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  1. Looked ok until I saw the pitching. How many teams? I thought this was multi sorry
  2. I guess I'd be game but I no longer watch out for basketball or hockey
  3. I assume that's true Since the USA game didn't start for another 8 hours
  4. in my defence, I was drunk that year
  5. I got a suite at the Cresent for the afterparty its a couple miles away, but there are trolleys and stuff between there and the theater.
  6. Yeah, I could probably screen it at my home. But only if @Idiot Boxer comes and only one showing.
  7. Yes, my friend men's was doing a film a couple years ago and I was helping her. It was called Rabid and it's available with Amazon prime. She did a great job on a project way different than this one.
  8. Thinking a 2-3 hour party. 5ish to 7:30 or so.
  9. no nudity. No Shuke and GM sandwixh eating in the bar scene. But I tried.
  10. I'll be buying passes for all who want them, maybe 30? at 12 each and I'd really like to come in budget of a grand or less. I can cater it myself its at a space that allows me to bring booze and food. Otherwise, I'm sure I'll need to revise budget. My bil lives in University Park and we can maybe do it at his house, but unsure. Just started working on putting all this together today... Maybe 50 people at the party including cast? Unsure