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  1. Hey "el centro" posted this: I have unfortunately taken on a few too many squads in recent years, and need to lighten my load. I have three teams that I'd like to pass on. They're paid up for the season." Does paid up mean it's a money league? Or just a fee for playing? Anyway, which ones are the PPR leagues?

  2. hey Jeff

    I've posted Reunion thread...please check in & let us know if you're IN this yr or not


  3. as best an old man can remember:guy was drafted in April, entered spring OTA's 3rd on depth chart...the intent for '08 was to deactivate him Sunday's or watch w/a clipboard as QB3 game day Early August, ~4 weeks out from opening game and Boller is hurt...injury doesn't look good, he gets IR'd so now the showdown between Boller vs TSmith doesn't exist--job is Smith's to lose mid August, just before preseason game 3 IIRC, Trent Smith hospitalized w/tonsils---suffers infection and loses 20 lbs...Flacco goes the distance in the preseason game and is the starter "for now" (keep in mind McGahee had all kind of ??? related to health/attitude, so "the run game" was suspect at this point as well) while never the original plan, Joe starts game the back of our minds, most of us thought "oh well" to the season---maybe he gets the experience he needs this year and we have a player in 2009 season starts 2-3, Flacco has 1 TD vs 7 ints....while his numbers weren't good, let alone great, you saw something in the guy and as fans we knew 'this was going to be OK'...(next year) fast forward to the 2nd weekend in is "2009" Flacco has started 17 games, we've seen his TD/int ratio go from -6 to +2, while adding several rushing TD's for good measure the team is 12-5 (10-2 since that early Oct start of 2-3), and playing tomorrow for the right to advance to the AFC championship game :housemoney: Joe's ability to strech the field with at least the threat of 40+ yd completions has changed the face of this offense---he still isn't in sink w/Clayton deep or Heap at all, but once those other parts of the passing game can be counted on w/more consistency, we'll see that this clearly is a guy that is all that...
  4. if you're building a house from scratch and want to use every available bell and whistle, consider DirectBuy.commuch like a Sam's Club, where "membership" is required, only we're talking like 4K to join---not for the light weights, for sure---but you'll be able to go top shelf on all the high end items and easily recoup the membership and them some when paying wholesale for kitchen/bath used them on a recent bathroom remodel for over 2K in savings and will use them to get vinyl for my son's house this spring... only regret is not being a member when we bought the 2 properties via auction for my kids several yrs ago
  5. Jeff... What do you know of this "SB761", as it pertains to short sales in our great state of Maryland? I've read up on the process and think it can be a profitable enterprize, but horror stories from our state have me a little on edge.
  6. These can be a great investment, or they can be crap. Really depends (lawyer answer, I know).Find out what the rules are in each city / county. Some are 18%, some are higher, many are lower. Some bundle them into groups - which suxx0r - that's the game Baltimore plays. They put junk all together, so even if there's a good property in there, it could be grouped with 10 boardups. Now, some late night gurus will tell you this is how to buy a house for pennies on the dollar (and they are factually correct). Unfortunately, they don't tell you the whole truth, and that VERY FEW tax liens ever get to a sale (in most areas of the country). Now if you are buying PROPERTY at a tax sale, where even my grandparents bought a house once for just the back taxes - that is pure $ right there. Those aren't that common where I am (if at all). Liens are bills a buyer or seller must pay before clearing title. These mostly are bought not with the intention of getting the real estate, but getting the interest. Not a bad way to put $ to work, but hard money lenders often do better. Jeff...HoCo yearly tax sale goes this Thursday, May 24...10AM @Geo Howard BldgIf I would get one of these properties, how do I collect the 18% we speak of here? From the auction web site: "The successful bidder will earn interest at a rate of 18%/yr from the day of the tax sale until the property is redeemed" This implies the owner, who could not meet the tax burden in a timely fashion, now has to pony up the back taxes, interest of 18%, any new taxes due, plus accumulated fees... "If the property is redeemed after 4 months of the sale, bidder may charge legal fees and expences to the property owner" Seems to me there would be a decent number of folks not able to pull this off, given the current market
  7. Parc Corniche6 mi from Disney and 16 from airport, this property suited the wife, 2 kids and I just fine--they offer 1bdrm and 2 bdrm suites ...and for like $125/night for the 2 bdrm, which was great for us and beat the hell out of a hotel room for a week! golf on site for those that play, plus complimentary continental breakfast and shuttle to the parks, if you don't rent a car I like the car rental thing and love to explore the area we're staying at, so this place worked out fine for us also stayed there 2 yrs ago when a family member got married in Daytona---took a week off and spent 3 days in Daytona for the wedding business and then 4 days @the Parc in Orlando, playing golf, hitting the parks and smaller venues while staying on Disney site is much preferred, this is a great way to stay near the park at about 1/2 price
  8. Jeff...spent 5 yrs w/a flooring repair contractor back in the dayhardwood experience includes refinishing gyms, including work @the Naval Academy and a few HS gyms in the surounding area I'd be happy to look at any local stuff you have...
  9. Jeff... Do you have any insight on "Investors United", a Real Estate Investment School on Harford Rd here in Crabtown? The wife took a buyout from the only job she's had(she's 46), a major fast food company. We're comfy into the fall w/the buyout, and want to examine several avenues, as we're looking to put her "in business" as opposed to "get another job" We have minimal RE experience...I mentioned awhile back we bought property for both our kids @auction, in 2000 and 2003, and did very well with both. We sold the first property for 110% of purchase price, 4 1/2 yrs holding time. The second is living in his, and his has doubled in value in 3 yrs (in Essex, just off the water) Mrs Ravnzfan is a bit on the conservative side, and is not likely to dive into RE as a business w/o some guidence---hence the insight on "Investors United", if you have any.... ...I'll hang up, and listen TIA
  10. I had help from 2 friends during the process...a builder buddy, who physically went to a couple of the properties we were serious about--this was to address any obvious problems w/the property and estimate the cost to repairthe 2nd was my real estate agent buddy, who pulled trailing 12's---he sent an email file with the sales records of the properties in the neighborhoods were were considering from the last 12 months by zip/street I would then gather the reports from most recent /proximity to 1 we were considering/size, and target a "top $$" number we were comfortable bidding there were a few that were bid past our top $$ pretty quickly, where other emotional factors were involved---1 in particular had former neighbors who grew up accross the street from each other go crazy raising the price on a house I thought was worth no more than $50K up to $75K when trailing 12's showed recent sales of like property in the low $80K's obviously getting the information from my 2 friends helped in both cases, but you need not have "friends in the business"....doing the leg work ahead of time is crutical, and can be done on your own---for example, our local newsppaper has a Real Estate section that shows the selling price on property settled in the previous week, by zip...this would be a way to start following a neighborhood, if interested
  11. Yes that is a good story, but auctions vary widely across the country. Maryland auctions may not play out like that in other states (and they don't). You can still try, but I would NOT recommend it for someone new.They can also be very intimidating to novice investors. And you WILL NOT be getting ANY inspections for a property at an auction. Of all the ways to buy real estate, this is the RISKIEST that is available out there. Committing to a property all at once and often you haven't seen the inside. OK for an investor, not so good for someone looking for a place to live. They are also NOT good indications of market value. I've seen properties overbid. I've seen properties underbid. Rarely are they bid to a market value level. It also gets confusing to novices as there is often a "buyers premium" that may or may not be announced. For example, a house may be auctioned at $300K and everyone thinks that it was a deal. The house really sold for $330K (10% Buyers' Premium, or "BP"). Deal doesn't look as good now. Now you could face sticker shock if you start shopping that neighborhood looking for houses at $300K. Many auctions of this type are geared towards investors as buyers or that there is some issue with the property (or both). Each state has different laws about auctions. Some have foreclosure auctions and sheriff's sale auctions, some just the sheriff's sales. Foreclosures have at least one bidder, which is the bank. First bid will be for the amount of the foreclosing mortgage - usually the first mortgage - and the bank will bid the balance of that loan.IMPORTANT - If the bidder is a 2nd or 3rd mortgage - the property will be sold "Subject To Other Liens and Encumbrances" - which means that you can't forget the other mortgages. I've heard people bidding $100K for a 2nd mortgage on a $200K house, forgetting that their is a $150K first mortgage. Whoops. Auctions are good ways to buy, but really for experienced investors. Don't dive in quickly. Now THAT'S a Shark Pool. There's also often collusion at the auctions... That's usually the case with state and county auctions. If the auction is at the property you will likely be able to walk through (but for only a few minutes). In Maryland you have to put down the $$ that is required to bid, which is usually about 10% of what the property may go for, or what is owed. At a foreclosure auction of a $200K mortgage, $20K down in cash / cashiers' check is usually required.The balance is due 10 day AFTER the auction is ratified / certified by a judge. That can take a 1-2 months. There's your time to get the rest of the $$ or find another buyer. But - this is Maryland law. Other states vary, a lot. Jeff raises very valid points....more about my situation:--at the time of the purchase for my daughter, our 1st investment property the deal was our child (22 at the time) would give us a small monthly "rent" until she qualified for a mortage, which she did ~ a year later--she had just changed jobs prior to purchase of property...we aren't "in the real estate business" --purchased at auction for $60K...not a huge amount of money "at risk", as I had a real estate friend pull trailing 12's, which indicated most recent selling price in neighborhood (at the time $125-150K, for similar "finished" properties)....I would be alot more cautious if the properties I was looking at were 160K or 260K! --only faced 1 other bidder(beside the bank), who decided not to counter our bid(which was what the outstanding mortage was)...note this was May'01, and these days you could go to 100 auctions and not be the only one there! --had help...took a builder friend to the property, which was open 1hr prior to the sale---he looked at plumbing, wire and roof as best he could at the time...nothing appeared in disrepair....he would also attend an open house when we purchased my son's house ~ 2yrs later --deposit...$5K cash/certified funds required at JE stated, balanced due 10 days after ratification of sale, which was ~ 45 days after the auction---I had a key the day we bought the property---had it been the case, we could have done a major repair and listed/sold the property w/in the alloted time (THIS would have been jumping in the SHARK POOL!), had we not had the funds secured (we borrowed against stock we owned to pay for the property) --2nd purchase....July'03...after my daughter repaid us (keep in mind her mortage was ~$370 for the property, when similar property rentals were in the $600-700/mo range), we did the same thing for my son $62K sale, on a 2 bdrm/1b cottage type (A-frame roof has attic 7 1/2 high in center, but slopes to floor)...the trailing 12's has us in a $150-170K neighborhood for 3bdrm homes, we're looking to expand this one in the future to 3bd/2b this auction had ~6 or 7 of us "qualify for bidding purposes" by confirming the required deposit w/auction co--several were "bottom feeders", looking for something for 20-25 cents/dollar--a couple contractors were bidding, looking to "raise the roof" and make it a full 2 story, 4bd/2b the end, my wife really wanted the house--we were w/in $2-3K of our limit on the property we spent ~$25K on repairs (including gutting drywall, new kitchen/bath and a new roof-pointed out to me ahead of time by my builder buddy) my son was in school at the time of all this...we did most of the work ourseleves...he moved in a year after the purchase, and finished school this past year--once he repays the 90K to us, we'll look far a similar type situation, where we can get something in the 100K range, invest alittle "sweat equity" and a couple dollars, and make a few bucks as I stated in my closing paragraph of the original post--there is an element of risk however, if you do your homework and get a good handle of "retail" in the neighborhood, get a decent estimate of what you'd like to do to improve the property---you should be well prepared to have a set "top $$" number we had to walk on several occasions before we bought either house, but in the end it has worked out for all of us
  12. neither was/am II posted earlier I didn't want my kids dumping $6-8K+ each in rent yearly, so using the back page of the local paper I started going to real estate auctions, to get a feel for what property was going for that way vs market.....40-60% appeared to be reasonable range of expectation I took my daughter to several, and we settled on a small 2bd/1b 2 story colonial on 1/3a...was old, needed paint and new windows, but otherwise was in good repair paid $60K(only 1 other bidder!) wife and I held the paper, as my daughter just changed jobs...when she qualified a year later, my daughter had a rediculously low mortage of ~$365/month, when small 2 bdrm apt in area went for ~$700/mo she repaid us, and we purchased a similar property for my son the same way sold her property recently for $126K, while putting less than $5K into it, holding it for ~4 yrs...after putting 20% down on her new house and paying closing costs, she had a check for ~$26K left over...and I had a VERY happy 26 yr old little girl! find the "real estate auction" section of your local paper, and attend a few to get a feel for how they work terms, address and sale date are listed---once you go to a few, you'll know if this "is for you or not", as there is an element of risk if you have absolutely no "feel" for this (you do seem to have some aptitude, as you express a desire to do some rehab work yourself)
  13. great thread!bought @auction 2br/1b in Dundalk for my daughter 4 yrs ago for 60K---sold for $126K 2 months ago, as she "upgraded" (only work done was windows and paint) wife and I carried the paper for the first year for her, then when she repaid us we bought similar property in Essex for my son, for $62K (also @auction)--we gutted his and put $20K inside---similar property around the coener went for $155K recently... YES, we like Essex also! that has been the extent of my real estate "investing"...I didn't want to see my kids dump $6K each per year on rent I have seen many ads regarding "foreclosures" out distressed owners prior to the auction precess that I'm familiar with do you have any experience with this "pre-foreclosure" type business? where are you located? would love to crack a cold w/you and pick your brain one afternoon