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  1. Try Hunted instead. It only ran 1 season, was perfectly set up for a second but nobody picked it up. The 1 season is good on its own --- government and private spies all doing spy ####, plenty of suspense, Melissa George and Morven Christie looking great with or without attire. Not great but I enjoyed it.
  2. I'll do the defense another time, but they're better than the offense. And don't forget that John Allen can play DE. I think we may see a lot of that this year.
  3. I'd work out an injury settlement with him. Something human, taking his salary partly into account, but a settlement. I don't think he's ready to try real NFL football yet but we've had a lot of time of "Alex Smith's recovery is amazing so far" and when is it time for him to be on a field practicing? Where I'm headed with that is that I don't think Alex Smith will, when the time comes, choose to play any more NFL football. His leg is held together with bone from a cadaver and with metal. Nobody in their right mind will ever try to play NFL football with a leg like that and Alex Smith is a smart man. That's the decision he'll eventually make. So it's time to start talk of "hey, if you don't play again we'd like to do this instead" in a human way. His future needs to be decided this year.
  4. I see this draft as a risky one. Gibson, Charles, and Gandy-Golden all need to be on the field a good bit this year for it to be a successful draft.
  5. I did not read the article which may well have been a good one, but they won 3 games last year. They're not getting better yet. However, getting rid of Bruce Allen is a gigantic plus since personnel-wise and chain-of-command-wise he utterly sank the team. They should have fired him when he sold the "uncapped season" idea to Snyder with the idea that they'd go to court to fight any blowback. While we all feel the NFL crapped on the Skins the fact is that every other team in the league knew what Bruce Allen did not. That's grounds for firing. And getting rid of Gruden is a big plus as well. He was lazy and undisciplined and stubborn and insecure and his teams showed it. So they'll likely get better this year. It just hasn't happened yet. Better drafting should equal better performance.
  6. Been away while so I'm reacting to some older posts for a bit. His arms are too short and he cannot play tackle in the NFL. The Skins wantedd badly to say he was drafted to be a tackle to justify his draft position but IIRC he was the first player in training camp whose position was switched (to guard) because he was so inept at tackle that early on. To his credit he's an all-pro (and to me overrated but still good) guard when he's not hurt.
  7. Redskins are shopping Dunbar. And he's finally talking about his experience with the medical staff.
  8. Some lists: Neil Young at home. Unrehearsed, unpolished, solo, beautiful settings, mostly obscure songs, --- Sugar Mountain, Vampire Blues, Love Art Blues, Tell Me Why., Razor Love, Little Wing (no not that one).
  9. Brian Hoyer just got cut. I imagine they'll pick up someone like him and draft a rookie. Sudfeld re-signed with the Eagles. Too bad, it would be good to get him back.
  10. I still do not understand why they were so keen on letting Breeland go and why they're not (apparently) bringing him back.
  11. Going out for rides and walks every Saturday and Sunday with my wife. 3 reservoirs near Hanover PA and a small park in Carroll Co. MD last weekend. Tomorrow somewhere when I'm done dropping off bird food at my mom's locked-down nursing home, then maybe Michaux State Forest in PA on Sunday. Tons and tons of recorded series to watch on TV. A drink or 2.
  12. This is good for my soul. Sugar Mountain, Vampire Blues, Love Art Blues, Tell Me Why., Razor Love, Little Wing (no not that one)