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  1. 4 possible takeaways from the Eagles Darren Sproles  re-signing
  2. Been watching the past 2 weeks 👍
  3. Moanin'' - Art Blakey / Messengers The Sidewinder - Lee Morgan
  4. Similar to Legarette Blount's situational use in 2017, which ended up working out pretty well.
  5. Eli ranks Philly as toughest road environment ........HELLS yeah!! 😀
  6. A.J. is key here. If he comes back full strength, you're very good a WR with this group. Crabtree should find a role somewhere, too.
  7. Quarterback 6.02 Carson Wentz, Philly 8.02 Matthew Stafford, Detroit Hoping Wentz picks up where he left off in 2017 before the injury vs the Rams. After the locker room controversy and Foles departure, I'm betting on him having a little bit of a chip on his shoulder. Not concerned about his back-yet :). Where I drafted him may have been early, but I kind of went with my homer gut on this one, and didn't think he'd be available with my next pick. Stafford fell off a cliff after Tate left and the Jones injury, but he's solid to say the least imho. I really like my QBs Running Back 3.15 Chris Carson, Seattle - better zone blocking scheme runner, but Penny's 1st round pedigree will always keep him in the picture this year 5.15 Jordan Horward - Cohen's too good for him to repeat his rookie year success, but I'd happily take the average of his last 2 rumors?? 9.15 Matt Breida - Mckinnon(and Garropolo) should be back but who knows how he'll hold up. He showed a lot of toughness last year battling through that ankle injury. Happy with him as my RB3. 15.15 Carlos Hyde, KC - Could be a cap casualty, but I've always liked his talent.... a slight upgrade I guess with the move to KC 18.02 Spencer Ware FA - Took a flyer on talent, not happy with this pick at 19.02 Chris Warren, Oakland - Took another flyer I feel much better about. Liked him during preseason last year, and hope he gets a shot with Marshawn's status still iffy. This left me with only 6 WRs vs the 7 I originally planned on, but I really like his potential. I'm a little worried about my top 2 RBs. Seattle was one of the more run heavy teams last year, so if that regresses, and Penny realizes his potential as a 1st rounder that I'm sure Carroll may want to justify, I could see Warren seriously under performing vs last year. Howard didn't click with Chicago's scheme last year like his rookie season. I guess we'll see. Overall, not too excited about my RBs at this point in the preseason, but I do really like Warren to have some real value with Oakland this year. Wide Receiver 2.04 Julio Jones, ATL - Super happy to get Julio here 4.02 Jarvis Landry, Cleveland - A target magnet, and hopefully a preseason with Mayfield at QB will lead to good things. 7.15 Sterling Shepard, NYG - I really wanted Godwin/Tate here, but Godwin was long gone, and then @Stephen Holloway sniped Tate at 7.13 😩, so I guess I'm at Eli's mercy here. The talent's there, but ODB, Saquon, and a healthy Engram caps his upside, even with good Eli showing up. 10.02 Marquez Valdes-Scantling, GB - Rodgers singled him out last year over the other rookie WRs and Cobb won't be returning, so there's definitely potential for a big jump in 2019. 11.15 Nelson Agholor, Philly - With Tate gone, a former 1st rounder with a productive year under his belt (2017) was too good to pass up at this point in the draft. Trade rumors are a worry though. Also with Ertz/Jeffery around the best he could be is a WR3, and that's with Jordan Matthews/Mack Hollins/potential FA WR in the picture, as well. 17.15 Andy Isabella, Rookie - I usually don't like rookie WRs this early in the preseason, but he was awesome vs Georgia last year (15-219yds) and I knew I'd draft him if given the chance based on that. A gamble, but @Norseman had nabbed Beasley at 17.06, who I'd targeted. I like this group's floor and upside. Four of the 6 have good/great QB situations, and I'm predicting big improvements from Landry and Valdes-Scantling Tight End 1.13 Zach Ertz, Philly - Targeted him and Kittles here in this scoring format. 12.02 Vernon Davis, Washington - I originally planned to wait even longer on a second TE, but Jordan's Reed's chronic issues screamed value for me here. Davis is still extremely athletic at his advanced age, and Washington often had them both on the field last year. Ertz has has been solidly sturdy the past 2 years after some early career injury issues. If he goes down for any extended period of time I'm toast anyway. Special Teams 13.15 Adam Vinatieri, Indy - Dome kicker, consistent, strong leg, good offense 14.02 Matt Prater, Detroit - Dome kicker, strong leg, solid offense 16.02 Cleveland DST - Young, fast, and hungry....I like the players, scheme, and DC fit. 20.02 San Francisco DST - Waited and only had a choice of them or Oakland. This looks better if they take Bosa at the #2 pick/sign Earl Thomas. Overall, I like everything but my RB's. This was my first try with the WSL, so drafting pre-NFL draft and not knowing bye weeks is a nice twist.
  8. Snipe alert..... was hoping Tate fell to 7.15 but I thought it was a reach to hope so at the time. I just couldn't justify passing on Wentz, whom I think comes into the year really motivated to erase any locker room doubts and exorcise the 'ghost' of Nick Foles. Guess we'll see. As for Tate, I really foresee him signing into a good QB situation-I guess the Colts would probably be a best case scenario at this point in time.
  9. Agree wholeheartedly. He was definitely my 1B choice at 6.2, but passed for the same reason