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  1. RFE/RL‏Verified account @RFERL Yanukovych has been charged with high treason, complicity in an aggressive war against Ukraine, and complicity in premeditated activities aimed at altering Ukraine's state borders. Jamie Kelly ?? ??‏ @Barkforlove1 Aug 16 Replying to @RFERL This is what Manafort and Tad Devine were involved in. They are responsible for every one of the 10,000+ deaths from the unrest they helped create. All for power and money. #Treason
  2. You can take my stickers when you pry them from my dead cold cuts
  3. Anyone here familiar with the Morristown area? I worked in NY/NJ in the mid 80s on the road as a company rep. That was my favorite area in the region at the time. I'm thinking of spending a couple of days there on an upcoming trip to the region. Can I trust my fond memories?
  4. “If unlimited borrowing, financed by printing money, were a path to prosperity, then Venezuela and Zimbabwe would be top of the growth tables.”
  5. It's not so much the lies, it's their seditiousness.
  6. If you're just coming in here to post blatant lies without even dubious links, I'm going to have to exercise the ignore function.
  7. It makes you vulnerable. Admitting you were wrong makes you the problem unless the audience is willing to be as forthright as you
  8. context, man. Figure it out if you can.
  9. Yeah I had one of those perfect hits once 40 years ago playing with a rich girlfriend at her country club. Over 350 yards onto the green. I was high as #### on coke, tho.
  10. Have you read Dead Solid Perfect? Probably the best sports book I ever read, except for North Dallas FOrty
  11. I thank god I will never write such an arrangement of words.