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  1. With everything going on in your sewer system, you should be worried about underground gatornados
  2. Nothing to kill or die for And no religion, too
  3. Just think of the high-level hijinks they could pull off.
  4. Passed Ball, Wild Pitch, Catcher's indifference?
  5. I did it on a motorcycle with a bunch of psylocibin mushrooms. neat. 1983 I think. There may still be some active warrants for me from that trip.
  6. We were loading up the car to drive from Port Arthur to Detroit for a convention. I remember listening to the news on the radio as we were loading our suitcases, thinking wtf, dad.
  7. Poche and Dyson getting a lot of waiver action. Anything to see there?
  8. I'm overloaded on OF and need Wins and Saves and 3B is a weakness. I have Acuna, Soto, Jiminez, Judge, Robles, Kepler, and Mercado for 3 OFs and 2 UT So I'm going against my longtime refusal to trade a superstar for several lesser players. I get Austin Riley, Boyd and Kirby Yates He gets Acuna, J Osuna and Blake Parker In theory I am against it, but I think it helps me significantly in the standings. (Riley will replace Wendel/Osuna at third) eta 12 team 5x5
  9. I also vividly remember the Post/life magazine coverage of the Alaskan earthquake in 64. Earthquakes scared the bejesus out of me.