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  1. Always kick myself for not seeing this in the theater.. Great movie ... The original title "Live Die Repeat" as well as the marketing and, if I recall correctly, this was right around the time Cruise was in the middle of his psycho year made us skip it..
  2. We normally watch just to see who won and then turn it off.. We may stick around for the first 5 minutes to see if they even attempt to make an excuse for not booting Dan out originally after the first claim and all the video evidence. My guess they will just brush that aside with a quick "things happened and we took care of it"..
  3. Well that better answer the question on whether Dan will be part of the reunion show. Gave him a second chance and he still couldn't keep his hands to himself. Sad they voted Elaine out, even though it was the right move.. So tired of drag along players, aka Noura... Would love a.. Sorry, we are going back to only two when they get to four and watch
  4. At home shake the rafters.. Scares the wife and ticks her off which only adds to the enjoyment.
  5. At least 30 minutes for me.. Most nights longer... Unless I take but I do worry about becoming to dependent on it so only use 2 or 3 times a week. Wife on the other hand hits the pillow and asleep within a minute or two.
  6. Packer fan here with a pretty similar assessment. I see the 49ers, Saints and Ravens as a tier above the Packers, Vikings, Seahawks, and maybe Chiefs, and that tier a bit above the Bills, Patriots Titans, Texans and Bears, and that tier above the Cowboys who are going to suck their way in. The Packers are sporadic though, and oftentimes this year play like a tier or two below where their record has them, though not always. I try to hope that the Packers can find the switch to put it all together, but thus far I have little evidence of that. They communicate very poorly on their defensive back end and their offense appears and disappears randomly. They may well not be as good as their record indicates. Any team that gets blown out against the Chargers has to question how good they truly are and the Packers did just that. I do note that your Ho-hum win was more convincing than ours this week. I am hopeful your team is looking past the Chargers to the showdown in Minneapolis the following week making it a classic trap game. I have no reason to believe that, just a hope. Regardless of what happens this week for either teams the game in two weeks ought to be interesting. Chargers are a tricky team.. One week they look like bottom tier, then the next they put up 40+.... Have to think the Vikings won't look past them, ala the Texans vs. Bronco's.. The Packers are strange this year.. Living in Wisconsin and being a Viking fan I normally hear lots of "Packers are kicking bleep".. this year it's been very quiet.... The Offense in particular is hard to figure.. They can go out for a quarter or two and light it up, and then have 2 quarters of dud and that seems to be every game... Hate that the game vs. the Packers is the night before Christmas eve since that is with the Wisconsin side of the family.. So either it will be me or them.. and if it is them it will be 6 vs. 1 ...
  7. Well that was a pretty Ho-Hum win.. But a win is a win 4 things the vikings need. 1. Beat the Chargers 2. Bears Beat the Packers 3. Vikings beat the Packers 4. Vikings Beat the Bears A lot needed, but the North is still there for the taking.. Saying that, I think right now it is 49ers/Saints.............................................................................. Seahawks/Vikings/Packers I think the Vikings and the Packers can hang around and possibly beat the Seahawks... But I don't think either one has the offense to keep up with the 49ers or the Saints.
  8. , been other seasons I'd put above this one as the "most suckiest ever".. Thailand being #1 imo..
  9. He will probably have a good game vs. a 3rd string QB and come out with "I'm back " LOL
  10. He knew Nora was not to be trusted and tried to move the target off Karissma and onto Nora.. Could have worked as Dan flopped his vote... I missed it though.. since Dan voted for Nora, did Dean or Elaine vote for Karrisma
  11. With Karisma is gone, I guess Norra is the drag along now.. No way she has any chance of winning.. That psycho tc stance would have been enough for me to vote her out.. and what the heck is up with Dan? Votes Norra and then celebrates like he just won a race after Karissma is voted out
  12. agree with Zimmer that 8-4 and the upcoming schedule means it "isn't the end of the road" ....but.... They now need to win out and hope that one of the bad teams that the Packers play, (Redskins, Bears or Lions) beat them.. And with 2 of those 3 at home it does not look good. 6th seed if they win out and Green bay doesn't lose one of the other games, and if the playoffs started today they'd be playing at Green Bay on Wildcard weekend..
  13. Good night all .. basically gave the Packers the North now..
  14. Hate the play calling there.. you know you are going on 4 the so should have run on 3rd.. now Seahawks will just rush it and run the clock out