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  1. it helps if the first time you see it, you're a teenager is in my top 10 of Re-watch-ability .. I was one of those people in High school who had friends who didn't mesh with most... Partiers, Preps, Nerds and some athletes/cheer leaders who weren't stuck up so can relate to the movie.
  2. Starting to really sour on Kyle and warming up to Chase. Starting??? to the party, pal!!  
  3. Her mom in the show was one of George Costanza's GFs in the early years of Seinfeld....the one who went to the loony bin after George told her the truth. that I know this but... her mom died when she was young.. You're thinking of her Mother in-law..
  4. It definitely has a bit of everything... to the Coen brothers world.
  5. for the bump... With the new season coming out fathers Day weekend, I've been re-watching season 1 and 2 that I dvr'd when Paramount reran them during Mothers day weekend. Still as good the second time as the first.. Many moments where I've been re- with "Dang.. forgot that happened"..
  6. As he said in the interview afterwards.. he doesn't pit, the others do leaving him the odd man out with old tires.. They were going to do the opposite of what he did and it cost him.. part of being in the lead so late in the race.
  7. I'm not sure I could walk if I was half as drunk as he sounded.
  8. Couldn't decide if that woman was missing her whole top row of teeth, or she just have that big of a underbite...
  9. and we are off.. For no reason what so ever, our Chihuahua mutt is in a all out shake mood today.. Will run outside and just sit next to her dog door... can get her to come in for a few seconds and back out she goes shaking on the step.... maddening...
  10. Glad I turned it off before the Busch incident.. Dislike his excuses and blame everyone else ( although in this case he kind of took responsibility).. Afraid that, even though I don't have anything riding on the outcomes, seeing that would have put me in a mood and it would have taken me a hour or two to relax enough to go to sleep.
  11. Here in Wisconsin the Governor and the Republicans in the Senate couldn't agree on what type of restrictions to have on opening so we are the "Wild, Wild West".. Some counties have thrown up their hands and said "Good Luck, stay safe".. Others have implemented their own lockdowns.. Complete cluster.. Guess we will find out in a week or two how things go...
  12. Possibility of rain moving in that would shorten the race brings out the aggressive
  13. Both of ours not only chew/eat sticks.. But lately they have been bringing in rocks to chew on them.. At least 20 bones all around the house/yard but hey, let's chew on rocks
  14. One of our dogs is part Chihuahua and gets the "Chihuahua shakes" for absolutely no reason.. Thunder.. fine.. Fireworks.. fine.. Turn on a Booklight at night to read... shake like the world is coming to an end. The other one in this picture is about 7 months old and for whatever reason has decided that bringing in poop from the backyard and eating it in front of us is good entertainment..
  15. There are gardens.. and then there are GARDENS! .. or should I say a small farm??