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  1. Duane Haskins could not have led us to 108 yards of offense. /sarc I did not expect a coaching meltdown so soon this season, didn't expect it at all actually. But the giving up at the end of halves of early season games, then the sudden panic switch away from Haskins to supposedly make a playoff run (which was disastrous today)? The players are playing hard but the coaching strategy went from giving up to needless panic after 4 games. That strategy is failing the team.
  3. Adrian Peterson had 98 yards today on (I believe) 14 carries. Washington faced a lot of short yardage situations today. I still think that was a bad cit. Let's see how Peterson and Mckissock have done at the end of the season.
  4. Now imagine Gruden's halftime impact on the team and it's already real clear how bad Gruden was.
  5. Haskins was way inaccurate in the first half, Wentz in the second. Way more pressure on Wentz though. And thanks.
  6. Sack, fumble, game. Really not used to this as a Washington fan but I do remember the feeling from long ago. Feels nice. edit: may be an INC pass
  7. Stupid running up the middle by Washington.
  8. Washington may not win and they're not a good team but they're better than last year and did not quit like Gruden teams would.
  9. Troy Apke looks like the new Reed Doughty for Washington.