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  1. Outback is awesome. The warm bread, blooming onion which is fattening as ####, and steaks are all great. Haven't been there in 5 years though. Always packed.
  2. Same way I don't understand how dominos or subway exist in nyc
  3. This is my favorite song of hers Gasoline
  4. #relationshipgoals
  5. My favorite singer out there now.
  6. Yeah just tell hr
  7. The only guy I like is enzo amore and its obviously not due to his wrestling skills. Dude cracks me up.
  8. Its funny. It definitely seems like an age thing as my wife defends the "suspects" much more than the victims. She will often say things like "These women waited 30 years to speak up. I call BS." or "Did you see that lady who accused Bill Cosby of rape? Why would he rape THAT?" She makes me laugh.
  9. Not something I would do at 40 but more power to you. I kind of think your job experience outweighs any degrees you may have at this point in your life UNLESS you are changing careers.
  10. Well I'm glad most people are defending Asari and this world didn't completely go to ####.
  11. It looks like the Jays are signing "trading chips". They may not get back big returns at the deadline but you may get a handful of B level prospects for guys like Solarte, Diaz, and Granderson if they have decent years. Utility guys and left handed power still have value to teams in the playoff hunt at the deadline. I dunno. Its a stretch perhaps.
  12. That's nuts. I guess if one second left it doesn't count as a walk off and the pats won the super bowl with a walk off touchdown in ot last year.
  13. I hate everyone equally