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  1. But they still don't have a qb
  2. I trust Reid when it comes to qb.
  3. I remember pat mahomes!
  4. I can't believe they are so good
  5. Bengals need more offensive players?
  6. A white gadget play rb doesn't seem like a good idea to me
  7. Was gonna say the same thing
  8. Could be the cancer
  9. Our lawyer notarized documents we mailed to her
  10. Smart move nobody watched them after MLB tonight started
  11. MTV had to change for the same reason ESPN has to change. The expansion of the internet and mobile devices watching ESPN for scores & highlights is worthless when we can just check on our phones. Similarly going to MTV for music videos is worthless when we can just goto youtube.Both channels HAVE to change to stay relevant. I think MTV did a great job figuring this out years ago. Now its ESPNs turn.