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  1. That would be riskier (suppose Guice gets hurt again), but if they could get something substantial for him it might be worth the risk. It's not like this is going to be a playoff year. They really need help at LG --- Flowers was just awful against Atlanta --- and they need help at LT also.
  2. Touché. This is when we trade McCoy to the Colts, right?
  3. A left tackle the Redskins should be looking at.
  4. Nostalgia time, from the old slow NFL days: Sonny Jurgensen Charley Taylor
  5. Jordan Reed in concussion protocol. This is at the least the 5th concussion Reed has had in the NFL, and had at least 2 more in college I believe. At what point should a team tell a player "it's better for your life and safety to retire now"? Honest question. Fabian Moreau in walking boot. I guess if he remains hurt then Jimmy F. Moreland will start his first NFL game against the Eagles.
  6. 155 yards rushing given up by the defense. Atlanta frequently opened holes. It seems like every time Payne rushes to one side the opponent runs through a big hole left on the other side. It was pretty bad rushing defense, and it was 2nd and 3rd string RB's doing it to the first team D. Atlanta's 1st string defense stifled the offense pretty much. Skins aren't going to score many points this year. I really like Sims, Davis, McLauren, and Harmon. Guice looked good. Flowers was god-awful, getting beat a lot. The Flowers experiment is a failure. Jeez he's bad at G. Defense is really fast, to the point of over-running sometimes, but it's more good than bad. Getting turnovers was nice --- the only reason the Skins won.
  7. I assume the team released that information, true or not. It's their way of telling other teams that a low 1st round pick is the bottom of what they'd accept for him. I'm not sure why anyone would pay it, though. Williams isn't playing for the Skins, period. Other teams can just wait Washington out. I'd like to know how many times Bruce Allen has talked directly to Trent Williams as this fiasco built over time. I wouldn't be surprised if their conversation time, if any, has been under 5 minutes. What an incompetent man running a football team --- alienating the team's best player, playing hardass, ending up in a situation where he has no leverage with other teams in trade talks. I can't argue this.
  8. Falcons game Thursday: Guice may or may not play, Quinn is out again, Moreau is out. Reed, Richardson, Settle and Brantley are game time decisions. McCoy of course is out.
  9. By the way, J P Finlay has become a pretty good reporter on the skins.
  10. He's apologize near the end of the hour, ask the callers to say on hold, they'd do the sports news update, and then he'd be back on introducing a new topic (while forgetting callers completely). You have more patience than I do waiting on hold like that.
  11. You may well be right about Doctson. I know my opinion is a minority one. I think we can count on Richardson and Quinn to be hurt a good number of games this year. Cutting Doctson and relying on 3 rookies (Harmon, McLauren, Sims is basically a rookie) is a very risky move when 2 of the guys ahead of them can be expected to miss time. There's also Davis who has a shot, and Quick has done well in training camp although he did have a bad drop in preseason game 2. It's kind of a mess. What I don't want to see is them keeping 6 WR's, Richardson and Quinn hurt, and suddenly relying on Harmon, McLauren, Sims, Davis. Doctson at least plays, and he's had a good camp. Clear as mud.
  12. And the 2 years they talked about Kirk Cousins every day. It was like there were no other players on the team. Sheehan was even worse on days Cooley wasn't there. He'd state 1, 2, or 3 opinions and spend the entire show talking about them, repeating himself over and over. And the worst sin -- he'd ask for calls and leave callers on hold for 45 minutes or more while he droned. If callers disagreed with him he'd interrupt or talk over them. It was awful radio. Galdi has his pre-set opinions he won't change (Kirk=good, Trent=bad), but he handled callers better, let them disagree, engaged with them, and as a result had a lot more intelligent calls and conversations.