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  1. Ryan Goodman‏Verified account @rgoodlaw 4h4 hours ago "At first there were eye rolls, but once they realized it was a serious request, the career guys were furious," said a senior U.S. official involved in the process. Ryan Goodman‏Verified account @rgoodlaw 4h4 hours ago "Justice Department officials responded to the White House's request saying the review of Turkey's case against Gulen two years ago showed NO BASIS for his extradition and that no new evidence to justify it has emerged..." (@carolelee @JuliaEAinsley @ckubeNBC reporting) [end]
  2. cosjobs

    ***New York***

    I planned on going Sunday and the cheapest one way seat was the first class for $316. So I'm going MOnday for about 75. When renting a car, I've actually flown into Newark to avoid Logan. No rental this time, so I'll white knuckle Logan
  3. Last week I made a brine by boiling 2 gallons of water with 2 cups pickling spice for an hour. I then added 2c kosher salt, 1c sugar, 10 smashed garlic cloves and 4t Pink curing salt. Once chilled I added: Two briskets,( separated the point from the flat) One 4# NY Strip roast half a dozen beef ribs. One week later (today) I took it out of the brine and quadruple rinsed it and now it is sitting in a bowl of cold water for another six hours. I am going to dry completely and apply a heavy dry rub, mostly Paprika, black pepper and corriander One piece will go in the smoker now for about 5-6 hours, very low heat, I want to add smoke flavor, not cook it. After that I will put it in a pan with half inch of water and a rack to keep the meat out of the water, cover with foil and cook in a 250 oven for 3-4 hours or until 200 degrees internal temp. The other pieces with stay in the fridge with their rub a day or two. I want to see if it makes much/any difference. I with cook one piece, then smoke. the other pieces I will smoke, then cook as described above, but will also experiment cooking the flat in sous vide. i've read some smoke before, some after, so I'll use the trial and error to decide for myself. I read some places do not smoke it all, but just add a lot of paprika for the smokey flavor.and or a little liquid smoke. I won't be trying that this round. I really curious to see how the strip roast comes out. I've done briskets before with great success but the leanness is a concern on the strip. Note- if you use prague powder/curing salt/ instacure - you are using nitrite/nitrites and you need to be really careful on how much you use. It is a carcinogen, but low doses have little more nitrates than celery (That nitrate free bacon you see for sale is cured with celery paste.)
  4. Rinse and soak in clean water a couple times, the last time letting it sit for about 4 hours in the fridge
  5. Same with the sugar. I tried with and without and there was no discernible difference
  6. cosjobs

    ***New York***

    unsure. but probably since I don't want to spend eight hours on a train in a single day
  7. cosjobs

    ***New York***

    thanks. How long is the trip. Is Penn Station the terminus? How many times a day does it run?
  8. cosjobs

    ***New York***

    I'm going to be in Boston for a week starting thanksgiving day. I'd like to take a train to the city for a meal and a show. Anything really good that doesn't cost $500 or does anyone have Hamilton tickets to give away? Advice on training in from boston?
  9. I only meant fix it if it was a five minute job and no trips or tools. Otherwise
  10. First of all, how are you? Second, google your dishwasher model number and make sure it isn't something stupid you can fix easily. Did this for mine a couple weeks ago and turns out there is a filter basket under the drain that needed emptying. I didn't even know it had one of those. Took me less than five minutes. Also, there's probably a light switch somewhere that turns it on/off. Make sure it didn't get turned off.
  11. cosjobs

    Thanksgiving Dinner Pole

    It was a tough decision for me this year. My parents are 92 and 93 and I'm their only relative nearby, but I'm flying to Boston to be with my sister. She just went through five weeks of chemo and radiation. I have two briskets to pull out of the brine this afternoon. I' finish them off today including smoking to make pastrami. I'll vac-pac one of them and take to Boston. I also have a bunch of boudain I made this week that I may bring to use as turkey stuffing.
  12. Our border is 1954 miles. $5,862,000,000.00 A shade under six trillion,
  13. I sure am glad Mexico is payng for it.