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  1. Two interesting things: Romero wasnt in his dream and that was before he found out he was dead I wonder what joanna is paying the parking attendant to keep quiet about. The same parking lot where Eliot woke up after the hack in Tyrells car.
  2. You should stay with her. One more guy and you can start a burger franchise.
  3. Im in Geneva right now. She's wet
  4. Ive never been through this but thats all Id think about forever if it were my wife.
  5. not as hot as Misty
  6. She was on birth control for OTHER men? Yeesh
  7. That's heartbreaking
  8. which time?
  9. Not sure how you can provide a loving home to your adopted kids when you will be constantly hating your whore of a wife. The trust will never be there. Leave her. This is a very easy decision.
  10. I wanna be the very best...
  11. funny movie