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  1. I think Jerry topped him yesterday.. You alright back there Jerry? Answer.. Something along the lines of ..... for a 6'2" guy who has problems fitting in a Airplane Bathroom..sure..
  2. Took me a minute to figure out what you were saying. I thought, Jerry in pearl(s)? Oh, peril.. yes, I thought they were going to kill off the wrong character. Not Jerry!! Was hoping they'd kill the lez chick who thinks she's Beatrix Kiddo. Never liked her. Not sure what they're doing with Carol but she's been really stupid lately. How does she not know setting off dynamite would likely kill them all in those tunnels? Was he not wearing pearls?? ......... Sometimes you post and if you don't see the red squiggly line for misspelling you just move on..
  3. These writers have destroyed one of the better characters of the series.. Sure Carol in the past has been frustrating at times ( Leave me alone!!!).. But now she is just outright stupid.. Not sure how they redeem her character at this time as she is the one character I'd have no issue never seeing again. Otherwise, I thought the episode was well done.. Although I could have done without the Negan/Alpha Dirty naked bodies pressed against each other in the woods Thought they did a good job of placing Jerry in pearl.. There were a couple of times while watching I thought "They're not going to kill off Jerry, are they?"
  4. Interesting.. As I said I like BCS but, unlike BB which we've watched in it's entirety twice now, I can't see myself ever rewatching BCS.
  5. It's been decades since I read the book so I can't recall if the movie matches the original story but.... my wife and I enjoyed watching "Call of the Wild" and will probably watch it again as a rental.
  6. I like it but have never got the "I love it" feeling from it... I watch mainly for the Mike side story, which in my opinion would have been 10 times more interesting as the main story.
  7. Best advice from experience is to run, don't walk to find a new company. Early 2018 I received one of those "Lateral Promotions". Took on more responsibility with no pay increase.. By the time reviews rolled around late 2018 I started pressing for a pay increase.. After being asked, I sent information to the Director regarding the Average pay for what I was doing with a side note of "I'm not asking for the full value, but a increase of more than 2% would be nice" .. Got the whooping 2% increase, same I had been getting for the past 3 years. Started thinking of looking elsewhere by January 2019 but didn't take it serious.. Then BAM, March 2019 I, along with about 300 others, were laid off... Had I stayed at my original position I would have still had a job.. Instead I took a "Promotion" and then got the boot. But, in the end all is good. Have a new job now where they see the value I bring and the potential of what I am doing to become a team upon itself with me leading it. And, in less then a year, I have already received a REAL promotion with a significant raise.
  8. I thought these were winners and they knew how to play??? Instead, we get a bunch of 🐑 following the executioner to their slaughter.
  9. Dang.. after watching that crash, seeing how good he looks here is just.. well... No Neck brace, no casts on his arms ( not sure about the legs) but dang..
  10. He talked about possible retirement at the beginning of last year. This year he HAD said retirement wasn't in his thoughts..My guess is this will change that.
  11. Yea, was a moment for her.. The Car accident earlier in the night was wicked.. Oh well, another accident, looks like a nice car.. wait, who is that walking up to the driver... punches the Driver and shoves him down.. The driver was Ticked off.. had 3 or 4 cops holding him down and it was taking everything they had to keep him down so he couldn't go kick that guys butt..
  12. First thought before opening thread was Elvis.. Richard Petty would have been my 2nd choice..
  13. Baron Von Raschke? Awesome. That is all the people need t know. He completely me .. I was busy as heck, so was looking down to grab more Programs from below my stand and heard someone say "Hi sir, can we get 3 programs and a racing form?".. I grabbed a couple and noticed the size of the hand reaching out to pay so looked up and saw it was Baron, his wife and a friend.. Had a quick chat with them and wished him luck, he wished me luck as well as he left. Was aw struck on how "normal" his voice was
  14. Worked at Canterbury Downs in Minnesota from 1987 to 1989 selling programs and Racing forms so ended up meeting, and talking with a lot of different "Famous" people in the sports field: Fran Tarkenton, Tommy Kramer, Alan Page, Kent Hrbek, Dan Gladden, The Claw, Verne Gagne, Road Warriors, Mean Gene, Crusher many other "not so famous" Twins,Vikings, wrestlers. and many, many 🏇 Jockeys, some that are still racing today.