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  1. It is dark here. You may be eaten by a grue. You may be blind. You may be hungry. You may be a little weak. Message History (V) Vaults (C) Crypt (W) Tomb (U) Depths (H) Hell (I) Dis (G) Gehenna (X) Cocytus (Y) Tartarus (Z) Zot Where to? (Enter - D:1 @ (x,y), ? - help) There is a stone staircase leading down here. There is a stone staircase leading up here. You climb upwards. You sense a powerful magical force warping space. There is a stone staircase leading down here. Move the cursor to view the level map, or type ? for a list of commands. Returning to the game... You see here a runed demon trident. Items here: !!! %%% " %%% Items here: [(((((((( Items here: [[[ )) [[[[ [[[ [[[ There are many objects here
  2. I was pretty sure this was leading to a methane gas explosion. Leaving disappointed.
  3. Since this is the Redskins we're talking about and the Jets pass defense is bad, I'd expect Washington to run the ball even more than they have the last several weeks. I'd imagine that Guice will get at most 50% of the RB touches.
  4. Yes. But of course he has injury problems of his own to overcome.
  5. If you watch this guy play, he consistently gets more yards than he should out of receptions.
  6. I don't think team doctors were malicious. I think they were (are) bad doctors and more interested in getting players to play than in diagnosing things. I don't think they had a clue it might be cancer, nor did they care. There's a reason the Redskins led the league in games missed due to injury in 2017 and 2018.
  7. Give me a break. Read this and see what you think. It's fairly long:
  8. Along with all those who said "shoes": Socks. Lousy socks can ruin wearing any good shoes. Too cold, hot & sweating, sliding down into shoes, too tight --- bad socks suck all day. With good shoes and good socks your feet are fine all day.
  9. Matthew Stafford (back/hip) out vs. Bears; Jeff Driskel to start
  10. To be honest a lot of information just became available, yet you're not budging on your opinion that Williams is somehow to blame. He told the NFLPA not to get involved because he's done with it, and because the entire investigation would be used by the NFL to try to pin blame on him. There's no reason in the world he'd want to go through that. He missed an enire year and the pay for that year to get out of playing for a team he will never play for again. He had good reason for doing so. And only now will the team try to trade him, when they could and should have a year ago. Their front office is as inept as their medical staff.