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  1. Yeah, both school districts are in the same neighborhood and can change form one block to the next. THere are no other boundaries between the districts within the neighborhood. Why do I care? When I go to sell, I'm fairly certain my value will be negatively impacted by being in the lesser district. Since I will face that reality at sell time, I'd also like to benefit from it at buy time.
  2. School district info is readily available to buyers here. Most listings will tout the fact if they are in a good district and it is often the primary motivator in families choosing a home here.
  3. I just had an offer accepted on a house here in Austin. My mortgage broker said an appraisal was not even necessary as there were so many sales in the area supporting the price. My realtor thinks we might have offered a bit too much because although the neighborhood has a lot of supporting sales and, we are actually in a inferior School district within the neighborhood. Homes less than a block away that would be natural comparables have strong sales prices and I'm afraid that because my house is in a lesser district I might be backwards in the house if I need to sell anytime soon. Do appraisers typically add or subtract value due to school district within a single neighborhood? I ask because the broker said I don't need an appraiser, which would save me five hundred bucks, but if the school district affects the value of my house I would like it to show in the appraisal so that I might have some negotiating room with the seller. But if the appraiser isn't going to factor that in, there's no need for me to spend the money. Because the mortgage broker doesn't need the appraisal and I would have to pay out-of-pocket, I can find my own appraiser and possibly direct them 2 accpount for school districts.
  4. Nietzsche said, "out of chaos comes order."
  5. yes, Once it goes up, its the new basis for next year and so on. I hire a guy who charges me a third of what he saves me. That's a no-brainer.
  6. I'm kind of stupid on a lot of this. By $TAIL do you mean TAIL? Or am I short selling TAIL? or what?
  7. I used MetroMile for a couple years, but they quit selling it inTX
  8. No Phil Ivey, but the online casinos were extremely generous to me for my efforts.
  9. Said the Hedge Fund Marketer to the Filmmaker