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  1. IMO...I think Zimmer, thanks to Wilf's encouragement, plays "Co-GM" to the point where Speilman drafts that which Zimmer wants, rather then that which the Team needs.
  2. My wife tends to be looking at her phone during 99% of the shows I watch... At that point she looked up and asked "What did he just say?"
  3. 🤮.. at home vs. an 0-5 team that just fired their head coach and GM and down 17-0 nearing halftime.. at this rate 4-12 might be asking to much with the way they are playing.
  4. The new one needs to get back to the New World order running things.. The end of episode 1 shows the town, and the people in it, destroyed.. Then nothing about why in episode 2. That group is why I am giving this a chance. Not Kids learning how to kill empties.... or some guy's torment of his past, due to coming out to his Dad.
  5. Thought this week was very good.. Love how they have so many different story lines going, and yet they tie them all in together.. The money smelling, which gave away where it was from was, well...
  6. IMO, that is where Cook would have made the difference.. he tends to see those little things and makes the correct choice... Torn on going for it.. I get you want to put the "Nail in the coffin" and, with a healthy Cook, I'm 100% behind going for it. But just felt they needed to take the FG there... make Seattle score a TD and convert a 2 Point attempt just to tie. As a team, other then the first 7 minutes of the 2nd half, they played much better. Unsure why, after playing zone and keeping Wilson in check, they switched to Man a few times. They just don't have the CB's right now to stick. Dantzler seems "skittish" on getting burned deep and showed that on the 4th down and 10 on the last drive. He had good coverage and then fell for Metcalfs "go Deep" move, lost containment and .. 1st down
  7. End of "Finale" part 1 had Maggie digging up a box that had a note telling her about all that had happened, and presumably the plan to end it all at the hospital. No idea who Ninja guy is.. could be from the Group she disappeared with or As mentioned above, with Covid delaying everything, they decided to add 6 episodes to Season 10 to be shown in the Spring, and then Season 11 will be the last season of TWD.
  8. Gave up on Fear.. The new one didn't have any cringe moments.. yet.. so will continue to watch. The ending of the first episode was a little
  9. Glad they got the 1st win over with.. but still so many why moments.. One in particular drove me nuts. 4th quarter, up by 2 scores.. Texans in a 4th and 1oth inside the 20.. and Zimmer rushes 3 and drops back into coverage.. only to give up the TD any ways! With our "Covering" team... giving any QB time to have a drink, eat something and find a WR is just dumb. Cook was looking great, hopefully they carry on that to the next game.
  10. Episode 2 of the Finale was better then the 1st part and does leave a good lead up to the next group. Even though it has been used before, I enjoyed the Piped Piper replay.. Beta going out the way he did ( Dam Daryl! ) was a good way to end that battle. as always some things were "Only these writers".. Carol and her tag along have been wandering slowly through the herd for a few minutes and get attacked. So how does Lydia, even in her mom's mask, find that exact spot in the herd and get there that quick? Maggie and Mystery man somehow make it through the herd and came up the steps just in time to save Gabriel. Not to mention, with all the lead up, to only have a bunch of Red Shirts go out was a little disappointing. Haven't had a chance to watch the new show yet so not sure if it is more of the same, worse then FTWD, or ......
  11. 18 straight playoff losses. Incontheivable. Was chatting with my manager yesterday during the late part of the game.. We started talking about the losing streak and I said "Well, if you are going to set a record for most losses in a row in the Playoffs, you might as well set the bar REALLY high".. Next pitch Houston hits a homer.. Manager responded with "That one is on you"
  12. Well, they were so damn good I forgot to take a after they finished smoking. but here was after applying some BBQ sauce before the final smoke
  13. I don't think you can do that in the common formats (ESPN, Yahoo). A postponed or moved game will mean those players are essentially on a Bye, which means they can't be put on IR. I am actually interested to see if the corporate behemoths think this through and list all those players as "Out". Yea, my post was under the impression that the NFL would list all players as "Out" therefore allowing owners to move the players they want to IR..
  14. We added 2 Additional IR slots.. But not sure what the need is to deal with it if 2 games get postponed.. We will just treat it like a Bye week.. If the game is postponed then you can IR the player if you want, but otherwise just treat it like an other Bye week.. Now if they end up with half the Teams out.. well then scramble time