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  1. “Sleep now, Shere Khan. Be angry no more.”
  2. They must finally be finding out they can't short OTC stocks
  3. You were meant to be here From the beginning Maybe I might have changed And not been so cruel Not been such a fool Whatever was done is done I just can't recall It doesn't matter at all
  4. Twice this weeks I have had unbearable pain after a fatty dinner. The pain is not pinpointed in the gall bladder area, but seems rather broad across upper stomach. I feel extremely bloated and nothing relieves it. I feel constipated, but don;t really need to poop. I cannot find a comfortable position anywhere, I try walking, laying and sitting every which way to no avail. The pain and discomfort is unrelenting and sleep is about impossible. Got some blood work yesterday and going in for a sonogram today. I'm not felling very good about this.
  5. Wtfp3? Anime here going to Vegas this week? I really really need to place an NFL Futures bet.
  6. I sold off $15 ago for good profits. Looking to re-enter 140s
  7. Its now beating last night's AHs by .60
  8. Its now at 4.75, but if you know me you know I want moar.
  9. What did you buy yesterday that didn't lose value?
  10. ouch. That's the absolute worst start to new positions. Sell and cap your early losses, average down, or hold on and hope. Too bad go back in time isn't one of the options. I'd cut my losses, but I have an itchy trigger finger on stocks getting too familiar with red.
  11. nice pair to have had Thur. Minimal losses
  12. It may be driven by profit-takers and fear or it may be driven by bargain hunters, but it definitely won't be ho-hum