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  1. I liked that episode a lot but it's hard for me to justify nobody killing Negan when he seems pretty ####ty to his men.
  2. I'd rather have Beltran but not a bad consolation
  3. Not for nothing but how do you bench a guy after only allowing him to throw 5 passes, none of which were turnovers? It's almost like they were trying to send him a message after that news leaked that he was gonna opt out.
  4. Yeah at worst he's a solid rb2 so with these matchups hard to bench him unless you have obvious better matchups.
  5. You guys would laugh if you heard what I traded for him after week 4
  6. Ugh was hoping he didn't score so I want tricked into starting him next week. Probably won't anyway but still.
  7. Yeah vs a bad defense too. Under 2 ypc. Horrible
  8. Malcolm Mitchell
  9. And that's what we've all been saying. Glad to see you finally come around.
  10. My last 4 weeks I sat, started, sat, started Adams and he scored 18, 5, 25, 0 so far
  11. Well we were at around $300 (nintendo 3ds xl, pokemon sun, Luigi mansion, lego movie batman set, tsum tsum case) and thought we were done. Of course Amazon has a ton of lego sets for 30% off now. The set has been asking for for two years Ewok Village, normally $250, now $175. Ugh I couldn't pass up the deal.
  12. Same people keep ranking ware an rb1 and Adams a wr3