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  1. Had a great week. Lost almost 2 lbs. So close to my goal of 205 by my vacation in two weeks. Unfortunately, this week is gonna be a killer. I have something planned every single night almost. @The Gator 206.8
  2. Only half way through but loving this season of oitnb. Hilarious
  3. Lmao at continually posting bullpen pitchers eras as your evidence.
  4. You said yourself he was in he bowling alley
  5. Thanks for the breakdown on my joke
  6. Lol Carter DFA, Austin called up!
  7. I despise Carter. Just bring Austin up
  8. Quiet from mgs 5
  9. Jesse Pinkman would surpass Dylan McKay as oldest actor to play a high schooler in tv history
  10. Here's a tweet about it... This is 2nd MLB game in last 100 yrs where each starter allowed 0 R, 3 H or fewer and had 9+ K. Other: Aug. 26, 1968 Senators-Twins