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  1. The article is kind of stupid because there's no proof the commenters were being serious also
  2. What do they do in the event of a five way tie?
  3. yeah police circulated that photo but refused to show the actual video. Fishy fishy
  4. Good stuff NJR. Nothing beats the excitement of a brewing romance! #### all the haters.
  5. Can someone remind me, why did Dark Army kill Cisco and attempt to kill Darlene?
  6. Guess Im the only one who didnt realize there was an after credits scene
  7. How would he be two places at the same time if they were the same person? Why would Angela talk to her about Elliot? Is Elliot bi-sexual because she ####ed a few dudes. This theory is not a good one.
  8. thats pretty incredible
  9. technically he could have been a real person but then in present time become another personality just like Mr Robot was a real person and now is another personality.
  10. I think redhead is so hot
  11. Eew you wanna see her naked?
  12. It wasn't actually you, it was Mr. Belljr
  13. Maybe next time he plays vs SF
  14. Tyrell is not related to him at all. Just feels a connection to him, his life gives him a purpose. He loves him. Yes Tyrell was alive this whole time.