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  1. Not a gildz follower but I thought it was pretty obvious what he meant.
  2. Done, some people really have no idea what real problems there are in life.
  3. In all seriousness @mr roboto make sure all the doors are locked from the top.
  4. Good luck with your demon child
  5. What page does the fun start?
  6. My son did this last year except he peed down the stairs. We still laugh about it
  7. Jermaine clement was absolutely amazing in that episode and I can't get over that 10 minute black and white sequence where everything came together. The music, the silent movie aspect, Aubrey Plaza...great stuff
  8. Finally awesome episode! I loved every minute of it. The black and white sequence, an actual villain, professor x memory, and powerful David.
  9. via
  10. That's like 7:1 odds
  11. WTF is wrong with YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I doubt he's gonna sit much vs lefties for Chris ####in carter
  13. Just be grateful Harrison isn't starting because he hadn't played in awhile