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  1. Fiers I hope. Morton on the DL, but I'm thinking/hoping on a 10 day stint.
  2. So you;re just giving up and saying anything at this point. I hope you have other aliai, this one's dead
  3. Yeah, just saying its not the first time the address has been noteable REstaurant at the top used to be called, "Top of the Sixes"
  4. well look what the cat drug in :wink:
  5. Its an iconic NYC property, across the street from Rockefeller Center.. Interesting history. Evidently, Kushner first tried to leverage the Chinese.
  6. Apparently no flight arrives before 8:40pm.Sat. Kind of a deal killer, I'm afraid
  7. Joyce is working all weekend. FLy down to Austin and let's close some bars. non-stop 1st class $900/ I'll split it with you