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  1. When you say Budweiser, you've said it all. NOW, its getting serious for the NFL.
  2. Never liked the guy but he fell to me in the draft, and as they say, "the value was there". Big-time "point the finger at the shirt". Even though FBG had him ranked #1 overall I absolutely hated the pick at #5. There were so many red flags out there - this guy had bust written all over him. I deserve a last place finish for that pick. Horrible./self-flagellation So were you forced into drafting this fluke player? If you hated the pick you have no one else to blame. How exactly did he have bust written all over him? I'd like to know because I missed those obvious signs & would like to learn for next year.
  3. Spiller showing today he needs to be resigned. He was a game changer today. Certainly don't wanna crazy overpay but need to keep the youth & continuity on O. Just don't see EJ ever evolving into a 300 yd QB but games like today are perfect. We shoulda won by more but I'm very happy winning this way.
  4. But he's black. Don't all them people run well? He's a QB who can run, like Luck. To compare Manuel to Leftwich is ignorant. Manuel ran a 4.59 40 at 237 lbs. - nearly identical to Kelvin Benjamin. You're right. Comparing him to Leftwich is an insult to Leftwich and I liked him.Peyton Manning "can" run too. Is he being drafted on his running ability? EJ rushed for roughly 10% what he passed for. Not great by any means but Peyton isn't doing that. Of course Peyton isn't ...he can actually complete passes. The EJ stat just shows how poor he was throwing. He doesn't run as a set play like Vick would have or Kaep does, and doesn't run like Wilson to extend a play., Really only ran last yr when play completely broke down & even that led to injury.
  5. Wow, beating a rested Miami on the road? Love what Marrone has brought to the team, but Pettine is the big difference here. This game was won by the D and look at the difference in Williams.
  6. Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but typical Bills luck right? Building yr, start the rookie ad get him prepared for yr2. Instead gets injured, suck so bad we get high pick Ina QB heavy draft but since we don't know about Manuel we pass on the QBs and pick another supposed great CB.
  7. Caught that. Sounded like someone said "Stand up ***hole"
  8. Love to see Bills trade down. Would actually love to see them trade down 1 more time & then get the QB.
  9. Chris Brown from was on John Murphy show last night predicting Manuel to Bills. Like Canuck, I've heard so much on the QBs that I would really prefer they trade down, take best available player & then take best available QB (provided it is one of Barkley, Nassib or Manuel) in 2nd.
  10. Whoa Duchene all over Hawks. Could see it coming (though not as astutely as others here) based on Wed.
  11. Always wanted to try for Lent but with Daytona, hockey & March madness I just haven't been able to make it.
  12. And shouldn't be voting.Where is your ID? Perhaps you shouldn't be posting here, guy.If posting here requires the same intelligence as that 15% has than you are correct, I am overqualified.
  13. Perhaps only talking time he was Gov. At least you could tell he was joking as opposed to Obama took credit for the football playoff.....
  14. I'm almost tempted to say that the terms "ever" and "in history" should be banned. Because people throw them around as flavor when the reality is that the answer is yes, and among other people, the guy right before him. In other recent presidents, Nixon kept his enemies list and was notably thin-skinned.p.s. It's toeing, not towing, btw unless you're talking about a tug of war. If you could continue to educate me, what network reporters did Bush seat in the back of the reporter's pool? Which people mysteriously were investigated by the IRS after disagreeing with the prez or supporting his opponent? Did Bush also designate a re-election campaign as 'kill Kery'?Btw your second sentence is a fragment, unless you intended to use improper grammar.
  15. He sounded vaguely human there.iChatHe also sounded like a guy who is used to getting his way. On everything.And Obama doesn't? Has there ever been a prez who has had such disdain for the other side? A guy that acts childish toward Fox news cause they aren't towing the line like rest of media? I've never seen a prez that has been so petty, can't handle criticism & resorts to constant negativity & name calling of his opponent.
  16. His reasoning is eerily similar to Timsquishy's.Should allow Obama to squeak out a slim victory in New YorkSo Bloomberg is one of those phony independents that don't really count, right?Exactly. Like most of the national media are listed as Independants. When Matt Lauer is listed as Independant does anyone believe that?
  17. This was sweet. Been so long I really didn't want to see a 1 & done after a great year. NOW, we're officially in the playoffs!
  18. Helluva job by O'day. Woulda been outta inning if not for little kindler bloop. And seeing Hamilton AB woulda been nice to have that 1st out in 9th to rely on.
  19. Thrilled with the effort outta Saunders. Glad it's a Friday cause last 3 are gonna take a while.
  20. I was happy to get 3 outta him. Last 2 been a bonus. Nail biting to watch tho as Darvish rips thru the Os.
  21. Yea, if you read further down under the postings someone mentions that tour is being rerouted to accomodate more European dates.
  22. Any insinuation of 'bad parenting' is extremely insulting. By no means am I claiming to be the Dr Spock of parenting,but to consider ADD a result of parenting is ignorant. I have seen plenty of 'normal' kids whose parents let them run wild. I've coached numerous youth sports teams and have witnessed numerous non-ADD kids who act like terrors because their parents let them. Yet they have no problems in school. When my son stops in the middle of a math problem to stare at his pencil point for an extended period, or needs to be tapped on the shoulder in class to 'bring him back', it wouldn't matter if I was Ward Cleaver, he needs medication.