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  1. People really whining about a coach yelling at his player. When did this country become so soft?
  2. Even the new customer deals are a ripoff. They advertise that price but then they add DVR fees and rental fees for every box and taxes and it gets to be close to $200 before you're all said and done. Its all the fees that piss me off.
  3. I feel like every year there are little upsets on Thursday and then Friday is like "Hold my beer"
  4. I just bought a house. People were asking astronomical prices thinking it was last summer and tons of houses just sitting there with several price drops along the way. The house we bought was listed at 690k in November and dropped two times eventually down to 649k in Feb. We saw it in Feb and put in an offer well below asking price before finally meeting at 620k. Im sure the time of year helped but things have settled down in my area.
  5. I find when people are sick the best "gifts" are freeing up time. People making food, people cleaning the house, etc. Its definitely appreciated. But Im not your wife. If it were me, Id try convincing her and if she still protests dont push any further and just thank your friend and say no thanks.
  6. My wife thought like this the first time the cleaning lady came but then she realized that was silly. The cleaning lady is a foreigner who barely speaks English and does an amazing job cleaning our house. I doubt she is judging us.
  7. I think you need to convince your wife and figure out why she is so opposed. It makes little sense IMO.
  8. OK fair enough but why wouldnt your wife be interested? She wants to clean the house?
  9. Man, Kikuchi hides the ball extremely well. I wonder why more pitchers don't learn to pitch like that. I predict he has a big year
  10. Wtf wouldn't you want a housekeeper? I got one for my wife and she was ecstatic and stopped pestering me about the house not being clean. Best money I ever spent.
  11. If you didn't like DD and JJ season 1 were both bad I'd stop now as I thought both those seasons were pretty damn good and Luke Cage sucked.