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  1. Think the Hurricanes did really well here. Didn't give up all that much and got three guys that should be contributors coming down the stretch. I'm a bit torn on the Rangers trading Skjei because a) I think he's decent b) he's bff with Trouba and c) they traded him to a team they are supposedly trying to hunt down on a playoff run. But, they do shed a nice bit of contract and get a first rounder which is a nice yield. Mixed emotions there. I really am not buying the DeAngelo career year here. Isles got a nice piece in Pageu, but that was a pretty steep price to pay for a 3rd line center? I dunno, if they could have also gotten Parise that would have a been a nice haul for the playoffs. They have a good team, but not sure they are near good enough to compete for a deep playoff run.
  2. Yeah, it was just something I noticed about him as I haven't heard much about him this year Another thing I came across was Kakko and Hughes (NJ) stats are eerily similar this year. They are 10th and 11th from the bottom in +/- and both have 20 points this year.
  3. Hearing 7 years 6.5 AAV for CK20. I think it's a year or two long, but the price is right, so had to be done.
  4. So, what's the protocol to renaming NHL awards? Vezina is going to have to be the Shesterkin here pretty soon, no?
  5. I agree with all of this for sure. However, I think we also need to keep in mind that we are only hearing Shady's side of the story. Maybe he didn't deserve the raise or promotion in the first place Honestly though, there are a ton of other factors that are in play right now that need be considered. A number of his superiors have moved on, and it's tough for someone to evaluate a new person after one month's time. And now it seems the new boss is even moving on. What OP should probably do is detail everything in his eyes (accomplishments, i.e. project he finished, number of direct reports now under him, etc....) and approach his new boss ASAP with what he sees as his perceive slight and ask what is in play here that he should be looking out for the company to correct this issue. It's very possible that the compensation aspect was out of the new bosses hands earlier. And any talk about 'we'll make this right soon' is worth the paper that its written on. So I'd want things documented so I had at the very least a timeline as to what to expect. If promises are not kept, well that is good enough for me to see what is really going on.
  6. @Left_Wing_Lock Shea Weber: Is expected to be in the lineup for today's game. Weber&flag=y… #nhl #GoHabsGo
  7. Sheffield United in Champions League play next year to me would be as nearly astounding as Leicester City winning the league. And speaking of newly promoted teams....Norwich City gonna get it done today, just a hunch.
  8. Pretty much agree with all of this. If Kreider wants to stay, I think he's going to need to take a bit of a home town discount. Would I if i were him? Not after this season, hell no. But I'll probably shed a small tear when he leaves because he's been terrific - totally can take over when he wants to. I don't think you can fault them for going after and signing Trouba to that contract though. They paid a pretty steep price to get him, you have to keep him so obviously he was their main target. Dude hasn't even turned 26 yet and will be a main stay for years to come. Solid enough if not spectacular. And there is no way in hell anyone could have predicted the efforts you are getting from Fox and Lindgren (even Hajek was pretty decent enough when healthy). I think Fox, Lindgren and Igor are the three untouchables for this team right now, imho. Rangers really need to trade Kreider to maximize return here. They are not going to make the playoffs this year, but should be in decent position for years to come. If I'm the Rangers, I think of jettisoning Tony D as well. He's a lot of fun to watch play, but I think he's another player that has some good trade value. IF the Rangers buy out Hank, and they can figure out a way to get rid of Smith in expansion draft with sweetner or something that would really set them up great for another big free agent signing as well. Panarin's worked out pretty fantastically. And hey, Lias Andersson is tuning up his game in Sweden for a big NHL return
  9. I guess the question begs what exactly are you looking for in an investment? If you're looking for income, I think XOM offers a very safe income play. It has a great yield that is easily covered. It's relatively cheap historically speaking, and I see no danger of the dividend being cut any time soon (at least in the next 5 years). So, if you're looking to park some cash and get 5-6%, well, you could do a lot worse, imho. That said, growth prospects in oil and gas are not looking pretty. Between ESG, electric vehicles and the massive increase in domestic production available here, well, big oil is going to need to find ways to cut costs to remain highly profitable. I don't directly own any oil and gas companies any longer, the last one I held was OXY whom I'm much more familiar with then the major oil producers, however, I do own a few dividend index funds which do have big stakes in oil/gas - and for now that's all I'm comfortable holding. Personally, I feel there are a few big tailwinds that very likely are going to help oil in the future so I keep an eye out for buying opportunities. First and foremost is OPEC is not pleased with the low price of oil and they can very easily tighten the screws. And even with the US pumping like crazy, there is still massive demand abroad to be met and this can drive prices higher quickly with production cuts. The other one is the stock market is pretty frothy right now, so most investors are not concerned at all by yield if they can get growth easily outpacing 8% historic averages. And I'm not saying a precipitous decline is coming any time soon, but, I do think that expectations are unreasonably high right now. Bad news will come. Markets will drop. There are a lot of baby boomers out there relying on income plays for day to day money and there will be a big flight from risk into the safe havens of dividend payers. One other headwind I failed to mention, and I don't have my notes in front of me as I'm typing from work, but there is some massive debt in oil companies right now, some crazy number like 4x the yearly revenue in all oil is indebted. So you need to look for who owes what, because if/when rates rise, these companies are in big big trouble.
  10. Paxton out till mid-season Yankees rotation going to be tough to figure out. Severino was hurt all last year, German and Paxton out for a good part of the first half of the year and who knows how Paxton will be when he comes back with a balky back. Tanaka is always a wild card. Do you get lights out Tanaka or BP Tanaka After Cole, there's a whole lotta questions.
  11. Think you guys are way overestimating Maeda here. Guy pitched on one of the strongest teams last year in a pitchers park, and was a bullpen/4 inning starting pitcher by midyear? He'll probably be a long relief pitcher again this year.