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  1. Yeah but use real toilet paper and not chet toilet paper aka 100 dollar bills.
  2. So I was right
  3. I know how much brownstones cost. Thats not what I was talking about.
  4. I expected you living in a mansion with tons of space all around you and a three car driveway. Not in a brownstone with houses on top of each other and street parking.
  5. When I opened that picture I expected... more. Is that your second home?
  6. You implied it. Otherwise, why would you say anything to him?
  7. Never understood the people who think they own the street in front of their house but Ive always been in the minority on that.
  8. Tried this. Got the following message: The CPU isnt supported (LAHF/SAHF) googled the message and found a message board said that I had to disable the NX in the Bios before installing. Googled how to do that. Disabled the NX. Went back to upgrade and got the following message: The CPU isnt supported (NX)
  9. Ichiro Suzuki is out of the Marlins' starting lineup on Wednesday against the Phillies. Ichiro is three hits from 3,000, but the Marlins don't want to push the 42-year-old too hard. He went 1-for-5 with a single in Tuesday's 5-0 defeat of Philadelphia.
  10. yeah and immediately after she said that he followed her into the bedroom
  11. Can someone explain the Golden Tateplane joke to me?
  12. Only 53? Gtfo
  13. Future update will allow trading Pokemon. WOAH