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  1. As somebody who has several tattoos, I can't fathom how a name tattoo goes unfinished.
  2. OPULAR ON TWITTER Twitter › JeffPassan Jeff Passan Jose Altuve just walked by a group of reporters, took his shirt off, turned around bare-chested, grabbed another shirt and put it on. Yes, there was a tattoo on his left collarbone. I’m not sure if it was bad or not. Twitter · 42 mins ago Twitter › BNightengale Bob Nightengale Jose Altuve walks into clubhouse shirtless, exposing a tattoo Twitter · 44 mins ago Twitter › Chandler_Rome Chandler Rome Jose Altuve will speak to reporters after today’s workout. He just entered the Astros clubhouse shirtless, exposing a tattoo on his left shoulder that said “Melanie.”
  3. That was the most forced episode of Curb ever.
  4. Twitter account of the guy who found all the video evidence of the Astros banging the garbage can.
  5. Media didn't look the other way on the steroid scandal. Palmeiro, McGwire, Sosa, Ramirez, Bonds, Clemens all not in the Hall of Fame. ARod won't make it either. What on Earth are you talking about?
  6. You definitely are. There was friggin video after their own player accused them. Where is the Red Sox video from jomboy? Hmmmm
  7. Whatever helps yourself sleep at night homeboy
  8. You keep blaming jomboy, fans, and media but not once blame his cheating teammates for getting an "innocent" Altuve caught up in the mix or Altuve himself for not speaking up. You really do sound like a child sometimes.
  9. Nyc does but it's filed with state
  10. My 10 year old just downloaded this too.
  11. Except everybody on every team is voicing their outrage
  12. Furthermore, a player actually came out publicly about the Astros cheating and the jomboy videos proved it. There is no smoking gun for the Sox.
  13. The investigation isnt over. I will withhold judgment until then. This is why there is no vitriol ... yet