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  1. I remember you chastising the Republican's Benghazi and Clinton emails investigations when strung over a longer period with less evidence. Oh wait.
  2. are you saying damning evidence of him should be withheld from the American public?
  3. Yeah, I guess talking about taxing the wealthy equals trolling on FOX
  4. If you are a fan like me, you'll love this interview they decided not to air
  5. you mean excusenmeisterheimervongutzfargegnugen
  6. Don't confuse accommodating with trodden upon.
  7. As long as you don't snort it off your mom's butt, it's probably okay.
  8. I propose a $50 tax on all First Class seats $2500 if you try to change your seat
  9. I think they'd prefer anyone here in lieu of Lieu
  10. On the precipice of anarchy. ETA thanks Otis