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  1. I just finished Catastrophe, and watched Fleabag several months ago. I preferred Fleabag but you're right, they're both very good.
  2. Greg Olsen signed with the Seahawks. Our next TE(s) will have to come via free agency, trade, or the draft.
  5. Ravens released S Tony Jefferson. He was their starter for 2 -1/2 seasons before getting injured. Chuck Clark replace him and took his starting job away. Skins should talk to him.
  6. Dan Snyder makes a bad Wooderson:
  7. There's been no contact yet between the front office and Jordan Reed regarding his status per John Keim. They cannot possibly let him play here next year with his concussion history. I don't care if he's willing to play or not --- at some points in boxers' careers they've sustained too many blows to the head and letting them continue is too dangerous. That's where Reed is. Hopefully they'll work out an injury settlement. I've heard nothing about Kerrigan. At the dollars he'd be wanting there's no way they can keep him in a lesser role (assuming they draft Chase Young and he's the real deal). I like Kerrigan and I'd like to keep him, but other teams will sign him to big bucks to ba a starter and I don't think he's worth what other teams will pay him.
  8. Today's cuts: Josh Norman, Paul Richardson, Chris Odom, Kenny Ladler. I don't know much about Odom or Ladler but I highly approve cutting Richardson and Norman. And I'll go against the grain here and say they should keep Dunbar. He's there best corner, nobody on the coaching staff doubts that. And Redskin fans have a history of not knowing how their players stack up against players of another team. They also have a history of being eager to boot DB's too quickly (Carlos Rogers is a flagrant example of this). DB is a tough tough position and anyone playing it is going to get exposed multiple times in a season in ways that look horrible on film. That doesn't mean they're all replaceable bums. Norman had dropped off so much he had to go. Dunbar's their best and they should make every effort to sign him.
  9. I didn't hear the interview but read and heard enough about it to say that Alex Smith's health problems since the broken leg have been far, far more serious than we knew. Sepsis set in, and that stuff can kill you. From what I understand "limb salvage" involves replacing part of his bone with either a bone from another body, with metal, or with both.
  10. Vernon Davis retired. Official announcement is this week. Carolina is releasing Greg Olsen, so you know what that means --- signing a often-injured veteran TE for Washington. I was complaining about that and my grandson said "they'll probably sign Hunter Henry too - he's the white Jordan Reed".