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  1. So how real is the likelihood this he can become the guy over Wiliams......depth pick or real possibility?
  2. Dan - Likely PUP for sure, IR possible. My comments are more about Dynasty value than redraft. I just think Love complicates things long term. Time will tell I guess, but if one is looking at potential keepers this is something to consider.
  3. Well I hope your right Dr Dan. Hopefully preseason tells us if Guice is truly ready which in the best scenario makes much of this moot.
  4. Not necessarily for most of 2019 season, but I definitely think it affects long term outlook and increases chances this is a timeshare longer term. Also think it could reflect Skins concern about his recovery process and thus hedging their bet accordingly. Was hoping this was going to be a 3 down back situation, which is increasingly harder to find.
  5. Loser - Derrius Guice. The Skins Rd 4 pick of Bryce Love is concerning, especially with Schefter's report that Guice's recovery has been slow. Been holding Guice hoping for a big payoff, but this pick makes me more concerned that the infection complications Guice had following surgery are going to set him back. Either way, if feels like now we're looking at more of a potential timeshare in Wash with Love in the picture. Not good for Guice long term upside in my opinion.
  6. Agree with much of this, although the best case scenario I'm considering is that if he does well in the playoffs and if that causes KC to decide he can be "the guy" he's potentially worth much more than the $5 analogy above, maybe several times that. Longshot and risky yes, but if that scenario develops then right now, "after the good news but before the phase 3 trial results" to use the analogy above, makes this exactly the time to buy. Fun discussion, but I guess this is mostly moot given that there's very little time to make a move given the Chiefs game is in less than 24 hours.
  7. Might be a moderate long shot, but if KC's Damien Williams ends up being the main back in the playoffs over a healthy and available Spencer Ware his price will likely never be cheaper than right now. Obviously risk that nothing significant materializes, but if he ultimately ends up being KC's lead back going forward there's a hell of an upside.
  8. Watching how this carries into next year for Damien with much interest
  9. Watching this one with concern....Was excited to draft and stash a rookie RB with lots of upside, but this infection thing has me quite concerned about long term damage and effect on this young man's long term outlook. Hoping he recovers enough by next year camp to show his abilities and put aside the concerns about how it will affect his skills and explosiveness.
  10. True - I guess I'm coming at it from a streamer game by game perspective. You're probably right on an overall seasonal basis, I've been trying to stream and striking out a lot lately. Thanks for your info.
  11. True to a point, but K appear to me to be much less predictable than say top RB's or WR's or QB's in my opinion.