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  1. Are you new to fantasy football? Essentially what you are asking about is VBD or Value Based Drafting.
  2. So the suspect who had his face plastered all over the news yesterday actually turned himself in saying his documents were stolen and that his brother was the actual driver of the van.
  3. Somehow I knew this thread would be bumped after seeing her new pics on Instagram
  4. I'm really loving this season. McCoy is hilarious and Winston is coming off aces. A true leader.
  5. One of the few people I make sure to read his posts
  6. This makes no sense. Gordon had 109ypg, Freeman had 96ypg
  7. Consecutive games in a row with a K? Pretty sure he broke it last night
  8. Talking to some co-workers today: "You guys excited for the solar eclipse on Monday?" My buddy's response: "Meh, Ive seen a million eclipses in my day"
  9. I'll bring the limes
  10. AH MY EYES!
  11. MC Potato
  12. I feel like "dont stare at the sun" thing during an eclipse is overblown. Why cant you just take quick glances?
  13. Does the scorekeeper actually need to change the position every batter? There are numerous shifts where 3B play on the other side of 2B and the SS stays put through out the league. Just curious.
  14. I can't wait to put it in the hole.