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  1. Actually last time I performed on a woman with wool chaps, I kept imagining she was a sheep
  2. Yeah, a couple of times doesn;t mean anything
  3. Reminds me of one of my favorite Woody Allen bits, I used it a lot in college as a pickup line. Reach into my pocket and pull out a bullet. "I always keep it there, it saved my life one time when some guy threw a Bible at me."
  4. Fully erected or under construction?
  5. I don"t have a reply I just wanted to catch that quote with that username for posterity
  6. These are in oil,too. But not solid, there a bunch of brine, too. I think it may be because of the cheese, they need it for preservstion. But wtf using canola oil rather than olive oil
  7. Gun to your head, do your drink a dirty martini with olives OR eat a fried shrimp?
  8. All I know is that if there wasn't a god, your wife would never have let you come back.
  9. I got in a couple jars of bleu cheese stuffed olives from Amazon, so dirty martinis are definitely on my menu tonight
  10. Found a new TexMex restaurant that make the best migas ever. I've had them 3x this week
  11. My birthday wish would be if Joe disabled the mark forum as read function. Who the hell needs that? And why disguise it as the go to first unread post function?
  12. I hate strip clubs. Getting sexually aroused with a bunch of guys looking at a woman you can't touch 30 ft. away... Decided to thaw some shrimp and make my favorite meal- fried shrimp. Went to thaw them out and they were freezer burned. ugh.
  13. Thanks gb. Wife's mom broke her hip and wife flew to Kansas last night. So I'm just having a lazy day, doing nothing.Might go out to dinner later, but a birthday meal alone on a Saturday night seems a bit depressing. too awesome.
  14. Its ok, he pardoned Japan the night before