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  1. This experiment is done...
  2. Hard to understate what Carr has meant to Oak.Without him they were shell of team they were during season. NE went 3-1 w/o Brady, using multiple QBs, lack of Gronk & no D stud like Mack. As great as Brady was it is hard to separate him from BB. Hell, BB got Cassel to win 11. On that level, MVP must go to someone like Rodgers. GB lucky to be .500 w/o him.
  3. David should get a vote for how he prepared Derek....and clearly Oak had no life today. BUT, I would vote Ryan.
  4. I'm of the same fear. In hockey reference, I hate when a goalie is pulled - seems like it changes team & 2nd guy has something to prove. I get Kaep is a backup and no Brady at QB, but with all focus on him this year I really fear the old (young?) Kaep that runs for 150.
  5. "We deserve that because we tanked with respect to the game unlike Buffalo" - Toronto media.
  6. So they get carved up by Fitz & they fire the OC? Whatever...
  7. Follow up: Received Big Deal email but didn't have chance to call until just before kickoff. Monthly bill reduced from $123 to $73, 3 months of movie channels, ST Max. Then mentioned gift card & rep said, oh yes of course. 1 year contract. All reset just in time for Raiders game. Thanks to all here for the info!
  8. Ok, I was at around $123 for Choice+, no premium channels. Got similar pckg to what offered this year (can't recall gift card though) but signed for 2 yrs. Requested cancellation tonight & was offered $5 off per month, 1 premium channel for 3 months & ST MAX free. Actually best I have been offered upfront in 4 yrs. Noted offer 'my friends' have mentioned & was told that is for new customers or those RETURNING to DTV. Set cancellation for mid Sept & will call back tomorrow or proceed with disconnect. Have $200 cancellation fee but figure if I can get 'Big Deal' I am still ahead. Will report back after call tomorrow.
  9. So impressed by the strength of Riley as well as your own strength & openness. May God bless you & your family.
  10. One HECK of a belated Father's Day gift! God bless!
  11. I knew he could play, appreciated it (even as an EVH, rock guy) and his song writing....just wish I heard this back in day..tremendous
  12. Well, there'll be 2 games next year Mario definitely goes hard every play.
  13. Dennis Thurman. Played for Cowboys. Bills fans hated to lose Pettine couple yrs ago when he went to Clev. Turned Bills aggressive. Long history with Rex. If this brings in Pettine, this would be strong staff combined with Roman on O.
  14. Horrible coaching. Rex blew 3 challenges - 1 he tried & 2 he didn't. D gets lit by Smith & Maclin?! After great start on O, the D let them down again.
  15. PunctuhateThat was so bad I think spell check said 'f it'
  16. I find it really hard to believe that there are 75 (!) other players on the roster better than him. And Bryce Brown sure as h*ll ain't better! Don't understand this at all especially with Shady injured. Going ground & pound & winning with D and you don't keep a reliable vet?
  17. Interesting...buddy & I weren't super close to stage but when we took bathroom/beer break we noticed sound was much better out from under tent that covers seats.
  18. Saw em last night outside Buffalo. Tremendous show. Think we got lucky that they had 10 days off betw shows. Cancelled on Sunday in Hershey Park due to flu for Dave. I saw them in Buff for Different Truth and had tix to Rochester that were part of cancellation of remainder of that tour. Thought - Uh Oh, but Wolfie tweeted that was anamoly & 2nd half of tour was a go. Set list, put together by Wolfie, absolutely killer. I listened to 'pop' stations until I heard VH1 - changed my entire musical taste. However, never saw original VH in concert so to see Eddie play Romeo Delight, Simple Rhyme (top 5 for me), Dirty Movies etc - thought I'd never see that. Eddie showed why he's a guitar god. Solo was similar as years past but songs were spot on and he ventured off. So good to see him genuinely smile versus drunk smile I've seen on tour for yrs. Band is real tight. Think listening to my father's Beach Boys albums had influence in my love of VH & harmonies. Eddie & Wolfie nailed harmonies. Pretty much covered Dave all night. (As aside, concert makes that Rolling Stone article with Eddie seem even stranger. Claims not to know words but he sang backup on every song - as he's done for yrs). As for Dave....always more entertainer than actual singer. He had his moments and highlights but rough spots as well. STill, he wasn't lazy like Vince Neil has become just letting crowd sing for him. Tells couple stories that get some laughs, but bit long & band just plays in background. A bit frustrating when you are in crowd singing along to a song you've listened to a thousand times & Dave goes riffing. Also found it interesting he didn't do any of the trademark 'ad lib' type stuff liek in Everybody Wants Some & Panama. In the end though it did not take away from show & at least gave me a feel for early 80s VH. Overall, highly recommend. Much better than the Different Kind tour, including Dave. Powered through 2+ hours of classics. Perfect summer concert.
  19. Next thing you know the Sabres will be signing Matt Cooke. Hey, we're desperate for playoffs in WNY but this is a joke. Unless dude has talent only known to Rex, is a QB or has a tattoo of Rex's wife this is embarrassing....especially this soon if dude is some kind of prize. Rex still deflecting media from Jets players onto himself....
  20. Cassel is only one to work with 1s every day in camp. Staff probably wants Taylor to win job, but from reports 1 guy is best 1 day and worst the next. No consistency from any QB. Cassell most likely will start season. Very frustrating with EJ because even reports from Jets camp (prior to busted jaw) were that Geno Smith was much improved from previous year. No such reports like that on EJ.
  21. Exactly! Development QBs are the worst!Be Luck or be nothing!! Development QBs are the worst, when they are drafted way too high by an organization with zero track record of finding or developing QBs. But, hey, let's "say" the plan was for the great Kelvin Kolb to carry the torch and mentor him, since he had such a great track recordMy point isn't that EJ has had it easy, it's that I"m sick of hearing Whaley and co. make excuses instead of taking the blame themselves. They're the ones who put together this clown show. Yep. Not only passed on Wilson but Foles & Cousins as well. Then reach for EJ following yr - passing on consensus #1 Geno Smith. Smith has struggled but shown more potential than EJ. And all reports are Geno much improved in camp. Bills fans would be salivating if they heard that for EJ.
  22. Outside of performing abortions which is less than 5% of their business, which of these other things would you consider "awful?" According to this article based on PP 2013 Annual Report, abortions were 94% of thier services. And it looks like working for a non-profit pays pretty darn well with Richards making nearly $600K & 50% of their affiliate CEOs making over $300K. But what about CEOs being overpaid & income equality?
  23. How about some personal responsibility here...that always seems to be missing in this topic...make sure you have birth control...if not than make sure the guy pulls-out...if you can't figure that out than maybe you should keep your pants on because whether it's an abortion, a teen pregnancy or simply an unwanted adult pregnancy these results don't happen magically... Totally agree here, but of course there's no personal responsibility in US anymore. Without health ed, condom commercials or 'the talk' I somehow figured out condoms would keep me from being a teenage dad or having to come up with money for an abortion. I also believe this specific issue is not political but moral. PP should open their books and policies to explain their 'donations to research.'
  24. Neither is 1984, really. I'd put 5150 over both of those. 1984 has a few outstanding tunes. Panama (even though it's played out it is a scorcher) Drop Dead Legs Top Jimmy Hot For Teacher I'll Wait Depending on my mood I could put 5150 over it. I love 5150. Diver Down has three truly great VH songs. Little Guitars, Hang Em High and Secrets. Always liked The Full Bug a lot too since it had heaviest sound on Diver Down especially where it fell on the album.