Certainly an awful night by Carr but I'd like to give him more time with Gruden before really worrying. His 2nd & 3rd years were great. In 2016 he was like Stabler late in games (old guy reference). The knock on him out of college was having happy feet but he hug in. It shows he has the ability to be the man. I too wrote off last year to injuries. Hopefully just a mental thing to get over.
  19. I did the disconnect dance about 3 wks ago. Agreed to $95 in credits, various free movie channels & ST Max. Discounts & HBO showed up but not others. Called 2x to have fixed. Last was on Sunday & said they'd go through transcripts of call & resolve in 2-3 days. Nothing, so called again today to cust svc, they don't see promotions for other movie channels or ST Max. Said I agreed to other deal so send me to disconnect. There he added other movie channels but said nothing he could do about ST. I scheduled disconnect for Mon night to play again. Not sure I will go through. Discounts most important & I'm under $30 per month now. I like being able to record an afternoon game & cruise thru it Sun night. BUT, i mostly have to watch Raider games & after today I really don't care.
  20. Exactly. Remember the speculation when Gruden hired he may push Cook against Carr because he spoke so glowingly about Cook coming out of college? If he really wants to mess with Carr then he should start talking about how these #1 picks set them up to find a franchise QB
  21. Against a team that DID pay their stud D player. Not sure I can stomach watching.
  22. Correct. He couldn't beat out a guy that threw 5 picks in his 1st half of football last year.
  23. 5th for McCarron. Cook cut. So, the Raiders now have 2 QBs from a team that hasn't had a good one since Bledsoe.