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  1. Taking the first piss of the day into the creek below, while my dogs chase squirrels Watching the Astros Going to or making a movie Having some tequila and weed and watching Netfix until 2 in the morning Flying first class and trying to make up the price difference through free alcohol consumption (Not as bad as trying to have enough free drinks at the casino to cover my craps losses) Catching fish (just fishing isn't enough anymore) Cornholing across the country
  2. Headed to the Black Sheep Lodge to watch Scherzer &, the Bulls and root for a Caps/Leafs tie
  3. yes. for a whopping $6 per wager (about 250 total, I think)
  4. just laid 600 to win 1500 on a LAA hedge existing parlay would bring in 2600 (-the 600)
  5. I hear the all the transition team members are Limbo champions
  6. Start gluing together 2x12s