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  1. I'd love to, but staying away from sitdown restaurants until a bigger leg down. If I get back in, it will def be TXRH, although I'm still hot on JACK, mostly because drive-through is what they do, and should be more impervious to the virus. I sold a bunch around 35 and will dive back in if it goes under 30
  2. I disagree. I think the fake reporting boosted value less than 20% (SWAG), which should out it around 20
  3. If cYDY dips below $3, I'll buy more
  4. Back into BRMA at $8 Good chance they start up mass testing soon
  5. Probably close to Hindernberg stock after 1937, when people flocked back into zeppelin travel.
  6. Damn. I love a double up half an hour into the open.
  7. Buy some before the meeting, then brag to him about your entry point.
  8. I just bought in at a little over $4
  9. Local restaurants that were wise enough to buy their store will have the best chance of staying in business.
  10. Order now and you might get them in time. Grocery deliveries here take 10-15 days
  11. weird. An armored car crashed just across the highway and no one noticed.
  12. So the only good thing about the cruise was the exit?
  13. Roadhouse smokes BLMN, which is why it is not as discounted.
  14. I got the 50 million deal for 9.99 so I will never have to do it again
  15. So sorry. I meant to click on the sad emoji. Funny, I just sent a PM to another poster had obviously made the same error reacting to a different tragic post, yesterday. He was as embarrassed as I am now.
  16. They've been running a day or three late for me. Why are they treating you special? Hmmmmm?