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  1. Big fan of the Stan Pope design. My sons have won several Pack and District Championships with it. Here is one of their cars: Stan Pope Rail RiderThat's pretty sharp. It looks like we were a little more conservative on the cut. It weighs 0.4 ounces before sanding. What did that car get down to? 0.2?The canopy we're using is just over 1.75", so we left the back 2.25" to give a little leeway in placement. The 5/8" hole is oversized for the 1/2" canopy post. Maybe we'll route out some more around it. Though perhaps that's a waste of time, since any wood mass removed will just be replaced by weights in basically the same spot. Top Bottom Edit: fixed links Not to barge in on your conversation, but +1 on the Stan Pope design. Looks like you are well on your way and don't feel bad about losing the crossmember it's plenty strong still. We had a work derby with a bunch of crazy smart engineers and I smoked them with a car like that. Ran 3 wheels down, rail rider, and weight was over 5 oz and backed down via tungsten putty until legal (this is actually really important with a low resolution scale). I think the wood was 0.3 oz when I was done. All main weights were tungsten cubes in the back. Had CG about 3/4" in front of the rear axle and couldn't be caught within a car length. This was all adults though, so the rules weren't quite as fussy as a lot of kids competitions I read about.And don't forget to polish your axles and graphite pack your wheels. Makes a HUGE difference you can see just by spinning them by hand.
  2. Giving me a glimmer, but it's awfully faint....I'm done at 159.4 unless Evan Royster beats 8.7 at the flex. Second worst point total of the season and during a 50% cut line . After Brees' steamy pile on Thursday night, it was probably too much to depend on Tannehill to carry me into the final 250. Oh well, I made it back to the final 500, which is still a pretty decent accomplishment in itself.
  3. Huh?The concept of percentages is lost, I'm guessing."Don't stop him now. He's on a roll."So do you think the winner is more likely to come out of the 28 person squads or one of the 18/19 player squads? I think the percentages are pretty even across the spectrum (from 3-7%) so if the vast majority of teams left are from the lower end of the spectrum, I say they are doing pretty well, considering there is a bit more luck involved with less players. I guess I don't see a 4% swing as that significant due to the small numbers overall, particularly in some of the higher player teams.Dude, the difference isn't 3-4 % it's more like 50% comparing the most favorable survivor pools to the least favorable. The more successful pools survived at over 6% and the small rosters survived at only about 3%. You were over twice as likely to survive with a big roster than the small ones.That said, the big rosters are built to survive. I'm a 30 man roster and incredibly consistent as a top 50% score, but I never threw up a "huge" week. A small roster that lived though is probably more explosive (bigger high end players), and has a better shot once they get their IF their particular players go off and stay hot all 3 weeks. Personally, I'd rather make it to the end to have a chance than take a huge gamble of even making the 250. It's nice getting a pretty consistent free FBG subscription , and have a legitimate 1 in 250 shot at some big holiday cash!Let's get it on!
  4. One thing to note is that now that the byes are clear, many more teams are less likely to get a full hole filled (i.e. replace a 0) as the MNF game comes. The cut tomorrow will probably move less than usual, even with the higher % owned players. Oh, and see 499 of you in week 12 !
  5. Jags,Tenn game is not correct.Look at Kardplayers link and you can get actual score I believe.I've updated with actual scores after 4pm games.If you have manually calculated your score and have something different than what I have for you, please give me a heads up and I'll update did you find the error driving my score change or did you just plug me back in with what I got? Just curious about the accuracy of the total DBand THANKS for doing the live's a huge plus as we get to these final weeks!
  6. May still have a glitch, I have myself at 181.65 and your projection has me at 180.45. I double checked OC's stats vs. my league stats (my league scores identically except for TE's 1.5 ppr) and everything matches except for Blackmon's missing 18.4 points. My team is 101294 if you want to investigate..
  7. Wow, somehow managed 171 even with Taiwan Jones' 1.3 scoring for me. looks like I live if Kardplayer is on, which is a safe bet. Good luck to the others in the final 1000
  8. that might be a little aggressive, but the current "published" cut line appears a little low also. your best "in the dark" estimate is the same percentile scoring from recent weeks (assuming same number of byes). Last week, the 37.5th percentile was 168ish. If scoring this week is a little lower (and it feels like it may be), then it will be a little lower than that.
  9. you can set up an MFL free league with the scoring of the contest. that's what I used to use when I helped OC do the live cutline. His stats feed has always had some minor issues and the MFL stats are always spot on. Just set it up and use the mfl gameday app to get your numbers
  10. There are a lot of variables that feed into that, so you can't really assume the later games from last week are good indicators for this week. MNF games usually shift the cut 5-15 points from where it was going into the game. It comes down to how many popular players are still going, and how easy it is for them to jump into the lineup.
  11. are you using the points feed from OC or your own? I know that at least Dwayne Allen is missing a good pile of points on OC's page
  12. I'm in the high 140's myself, with a handful of guys still able to contribute, and so do I. Half the teams are getting the cord cut this week, correct? Mid 150s not likely to be good enough. 37.5% this week. using last weeks stats, the cut should be high 160's
  13. Trust me you are good. There are a lot of teams with under 100.Not so fast, we're cutting a lot of teams this week. last week's scoring would have had the cut line at about 168.I have Manninham,Henderson and Boldin (-7.8).I would need them to really tear it up not holding out much hope.Guess its not over till the Fat lady sings though but I can hear her warming up.Yea I hear her stomping around as well. Need Gates, Brees, and Marshall to pour it on thick or I'm in trouble too. Sitting on about 145 right now and not feeling well about things at all.