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  1. I dunno but Fitz has struggled vs Buffalo in his career
  2. Sanchez finished 2nd in the ROY voting LAST YEAR
  3. Neither Severino or Sanchez are rookies but yes I am excited about the future.
  4. She's a good actress but her voice and the whole man hating angle made me fast forward a lot of her scenes.
  5. Owned in 97% of CBS leagues
  6. Looks like we finally got to the episode where things start going downhill. Like death and taxes its inevitable.
  7. Series is far from over. Yankees are a different animal at home.
  8. Yep, also why the hell did they pick Heath Ledger to play Joker
  9. I'm thinking Vincent Chase would've been a better casting for Aquaman
  10. Wow I didn't say the exact same thing a few posts up
  11. Lions defense, who is #2 in scoring in my league, has a pretty great schedule ROS after the bye and they have scored double digits every game except one 8vs Steelers 9at Packers 10vs Browns 11at Bears 12vs Vikings 13at Ravens 14at Buccaneers 15vs Bears 16at Bengals
  12. Oh I also pushed my foot back into place myself. Not sure why. I panicked. Why am I talking about this ?
  13. This is one of those "I have to watch the post game" games and just soak it all in.