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  1. 10/26 Fiorentina over Crotone
  2. 10/16 - Southampton over burnley
  3. Really not all that much to choose from this week. Give me Sevilla on 10/1 over Alaves
  4. Put me on the Borussia Dortmund train for 9/23 as well
  5. Yeah, not sure what all the hub bub is, today is Wednesday last I checked. I am using today's game as my week 4 pick
  6. 9/21 AS Roma over Crotone
  7. Bayer Leverkusen
  8. Week 2 picks: Chelsea and Sassuolo
  9. I'll take Atletico Madrid as well
  10. I've held my tongue replying in financial threads for so very long, simply because there is just a ton of bad information posted by a lot of 'know it all's'......but, hey you get what you pay for when you read a thread like this. But, Kutta's post hit home as my eldest just finished her first year in college and I have two more coming up (too quick). There is definitely no right or wrong answer to funding your child's college. And I definitely hear/understand the arguments for having your kid have to pay some of (all of) their own way. Who am I to judge what you think is right with your own child? But I think Kutta's post was great. The way I feel is that my child's 'job' is to get good grades, stay out of trouble, broaden their horizons, etc... You are only a child once and at the end of the day, I don't really gaf if my child has an extra $125 in their pocket from a part time job. Now that's not to say I want my kids sitting at home doing nothing. For a real world example, my eldest is quite smart (she does not get this from me). She came 10 SAT points shy of getting a full scholastic scholarship to an in-state school, but she still got about $15K/year in merit scholarships. Before she chose a school, we simply sat down with her and openly discussed what her options were. If she wanted to go to a state school, she would have more than enough money to graduate without owing a dime. If she wanted to go to a private school she would more than likely come out with debt totaling nearly $100K. Her dream school was a private school in California, as she wants to do animation stuff for movies She selected the public school and will actually probably have money leftover when all is said and done and may look into graduate studies in California. Now, the major she selected is VERY opposite something I would have wanted her to do, simply because I am realist/practical person. I only want the best for my kids (and hopefully my grand kids), but at the end of the day, this is their life. They are the ones that need to lead it. If I could afford private educations for all three of my children, I would in a heartbeat (of course without sacrificing my own retirement/savings). But, this is a very personal choice. I paid for just about all of my education, save the final semester where my parents kicked in a bit so I wouldn't come out of school in debt. I guess the conclusion here I'm coming about in a very roundabout way is that every child is different. I would love my kids to each be making $100K by 25, even if it meant they had some student loans to pay off (as maybe that would push them to a better paying profession). But in doing so, there would probably not be any teachers out there, artists/musicians, authors, people doing things they genuinely enjoy doing at the sake of perhaps more money. I just want my children to be happy and will do whatever I can to make it happen. I hope I have led them in the right direction in life, it is them that have to make the journey. ~the end
  11. was typing while enjoying a cocktail or three. Was thinking of Arteta, but all the while could not forget about the batman mask
  12. Serie A This league is up for grabs in my opinion. Juventus are heavy favorites to win this league, but not sure deservedly so. Pirlo is gone, and although he is getting older, he still played quality minutes, and who else would you prefer to have over the ball on a free kick right outside the box as time is winding down? Vidal is gone and he was their best player just about every game he played. Pogba still there, but he is young, sometimes a malcontent, and lets face it, bigger clubs are coming begging he will not be there much longer. Tevez back to Argie, Llorente and Manduzic up top, but neither can do what Tevez does. BBC defense is getting older and losing a step, and Buffon now what 37? Juventus still has talent, but..ripe for the takings in my eyes. AC Milan done some good business as Bacca brought in should be an immediate difference maker. Bertolacci and Luiz Adriano also should be every day players. All the while the only player of note probably they lost was El Shaarway. But, the big question mark in my eyes will be how does Menez play. This guy when he is on is world class. But, more often than not, he is not on. Menez, Honda, Bacca, Adriano in attack. Poli, Montalivo DeJong still offer a formidable midfield. The defense is a concern in my eyes for sure. Milan should be able to take lots of points off the minnows, it's just how will they do against the bigger clubs. I think an ascent is in the cards, figure a 4-5th place finish. Roma was spoke about earlier, and I don't have much to offer other than I like Totti, but I think this is not the year again for Roma. I'd expect a 4-5 battle with Milan...both teams quite a bit behind my top three Napoli was really good on the attack last year, but were a very jeckyl and hyde team, in that they could look like world beaters one week and then allow #### goals to lesser teams the next. Their attack will be there again this year with the likes of Mertens, Insigne, Higuain, Callejon Gabbaldini, Vargas (Copa hero) and of course, the spectacular Hamsik. There is plenty of firepower out there at all times. In the offseason all they did was buy defense, guys like allan, chirches, to name a few. the biggest difference of course will be with no Rafa Benetiz out there. If nothing else, I do think Napoli will be a fun team to watch, and I have them pegged for 3rd this year. And my surprise team of the year will be none other than Inter Milano. Inter was terrible last year and just seemed out of sorts. Well, I think they are going to right this ship quick fast in a hurry. Shaqiri was a great buy, and whether he is on the team to start out or is sold again may be left to seen, but he could be great in Italy. Kovavic is a flat out star in the making and who knows, this just may his year to shine. Hernanes offers a veteran presence in the midfield as does Guardin. Taider always offers some offense. I love the Jovetic add, he was fantastic at Fiorentina and perhaps a move back to Italy is just what the doctor ordered. Will Icardi and Palacios be enough in the attack, probably not, but both are just fine - may need one more attacker. The defense should be okay with Ranocchio back there still. Miranda is also a great defender and Medel (another Copa hero) will just help out too. I think with one more addition to the attack, Inter is right there once again. I have future bets for them to win Serie A at 14/1, so obviously I'm biased, but I think Inter a top 3 team as soon as this year.
  13. Some thoughts from the peanut gallery. EPL Chelsea still the team to beat, as I believe they have the best starting XI in the league and the best coach in the league, however, the starters have played an awful lot of minutes over the past 12 months. Mourinho does not like much turnover in his starters, rightfully so, but still, asking a lot of this team to play 80-85% of the minutes. Terry is on the downside of his career, Ivanovic is 31, Cahill is even 30+ now. Midfield is extremely dynamic, you have to love Matic, Willian is fantastic, Oscar is a nice forward player and Hazard one of the most talent mf's in the world. But, IF Costa is hurt, I can't see the goals coming all that easily, this team could struggle to score. Chelsea jumped out to such a huge lead last year, they could handle Costa being out...but if he is not available early, who knows. I expect Chelsea to finish in the top 3, but no way is this a slam dunk. Arsenal are a nice team to watch. Nice teams to watch don't necessarily win silverware, and once again, I think this will be a disappointing campaign for gunner fans - as far as major silverware is concerned. If this team stays healthy, they are the most fluid team in England, hands down. Ozil, Fabregas, Cazorla just are silky smooth in their passes. They have plenty of guys that can make fantastic runs and break down defenses. And Giroud is just really good when he's on, he can bring down a ball with a touch wonderfully. He is a good distributor. He can score. The defense in my eyes is underrated, and bring in Cech will just help that much more. So, why the failure? Well, first and foremost, I just don't trust these guys to stay healthy. Season aint even begun and Wilshire already out a few weeks. I just think more guys will be out too. I know you can't predict injuries, but this team is injury prone. Oh and I don't count on Walcott for ####. I think at full health, Arsenal can beat anyone in this league any game. I think at the end of the year, we'll see them in 2nd or 3rd. Man City I just see as a team on decline in just about every area. HUGE reach in my eyes to pay that money for Sterling. Silva nowhere near the form he was a few years back. Dzeko gone now. Jovetic never fit in. Aguero is terrici, but can he carry the scoring load alone? I think Toure is another guy I'd be worried about as a City fan. When he wants to, he can dominate the game. More too often he does not want to do anything though. I'll be honest, I think this team is the most overrated in the league. They spend way too much money without much rhyme or reason. I would be surprised if they finish higher than 4th. I like what Liverpool did this transfer market. Benteke is a stud when he's out there. Partner him up top with the likes of Sturridge and Firmino, and now we're talking. When Suarez left there was a dearth of goals, but ffs, I did not expect that kind of lack of scoring. A lot will depend on how the defense stands up. But, I do see this team on the rise. there are quite a few major changes, so it may take a bit for them to meld, but by mid year, this team will be able to score on anyone. Spurs is another team I have liked what they've done. After the Bale sale it seemed they bought and bought and bought players, but a number of them never seemed to fit in. And lineups seemed to change from week to week without rhyme or reason. And then some players were ditched, and then came Kane, and all of a sudden you had a core of a few key guys you could build a team around. Still not sold on this team being able to break the top 4, but another team I think is heading in the right direction. Which brings us to Man United. I think the writeups above did a huge disservice to what should be the most improved team in the league, so let jot down a few notes. United, if nothing else, are certainly the deepest team in the league. This summer they looked like they at least had a plan on whom to buy, and I think they at least went 3 for 4 in their signings. United are 22-25 players deep. They don't have the best starting 11 in the league. They don't have the second best. They are probably in the 3-5 best...but this is a season of attrition and United are built to run deep. So, how do things shake out. Well, gk aside, let's assume for a minute DDG is available. United may not have the classic big, athletic CB's - the Rio/Vidic combo, but I think I have an idea of what they are looking to do. you will more than likely see something like this at least to start DDG Shaw--Blind--Jones--Darmian Carrick-Schneiderlin Mata-Depay-Young Rooney Now, I'm not the greatest at formatting these things, but, LvG certainly realizes he needs to sure up the defense. Blind is great, but not a centre back. Jones is a good soccer player, but mainly a man without a position. So, expect quite a bit of Carrick out there to help out. Schneiderlin is another player that offers great depth as a box to box midfielder which really allows guys like Mata and Depay to stay more forward. Shaw seems fit and offers great runs Darmian has looked great too so far as another bombing forward. All of this will help Rooney out tons as last year he was simply asked to do too much. He never melded with Falcao and RvP was out most all year long. Now, that is the starting 11, which leaves plenty in reserve Rojo is another dynamic back who very well may asked to play center back Smalling is the ####### captain when Rooney is out, and still a capable CB Valencia is very versatile and can pickup as a back or on the wing in a pinch. Herrera is just fantastic and should be a starter, but will probably fill in for Young or Mata more times than not Schweingsteger will probably fill in a lot in the Carrick or Schneiderlin roll, you have to expect 2 of the 3 out there when all healthy. Fellaini will really stuggle to find much time, but I do believe you will see him playing more forward as LvG likes the way he is able to control the long balls. Probably fill in for Depay when he is not clicking Januzaj is a young man in limbo. He would play the wing role when he can, but he may be best served out on loan. Wilson and Chicharito will offer striker support. and there are still quite a few young players still available if need be. All that said, you can still see United may lack for goals, and you will not get much argument from me, particularly if Rooney gets hurt. But, Falcao and ADM only combined for 8 goals last year, and I think Depay can match that. RvP only scored 10....they should be able to find those. United still need a striker, yes. I do believe they are looking to sell DDG as this is a position they feel is a strength. I think they believe they can go into the season with Romero, Lindegaard and Johnstone and be fine. I think they will take the DDG money and get Pedro and Lloris. All in all, I do believe the depth United has will serve them very well this year. Worst case is 3rd or 4th. But, I can see them competing for the title once again as soon as this year. First game less than 12 hours away.
  14. I'm not. There are not that many teams that are able to, or willing to commit such massive amounts to one player. The past two years Ramirez has only played 86 and 128 games, and last year he wasn't all that great. He'll be 31 before the season starts, so I'm not sure how many teams want to commit to paying a 37 year old shortstop 22mil per year. I like Ramirez signing for Boston quite a bit. He should absolutely rake in Fenway. Further if he shifts to OF could be even less wear and tear on his body - but that Sox outfield is incredibly crowded right now. To me, signing Ramirez, moving him to third and shift Boegarts in to SS seemed to make sense, but if they are also signing Sandoval, well not so sure how they are going to work that out. Team will be getting fatter. I think the RedSox have to consider that the clock has just about expired on Big Papi, and Napoli isn't a long term answer either. They need some big bats and if they can get them at SS/3b, that is considerable thinner for power hitters than 1B/OF/DH pool would be. Sox have plenty of money to splash around, looks like they don't feel like waiting.