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  1. Haven't even played a game and Chucky Honeymoon is waaaay over.
  2. He went 13 - 34 vs Bears backups while Manuel went 18-22 vs Seattle. This is not an upgrade. And I'm sure this has no affect on David's job.
  3. Well that helps ease the Mack fiasco Dude was awful this preaseason.
  4. Rams gave Cooks huge extension & still paid Donald. Of course Rams also aren't paying coach $10M a year because owner has a man crush on him (and I'd much rather have McVay). So when Goff & Gurley come up they trade Donald & let Gurley go to pay Goff? Reggie did great job on all these contracts while rebuilding team and set them up to be able to pay their studs. We've put up with alot as Raider fans but how do you possibly justify this? If your team sucks you at least have a top draft pick to look forward to. And you're lucky enough to get a player the quality of Mack? Then you forget those awful seasons. But now they trade him away? How do you accept that? And the poor fans in Oakland. They've been totally screwed over for final 2 years as Raiders are clearly looking ahead to build for Vegas.
  5. Hoy es mi cumpleanos! Spending the week in Riviera Maya. Began day with a massage (for that thread - i was told to take everything off & get under sheet. I follow directions.) Day of pool & beach with wife & son. Drinking Belvedere (I know, Mexico - but vodka my fave) prior to lobster dinner. Muy bien!
  6. I started to wonder what Malik's hustle was.Is it a numbers game getting people to reup? Anyway, after seeing your post I checked my bill. Discounts, HBO, MAX, were there. I was placed in Choice All vs Xtra, no Showtime 6 mos, and no ST Max. I went through chat tonight, said only reason back with DT is the deal I was offered. She didn't see notes about Showtime & DT. I didn't have a confirmation number but had time on Saturday I made call & rep's name. Didn't want to throw him under bus but she came back & asked rep's name so I had to snitch. Hey - its him or the Raiders and we know where Raider Nation stands. She escalated my issue and said I would receive resolution via email in 5-7 days. Can't believe Malik will be there for his promises in 11 - 12 months, but we all know this is a year to year game.
  7. Yes. called 866-444-2168, only offered $60 off per month, declined & was disconnected midnight Thurs
  8. You guys are the best! Just got through on the 870 number, claimed I missed a call and guy, Malik, went right into offering my same package, Xtra 220, for $35! Additional: ST max - no charge HBO - 12 mos free Cinemax & Showtime - 6 mos free Direct TV streaming app - free (no idea if there is a cost involved with it). Total before taxes - $38.49 for a $95 savings monthly. He said he works in Retention and they are able to give people 'crazy deals'. He gave me his name & said call customer service number and ask for Retentions in 11 or 12 months so we can give you more discounts. Total time took about 15 minutes while I stood in the pool. Thanks everyone!
  9. Last night & this morning 870# just kicking to voice mail. Maybe weekend traffic?
  10. I had Xtra 220 package at $134. No contract. Last year got bunch of discounts but said I couldn't get free ST because I got previous year. Took discounts & movie channel promos & watched Raiders on Reddit. Called 866-444-2168 tonight & said with discounts expired bill too high, asking about promos & will cancel if still too high. Rep came back with $60 off / month, HBO/MAX 6 mos free, Showtime 4 mos free. Said rep told me last yr I couldn't get ST deal but should be able to this yr. Rep said no deal.I said cancel at midnight. If they thru in ST I would have taken it, but after seeing what others have gotten, I'm greedy. Will post follow up.
  11. Dahlin!! Oh, active....(no, not a desperate Sabres fan, why?)
  12. No way that flies in US. Everyone would have to sign 5 waivers and dress like a goalie.
  13. Could the guys from Fan Duel had some feel for the gambling ruling & pressured JB? Coincidental timing of his message. Re: traffic, I've been a long time member & early on only visited site during season. I finally stumbled into FFA & was hooked by the range of topics, characters, stories. There are countless times I was at my desk stifling a laugh & wiping tears reading responses from you guys to a certain topic. A truly great work distraction. And you know what? I'd also check into Shark Pool & other parts of the site I had previously ignored during offseason. Yes, traffic matters and I certainly can't see the new policy increasing it. I probably checked into less than 10 Who's Hottest, and had been meaning to go through full Yoga Pants thread , but I really just liked checking in on things like Arizona Ron exploits, Evil Grin concert stories or the 'Friday' thread. It was the interaction & responses in these threads that I found most entertaining. I could accept JB wanting to go more corporate by eliminating Hottest & Yoga. But cracking down on avatars was lame. Then he jumps into Cheating thread insisting responses only discuss the damage inflicted? As if there is no other side to the story? And worse, acting like Footballguys is a place where we posters can't police ourselves knowing when a topic is serious or worthy of flaming. I always thought of it as a place where like minded guys could virtually connect & bust ba**s or very touchingly be there for members that have lost someone. Like if bar you frequented for 10-15 yrs all of sudden said only topics discussed in here and way they are discussed are subject to consent of the owner. Sad.
  14. Simple Minds, Don't You Forget About Me, beat out Eagles, Take It to the Limit.
  15. Have an Ego string trimmer & blower. Love them. More than enough power. No yanking the pull cord to start, no gas, no engine maintenance - so easy.
  16. All those losing years didn’t cost Brandon his job but #metoo did: Brandon resigns
  17. I thank massraider for the positivity. Gruden knows what he has in Carr & is gonna build around him. We got a potential 10 yr OL guy & WR with huge talent that needs to prove it. Gruden got what he needed Day 1, now lets go build rest of team.
  18. Not a huge fan of pick considering how bad our D is. BUT team is nothing w/o healthy Carr & Gruden sounds like he wants to run Lynch, et all. Not splashy but will agree with 32CP & massraider. Meant to add - seems like we could have dropped down again. Maybe we use those picks for 2nd day D??
  19. UM D has created ton of opptys but they can't finish. Very good looks from 3 - can't hit. And horrible from the line.
  20. Good point. Grudne's been vocal about lack of contact with players now to last time he coached. Raiders can start off season workouts this wknd, 2 wks before teams with current coaches. Probably when Gruden can finally meet full team.
  21. Started with a 'trial membership'. Love the area and deal we finally negotiated down to (not as bad as old time share days but they start with crazy number. We did homework & had our numbers down) in order to extend & on trip we did extend they upgraded us to Royal for remainder of trip. Son was young teen so we left him at pool/beach area to play volleyball etc & we went to Royal adult pool. Very relaxing & top shelf. No issues with breakfast as I try to workout in AM & then splurge on tostadas, bacon, omelettes & mozz stix. Lagoon excursion mentioned earlier is very cool. Tulum is impressive but roped off now. Would suggest Coba instead for ruins. Akumal Bay also a must if you are down there. Changed a bit in that you have to 'hire' a guide to take you outside swimming area in order to snorkel for turtles but well worth it. Looking to hire local boat for fishing this year.
  22. Been staying in Colonial section as it is short walk to pool & beach & 24 hr beach bar. Will miss not being able to go to salt water pool.
  23. Been traveling to area for 20 yrs. We're Travel Club members at Grand Palladium, going during Easter week and no real worries. Have read forums with ex-pats in PDC (Playa del Carmen) and aside from the ferry things they are confused by govt warning. Seemed to targets random PDC neighborhoods. Similar to Cancun, don't travel into the 'real' downtown Cancun. I live in Rochester, NY & our city has horrible criminal rates. PDC consulate office now reopened but govt employees told to not use ferries. If going to PDC right now I would probably be inclined to avoid ferry. We are closer to Tulum/Akumal area. Wife nervous & would prefer to stay on resort but no way I'm not going to Akumal Bay. Bottom line, as has been noted if on resorts or in Cancun tourist section there's nothing to worry about.