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  1. Sanders vs that defense seems like a no-brainer here
  2. I am. Sounds kind of weird but I want no part of that offense besides Edelman and White
  3. I wasn't the one saying use google and good luck so you started with the antagonistic condescending tone I just continued it
  4. Bottom line, turf toe is more often a more debilitating injury than its not. Everybody that owns Adams should make backup plans until the bye in week 11 and even then hope he's back to his old self after that.
  5. "It doesn't feel how I want it to feel at the moment," Adams admitted after sitting out Thursday's practice This was TWO weeks after the injury. Not sure where "he felt fine" comes from. But hey keep doing you and being misinformed.
  6. I still don't see anything from him saying he feels fine or anything about an MRI except Rapaports report which was full of ####
  7. The thing is Hills injury is a healed. No change of reaggrevating it. Turf toe on the other hand could take weeks to heal and can very easily be reaggravated. Thankfully I have 3 other good wrs on my team so I'm in no rush for him to come back.
  8. How do you know the MRI came back clean and Adams said it wasn't that bad? I haven't seen that anywhere. The only positive report that came out was from Rapaport and I said immediately that that guy was full of ####.
  9. I offered Henry & Hilton to the Dissly owner for Godwin and he rejected.
  10. I dont think Goff is good but with that offensive line its hard to blame him for struggling as much as he has. Yikes. Teams that load up skill positions and then ignore the offensive line are doing it wrong.
  11. The thing about Cole is he wasn't even that dominant today. Career high 5 walks. Yet he still shut down the yankees with ease.