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  1. "The Sabres are the one team Tampa does not want to face in the playoffs"...luckily for TB.... Hope we don't have anymore games with TB...screwing up our lottery odds.
  2. Who better to take a huge gamble than the Vegas Raiders?!
  3. Rumors had been there before, but much different now with Carr. I loved Gruden when he was here & seemed to embrace being a 'Raider'. After watching Carr regress this year I couldn't be happier if Gruden brought in. Look at difference in Goff from Fisher to McShay. Gannon had barely been a starter for a few years until Raiders signed him & Gruden turned him into a Pro Bowl QB. Gruden then won SB with Brad Johnson (and Tony Dungy's D). This is not somebody like Cowher coming back to coach - Gruden lives this!
  4. bills-fans-are-now-flooding-bengals-wr-tyler-boyds-charity-with-donations-too
  5. Thought of that myself. Did hear on WGR this morning that Boyd tweeted something about a charity for outfitting a youth football team. Had a goal of $25K & was at $37K.
  6. Same here. Early football & home to listen to Enberg call Raiders games when they were on regularly. Ate a lot of Sunday dinners with either Enberg or Summerall.
  7. Love this thread. Another band I've heard of but never listened to. I truly do not understand the growling (although kinda sexy from a woman in a Linda Blair-Exorcist way), but EG nails it - I love the playing on this.
  8. Just loving long TDs to random TEs....#bitterDTowner
  9. Almost perfect drive til Taylor went Peterman.
  10. Nice view Check embedded vid of him staring down Katie. Look at his face & his comments. No goofing around - just creepy. About time this *ss got called out.
  11. Personal experience in upstate NY - whites say 'Ant' , blacks say 'Awnt'. Lived on Long Island & never heard 'Awnt'. Also had cousins in NC who used 'Ant'. On TV, that I have seen, it seems most blacks/African Americans prefer 'Awnt'
  12. Sorry, I'm way behind & didn't see mention of V Davis in thread. Did he just block tonight?
  13. How did McDermott avoid mention here? In playoff position & pulls starter for a 5th round rookie who proceeds to throw as many picks in 1st quarter as the starter has all year? And then leaves kid in to throw 2 more picks? Brilliant.
  14. And the AFC is a joke - KC losing to NYG? From 5-2, 4-5 makes playoffs & we still f it up.
  15. I want to but at 5-2 trade Dareus (granted not player he was) and next 2 games get gashed on ground. And then this disaster...what reason do Bills fans have to trust anyone these days?
  16. Nothing different than last 17 yrs. Got a huge opportunity & don't even show up.
  17. Bills need a true backup RB - not a fullback.
  18. In my PPR league he went for 18 & 14 in first 2 games so there is hope - unlike Jordy (who I also own ). Luckily they face Indy D this week.
  19. KU just signed $191M extension with addidas, but dude that got arrested not part of it....according to KU
  20. This is it right here. We don't need the 85 Bears - just don't hurt us. Tenn moved ball well early & Jets were only down 14-10into half before the punt fumble. Then it seemed D settled in & our O put up points which then unleashes the rush. We are built around the O. The D just needs to keep things in control & eventually our OL & Carr will take over.
  21. Oh Lord. Best 'singles' year of my life was year of grad school in Miami. Came back north for gf I did not marry. Has all worked out BUT.....
  22. With the hype here I had to check out the Ghost vids you guys listed and happy I did. Great stuff & I'll definitely check their catalog, but are they really considered death metal? Not what I expected at all. Did they evolve from 'death' or are you heavier guys easing us in? Nonetheless....thanks!