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  1. Chinese cooking wine is at least as important for that authentic Chinese flavour.
  2. OUT. I think I was just in 7 last year but may have been in another one.
  3. 2 QB: New Orleans, Green Bay Packers 4 RB: LeVeon Bell PIT, David Johnson ARI, Marshawn Lynch OAK, Todd Gurley LAC 5 WR: AJ Green CIN, Dez Bryant DAL, Odell Beckham Jr NYG, Julio Jones ATL, Antonio Brown PIT 2 TE: Jimmy Graham SEA, Zach Ertz PHI 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE): Gronk 2 PK: Stephen Gostkowski NEP, Justin Tucker BAL 2 DEF: Seattle Seahawks, New England Patriots
  4. Is it just me, or is this how a Russian speaking English would talk?
  5. Crazy because Russia wouldn't do something like that, or crazy because FBG wouldn't be on that list? Or just crazy?
  6. A quick question from a lifetime lurker, hoping some of you will take the time to respond. After reading about the Russian's masterful use of social media to manipulate the stupid Americans, is anyone else wondering which of the regular posters here (especially in the political threads) are Russian agents?
  7. And Bacon fetishizing. I too enjoy bacon. I don't feel the need to roll my eyes up into my head orgasmically while I add it to a chop suey recipe.If your reaction to bacon is the same as Cathy's reaction to chocolate and Garfield's reaction to lasagna, you might want to dial it down a notch.You shut your whore mouth.
  8. It really could not have gone much better. Romero looked great.
  9. Great news. Love watching Bautista throw it to 3rd. Fingers crossed on Encarnacion and Lind. So many questions this year.
  10. Eastern Conference: 1 Washington v 8 Montreal 2 New Jersey v 7 Philadelphia 3 Buffalo v 6 Boston 4 Pittsburgh v 5 Ottawa Western Conference: 1 San Jose v 8 Colorado 2 Chicago v 7 Nashville 3 Vancouver v 6 LA Kings 4 Phoenix v 5 Detroit Eastern Conference: 1 Washington v 6 Boston 2 New Jersey v 4 Pittsburgh Western Conference: 1 San Jose v 5 Detroit 2 Chicago v 3 Vancouver Eastern Conference: 1 Washington v 2 New Jersey Western Conference: 3 Vancouver v 5 Detroit FINALS Vancouver over New Jersey in 7 games Edited for formatting
  11. I'm on a huge Stephenson kick right now. Just starting the third book of his Baroque Cycle trilogy, which I cannot recommend enough - just an incredible series. He wrote the original draft longhand. Each book is about 1000 printed pages long.I also just finished Snow Crash, which I thought was brilliant and very flawed. I've got Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon lined up after that. You will dig The Diamond Age and Cryptonomicon. Both are excellent.Stephenson is one of the best. You probably already know but Cryptonomicon is loosely related to The Baroque Cycle.kruppe - a round little man... i presume you know that kruppe is a major character in erikson's novels.... why choose that particular character?Not really a major character as far as face time but he certainly makes an impression in his limited appearances. I love the genre but I am finding it harder to find good fantasy. Erikson is one of the few I really enjoy.