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  1. Depends completely on where you live and if you have kids. Cost is not really prohibitive imo although it can effect who will buy your house if you sell. I have three kids and Clive in Houston. Put in s pool/spa and heater. Completely worth it the pool runs year round.
  2. I appreciate your efforts, The Gator, but to be honest, I want this thing to be done and over with. At this point it would suck to have run for like 9 months and not get a dime, so perhaps next year we can tweak it a bit (I do like Sebowski's suggestion of lose in a league, lose the right to pick in it), to maybe knock people out faster. Full props to Jmon and Capella, to pick like 40 games and only lose 2 is pretty impressive Obviously just my vote, but I am going to be out of town here for a few weeks soon.
  3. CONVERSATION guru_007 96 Started conversation: Monday at 12:11 PM ยท Report Borussia Monchengladbach over Darmstadt (5/20) Everyone is picking this one. :lock:
  4. I sent my pick on Monday ffs and told you everyone was picking the same team.
  5. I had a big problem with this scene too. Obviously it would warrant a well check visit from the cops as suggested. However, I believe the scene was drawn to hammer that the relationship between Jimmy and Chuck was irrevocably damaged and that Jimmy was never going to do anything to help Chuck again.
  6. If someone gave you $10,000,000 now, assuming a modest 3% growth rate, that's $32K/month paid out for the next 50 years before you run out of money. Not sure how many of you make HHI of ~ 400K per year and expect to for the next 50 years. Loving hearing all the people that would need over $10M without any substantial assets that they would have to forego before acquiring this lump sum payment.
  7. cut me some slack here, day after they lost, should have heard me last night.
  8. exactly. Senators deserved to win the series. Rangers need to be blown up. I've loved Stepan for a long time, but what good is a top 6 center who can't win a draw and can't score a goal. Hayes still has some trade value, so let's send him off too. I mean the guy is 6'5" 225 and plays softest on the team. We already had Boyle on the team once before, but at least he was a bottom 6 guy. Hopefully Girardi and/or Staal showed well enough that they are plucked off in the expansion draft. Time to get rid of some dead weight ASAP. Years past, Rangers had excuses with injuries to key guys in the playoffs, McDonagh, Zuuc. This year they were completely healthy and just sucked. Kreider shows up for one period a night. Nash was decent enough, but how much is left in the tank there. Window is about to close with #30 in net. Only guys that pulled their weight all series long were Glass, Lindberg and Fast and those guys are not 20+ goal guys by any means. I'm not ready to cut bait on Miller yet though. He was getting thrown around on other lines. He generally plays hard and shows up. Unlike some others. Vessey was another disappointment, but he's too young to give up on. Honestly, may be time to get rid of AV too. I like him as a coach, but I'm really not sure he has what it takes to get the team over the top. So annoyed.
  9. I had a long, rambling post about AAPL the other day, which I deleted before I posted it. But, in short, when I buy an individual stock, I look for a compelling reason to own that company. I look for growth opportunities, where they will make money in the future. And with a behemouth like AAPL I'm even less inclined to own it, as so many of my index stocks already hold massive positions in this one. I've never owned AAPL. I have an iPhone, in fact, this is my 3rd iPhone, and I like it a lot. But, AAPL hasn't really had a breakthrough idea in almost a decade. If AAPL goes up to ~190 it's market cap will be one trillion dollars. That's almost twice as much as Microsoft. That's mighty rich for a glorified phone maker. Someday people are going to realize they don't need to shell out 600, 700, 800 bucks every other year on a new phone. Now, I know AAPL is sitting on a #### ton of cash, but I haven't seen them make much good use of it. AND most of that money is overseas. AND AAPL does have quite a bit of debt. There are issues with AAPL, as they are reluctant to use their stock pile of cash on anything to fuel growth. Now, granted, they could buy every single sports team in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL and still have about 100 billion leftover, but I think they are playing it much too tight to the vest. Their PE isn't outrageous, but I just don't see much room for growth in there. Best bet, Trump let's them repatriate that money without getting hammered in taxes, and they ramp up buy backs and/or dividends to increase stockholder value, but I'd rather look for opportunities in companies that are growing, evolving, moving forward, rather than sitting around and waiting. Just my two cents, playing devils advocate here. Not rooting against AAPL by any means, I just don't see much room for it to move.
  10. Is this still a thing? I had Malaga this week, just assumed everyone did as well
  11. I think you need to rank these two ways. The movies as they came out and you saw them for the first time, and then the movies as they have aged and upon multiple rewatchings. I am just going to rank them as they came out and upon original viewing. Return of the Jedi. Just a fun watch from beginning to end, put closure to the original trilogy, yeah, the ewoks were campy, but I was young when this one came out and it all worked just fine. A New Hope. Fantastic watch from beginning to end, special effects were great considering the time it came out. There was quite a bit of storytelling and background posed, so some parts seemed to drag a little (I was very young when it came out), but overall good stuff. Empire Strikes Back. This one probably aged better than the others, but when it first came out there were no death star explosions, no closure, I think this one hurt because the first 30 minutes started out great and petered out a bit after that. The Force Awakens. This one is tough because so much hype, but I believed it delivered. It just seemed the story was already told and they could have come up with a bit more of an original story, but the new characters introduced were very likable, and even the new villain was okay. Rogue One. Was real good from beginning to end, I don't argue too much with those that place it higher, but for me, it just didn't hit the highs or the feel good of the rest of the star wars movies. Attack of the Clones. Surprised to see this one was almost universally buried. I thought this one saved the reboot. The bad guys were bad, the action was decent. Maybe it was because I came into this one with low hopes and it delivered an enjoyable movie Revenge of the Sith. I thought this one flowed seamlessly after attack of the clones, and the action was very good in this one too. Phantom Menace. I'm sure it was due to high expectations when it came out, but this one fell totally flat about across the board.