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  1. I don't think I've stopped in yet to congratulate you folks on your team winning the division title, so congrats, they did earn it. And they appeared to be improving toward the end of the year which is a good way to go in to the playoffs. I've been a Redskin fan since the late 60's and have hated the Cowboys since the 70's but I'll be rooting for you Sunday because I hate the Seahawks far more. My wife has been a Cowboy fan for the 40+ years I've known her and the Cowboy/Seahawks game will be one of the few we watch where we root for the same team. Alcohol may be involved. I hope your team wins. Independent of what I said about hating the Cowboys, Cowboy fans have always been good people to talk to, which is the reason for this post: to congratulate you and wish your team well. Happy new year.
  2. Washington rejected him because Jay Gruden rejected him. Jay Gruden won't allow a DC who he thinks might threaten his job via competence.
  3. Probably, until winning started, and the players played hard every game, and the coach didn't give away points at the end of halves. Sure wish we could have that decision back. And Gruden will never, ever hire a good defensive coordinator. He feels threatened by defensive coaches so he'll only hire second or third tier guys who will be subservient.
  4. In retrospect that would have been the better move. McVay has turned out to be better at offense than Gruden, seems to motivate players more, and doesn't kill his team at the end of halves with bad clock management, timid playcalling, and contagious uncertainty. Nobody knew then that that would be the case.
  5. I don't want to cross any posting lines here, but I am in an area where not every Skins game is broadcast and I have no problem watching them all now. Check the nflstreams thread at reddit every week (only time I go to reddit). Sunday Ticket's not in my budget, streaming it is easy, nobody gets in trouble, nobody's losing a dollar.
  6. Neither do I. Nobody in their right mind will walk into that situation.
  7. So this isn't the first time Cousins and Thielen have had a heated disagreement during the game. I hear Thielen is a pretty good WR.
  8. I assume the Vikings will identify Thielen as the problem.
  9. I see 3 "unwinnable no matter who we have on the roster" games, so that's not so bad.
  10. Every coach and fan of Kirk Cousins has thought that the problem with the team was something other than Kirk Cousins. There's an established pattern here of Cousins underperforming and people making excuses for him.
  11. This will tick some people off but it's true:
  12. Last year the Vikings were 13-3. This year with Cousins they're 8-7-1. Last year the Redskins were 7-9 with Cousins. This year with 4 different QB's they're 7-9. Cousins leads teams to mediocrity, but teams don't need Cousins to be mediocre. He sure came up mediocre again today.