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  1. Fun catching new Pokemon on a spring like day. Felt like last year again
  2. Thanks. This is very important to me after I ate with reckless abandon last year with good reason. Not only do I wanna get healthy but I have my son's communion in may, my brothers bachelor party in August, and then his wedding in November.
  3. Hairy pits
  4. Neither in Staten Island
  5. no hes 7
  6. ok just double checking. I have a scale at home too. I would then consider your weight gain a strange blip.
  7. I mean like if you are logging 4 oz of chicken how do you know it is actually 4oz and not 8 oz. If you log a small popcorn, how do you know that is not actually considered a large popcorn, etc?
  8. Lol yep he says that too
  9. Yep my son. It's even gotten to the point where he makes fake videos now. In other words he plays video games and pretends to talk to his followers while narrating everything he does. It truly is bizarre and a little worrisome. We have also uploaded a number of videos of him opening or playing with toys because he begs me. Then he gets mad nobody likes his videos.
  10. I'm holding out for blitz winger tickets