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  1. Ashley graham is incredibly hot and beautiful
  2. That walker was bad ### with spikes all over it and nowhere to hit it.
  3. And Im talking in generalities about Weight Watchers. For some people, it definitely works. They learn how to eat better and learn portion control. Then after they stop doing WW they keep the weight off. For those people it worked. For someone who tried it 3 times and gained back the weight after stopping each time, it definitely did NOT work.
  4. Not if you try it 3 times and keep gaining the weight back. Its meant to teach people the right way to eat and if they fall back into old habits immediately upon stopping I cant see how anyone can say it works.
  5. IMO the difference between a diet and a lifestyle change is "is it sustainable?" Does rick think that weight watchers plan is sustainable? If so, I would say that's a lifestyle change. But then the question is, why has it not been sustainable 3 times in the past? In that case, it does not seem sustainable. I'll speak from my own experience. The only time I lost real weight and kept it off for 3+ years was in 2012 when I changed my whole lifestyle and started tracking everything in myfitnesspal. It was sustainable to me because I continued to use it for 3 years. Even when I stopped using myfitnesspal, I still generally knew how many calories I should eat every day and was able to add things up in my head. I was so proud to keep it off for all those years. The reason Im back in here now is because I stopped caring last year due to obvious stress related reasons. Now that I am determined, I am confident I will take off the weight and keep it off for many years. What Im doing I dont consider a diet.
  6. Apparently he also caught Michael Jackson's skin disease
  7. HZD getting phenomenal reviews, some calling it a perfect game and a mix between far cry, shadow of mordor, assassin's creed, and the Witcher 3.
  8. Ugh Horizon Zero Dawn or Zelda? What to play first.
  9. you say this like its a negative
  10. pissing didnt hurt when I had a kidney infection, just complete and unbearable pain in the lower back that did not go away.
  11. you sure you dont have a kidney infection?