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  1. Of course they will find lots and lots more. Does anyone imagine that the Russians decided spending more than $100,000 would be unseemly?
  2. The biggest threat to free speech in America isn’t coming from “leftist universities” that want to stop hate speech by the alt-Right – although that’s what the alt-Right wants America to believe. The biggest threat is coming from big money inundating American politics, drowning out the voices of the rest of America. Last year, candidates running for federal office spent a record $6.4 billion on campaigns, while lobbyists spent $3.15 billion to influence the government. Both of these amounts are twice their levels in the election of 2000. And most of it came from big corporations, Wall Street, and wealthy individuals. For every $1 spent by labor unions, environmental organizations, and all public-interest organizations combined, corporations and Wall Street spent $64. Meanwhile, the richest 0.01 percent of Americans accounted for 40 percent of all campaign donations. Both parties are drinking from the same trough. This must stop. “Citizens United” must be reversed. Even before it is, Congress must enact legislation that (1) reveals the names of all sources of all campaign funding, (2) matches small donations (under $100) with public funds accumulated through a “check-off” box on tax returns, and (3) strictly limits the “revolving door” between government and the private-sector. The First Amendment is designed to guarantee equal political voice. The “alt-Right” wants to deflect attention from the biggest threat to that ideal – big money. Don't let them. We must keep our eyes on the real problem. What do you think? Robert Reich
  3. Maybe agree on Spicer, but not Reince. He's dirty.
  4. By Friday, Monday at the latest
  5. Yeah, their 86% hit rate isn't close to perfect
  6. I'm sure someone around here has a dog that will do it for free
  7. Some folks have trouble calling a spayed a spayed.
  8. So Shuke, you're in town? Dinner tomorrow? Wed.
  9. Brandon Wall @Walldo Tucker Carlson is exploring witchcraft. "Is this legal? Can you run around casting spells on people? Is there any kind of federal regulation?"
  10. Facts Do Matter @WilDonnelly Just another day in Trump's America Trump threatened immediate extermination of 25M Koreans GOP threatened to kill 20-30M Americans slowly 3:27 PM · Sep 19, 2017
  11. That would almost be like buying it. We don't have to pay for that.