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  1. Montgomery was added in most leagues already. I'd rather have him no doubt. Adams should be added however.
  2. There are definitely people on these boards who have been touting him all year.
  3. Drinking game. Take a shot every time Pablo Escobar adjusts his pants. You will likely die of alcohol poisoning.
  4. Arizona 0 sacks or turnovers yet pitching a shutout?
  5. Did you miss the second sentence?
  6. Nobody's forcing you to watch it. I've never watched a single episode of talking dead
  7. It definitely looked like he threw the axe in the ground. I was confused about that too.
  8. Funny told my wife I think Abraham or Glenn get killed
  9. I drafted him in the 8th and dropped him in week 1. Even if drafted it was hard to hold on to this guy after drafting. I think he was more a good ww pickup.
  10. He's talented. There's no question about that. Rivers spreads it out though which makes him maddening to own. Next week vs Denver is probably a bench.
  11. Dropping eagles d was the dumbest thing I did all year
  12. Or hurns
  13. Odoyle rules!
  14. This games still not over silly