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  1. I was worried about my son's little league season being canceled but with it starting in mid april I think we'll start returning to normalcy by then.
  2. Probably had mid-terms. But apparently the parents told the school their child tested positive.
  3. 2 NYC public schools closed in the Bronx due to a student with self-confirmed Coronavirus.
  4. I work for an insurance company that covers people for paid leave and Ill just say there is concern.
  5. The news on both sides is a joke. I am not trying to get political but I turn on CNN last night and I think Don Lemon was on and instead of talking about the Coronavirus or the impact of Trumps speech or the cancellation of the NBA he went on and on about the lies Trump just told. How is that helpful for anyone?
  6. My son has VERY well controlled asthma. Takes QVAR once a day and rarely if ever needs his asthma pump but this is still comforting to hear.
  7. I'd also like to formally apologize to @shader and @icon I still think this is a bit overblown and trust we will contain it but i have been constantly mocking in tone and that I apologize for. Perhaps it was a defense mechanism. One thing is I definitely was never trolling or making up stories or stats. I have more important things to do in my life than that.
  8. The media fuels this #### when they post stories about the one young, healthy person who happens to get very ill from this. That doesn't help.
  9. There is a small bottle of purell just sitting on the kitchen counter at work. Tempting
  10. I definitely think there's overreaction. I came to work today, my wife went to work, my son went to school. That being said, I have come around on it being a good idea to close large gatherings and sporting events for a few weeks to contain this thing now before it's too late. I'll run to the store to pick up a few things and definitely ibuprofen (good idea!) Later but for now not changing my routines.
  11. There have been hundreds events cancelled. Social distancing has started. Flights from Europe has just been banned for 30 days. The slowdown will start.
  12. This virus is just way too perfect to make me think it wasn't created in a lab.
  13. If MLB teams play in empty stadiums it's going to be very hard for the Astros to hide the sound of the garbage pail banging.
  14. If 1/3 of the population gets this don't we kind of have to continue living our life? Its not like we can quarantine and all wfh and have our kids out of school and have no sports for 6 months. This is the new reality and we have to live with it.
  15. My company is planning an everyone WFH stress test NEXT week
  16. Yep I booked a night in the Borgata in AC for this very same reason. Still debating whether I should cancel or not (the room was free so no harm in cancelling). Definitely not playing slots or doing buffet though even if I go.