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  1. I'm searching using that filter
  2. @jfranco77 Wander Suero P WAS
  3. in this format
  4. I'm still in my apprenticeship
  5. who's loading the chamber around here?
  6. the director?
  7. I'd go for that deal.... if he brought his supporters
  8. David Hogg‏Verified account @davidhogg111 4h4 hours ago More Let's make a deal DO NOT come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed. These politions won't listen to us so maybe the'll listen to the billion dollar tourism industry in FL. #neveragain
  9. Surrender Donald‏ @ealight461 14h14 hours ago More Reminder: Pence was "chosen" by Manafort.
  10. GD GD that's a GD shame
  11. Dana LoeschVerified account @DLoesch Teenagers piss me off. Kyra Retweeted Dana Loesch You know what pisses me off, Dana? That an 19 year old can legally purchase a semi automatic weapon, and murder my classmates. And it’s your association, the NRA, that buys off politicians’ votes. that’s what pisses me off.